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Found 252 results

  1. Hi all My OH and I were discussing what we would need to take in our baggage to cover those first few weeks when we are without our possessions and in rented accommodation. We have discussed everything from toothbrushes to sleeping bags and corkscrews and pots and pans :v_SPIN:- and have decided to ask those amongst you who have taken the plunge to let us know what is useful or not? What do you wish you had packed? and equally what do you wish you hadn't? Look forward to hearing!!
  2. sadsmile23

    Wanted down under

    Hi, I've been avidly watching the Wanted Down Under series this week. Just want to know if anybody else thinks the same as me tho - the family on Wednesday programme were looking at WA, now they said at the beginning of the property search they had £180k to bring over and would like to buy without a mortgage, lets see what you get for your money. In the voiceover, Nadia whatsername says you can get 4bed family house in Rockingham area for around £200k. Now my ears prick up, coz we fancy that area, sounds a decent price, looking forward to this! WHY oh WHY then, do they show them houses (lovely as they were) for nothing under £260k????? Is it to make the programme look good, fancy newly renovated or new build houses, but what about us that live in the real world and want affordability??!!:arghh: Sorry about me ranting, its just i would really like to see what the average joe bloggs could really afford! By the way, im from yorkshire, got a pretty low mortgage here and we are (apparently) notorious for being tight with money here, so maybe that explains why im so peeved!! lol. :biglaugh:
  3. Guest

    The great things about NZ

    What are the great things about NZ that would make someone choose it over Oz? Can you think of anything that can help and assist those who are thinking about the benefits of NZ? I'll start the ball rolling with. The age limit for NZ is 56 not 45 as it is in Oz.
  4. For me it was: (in no particular order) Having to listen to aussies constantly telling you have fkn fantastic their country is. Dark evenings I didn't like the drinking round other people houses social thing, I much prefer going down the pub Workplace. I found the building industry to be unfriendly with too much brown nosing and snitching. Houses. The QLDers are very attractive to look at but the modern aussie homes are mostly timber framed with thing glass windows and tin roofs. Looked a bit like legoland to me. Driving Standards Rain Swooping Birds Commercial areas all looking like modern industrial estates Isolation from Europe fill ya boots:cute:
  5. The Harbords

    Things to do before you leave

    Hi Please could someone give me the link regarding a post that was on here with a list of things you need to do before leaving for oz and what to do when you first arrive. Thanks Sharon:smile:
  6. we r in the throws of packing container arrives in the morning so yes it is manic here but can any one tell me how clean stuff has to be for packing and do they tear your stuff apart checking in oz cheers chel
  7. Hello My husband and I and our 3 year old daughter are moving from the UK to my native Australia in January. We are unsure whether to take everything or if it will be more cost effective to just take our clothes and some of our most treasured possessions and re-buy the rest in Australia. Also, if you are someone who did take everything, are there some things you now wish you didn't bring because they proved costly to ship or unnecessary in Australia. Looking forward to your thoughts! Thanks.
  8. Hi everyone, Apologies if this is duplicated but I can't find this elsewhere after doing a couple of searches. I have just had my 309 partner visa granted from the Aussie embassy in London (Granted 11/11/11). I'm British and my wife is from New Zealand but lived in Australia and qualifies for sponsorship because they moved to Australia before 26th Feb 2001. Just thought it may be helpful to other people applying to include a list of what I sent with my application - not to say this is all required of course, whatever they don't need they will send back. I put it all in a folder (because I couldn't cope with the thought of putting them all in a big pile of paper) and they left the pages in the plastic wallets but made me take it out of the folder and slide it under their glass screen (like you do in a bank / at the post office). I also put on every plastic wallet a number to match to the contents page, what was in it and whether it was certified or not. e.g. "8. Applicant birth certificate copy. Certified". I also wrote on what they were evidence of e.g. links with Australia, evidence of relationship etc and I used a dynamo label maker to make sure it was neat. Things that need to be certified don't need to be notarised copies just certified copies of the originals which are significantly cheaper and easier to get. I'd suggest to do all the photocopying yourself then just take it all together to be certified. I used a notarised solicitor just because I'd used them before but am sure you would be able to get it done cheaper elsewhere. However the embassy provides a list of who can certify documents. I'd also suggest get extra copies of your passports, driving licences, utility bills etc as you need these multiple times not just for the application but also for the police checks etc so you end up needing quite a few copies. Right here is what I sent: First page - Page of contents with page numbers. SECTION 1 1) Payment mandate London office (although I handed it in at the London desk in person and they took payment there and then) 2) Application form 47SP Applicant 3) Application form 40SP sponsor 4) Sponsor ability to support applicant letter - original 5) Sponsor length of Australia residence and visa category 444 held before 26th Feb 2001 evidence - copy of passport page - Certified 6) Certificate of status for New Zealand citizens in Australia - certified 7) Sponsor birth certificate copy - Certified 8) Applicant birth certificate copy - certified 9) Applicant passport copy - certified 10) Passport photos - in a seperate envelope 4x applicant and 2x sponsor. Got my boss who is a Dentist to certify them on the back as a true likeness. I also provided a piece of A4 paper with his address and mobile on in case of any problems. I'd suggest doing this for the police checks also - ours was delayed because his signature was so bad! 11) Marriage certificate copy - certified 12) Applicant police check - original 13) Applicant medical exam with date booked - copy of email confirming date and location 14) Applicant statement of history of relationship 15) Sponsor statement of history of relationship 16) Statuatory declaration of relationship - first declaration - original 17) Statuatory declaration of relationship - second declaration - original NB some people include friends, families, employers etc but we only used the two people who were friends of us both. 18) Sponsor passport copy- certified 19) Letter of support (from her parents assuring us financial support to prove we don't need benefits) 20) Sponsor payslips last 2 years copies - certified 21) Sponsor accountant letter and tax file number copy from Australia - certified. (Proves continued links with Aus) 22) Sponsor death nomination - superannuation benificiary copy - certified 23) Sponsor superannuation (pension) statement copy - certified 24) Sponsor university transcript copy - certified 25) Sponsor tax file number copy - certified 26) Sponsor Australian savings copy - certified Section 2 (These were either originals or copies. None were certified) 27) Photo - engagement ceremony / registry office wedding NB dates and locations were put on all the photos themselves 28) Sponsor - anniversary and birthday card to applicant 29) Photo - night out in April 30) Photo - nights out in August and September 31) Photo - Applicants 30th birthday party 32) Joint invitations to social events from friends - birthdays, christenings, weddings etc (we sent the actual original cards) 33) Flights & hotel trip for joint travel - applicants 30th birthday Dublin (Copies of hotel and flight receipts etc) 34) Flights & hotel trip for joint travel - sponsors 30th birthday New York 35) Hotel receipt for 1 year anniversary trip away 36) 1 year anniversary cards to each other copies 37) One year anniversary gift receipt from applicant to sponsor 38) Christmas card from Sponsors family 39) Wedding card from applicants staff at work 40) Selected joint bank statements - NB important information blanked out e.g. bank account number etc 41) Mobile phone bills showing contact between couple over selected months highlighted 42) Facebook page printouts of sponsor and application - highlighted part showing who married to 43) Multiple receipts of joint household items - e.g. 2x shopping receipts for grocery shop, blender, tv etc etc 44) Joint rental agreement for apartment copy 45) Joint council tax bill for apartment 46) 3 months joint bank statements - i.e. has both of our names on 47) Emails showing our relationship first developing 48) Joint insurance policy for our wedding rings 49) Credit card bill showing sponsor as additional card holder 50) Joint mobile phone and travel insurance statements with both our names on 51) Joint tickets for events coming up in future - e.g. comedy shows, concerts etc 52) Breakdown of household responsibilities - (an A4 page outlining who drives, who cooks, who irons, who does the dishwasher etc) SECTION 3 - Extra evidence 53) Applicant degree and registration certificate - certified 54) Applicant CV 55) Sponsor CV They sent half of section 2 and 3 back after receipt however since I went down there and handed the application in person I didn't want to make the trip twice. As an FYI for those of you planning on going down early - it opens at 9. I got there at 8.15 and there was a queue of 2 people in front of me already. So I'd suggest getting there early, they are however quite quick and efficient. They make you stand outside - so I'd bring a coat and umbrella too! Also, if I did this again I would have included my Wifes Australian and UK police checks with the application above and booked in her medical at the same time as mine (and included evidence that hers had been booked too). They asked for these after I submitted my application. Good luck!! -Kal
  9. Guest

    The Things Girls Do

    My sister had a revulsion from meat. On the other hand my father insisted on feeding her meat to ensure his 'pretty pampered lass' (DOH!!!!) had enough nutrients. Needless to say, the number of times I have benefited from prime hunks of meat being disposed into my plate surreptitiously are uncountable (mmmmmmmmm those were the days...) NOTE: I am banking on fellow men to paste as many - if not more - anecdotes as the rival thread.... I'm counting on you guys don't let me down!!!!!!
  10. ali

    The Things Boys Do

    Prompted by a friend telling me her 5 year old got his head stuck in the railings at school and our response being .."that's boys for you", I wondered what other things boys have got up to. My son when in year 2 in the UK and at after school club, was playing on a space hopper and wondered (apparently) what would happen if he cut it with a pair of scissors - "would it pop like a balloon" (he said afterwards). The lady in charge thought it hilarious and apologiesed that she had to ask us to pay for it. The family who owned the house we bought here in Aus moved to Canada, not being used to the cold - one of her boys licked the frosty lamp post and promptly got 'stuck'. Have you any tales of what young boys get up to?
  11. When we eventually get out to Oz (fingers crossed), Cleveland is the place we're hoping to settle. Just wondering what it has to offer a 10 yr old boy? We're absolutley dreading another long winter here in the UK :frown:, he will be climbing the walls in the next few months. Are there many skateparks etc in the area? and do kids play outside there or is it a culture of play dates after school? Hes really into skateboards/bmx and just started taking an interest in rugby. Would really appreciate any advice/information about anything in the surrounding areas:smile: Dee x
  12. Hey. My Auntie who is an Australian citizen is kindly helping me out with the visa process (I'm looking at an 856 visa, failing that a 176 state sponsored in WA). These both need the TRA Migration Skills Assessment. My auntie is good friends with an immigration agent. Apparantly she told my aunt that its very important to include (on the employment statement) 5 tasks which I have learnt with my current employer. Does anybody else know if this is the case. And if so, can't these said "5 tasks" just be in the "workk in my own words" section. Thanks in advance.:biggrin:
  13. Guest

    little things....

    Adding a few photographs to my album on here has cheered me up a little today, reviewing my work so to speak funny how little things make you smile x
  14. cartertucker

    Baby things

    Are baby things more expensive in Australia? :unsure: Where do you normally shop for these things? We have a 1 year old & a new baby on the way so gonna need plenty of things! :cute:
  15. Im Posting this as I was speaking to a friend in Australia yesterday and he was complaining he can't find his football clubs newest kit over there. Just got me wondering what sort of products etc I might struggle to find out there.
  16. Whenever I post about something that really matters to me, which I think about and do every day, like going to the beach, going to the pub, going for a coffee, life in Surry Hills, rock music, True Blood, Tottenham Hotspur, The Archers, nobody ever answers. But talk about something completely irrelevant and pointless with no bearing on my life, like whether Australia should become a republic or - YAWN - Global Warming - and I could be on PIO 24X7! I've just come back from a very pleasant three-hour session in the pub during which I discussed favourite TV programmes in UK & OZ, rugby league, favourite and long-departed pubs - with Sandy the barmaid, Chris the landlord and Matt, one of the other locals. Life is strange I guess.
  17. At No 10 WIND YOURSELF UP ALONG THE GREAT OCEAN ROAD One of the nation’s most spectacular drives, the Great Ocean Road in built into steep seaside cliffs in Victoria. Spectacular sights along the way include the famous Twelve Apostles and various shipwrecks. It is also home to the most popular surf coast of Victoria, with its beaches often deserted.
  18. 001 Explore Kakadu’s little brother Litchfield 002 Be cast for eternity onto salty Lake Ballard 003 Swim with wild seals at Baird Bay 004 Go on holiday save 100 lives at Mapoon 005 Reach the oasis of Ormiston Gorge 006 Visit the other remarkable pebble Mount Augustus 007 Open a half-million-year-old treasure chest Naracoorte Caves 008 Visit one of the world’s oldest art galleries Carnarvon Gorge 009 Go swimming with tuna at Port Lincoln 010 Hear a great set of pipes at the Undara Lava Tubes 011 Walk to Art in Melbourne 012 Stay the night in a light on Montague Island 013 Lose yourself in the bluest lagoon at Fitzroy Reef 014 Call the birds in on towering Mount Gower 015 Take a vow of silence in New Norcia 016 Be among the first to paint the hills in outback SA 017 Celebrate Australian biodiversity at Australian Garden 018 Adrift on a Dead Sea at the Pool of Siloam 019 Rent your own island in the Mackerel Islands 020 Get dragged around with Sydney by Diva 021 Look! Up in the sky! It’s your round! Flying Pub Crawl 022 Bathe in convict history at the Bogey Hole 023 Live the life of a keeper on Gabo Island 024 See Sydney from a VERY different angle 025 Paddle under a convict prison in Fremantle 026 Play catch with sharks on the Undersea Explorer 027 Lose your blues at Greens Pool 028 Be a postman for a day on the Outback Mail Run 029 Take the longest sheer plunge down Wallaman Falls 030 Stay at Kangaroo’s lighthouse trinity 031 Dive into the world’s purest cleanest water Mount Gambier 032 See the world at 300m per second in a Mig Jet 033 Gain some extremely remote access at Garig Ganuk Barlu 034 Find food for your soul at Flames of the Forest 035 Stride among the city of Gnomes 036 Watch over Australia’s moodiest lake Blue Lake 037 The Sound of Music at Mount Scoria 038 See blind shrimps and a million stars at Cutta Cutta Caves 039 Fly to the ancient source of Australian art 040 Visit our most haunted house Monte Cristo Homestead 041 See the other side of the rainbow Rainbow Serpent Tour 042 Twitter with the Twitchers at Coffs Coast 043 Stroll along the seabed with Seawalker 044 Find a home among the Banksias 045 Bathe in a boiling outback lake at Dalhousie Springs 046 Spot Australia’s oldest graffiti on Chambers Pillar 047 Get on your soapbox Australian Billy Cart Champs 048 Travel in a clattering time machine the Afghan Express 049 Take tea with the Morning Tea Ladies on Tiwi Island 050 Go French for a hidden tourism gem French Island 051 Go to sea in a tinnie at the Beer Can Regatta 052 Hold your breath for the dive of the century Fish Rock Cave 053 Fly in raft out on the North Johnstone River 054 Run with white lions in Mogo Zoo 055 Win your wife’s weight in beer Wife Carrying Champs 056 Don’t fence me in at Cameron’s Corner 057 Watch spawning cuttlefish off Whyalla 058 Proclaim yourself King for the night Kings Plains Castle 059 Walk through untouched lands Kakadu Hawk Dreaming 060 Visit an outback slice of the ’50s at Bells Milk Bar 061 Imagine the land before maps on the Great North Road 062 Catch your own seafood platter at Black Point 063 Prepare to circle the wagons in Bendigo 064 Hop on Tasmania’s newest ride Piners and Miners Tour 065 Play polo in Banjo country at the Geebung Polo Match 066 Make your own wine at Penfolds 067 Tinker with Tilba Tilba’s trinkets 068 Walk among the dolomites in the Hastings Caves 069 Make like Moses at Burning Mountain 070 Go deep underground with Douggie’s Mine Tours 071 Boogie-woogie on rails in the Blues Train 072 Rent your own cave in the Upper Blue Mountains 073 Visit Australia’s unknown Grand Canyon Capertee Valley 074 Share your secrets with the Whispering Wall 075 Find your way among the roses at Ashcombe 076 Bomb the Perry Sandhills on the banks of the Murray 077 Have the perfect family day at Parsley Bay 078 Stumble across Beautiful Betsy 079 Crawl through a goldmine at Arltunga 080 See the giant water babies at Point Ann 081 Crawl through a convict tunnel in Clarence 082 Visit a country within a country Principality of Hutt River 083 Back your favourite cane toad on Magnetic Island 084 Twirl a brolly from a previous century Old Umbrella Shop 085 Delve into your immigrant past at the National Archives 086 Visit **** Heysen’s home among the gumtrees 087 Spot Australia’s rarest mammal at Two Peoples Bay 088 Dive into surfing heartland’s Blue Pool 089 See the walls come alive at Kurri Kurri 090 See the world’s largest acrylic painting at Broken Hill 091 Sail the postman’s run up the Hawkesbury 092 Join the outback pest war against the Yellow Crazy Ants 093 Roll with the pumpkins at Goomeri 094 Wander through the scarecrows in the vineyard 95 Step through the looking glass National Art Glass Gallery 096 Get the best coffee in the galaxy at Tidbinbilla 097 Ride fly eat and learn on the Flying Camel Tour 098 Pay your respects to Tom Roberts’ Big Picture 099 Drink the world’s most expensive coffee 100 Set your spider senses tingling at Australia’s Venom Zoo
  19. There's lil ol me scanning freecycle (again) today and I found this; <TABLE class=tblMessg cellSpacing=0 align=center><TBODY><TR><TH>Type</TH><TD>OFFER</TD></TR><TR><TH>Subject</TH><TD>grobag</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> I got very excited as I'm just begining to grow a few bits in my garden, so I read on..... <TABLE class=tblMessg cellSpacing=0 align=center><TBODY><TR><TH>Description</TH><TD>newborn size, 2.5 tog, excellent condition.</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> And there was me thinking I could put my tomato & chilli plants in it :wacko:
  20. Our first things to do were the usual - register with Medicare, find somewhere to rent, rent a car, etc. We;ve moved to beautiful Port Macquarie in NSW. Things to note on arrival are as follows - and we wished we'd known before we set off: RENT You will definitely need rental references, proof of bills payments, proof of income (these papers are all with the shippers, except we'd never rented before. Good job my son-in-law's brother had been a real estate agent and could put a good word in for us!) You only get one chance to look round the property; this will probably be with several other families also hoping to rent the property. If you’re only there 15 minutes, this is ALL you get to look around – no second visits! We were asked to pay one week’s rent as deposit ( it was then taken off the market). On signing the contract, we paid one month’s rent as bond (bank cheque into a Rental Board Bond) and one week’s rent. Two week’s rent was asked for in advance (we’d already paid one week as the deposit so only needed to pay one further week). At the contract signing, you are given an ‘’outward report’’ of the condition of the property, listing ALL defects. Once you move in, you are given 7 days in which to complete your ‘’incoming report’’ where you list any defects you may find that they have missed. You need to check everything carefully as you cannot add to the report once you have handed it back to the agent. (Even dirty marks on the wall, dirty/damaged fly screens etc., etc.) Best way to do this is to start cleaning - you won't feel like it but you'll see any faults!) SETTING UP We only brought our clothing and hygiene stuff as we were only allowed 23 kgs each plus hand baggage. Here’s what we needed to buy to get started: laundry basket, clothes airer, scrubbing brush, insecticide, cobweb brush, tin opener, pans, non-stick frying pans, mats for doorways & bathroom/toilet, towels, tea-towels, crockery, cutlery, baking tins, dishes (oh, why did we have to send it all with the shippers?) We also purchased a bed & bed linen (mattresses much more expensive than UK but bed linen OK for price), dining table & chairs, TV & cabinet and several small rugs for doorways. We had to borrow a 3-piece suite until we could purchase one and also borrowed a set of drawers. Oh, and we bought a fridge-freezer and a car. We’re not buying anything else till our stuff comes …… SHIPPERS Talking of which, we estimated our goods at 300 cu ft and paid up front. However, whilst in Hong Kong on our second day out of the UK, we got a message from my sister saying that the shippers maintained that our goods in fact measured 400 cu ft and we had to pay them an extra 580 quid before they would ship our goods! I’ll let you know what happens when they arrive and we find the boxes are only half-filled! We'll certainly be trying to claim some of the extra costs back! OTHER STUFF Insects: Ants crawl everywhere – they can smell a rice-sized bit of sweet stuff from metres away and tell all their mates – who then form a long line from their entry point to the sweetie! You’ll need ant-killer (or a wet cloth). Cockroaches – our place has been fumigated so none yet but the last place had a few – and they’re not all small, either! Stamp on ‘em, sweep ‘em up or spray them – it’s not very nice to tread on one during the night (or hear one trying to claw its way out of a paper carrier bag in the middle of the night - as happened to me – I laid awake for 3 whole hours till the alarm went off and my husband awoke as I daren’t get out of bed or even peep over the blankets! Could have been a snake, though? And one other thing - paper wasps! They start building small nests in the eaves but apparently they can sting several times and often do without provocation! If you see any nests (they look almost like small wall hooks) - remove them with a cobweb brush immediately! Storms: Many, beautiful, colourful sheet & fork lightning, long-lasting and buckets and buckets of heavy rain! People: Very friendly and speak to you on the street to say Hello (most of ‘em anyway)
  21. The Pom Queen

    100 things to do this weekend

    1 Go off roading
  22. Hi everyone, I heard a couple of things today which kinda made me laugh and was hoping to get some clarity from some Aussies on the forums, or anyone else for that matter! Someone said that you can't buy caffeine products after 5pm in Oz! That can't be true can it? I'm sure he was pulling my leg! :biglaugh::biglaugh: Also Fosters beer? You can't get that either? Or are they just saying that because the ads for it on tv here in the UK are Aussie themed? :rolleyes:
  23. hey anyone either with kids or without,, we have a load of different things to do this weekend were we live(uk ireland) with our children. apart from the cool wet conditions to put up with it would be great, my question is :idea: do the things you do with familys like meet ups and activitys with children ,are they way better in australia ,or is the good wheather a major factor in making normal things seem really good ,.,,:unsure:if that makes sense,,and even people with no kids too
  24. Hi all, This is my first post. I am currently living with my partner in Sydney. We are both English but met in Sydney. I came out here initially to travel on my own but met my partner after a month of being here and have ended up staying for 4.5 years so far. My heart has been in the UK for most of my time here but my partner loves Australia and would happily make a life out here. I wanted to find out if anyone else is in a situation where one of you wants to move back to the UK but the other wants to stay? After reading people's posts on here about people who have moved back and are happy they did, for the first time ever I really feel ready to go back. I have felt so torn but am starting to feel clarity. My partner has had agents trying to find him jobs in the UK and he has been happy to go along with this so far but I think for him he would be somewhat reluctant to move back as we have a good lifestyle here. He loves being near the beach and the sunshine etc but to me these things aren't that important. Australia has given me better opportunities for work in creative industries than I would have got back home but like a lot of people on here, I just want to be close to my family again. I'm missing my niece and nephew growing up. My partner is not as close to his family so does not feel the same pull although he does miss his nephews and sister. I would like to know if anyone has made a sacrifice for their partner or vice versa and if it has worked out. My partner has said he is willing to try moving back to the UK for me early next year now we have just got our citizenship, but I am worried he will feel the pull back to Australia the way that I do with England and that he may end up resenting me for it. Any advice would be appreciated. I have given Australia a go for almost 5 years and don't regret any of it but we have always said 'we'll move back home in a couple of years' but that time just keeps on getting extended. We are about to book flights to go home for 2 weeks in November so this may be a good way to assess how we feel when we are there (although my mind is made up).
  25. Guest

    It's the little things..

    I'm just a big ball of excitement and nerves waiting for my visa to be granted, and constantly daydreaming and thinking what life will be like when we get to Oz...silly little things make me even more excited, like thinking about booking our one way flights (eeep!), or even when we get there thinking of the first time we spend a dollar (I'm sure the fun of this will wear thin very quickly lol), finding somewhere to live, our first little grocery shopping trip, meal out, trip to cinema, etc. Just wondering what it is that gives everyone else the fluttery feeling in your tummies when thinking about making the move?:cute::v_SPIN: