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Found 33 results

  1. I am UK qualified solicitor hoping to move to the Northern Territory with my husband. We are applying for state sponsorship (my husband's profession is on the critical skills list). Has anyone moved to NT and re-qualified to practice there? If so, I am interested in hearing about your experiences. I am currently trying to work out what I will need to do to be admitted to the NT Law society. Any info/guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  2. Hello there all... So with all this talk about state sponsorship and examples of 5 - 6 month waits for WA etc, does anyone have any idea about long it is for NT? I was just wondering about waiting times for NT as no one seems to mention it much. Any ideas? Cheers B_er_B
  3. Hi friends, How much money (in Australian currency) I must bring with my self in NT ( Northern Territory ) as a new comer? Regards, Roozbahani
  4. Hi, Can anyone please hep on an issue.. I have heard that visa 475 is being processed a bit quicker then before.Is this right and to what extent? What is the basic logic behind quick processing and slow processing as in DIAC website it says it takes 18 to 24 months for this visa and how come the processing speed is going quicker then this time...Touchwood anyway !!! Please someone explain.. thanks
  5. Any input is appreciated..thank you..:biggrin: Northern Territory at top end for job vacancies http://cfd.net.au/home/article/northern-territory-at-top-end-for-job-vacancies-20110331-81858.html
  6. Dear All, Today is my first day on this great site, and i feel it will be so helpfull after i read all your comments and how you help each other I'm aiming to gain NT SS and i already got all the required documents but they said that i should have Commitment to the NT , so any body can help in this issue even by advising me to check some website or give me general idea about the place and what about the prices there and the expenses , as they want the below requirments: explain, in your own words, why you want to live in the NT. Explain how the NT lifestyle would suit your way of life more than that of any other city in Australia provide evidence that you have personally researched NT lifestyle, employment opportunities and attractions provide evidence that you have researched the availability of housing, cost of living (rent, food, transport, utilities, etc) and that you have a realistic understanding of the costs involved upon arrival in the NT and while you seek employment provide evidence of your employability in the Northern Territory with your particular qualifications and employment experience. Thanks for your time
  7. Maybe going away for 2 weeks early January. Has anyone made the journey from Melbourne to Queensland (southern) preferably inland there and coastal return? Any suggestions on where to camp or budget (but clean) motels etc and what places to stop? Or has anyone gone from Melbourne to Uluru and Alice springs (Not via Adelaide, Coober Pedy) or is it too hot that time of year:cool:and too busy!?
  8. A Northern Territory government delegation is in Ireland at the moment week trying to woo skilled workers to fill a job vacancies in the Top End. The Northern Territory has had the lowest jobless rate in the nation this year, hovering at about three per cent. At the Working Abroad Expo at the RDS in Dublin yesterday, queues stretched around the block with around 5000 people attending the weekend expo. The NT's employment minister Rob Knight was at the expo. He said the NT is expected to need at least 20,000 new workers over the next five years because the jobs cannot be filled locally or elsewhere from Australia. There are vacancies in 130 professions, Mr Knight said, from construction to the booming mining and medical sectors. Despite its vast size and low population, the Territory is undergoing a housing boom. Greg Bicknell from the chamber of commerce acknowledged that the Northern Territory was not as sought-after a location as cities such as Melbourne or Sydney, but it had one critical selling point. “We have more employment opportunities. Other cities in Australia are undergoing a recession because the strength of the Australian dollar is making the manufacturing sector uncompetitive.”
  9. Tourism Australia is running an online campaign at the moment, promoting locations around Australia in short online videos, featuring, backpackers, tour guides etc to lure more young people Down Under to work and play. The Tourism Australia campaign, 30 days in Oz, consists of 30 online videos, each following someone different in locations around Australia, with each demonstrating in 60 seconds why "there's nothing like Australia for young travellers." Tourism Australia managing director Andrew McEvoy said the campaign would promote the Working Holiday Visa and encourage young people to consider Australia as a place to work or travel, particularly those leaving school or on a Gap Year. "One of Tourism Australia's objectives is to get more young people to holiday in Australia. These travellers often become lifelong advocates, influencing friends and family of all ages to holiday in Australia and returning themselves later in life," he said. "We also know from research that many of these visitors are backpackers, who spend more time travelling and explore more of Australia than other travellers, which is one of the reasons the youth market is such an important one for us." The video's showcasing the Northern Territory are below: Xa9XBQX3pFQ sxEBpPPlT3U _BuPPubRRBU sa12nAC7lEg
  10. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/8295355/grooms-last-hurrah-in-croc-infested-water
  11. Hello, Greetings for the day! I just wanted to know whether there is any official job site for Northern Territory of Australia. If not, what all options do a skilled immigrant have to search a job in Northern Territory. I am asking so because, my ANZSCO code 262113 - System Administrator (Linux) is listed in NT occupational list. But I cannot find much jobs, hardly 9 in seek.com.au site. This is contradictory. As per my understanding, if a state lists an occupation it should have fair amount of jobs there. :confused: Any comments. Regards.
  12. So im planning on going to Adelaide and the first thing I want to do is the 88 days territory work to get it out of the way. How do I go about doing this and is it true mining/construction is included in it unlike Perth where you have to pick fruit.
  13. To anyone that is waiting for a decision from the NT, we received state sponsorship on Wednesday 22nd June, just need to lodge our Visa's prior to 1st July, however, that it a task in its self. :jiggy: Claire
  14. pratheepa

    Northern Territory nomination time

    Hello friends, I am writing to request you that I have apply today for regional state sponsorship to Northern Territory. In addition, my occupation is in the NT state occupation list and I have 6 in each IELTS score. However, I need to know how long this regional state sponsorship take to nominate by the Nothern Territory. Could you please advise me about this process time because beore start the new points system I want to apply visa. I would be most grateful if you could advise in this matter. Thanking you in advance for your help. Yours sincerely, Pratheepa
  15. The Pom Queen

    Cyclone Carlos - Northern Territory

    Hope everyone is safe:hug::hug:
  16. After gettins SS from WA, I've started filling out DIAC on-line application form but right in the beginning there if a question which State/Territory government agency has nominated me. In the email from WA informing me about getting SS, there is: "Skilled Migration Western Australia. Department of Training and Workforce Development". But in the DIAC form, there in nothing like that. The closest name is "WA - South West Development Commission". But I doubt that it means the same. Any tips on what I should fill in there please?
  17. Does anybody know if various savings accounts, ISAs, Shares etc. count as financial resources for Northern Territory SS? Also, I think it’s easier to get an original statement than certified copy of these accounts, so does NT accept original documents in this case? Could anybody give me a hint please what I should imagine under: “”evidence that the applicant has undertaken research about the Northern Territory and has knowledge of the relocation costs, living expenses (e.g. food, utilities, rent etc) and accommodation costs involved with settling in the Northern Territory”” requirement? Thanks for any tips.
  18. Guest

    Northern Territory SMP

    Hi all NT's State Migration Plan has now been published at: http://www.migration.nt.gov.au/documents/SMP_Shortage_List_FA.pdf Best regards S
  19. Guest

    Darwin and Northern Territory

    Anyone living in Darwin or the Northern Territory? Just interested in what it is like to actually live there- seems lots about Sydney/Melbourne/Perth etc but not too much info on Darwin and area?? Pros and cons?? thanks
  20. Sponsorship for offshore applications The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship suspended accepting offshore General Skilled Migration visa applications from 7 May 2010 until 30 June 2010. Applicants will only be able to lodge an application after 1 July 2010 if they have been assessed for an occupation on the revised national Skilled Occupation List (SOL). The Northern Territory will put in place a State Migration Plan and will publish a Northern Territory Occupation List with that plan. This list will contain a number of occupations that are not on the national SOL. The target date for the Northern Territory's State Migration Plan is 1 September 2010. Processing of all offshore sponsorship applications has been suspended until the Territory Migration Plan comes into effect. All applicants for Northern Territory sponsorship will be required to demonstrate that they have positive employment prospects in the Northern Territory even if their occupation is on the shortage list. :eek::eek:
  21. Hi everyone, I have just stumbled across this. Hopefully provide some answers on what occupations the states are potentially looking to attract: workplace.gov.au - State and Territory Skill Shortages Looks to have been collated in late 2009 and early 2010. Page was updated today so seems to be hot off the press...although having looked through them they appear to be the same template and not much info seems available from the states. Not sure what to make of them. Cheers, Mark
  22. My job is on MODL and have got Victoria SS since December 2009 How am i affected? I gotta feeling that we cat 5s are moved to priority number 2.:unsure: This is from Diac's website. I already have a state and territory nomination, how am I affected? All GSM applications, other than subclasses 476, 485, 883 and 887 are subject to the priority processing arrangements under the minister’s direction. Applicants who are nominated by a state or territory government under a state migration plan agreed to by the minister receive the second highest priority under the direction. Applicants who are nominated by a state/territory government and have nominated an occupation on the CSL will now receive the third highest priority under the priority processing arrangements. Cheers Asad
  23. i am doing my own visa application for the nothern territorys does any body know which forms i fill in to get Nothern Territorys state sponsor ship any help would be much appricated
  24. Guest

    2005 Ford Territory For Sale

    Silver, 5 seats, 96000 kms on the clock. Brisbane. $18000 for quick sale...no offers. or may consider swap for a same value car in the UK! http://www.carsales.com.au/used-cars/private/FORD/TERRITORY/details.aspx?R=7258081&Make=FORD&__Ns=pCar_PrivateSpecialFlag_Int32%7c1%7c%7cpCar_ImageCount_Int32%7c1%7c%7cpCar_LastModifiedDate_DateTime%7c1&Model=TERRITORY&__N=4294966463%2079%20834%20257%201216%204294966190%20285&State=Queensland&distance=25&silo=1003&seot=1&Cr=9&__Nne=20&trecs=67&state_id=79&__sid=1227E7CEAEAA 07 34823540 / 0405470553 for more info tanyacapper@hotmail.com
  25. I know this has been posted before but i find this one a lot easy to understand......... It has been announced that the Australian Government will be implementing a number of measures to ensure that the Skilled Migration Program is driven by the needs of industry and targets skills in critical need across a number of sectors in the country. These new measures will apply from 1 January 2009 to all existing and future applications and include the following: 1. Giving first priority to employer-sponsored permanent migration visas, where skilled migrants are nominated by employers for jobs that cannot be filled locally; 2. Providing State and Territory Governments greater scope to address the critical skill needs in their jurisdiction reflecting their different economies and skills requirements across States and Territories; 3. Giving priority to applicants without a sponsor where they have an occupation on a list of skills in critical shortage. A very important change involves the introduction of a new Critical Skills List (CSL) and a reorganisation of priority processing for both permanent and temporary applications. We have included the Critical Skills List below for your reference. The direction gives priority processing to permanent applications in the following order: employer sponsorship, state or territory sponsorship, an occupation on the CSL,an occupation on the MODL all other applications. Priority processing for provisional applications will be in the following order: state or territory sponsorship family sponsorship where the applicant’s occupation is listed on the CSL all other applications. The following occupations are currently on the CSL: ASCO Code Name of Occupation Professional Occupations 2211-11 Accountant - where the applicant has achieved a score of at least IELTS 7 in each of the four competencies, and/or has completed The Professional Year – Skilled Migration Internship Program Accounting (SMIPA) 2312-11 Anaesthetist 2231-79 Computing Professionals - where the applicant's specialisation is listed on the Migration on Demand List (MODL) 2381-11 Dentist 2312-15 Emergency Medicine Specialist 2129-17 Engineer - Chemical 2124-11 Engineer - Civil 2125-11 Engineer - Electrical 2125-13 Engineer - Electronics 2126-11 Engineer - Mechanical 2127-11 Engineer - Mining 2126-13 Engineer - Production or Plant Engineer 2311-11 General Medical Practitioner 2391-11 Medical Diagnostic Radiographer 2312-17 Obstetrician & Gynaecologist 2383-11 Occupational Therapist 2312-19 Ophthalmologist 2312-21 Paediatrician 2312-23 Pathologist 2382-11 Hospital Pharmacist 2382-15 Retail Pharmacist 2385-11 Physiotherapist 2388-11 Podiatrist 2312-27 Psychiatrist 2122-11 Quantity Surveyor 2312-29 Radiologist 2325-11 Registered Mental Health Nurse 2324-11 Registered Midwife 2323-11 Registered Nurse 2413-11 Secondary School Teacher 2391-17 Sonographer 2312-79 Specialist Medical Practitioners (nec) 2312-25 Specialist Physician 2386-11 Speech Pathologist 2312-31 Surgeon 2123-13 Surveyor 2523-11 Urban & Regional Planner Trades Occupations 4114-15 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer - Avionics 4114-11 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer - Mechanical 4414-11 Bricklayer 4922-11 Cabinetmaker 4411-13 Carpenter 4411-11 Carpenter and Joiner (Various) 4311-11 General Electrician 4311-13 Electrician (Special Class) 4315-11 Electronic Equipment Trades 4412-11 Fibrous Plasterer 4431-13 Gasfitter 4122-11 Metal Fabricator, Boilermaker 4112-11 Metal Fitter 4112-13 Metal Machinist 4211-11 Motor Mechanic 4431-11 General Plumber 4312-11 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanic 4415-11 Solid Plasterer 4113-11 Toolmaker 4416-11 Wall and Floor Tiler 4122-15 Welder Employer-Sponsored Permanent Migration Applications Under the new system, employer-sponsored permanent migration applications will receive the highest level of priority processing. These would include the Employer Nomination Scheme (121/856) and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (119/857) Subclasses. Given that processing currently takes up to a year under these subclasses, we can expect this to improve significantly in line with the recent announcement. The Minister has noted that visa grants under the Business (Long Stay) Visa (457) Subclass have increased dramatically over the last four years due to the growing demand for skills by the industry. Given the large numbers of Subclass 457 visa holders in Australia, the Government will be encouraging employers to permanently sponsor those workers in occupations whose skills cannot be met by local labour. It has been indicated that the Government may be planning an easier route to permanent residence for Subclass 457 visa holders; however, this is yet to be clarified. State/Territory Sponsored Permanent and Provisional Migration Applications State/Territory sponsored applicants will get the 2nd highest priority processing for permanent visas and the highest for provisional visas. These would include the Skilled Sponsored (176) Subclass and the Skilled Regional Sponsored (475) Subclass. State and Territory Governments can sponsor individuals, where they have skills that are needed in their jurisdiction. As with employer-sponsored skilled visas, State and Territory Government-sponsored visas are driven by the demands of industry for particular skills. Under current arrangements, state and territory governments can only sponsor certain occupations that are in shortage in their jurisdiction. Under the new system, state and territory governments have been offered a quote of 500 places in this migration year beyond their existing lists of eligible occupations. It can be inferred that each application with an occupation that is not on that particular state’s list will be assessed individually and there can be no guarantee of success. Critical Skills List (CSL) As noted above, a new Critical Skills List (CSL) has been developed by the Australian government. It is focused on medical and key IT professionals, engineers and construction trades. It is expected that the CSL will be more responsive than the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) in identifying and prioritising applications for skills in critical shortage. The Critical Skills List will be reviewed regularly, in consultation with the States and Territories, industry and unions to ensure that it remains valid and current in the changing circumstances. This list is not intended to replace the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) and allocation of bonus points will continue to be based on an occupation being included on MODL. It is worthwhile noting that there is a significant level of overlap between the two lists. However, there are also divergences. For instance, the occupations of Production or Plant Engineer, Secondary School Teacher and Urban and Regional Planner are included on the CSL but not on MODL. In contrast, certain occupations on MODL including but not limited to Engineering Managers, Architects, Chefs, Bakers, Cooks, Floor Finishers, Hairdressers, Painters and Decorators, Panel Beaters, Roof Slater and Tilers and Welders are not on the CSL. In fact, approximately half of the trades occupations on MODL do not feature on the CSL. With the exception of Architects, Dental Specialists, Dermatologists, External Auditors, Optometrists and Petroleum Engineers, all of the professional occupations that are on MODL are also listed on the CSL It should be noted that accountants have been included on the CSL but only those who meet the new requirements will be given priority. Under the new arrangements only accountants who have Proficient English (a score of 7 in IELTS) or have completed a registered professional year program will be given priority. Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) No change to the MODL has been announced at this point. However, it has been noted that a review is underway and a revised MODL should be expected in early 2009 to ensure that it is responsive to the skill needs of the economy and reflects the skills that should be targeted through the Skilled Migration Program. In the meantime, applications made nominating an occupation on MODL will continue to be able to claim 15 points provided that the applicant has at least 12 months of work experience in that occupation in the last 48 months. However, these applications will no longer get first priority but will instead be processed after employer-sponsored and state-sponsored applications as well as applications with a CSL occupation.