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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all! I am in a unusual position in that what I am looking for is very different to the usual fare. So I'm looking for specialist info. First, Although my job title is Geotechnical Geologist and an agency has been treating me that way because I am not a chartered geologist so it seems that in the eyes of immigration I am unskilled. I wonder if I should paint it a different way. For example, I am also known as an engineer. I am not a chartered engineer either... but could this be a better way to go I wonder? Second, there is no skill assessment body for both geotechnics or geology. This suprises me in that this is a massive field all the way from building houses to mining. And miners going out to the middle of nowhere are welcome (because it sucks, no aussie will do it!). Third, I work at sea. In fact, all I want to be able to do is work in aussie waters. I wonder if I may have more luck retraining as an able seaman. Fourth, I don't need residency. I just want to be allowed to work in Australian waters, commuting from Singapore. Alternatively I can always retrain. What hands-on career doesn't take long in training but gets you in? -j
  2. Hi was wandering if anyone who already has/ or is thinking of Going back to the UK. What to do with the super fund you have over here in OZ. whether to "freeze" it, whether it can be cashed in? or whether you can tranfer it back to a UK Pension..... I have tried to research this but have been given all different answers, Even when i called them they couldnt give me a straight anwer is this a bit of a "grey area" with anybody else..... Appreciate any feedback. :confused:
  3. I got my dogs blood test results yesterday, and it came up that he had leprotosis anti-bodies in his blood. My export person says that he needs to be retested in 2 weeks. He is at a level that is excecptable in the UK so he wants to send him out, but doesn't know if Sydney will except him or let him out of quarantine. I don't want to spend £3,500 to have him sent over if he only ends up being destroyed over there. Has anyone else had a similar problem and what happened? I'm gutted and don't know what to do as we are all meant to being moving out there next week. Kellyx
  4. Hi there we are arriving in 8 weeks and need a car, I dont mind travelling to get a decent one and thought why not post up and see if any pio have any for sale? cheers al
  5. Guest

    will thier ever be

    another essex meet be nice if thiers one before we go (16th march):yes: julie xxx
  6. Hi All, My new employer has applied to become my sponsor but am wondering about how much to enquire with them about progress before i make myself a 'pest'?!!! To be honest i am very laid back and just let things happen, but if i do this will they think i'm not arsed? Should i ring them or just wait? They have sent me an email over a week ago to say they have applied but nothing since.......what do i do? So very eager to see this through but don't want them to think i'm a loser!!! Any opinions much apreciated. Andy
  7. Hi there all.. Its Trace here once again....Hope you house sellers are all well.. Has anyone managed to sell their house since I last posted the thread...on who is struggling to sell...:arghh:We are still no luck..just come back from Thailand after a surprise holiday from Mark..:jiggy:.and still o luck.Mind you I really didn't want to come back Melbourne is not far from Bangkok could of quite easily gone on.Only my grown up kids where at home so I couldn't.So here we are back this Sunday gone and now gonna lower the price once again for the last time.....cause we all want to be there so badly.anyone one else have not sold since the last thread I sent. Or do anyone know of a way of getting shot of our house....without loosing money. Let me know how your all getting on selling yours. Thanks for listening. Trace.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. Hi All... Any update on those that where struggling to sell their houses... Have any of you guys managed to cause we havent:arghh::sad:... We so want to get out of here and its the house thats keeping us.. If there is anyone working in an estate agents can give us any advice? We are now changing from one thats been Crap basically...we have been on with two at 1% which is good..but hasn't helped. Lets hope September can do better. Its so frustrating cause we can go...we have our visa..cannot afford to just rent this as we need the cash to start over. Any feed back on your situations feel free to reply. Cheers Trace..... get us out of here...:cry::cry: