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Found 51 results

  1. Hey guys, Sorry if this post is in the wrong section but I will keep it short and sweet Just looking for opinions/Advice I am a British National on a 457 work visa. I have numerous things I have been carrying with me for a while with regards to health issues and have not been able to get home to have them sorted out. One particular issue is ongoing with my stomach Infection and so I went to the Docs as I have been carrying this with me for over a year now.. They sent me for Blood, Urine and Stool tests and thank god I asked the price before I went ahead and did them! $760 Just for the tests! My question is, is this a normal price for someone who is supposedly a temporary resident?...and if so, What options do I have with regards to getting Health Insurance that will cover this?...Is there no reciprocal agreement? (Other than The 'Visitor' Medicare card I have that seems useless apart for discounts on consultations!) Can anyone give any advice and what I should do? Cheers!
  2. pongobongo

    Help dog has failed blood tests!

    Hi, following our celebrations of getting out visa and booking flights we received the results of our dogs blood tests. He has had a positive result for ehrlichia and we are devastated. We are flying out on 6th September and the thought of getting this far and having to leave him behind is awful. He is a rescue dog and when we decided to make the move we took him to the vet to make sure that he would cope with travelling and resettling and so on, just to make sure. The thought that he would not be able to come never entered our heads as he is a fit and healthy jack russell. We have been advised by Airpets to have him re-tested as sometimes the first test comes back with a wrong result. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks in advance Kat x
  3. Hey everyone! Perhaps this is a silly question, but at what stage should we be sending our application for state sponsorship? We are aiming for South Australia. My husband has his IELTS results back which are fine. He has to do the VETASSESS on 22nd October (he is a sparks) I have been reading lots of posts and it seems some people apply for the state sponsorship and put their forms in before doing the tests. We are in a hurry as my husband turns 40 in April and we need everything sent off as quick as poss now! If he gets offered State Sponsorship, then does that mean we get extra points, meaning we should apply now? Sorry if this is a silly question! Cheers! Lucy
  4. Hi, Just been reading about pets departing from the uk to Oz after January next year needing a rabies vaccination and then a rabies antibody test. As I understand it they need the vaccinations 4 weeks before the antibody test. They then need the antibody test 5 months before they leave the uk if they are to do the minimum 30days in quarenteen. Now, as my pet is unlikely to be flying out before jan (even if by some miracle our house has sold and we are gone before then!), I am looking at getting this underway now. The test must be prepared (I assume this is the drawing of the blood sample) by a government approved vet, then sent to a government approved lab then the test preformed by the official government vet. So my questions are how do I find out who these approved vets are? Can the rabies jabs be done at the same time as the other vacinations? Do the other jabs have to be done by the government approved vet or my normal vet? Is my normal likely to be approved? Think I might go and join the thread for this worried about shipping their pets.....
  5. Guest

    Medical tests and police checks

    I have sent off my application a few days ago. Do I want untill I have received a case officer before I go ahead with my medical examinations and police checks? Im a bit confused about when I get all of that completed.
  6. sarab

    Medical Tests for 176 Visa

    Hi I have just sent my 176 visa (I'm moving to Perth soon!!), and I saw you need a chest x-ray as part of your supporting documents. Any ides why (just curious)? Also, how do I get this done? Do I needto go through the doctors or is it something I have to pay for? Thanks
  7. ScotsQuine

    Passed blood tests first time!

    Hello... Thought I would share with you guys as when I had looked through PIO re blood tests for our dog I only found info re failing them! Our large (45kg) GSD had his annual vaccinations on the 3rd December 2010, he had also been vaccinated against Leptospirosis as we hadn't been planning a move to Oz at that point. But things changed at the beginning of this year and our visa was granted and the next hurdle was our dog. He had his blood test on the 20th July and the phone call (finally!) came from the pet movers today to say he had passed!!! I was absolutely gobsmacked as I was so sure he would have failed as it had been under 8 months since his Lepto jab? Other posters have had their dogs fail with a longer period between vaccinations and bloodtests? But, while reading through all the threads on 'Failed Blood Tests' I had found some very reassuring information from both Moving2Melbourne and BobPetairUk, so if your dog should fail for whatever reason, there is a light at the end of the tunnel - don't despair!! Good luck for anyone else in the same position! :hug:
  8. Guest

    Hep B& C tests

    Hi All, I have my medical on Thursday ,been sent the docs 26H from the case officer but no mention of whether we need to get the Hep B&C tests (think they are about an exta £70 for both) I cant find anything on the Immi website about whether we should get them done. Confused.com Will the doctor tell us if we need them? I read some notes about tattoos and piercings...
  9. Guest

    Medical Tests and Visa Granting

    Hi everyone i lodged my online application on the 25th April they requested medical tests on the 26th April. and received them on the 11th May... they havent requested police clearance yet... how long does the visa take to get granted from the time they request medical tests usually? thank you
  10. Amy Rose

    BLood tests

    Yey the vet receptionist just rang to say the dogs blood tests have arrived and they are all ok phew! But she asked me if I needed a copy so I told her I didnt think so I think the vet needs to do something with them and they would have the DEFRA paper work through tomorrow. Anyone have any idea? I hope the vet knows what to do with them!
  11. So, who is coming along for a fun day out at the college of north west London for their practical tests, Im doing the Joinery one start at 0800hrs sharp, luckily for me I live a grand total of 15 mins away from the college so happy days,:biggrin:, but no doubt people will be coming down from all over the country, Any joiners out there doing the practical on the same day let me know! Cheers
  12. Just having my daily fix of breaking headlines down under and in the top 5 stories I found this: From: NewsComAu April 05, 2011 STRICT English tests will make it almost impossible for migrant tradesmen to enter the country, according to employers. Alternatively, you can copy and paste this link into your browser: We need foreign tradies, say employers | News.com.au Interesting times ahead... I think I may have summed up how many of us may feel about the pending cut off date and the crazy 1st July changes.... Time flys The years fly by The months go so fast* Marking off the weeks one by one But the hours of waiting painfully go on With every tick and every tock Time appears to stand still* For us on the immigration clock There's a deadline in place of the first of July Many of us will have tears in our eyes* We are involved in the race against time Holding out desperately for *news* But all we have are the spring time blues Tick tock, goes the immigration clock Its a process that takes it's time Takes days, weeks, months and many a year have gone by
  13. Test centre asked me to find out which adress should they post the results to? If send before a co is assigned like in the case of the email sent last week, what is the possibility of the results getting lost? Please Help
  14. Guest

    Medical Test - Split tests

    Hi Friends, I would need some help to understand whether anyone has done a split medical tests. I have a UC457 and the medicals(XRAys) was done in May/June 2010. I have applied for a 175 & 176 and have taken up medicals(Nov 2010) for these minus the Xrays as I have one whic is from UC457 and have mentioned in the application when I had been to medibank melbourne. Please let me know if some one has done it this way and what has been the outcome or any experts advice regardign would be helpful Regards, JSHAN
  15. Jazzygerbil

    Mechanics tests??

    I'm a mechanic with nearly ten years experience and I have read in another thread, that apparently, I might not have to take a practical test?? Apparently if im a memeber of the IMI I get in scott free (i want to go to NSW) and the fact that if i can convince an assessor that i am practically competent in a simple interview, i dont have to do a practical?? Please, Can someone clear this up before i get too excited, im sure its too good to be true!? With the rules changing in July i dont know where i stand.
  16. Booking the dogs flights tomorrow. They will be flying on Weds 16th Feb and arriving Fri 18th Feb. I am arranging all the paperwork, blood tests and parasite treatments myself as a lot cheaper but am worried I might get the timing wrong! Does the wording "within X amount of days prior to export" mean that I can't do it anytime before X amount of days but I could do it anytime after? So for example: Blood tests and first round of external parasite treatments to be done within 30days prior to export. - I was planning on doing this day 27 prior to export, giving me three days to play with incase there was any delays with the flights (which is quite likely with the extreme weather we have been experiencing the last few winters!!). Final external and internal parasite treatments, and completion of Vet Cert Part A to be done within 4days prior to export. - I was planning on doing this day 2 prior to export. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  17. good day to all, can i seek your assistance please. i'm planning to take medical and radiological exams prior to assignment of co to hopefully speed up the process as soon as i verified that my nominated occupation will be in the smp of SA. btw i've lodged my application on line. my question is how am i going to proceed with my medical exams specifically what forms will i use and where to secure them? thanks in advance for any help and information that you can give. God bless us all. cheers, 3jps
  18. New to Poms in Oz, so this is my first post. We have been living in Oz now for 3 years. Came on student visa and then graduate visa. Put application in for PR in Feb 2009 and about 4 weeks ago got a case officer. We have had our second meds and x rays done (first ones ran out of 12 month period !). We are all fine, but my husbands non migrating 17 year old daughter's medical resulted in further tests. First a second blood test. Then after that: Liver ultrasound Other liver tests cognitive tests Psyhiatric assessment This was a real shock. Her first med a year and a half previous had passed. We are thinking maybe it could be because they found alcohol in her system. Know she drinks a bit. Well, her Mum and the daughter have both said NO WAY to these extra tests - she doesn't even want to come to Oz. We have done a letter, the daughter has done a letter, our immi agent and the daughters Mum has done a letter all stating this. We have been waiting 2 weeks for the case officer to get back to us, but still nothing. Our immi agent is going to try chasing it tomorrow. Does anyone else have any experiences like this ? The stress is killing us !:goofy:
  19. Guest

    IELTS Tests

    I have just spoken with Philip at AHPRA and all nurses from the UK and anywhere else other than Australia, regardless if they have done their secondary education in English do have to do the IELTS test. Apparently Philip was informed about this on the 9th September, so not good news. It hasn't gone on their website yet.
  20. Hi All, First and foremost I am not a British but an Indian living in Dubai. My visa has been granted and I have to enter OZ before July 18th 2010 with an undertaking to contact the Health Undertaking Department within 4 weeks of arrival. I have a distance past history of TB (17+ years) and have gone through the complete medication course however, the scars remain there. I am currently working in Dubai and just want to land in Australia to validate my visa. I have following questions: Will I need to stay in Australia until all the tests are done and reports received? Can I take an appointment on email and plan my travel and accordingly. If I cannot take an appointment via email then what is the process and time frame of getting appointments in cities like Melbourne or Sydney. Is it mandatory to report to Health Undertaking Department on first short visit to Australia or it can be done later on second/third longer visits. Thanks in advance. VB
  21. Guest

    IELTS Tests

    :wacko:Hello all! This may be a really silly question! My husband recently sat the IELTS Test to raise our english test score to 25 rather than the competent score of 15. He is the main visa applicant by the way. He scored 8.0, 8.5, 9.0 and 6.5 with an overall score of 8.0. I realise that it does state all four areas need at least 7 but i only realised this after we sent the application form and am now stressing about it, do you think if we just send it it would be ok or do you think we should re-sit asap? Please help! Maybe doing this ourselves wasnt such a good idea afterall!
  22. Hi there, Can anyone help with this? My partner is applying for PR on an 176 relative sponsored visa and has the 100 points needed to pass. He could get more points for the proficient English and I as his partner could get another 5 points if I did the skills test but both these cost quite a bit of money. Is it worth paying for the tests t o get more points to make the application more convincing or is 100 enough? Many thanks threlaf7
  23. Guest

    Firefighter entrance tests

    Hi everyone I'm a Firefighter in the UK, I have a permanent residency visa and also in process of applying for Aussie Fire service. Can anyone give me any advice on the tests? Particularly the character assessment test or Psychological test. Loosing confidence as Im getting older lol
  24. Hi everyone, On reading some of the recently posted threads and after having thoughts on my own migration adventure, besides the money, there seems to be a common theme of eligibility. The journey isn't easy my first obstacle was that an agent told me I was ineligible for a visa because I didn't have the required number of points. (175) I then waited a number of years until my brother became a citizen, and tried the agent again. Same response (176) Having already having had my academic qualifications passed by VETASSESS, it was only after having a positive skills assessment from AIM that allowed me to satisfy the points criteria without having to go through the process of asking people for job descriptions and work referees and such like. Furthermore having a family sponsor allowed my application to be lodged without having to wait for the results from WA State Sponsorship.(176) It means that some cases are at first :dull:a matter of what if's? My only suggestion for what it's worth is "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!" Best of british, gmac
  25. I've had no luck with my enquiry to the DIAC, even they can't give me a straight answer! maybe someone on here can help me? :unsure: All being well, we will get our visa and move to Australia in late summer 2010. By then I will be fully qualified as an acupuncturist. My question to the clinic doing our meds, DIAC (just sent a PLE) and to anyone who will listen is.. do I need to have the additional blood tests that are required of people working in the medicine and healthcare. DIAC said, "The relevant authority will advise you on whether Mrs XXXX is required to undergo additional blood tests. " No mention of who the relevant authority is either. :goofy: Can anyone help? Thanks, Sam