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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Guys, I just wanted to write this down as i can't really believe its happened! For the week before we flew out to australia (hubby on business trip 1st week and i'm tagging along, then quick reccie 2nd week) Jon wasn't feeling very well - he had a headache that wouldn't budge, it wasn't a particularly bad headache, but the fact that it wouldn't go was worrying him as in 2004 he had a Brain Heamorrage and came pretty close to dying. The night before we left he was really panicking as he was getting very little sleep and was worried about the preassure on the areaplane. Anyway, since we arrived he's still not been feeling that great, but we put it down to a virus and jet lag - we havn't had hardly any sleep - him especially. Our first day here he had to get up at 6am for a breakfast meeting, and got very little sleep in the night, he kept waking with a headache and general uncomfortablness. Then the second night he had to be up at 4am to fly to Sydney for a big presesntation (this was yesterday) and again he had no sleep at from 12am-4am. So when he got back from Sydney yesterday afternoon i was expecting him to be completely exhausted, but it was the last business meeting so he could relax now and hopefully recover. However when it came to bedtime he fell asleep on the bed and i crept about trying not to wake him, but he woke suddenly after about 20mins saying he felt really unwell, and he was really panicking. I was saying to him what i have been saying all week - you've got a virus, jet lag and exhaustion, thats all. But he became convinced that if he lay down again he would pass out and stop breathing. I tried to calm him down and make him see logic but he wasn't get any calmer. Eventually i asked him if he wanted to find a doctor, and he said yes, and i was having a bit of a flaff as i had no idea how to find one, as it was late at night and whilst all this was happening the fire alarm went off in the hotel - adding to the sense off panic. Eventually i called the business associate who had also flown over from the UK for the meetings and was staying with the other business guy who lives up the road - i was in a bit of a state by this stage, in tears, and felt awful about waking people, but Jon wanted me to do something. The business partner rang me back and said theyd called a 24hr dr, but then next thing i know they've called an Ambulance!!! Which added to the panic aswell as i really felt were going to be wasting thier time - but Jon was terrified and crying, thinking he was going to die. The ambulance arrived alomst immiadiatly, and they monitored his heart and blood preassure which was quite high. Then they said they thought it best he went in to hospital to be checked over, but they said its purely precautional as all his vital signs are good. Just as they were putting him in the ambulance strapped to a bed with oxygen mask on and heart monitor, the two Business associates arrived, and it really looked bad! I was very tearful (just the shock of it all and being in a strange country alone) and tried to explain that i think its nothing, just extreme exhaustion. The guy who lives here gave me his mobile number and told me to call him when we needed picking up from hosiptal, which turned out to be 25mins drive away (Nambour)!! So when we got to the hosiptal they did various tests on him, and i think everything looked good. I spoke to the Dr, who said at the moment they are putting it down to extreme stress and exhaustion. They put him on a drip and gave him some strong pain killers to help him rest, and booked him in for a cat scan in the morning. She then told me i had to go home, so i had to ring this guy i'd only just met to ask him to pick me up, it was now 2am!! He came and picked me up bless him, i felt awful, i could of got a taxi but it would have cost a fortune and to be honest i was feeling pretty scared and lonely. Anyway, its now morning, i've spoken to the hospital and they said he's been up and about and had some breakfast, now they're just waiting for th scan, but they can't give me any indication of how long it will be. I really want to be there with him, but i don't want to bother the business guys again, although they are expecting a call. I've been considering hiring a car for the last 2 days of our stay here on the sunshone coast, so that i can go up and get him by myself, as i have no idea how long he'll be yet. I'm also obvioulsy a bit nervous about the cat scan, as although i'm about 80% theres nothing wrong with him, theres always a possibility. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent, i feel a little calmer now, i havnt had a lot of sleep and feel pretty lonely. I know that these two business associates will help whenever i need it, but i feel awful putting them out anymore than i already have!!! The good news is though that i'm very impressed withe the hospital and ambos, and i was worrying about cost and if travel insurance, but it turns out its all covered under the reciprocal health care agreement - even the ambulance - which i was told would cost me $650!!! Meg xx
  2. I went to buy a pair of shoes today, and my normal petite size uk8 shoes have overnight turned into size 11 trotters. It's a good they had a chair in the shop or I might have collapsed in shock. This is one of the horrors of emigrating I cetainly wasn't prepared for. I think I might have to drown my sorrows in Stanley ( $14.99 for 4 litres of merlot ) from the bottle shop. Chris x
  3. Guest

    Feeling Terrible

    Hi All, Well, we collected our 3 beautiful dogs this morning (to bring them to airport for their flight to Oz) from the kennels where they have been for the last 3 weeks as we moved out of our house into a rent until we depart this Thursdy, and rental we are in couldnt take dogs. They have been happy there, and very well looked after, guy who owns the kennel kept them in the house with his own dogs so they got to sleep by the fire just like at home :smile: But I got a bit of a shock, Spike, the staffy has lost weight maybe from fretting? and even tho I know he is ok, it really really upset me. We arrived at Dublin airport at 7am this morning and took them for a big long walk to calm them down before the first leg of the flight to Heathrow. Man arrives to put them in crates and the howling was just soul destroying.. but I knew they would do that and they will be ok. However, company we used seems to have given me incorrect times of flights :no: Long story short, they arrived in Heathrow at 2pm today and not flying out to Melbourne til 10pm tonight. I did not know they would be held in Heathrow that long. Im distraught and sick with worry, particularly about Spike. On the up side, I have enquired more about where they will be, and it seems the animal holding area is very nice, staff are nice and they will be let out of crates, walked and fed before there crates are sealed again. Im very disapointed with the company we used.. dont want to say too much about them on here, but exporting animals from Ireland seems to be a whole different ball game than from the UK. I expected things to be different for the price we paid, and now I am sick with worry about such a long long journey being even longer :cry: Has anyone any experience of the holding area in Heathrow, or of sensitive staffys holding up in quarantine? I cant beleieve he lost weight in the last few days (we have been visiting very regular) he has been fine up to last few days, or so I thought.. what if he wont eat in quarantine??? I feel like such a bad dog owner :sad: he is my absolute best friend and I love him so much. Sorry to be so soppy. Steph
  4. Six dead, 12 wounded in Arizona shooting - report - Yahoo! News UK Terrible News of a multiple shooting including a Federal Judge and a Congresswoman and a poor 9 year old shot dead in Arizona Isn't it time the 'Civil Right' to own a gun is taken away? Incidents may still happen but surely the sheer numbers of deaths would decrease?
  5. Not!!! :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh: We are home! We have made a terrible mistake however, with the shippers that is, looks ,like we may be getting it just before Christmas:swoon: But apart from that, EVERYTHING is just brilliant, I feel I am blessed and living a charmed life, the house the place the school the beach the people, my rose tinted glasses havent tarnished, and at least they keep the pesky flies out of my eyes :wink: Keep the faith peeps who are waiting it truly is worth it :wubclub:
  6. Just want to wish my gorgeous triplets a very happy birthday for today. Happy birthday, Sian, Sophie and Scott. They are now fully fledged teenagers, OMG, my life is going to be hell for the next few years or so with all those raging hormones, lol. Have a great birthday and make sure all your friends have a good time at your party. Lots of love Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. Guest

    Terrible thought - unbearable

    Ohhmyyygoddddd!!!! Just had a terrible thought that we'd be suicidal if we got rejected. If we get an ok on the TRA and then put our application in what are the chances of it getting rejected? We got 125 points on self-test points system. If you are rejected how soon do you find out - couldn't bear to wait 4/5 months & then be told. I think I need to calm down a bit & stop thinking about Oz but how can I - it seems to have taken over every waking (& sleeping - having the strangest dreams!) moment. We've talked over our plans with our kids & our 7 year old football & generally sports-mad daughter can't wait however our 8 year old boy (reading, cookery & computer games) has decided he is not going - he'll move in with anyone else who will have him to avoid going! Does anyone know of a 7-10 year old who has made the move & would email my grumbler to set his mind at rest? Thx :wink: