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Found 149 results

  1. Hi all, Currently enjoying life in Aus on a TSS visa, 1 year in. Our current plans are to move back to the Uk after a couple more years, to try for a kid. I’ve toyed with the idea of applying for a 190 PR visa to keep our options open but realistically if we did go to back and have a child (not guaranteed, I know) I can’t see us returning before the travel component of the PR expires. It feels a fair chance therefore its a waste of money and effort. I had a thought regarding superannuation though: when leaving on a temporary visa I can claim back my super minus 45% tax. However this tax is already not far off the cost of applying for PR at the moment and will increase over however longer we stay in Aus. Babies and life choices aside and looking at the financials alone, I’m wondering if one reason for me to apply for PR is to lock in the super as a small investment until I retire and be able to claim it without being taxed. I would have to assume that my PR would expire before I retire and that I settle in the UK in later life. If this happened Would the super still be available via an Australian bank account and tax free? Obviously there’s other benefits to applying to PR but is there logic is this approach from the financials? thanks
  2. Hi, Sorry if there is a similar post, but I couldn't find anyone asking similar questions! I'm a radiographer in the UK, pursing a visa in Australia. I've been (loosely) offered a position as a radiographer in Australia on a TSS visa. I've been advised else where and online that ASMIRT application is essential for overseas radiographers to work in Australia, even on the TSS visa page on the Australian government website it advises you need a skills assessment via a relevant body (asmirt in this case) to be able to proceed with a visa, as well of course as AHPRA (which is a separate issue) So, a) I'm not 100% sure of what experience you need to pass ASMIRT. Ok there website it just says 2 years clinical experience but then when you email them they say 2 years minimum plain film and CT (which is the problem for me as I specialised in breast after 1 year) B) the place where I've been offered a job (obviously it's dependant on if a suitable Australian applies for the job) believes I won't need ASMIRT to work there, and it's only a preference (similar to us being in the SOR, it's not essential just preferred). It's so confusing as I'm worried my lack of plain film will reduce my chance of success in ASMIRT but also have I paid almost $1000 for something I don't need anyway?? Has anyone else had a similar experience? Thanks, laura!
  3. Information has been made available this afternoon as to the required taxable income of the sponsor of a temporary sponsored parent visa application. The amount is A$83,454.80. The taxable income will need to be confirmed by presenting the tax assessment notice for the financial year immediately preceding the year in which the application for approval as a sponsor is submitted – ie for the tax year ended 30 June 2018 if the application for approval as a sponsor is lodged before the end of June 2019. Best regards.
  4. If you're planning to move to Australia permanently and need a place to stay, here are some things you need to know before moving. Here some points of major consideration when looking for a living space when you arrive in Australia: 1) Cost of accommodation (Big City vs Small City. CBD vs Outer suburbs. Short Term Rentals vs Shared Rentals) 2) Job availability and distance from work place - Assuming you don't have a job yet you will not really know which suburb or city you may get a job in, so it would be quite difficult to decide at the onset as to which suburb you will eventually live in. Besides whilst job hunting you may prefer to live close to the CBD where most of the offices are in order to save on transport costs. 3) Support system - If you have friends or family, it is but natural that you will (at least initially) live in the vicinity of this support group. 4) Means of Travel - Big cities have excellent public transport but if you were to move to a regional city like Townsville it becomes quite challenging without a car. Which also means that you need to apply for a licence within the first few months of landing. 5) Size of family and amount of luggage - Some may arrive singly and with just a suitcase whereas others will arrive as a family and be bringing all the household goods when arriving. The biggest challenge by far when you are looking for your first rental will be that you do not have any rental history in Australia. Additionally, you may not have ample proof or residence (Australian Driver's Licence, Electricity Bill etc.) to meet the 100 point test. Here is my suggestion: MOVE INTO TEMPORARY RENTAL ACCOMMODATION In most cases when you first arrive you will have to live in some form of temporary accommodation until you figure your next move or at least until you get some kind of short term rental (Unless you are lucky to be put up with a friend or a family member). 1) Rentality (www.rentality.com.au) - a online community that provides a range of temporary accommodation for rent. The great part of this arrangement is that you deal directly with the owner, you can book immediately, the rates are more affordable than short-term rentals and properties listed go through a rigorous validation process to ensure no fraudulent properties are listed. Other similar sites are: https://www.housetrip.com/ https://www.roomorama.com/ https://www.homeaway.com.au/ https://www.vrbo.com/ https://Wimdu.com.au/ https://www.airbnb.com/ 2) Service apartments – This is the more expensive but easier option. Bookings can be made before you even arrive. When deciding on location, it is recommended that you select a place close to public transport and as close to city as possible to save on daily commuting costs to city. 3) Shared accommodation - A cheaper alternative, especially for single or couple migrants. Depending on your circumstances, you might find it easier to apply to share accommodation, rather than renting a house or apartment on your own. Check out following websites: Flatmates Flatmate Finders 4) Rooms to rent are sometimes advertised on notice boards in local shops, post offices and libraries or on the following websites: Gumtree Craiglist When looking for accommodation through Flatmates, Gumtree and Craiglist be careful of fraudulent listings. Do not ever pay upfront to the homeowner in order to secure a booking on Flatmates, Gumtree and Craiglist\. A lot of people have been cheated through this. Inspect the home first, meet the homeowner, then pay them (NEVER PAY IN CASH as there would be no evidence you paid the homeowner). If you aren't able to inspect the home, then I recommend using my recommendations in Point 1 and Point 2. LONG TERM RENTAL Once you are ready to look for a long-term rental you can check out the following top Property Websites in Australia: Realestate Domain
  5. Hello all, im planning on moving to Australia to be with my partner around early December. I haven’t applied for any visa yet however I’m unsure if it’s best to come on the working holiday visa and apply for the 801 temporary while I’m there or apply for the 801 and come on that. Has anyone apply for the 801 very early into the working holiday visa? How long would it take to process? Thanks for the help!
  6. UKFrann

    Re-entering after claiming DASP

    Hi all, I have just left Australia after doing an exchange program from my home University in the UK for one year on a Student-Working visa. I have a question regarding Superannuation (DASP). I am completely at grips with the ATO and Tax return (already claimed this for the year 2016/17) and that I am entitled to claim my Superannuation back via the DASP online system. My question (and I am unsure as to whether this is a myth or not) is whether would claiming my Superannuation for the past year affect any future chances of myself re-entering Australia with the intention of living there permanently one day on a different visa and starting to earn Superannuation again? I understand this is perhaps quite vague but my bottom-line question is if I claim back my Super now, will I be able to apply for a Working visa in the future and be able to extend this eventually to permanent residency/citizenship and start a new superannuation fund? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. I've recently returned home after my working holiday visa but would like to go back at some point. My partner is a permanent resident and I would like to live out there with him for up to 12 months. I've looked into the visitor visa but it looks like a lot of people get declined so I'm not feeling to confident about it. What visa would be best for this?
  8. http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2017/05/04/new-visa-migrant-parents-stay-australia-10-years-it-costs-20000 More news on this topic to be posted as soon as I have it! Best regards.
  9. Hi every one.I am new to this forum and was hoping for some advice.I want to join my daughter in oz and am thinking of the 173 temp. then applying for permanent once there.does any one have any experience of this?Time scale etc?
  10. Harpersgirl

    ENS 186- Which Stream????

    Can anyone tell me whether it makes much of a difference which stream is used to apply for PR on a ENS 186? We are applying via the Temporary Residence Transitional stream but wondered whether immi in all their wisdom processed one faster than another????
  11. I was granted my first stage partner visa in March, at the time i thought my worries were over because this visa has no work restrictions, and in 2 years time so long as my situation hasn't changed, i should be able to get permanent residency. I was working for a small business as a labourer/ Trade assistant and everything was going great, but that job has sadly dried up now and I have encountered the same problem as before when looking for work, I have been told that i am perfect for the job, but they don't like my visa status because i am not permanent resident, so far it has cost me 2 jobs for definite, not to mention the countless jobs which don't even let you get past the automated questions the minute you put your immi status in. Have other people had this problem!? Is this just me? I don't have a trade or any particular skills, my background is in retail but i would like to start an apprenticeship and learn a trade, but I cant see a way to do that if nobody will give you a chance until your PM is granted! Its putting a lot of stress on me and my fiance, let alone stopping us from saving for the wedding, and getting our own place and all the other things which no doubt they will want evidence of to grant the visa!! lol, end of rant. If anyone has any similar experience how did you get around this? what industry/ jobs have people managed to get employed in on 820 temporary visa!? any ideas about what to do in terms of learning a trade!? thanks for listening!
  12. Hi Every one, can you plz help me by providing the visa timeframe for Offshore (subclasses 309 and 100) visas especially from the Middle East. Thanks in Advance
  13. Can anyone help or have a suggestion? My dog is in boarding kennels in the UK where he has been for a year. I brought over my other dog and cat but poor Casper failed the Ehrlichia test and had to stay behind. I couldn't bear to have him put to sleep! Obviously its costing an absolute fortune to keep him there, the kennels are very nice and the owner is lovely, but obviously now that the UK has been downgraded for rabies, he will have to go through the whole process of injection/blood test and then the quarantine period. I would have sent for him sooner after a retest (assuming the Ehrlichia test was negative of course!), but then I was diagnosed with Stage 1 cancer and had to have a hysterectromy, which meant I couldn't work for a while. I am well now, and go back to work on Monday. I was just wondering if anyone knows of someone who could offer Casper a temporary home whilst he is undergoing the 5 month quarantine period after he has had the rabies jab and blood test. Obviously I would pay for his food and any vets fees that would be required. Family can't (won't) help out and can't understand why I spend so much money on my pets, they are just suggesting I have him put to sleep and say "you're mad!!". Well, that's their opinion, and my brother lives on a farm so plenty of room for a small dog!!! But won't take him. He is a small mixed breed terrier, 10 years old, but fit and healthy, lovely natured, playful but isn't really used to children. He's good with other small dogs, and loves lots of cuddles (which he hasn't had for quite some time - poor thing!) If there is anyone out there who could take him in for 5 months or knows of someone who could - or has any suggestions please pm me.
  14. Hi All My old Sony laptop is getting a bit "creaky" so am about buying a new one here in the UK before we fly out late November. Is there anything I need to know regarding compatibility etc before going ahead? Secondly, what is the best way to get a temporary email address in Aus before we settle down. We shall be moving around WA quite a lot. Thanks
  15. Hi guys I am moving to Sydney on 11th januarywith a 457 and I would like if you could recommend me a temporary accomodation around Newington, Strahfield, Homebush etc.. It is being difficult find apartments around that area just for 1 month until I find the permanent house, so your help will be very grateful Thanks in advance
  16. Hi mates I am arriving Sydney on January with my company, and I will be based in Lidcombe. I am looking for advice about how to look for a temporary accomodation while I found the house for living, as I cannot rent the house directly from my country. I hope to find the house soon, as I know the area in which i would like to live, so my target will be arrange from my country as much as dates with houses around the area to visit all when i arrive to O My question is what people use to do in this kind of situations, to get a temporary accomodation? Something that was not extremely expensive as I will be there as few days as possible . Thanks for your advice
  17. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has ever arranged for kids to temporarily visit a school while youdecide where to settle? We are Planning to visit SAfrica for a couple of months if we can before we go over, so I was thinking about trying to get the kids in school for a few weeks before Xmas next year (to get used to it, etc). Any views? Mrs W
  18. summerdaisy

    Temporary Parent Migration Visa

    Hi, just wondering if anyone had any info on time it takes before my visa will be granted. I have just lodged my application. My son is a resident in Brisbane and I have decided to go out there and look for work. The visa will be for 2 years and I'll just see how its going before I apply for the permanent on. Am getting conflicting reports on how long it takes before the visa is granted.
  19. Guest

    temporary visa in aus

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could help me with some information. My husband and i have been together 2 years and married for 1, he is currently on a temporary visa. We are currently in scotland visiting his family for a couple of months. The relationship is not going well and we have been discussing ending it. If we decided to have a separation or get a divorce and i was to go back to aus is his temporary visa still valid for another year or would he have to stay in scotland/ uk? Would really appreciate some help. Thanks Heaps
  20. Hi there. I'm looking for some information regarding my current visa situation. In May 2011 I was granted temporary Australian residency through a defacto partner visa. I am wanting to know whether I can live and work in the UK for extended periods over the next two years. My partner and I are absolutely committed to each other but we are both in our mid twenties and are trying to build careers for ourselves and our future together. I have struggled over the past year and a half to find the work I want in Australia and I know that in some ways my prospects are better for a good job back home where I have more contacts and prior experience. My partner is studying a Masters degree and will have to keep living in Sydney for the next year while she completes it. We've decided that we may have to live apart for a bit if it means that I can pursue my own career trajectory. When she finishes her studies then she'll either join me in the UK and seek residency there or I'll be back. Our long-term goal is for both of us to have citizenship in both countries. We're worried that there are restrictions on me living away from Oz and complications with us living apart for longer periods. Can anyone shed any light on this for me? Cheers, Andrew
  21. Hi Guys! How are you all doing? It was hailing here yesterday but I still love this country!:biggrin: However, I do have a question or two and hope that you guys are able to enlighten me. I came over here with a Student Visa. I was confirmed a place in Jan 2010 and as per IMMI, I can only apply for the student visa 3 months before the course starts. Therefore, as at 18 Feb 2010, I was still waiting to apply for a student visa. So, that means I won't be able to apply for the Skilled – Graduate (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 485) after I completed my 2 year of studies, right? Some people are telling me to apply for the 485 in Dec 2010. So, I am confused. What other options can I go for? Currently I one year of paid working experience in the arena of my study ( 20 hours per week). That means, by the time I graduate, I will have 2 years of work experience. Thanks so much! Cheers, JP
  22. Hi All, I know that two years from when you initially lodge your de facto application (for me this was off shore, in the UK in April of this year) but does anyone have an experience of how they view your time apart during that two years. I am hoping to hear about my visa by the end of this month...fingers crossed for good news as I might be jumping the gun! I returned here to apply as I had thought it was quicker and I could earn whilst we waited (my last 4 months in Australia I could only volunteer, as I had a tourist visa after my WHV to make up 12 months at the same residential address). I have been lucky enough to find work at home and it will even aid me in what I want to do in Australia, as it is a more responsible role within the trials field I was working in before. Given the experience my job is giving me (I am worried in returning to Oz on a temporary partner visa it will make it hard for me to find work) and the money I am currently able to put aside after spending my savings in Oz (I have moved back in with my parents seeing as we hope it is temporary), as well as the commitment I have to certain trials, I wouldn't go back as soon as the visa is granted. May next year (when a project closes) would actually be an ideal time to leave. Would this 13 months at different residential addresses be frowned upon when they come to review us in April 2013? He has had long service leave, so has been able to be here for 2.5 months, I am going to visit him for 2 weeks in November and then he has another 2 weeks here in February next year. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thank you :wubclub:
  23. Hi Just found out that our 6 week temporary accommodation will be in Kingsley, Goollelal drive to be precise. Can anyone advise me as to whether that is somewhere worth considering for permanent accommodation? My problem is that I want to put the kids into school as soon as we get there, but am concerned about putting them in somewhere nearby only to have to move after the 6 weeks to some other suburb and therefore having to put them in another school. What are the schools like in Kingsley? Any advice welcome.
  24. Hi....once again I am so thankful to all the people who are very generous in giving some hints and advice RE:moving to Australia....I am asking to everybody if there are cheap temporary accomodation in Sydney Suburbs...We are heading on the first week of October. Bit worried since I have a 3 month old baby so hopefully we can right away find one st start with...Need your help!!! THANKS...
  25. Hi all, My husband, baby and I are hoping to fly to Melbourne in a couple of months, I'm already worrying about flying/temp. accomm with a 4-5month old. What did people do about a cot as don't really like the portacot/travel cots as the baby seems so far down in them and for 2-3mths till furniture comes it seems too long. Did anyone just buy a new cot/mattress etc upon arrival? Also how do babies seem to cope with jet lag...am I gonna be up all night? Does anyone have any recommendations for temp accomm, about $700 pw within 30mins of CBD? Corporatekeys looks most promising so far? Many thanks!