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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Guys, I have another query for you all. I have not yet placed an EOI as I am waiting for AITSL's assessment letter. However, am anticipating this to be positive and I am keen to find out how to complete the next steps. I am a UK citizen but have been teaching/living in Thailand for the last 18 months. If/When I am asked for a PCC, in which country will they ask for this, or both? If it is Thailand, has anyone on here had to go through the process of obtaining a PCC in Thailand? Thanks for all your help thus far people....
  2. Guest

    Flying to WA

    Hi, Just been granted my WHV and plan to fly out in January 2013. I am thinking of staying a few days to stop off before I get to Perth. Any advice would be great. I am thinking of stopping in either Thailand, malaysia, singapore or hong kong. I am quite flexible about it all and have looked into flights, accommodation etc. cheers, Ian.
  3. RobertBurns

    innoculations for thailand

    Im off to phuket next week, Ive never been to asia, so Im just wondering what, if any injections I would need? How would I go about finding out what I need, where would I go to get them, etc?
  4. Hi All, After losing my job yesterday in Dublin, I've decided that this country holds no more for me, so I'v decided to bite the bullet and head out to Australia on a holiday visa + hopefully get sponsorship while out there. So, can any one give me any advise for going out? Also - I'm stopping off in Thailand for 2 weeks... Anyone got any suggestions? David
  5. Hi I got my pregrant letter sublcass 176,,I want to go to Thailand for visa evidencing but when I check the website of DIAC ,it says the permanent visa cannot be processed.. I donot understand this.can i go to thailand Please help me on this matter. thanks in advance
  6. Hi Everyone, I know this probably won't apply to many on here but I am trying to move from Thailand to Oz. It seems to be almost certain that we will have to pay extortionate rates to move our possessions and I am worried about having to fumigate everything and pay "tea money" etc. !!! to get the things out of the country. I really wonder if it is wiser to just sell it here and buy new again there. Anyone got any words of wisdom please? Who can I ask that will provide me with an honest service at a reasonable price???
  7. Has anyone got any experience of doing this move? I am trying to find out which companies will be reliable and reasonable. Plus I would very much like to avoid the usual "hidden costs" which seem to accompany everything you do in this country. I'd be grateful for any feedback I can get from people who have already done the move. Especially interested to know about experiences with fumigation etc. Thanks.
  8. Anyone want to live the dream in Thailand. Teaching or guiding scuba diving. Everything you need to start tomorrow. Office equipment includes all the usual printer, filing cabinet, stationery, storage, log books. Household some basic items such as coffee machine nice bamboo shelves and cupboard made to measure, steroe speakers DVD player with 3 speaker set, blender, etc. Mostly hardly used or newish. Please send a pm for cmplete list. Also may be selling the Thai registered company which allows for 2 work permits for foreigners and can be used to buy land build a house or any sort of trading business venture you like. Written up by leading reputable law firm in Phuket and english translations.
  9. Guest

    Where to stay in Thailand?

    My partner and I are stopping at Dubai and Thailand on our ONE way flights to Oz (hehe) Just wondering if any one has stopped in Thailand and where is nice to stay for a week?:unsure: Was thinking Koh Sumi, Has any one stayed there? Any suggestions would be great Thanks:wubclub: Gemma and Dave
  10. Guest

    Importing a car from Thailand

    Hi all, Bit of a strange dilemma this and will understand if there are few (if any) replies, but here goes anyway.:unsure: I know that the cost of 2nd hand vehicles in Oz is quite high and am wondering whether or not it is a viable option to take my 4 year old Nissan Frontier to Oz. I used to work in Thailand and left the pick-up there with family. I think it would be a good vehicle for the area I am going to work in, 4 hours North of Perth. It is of course Thai Spec, i.e. no heater...just various levels of coldness...3L ZDI diesel engine, 3 door, 4WD...not as comfortable as the Navara, but a good solid build. So, the simple question is...viable or not..if so..any idea what to do?? Thanks all, Mac:wacko: