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Found 5 results

  1. Hi! Need help URGENTLY!!! I'm an international student graduating this year July 2019. I'm looking to get the 485 TR visa, followed by the 186 employer-nominated visa. I need advice on the Australian Study Requirement. I understand the ASR requires 2 years/92 weeks of study, and I'm unclear even after several calls to the DHA. Here's my case: - The 3-year course I am doing is 156 weeks of study (based on CRICOS). - I transferred to Australia midway through, so instead of 3 years I spend 2 years here. So 2/3 years x 156 weeks = 104 weeks. - A full 2-years/104 weeks consists of 4 semesters, each semester with 4 units = 16 units (full 3 years/156 weeks would = 24 units). So 16/24 units x 156 weeks = 104 weeks. Now the thing is, I did 13 units instead of 16 units. And 13/24 units x 156 weeks = 84 weeks which is under the 92 week requirement. I would need to do 2 more units to satisfy the ASR (15/24 units x 156 weeks = 97.5 weeks). I eventually concluded with some options I'm exploring: Option 1- IF I don't fulfil the ASR and I need to do 2 more units? Is there a chance I can apply for exceptions (due to reasons below)? On one call to the DHA, I was advised to submit my visa 485 application with an agent and cite my case, and that the case officer may exempt from the ASR. Things to note: 1) I will be completing my degree July 2019. Adding 2 units would be absolutely pointless in my degree. It just doesn't seem to make much sense, costing so much time and money. Option 2- IF I don't fulfil the ASR and I need to do 2 more units? Is there a chance there is a different visa route I could take does not require the ASR? I am interning with an employer as an accountant who's looking to take me on full time and most likely sponsor my visa. On one call to the DHA, I was told about TR visa 482 (that did not require ASR) and recommended to go through visa 482 and then 186 for a ASR-free employer-nominated route. But upon reading online, it seems like visa 482 requires 2 years prior working experience (which I may need some clarification on how the visa works and if I may be eligible!) Option 3- I do the 2 units because I have no better alternatives. Perhaps I can do a professional year? At least I would gain 5 points while working to meet the ASR. Exploring study options that may be more useful or cheaper as well, such as taking 2 easy-pass units up in a low-cost registered institution. Really need some advice as DHA calls have been pretty contradicting and I'm really confused! Please let me know if there are other options I could explore.
  2. Hi Guys, I sit here in a dilema, I am a new father to an 8 month old little boy and am living in Australia working in the best jobI have ever had. My wife though wants us to break up! She has been suffering from depression somethingI have tried my best to support, so much so I feel like I have no life outside of work or home. I dont go out so I make sure she can and look after my little man so she gets a break with all my free time. My wife's depression has taken its tollon her to the point she thinks that there is no option but to split. I don't personally think it will help her but I can't stop this. Now I know that I will have to notify DIAC when push comes to shove but I just want to know what chance do I have of staying in Aus! My littleboy is my only son and a citizen of Australia and obviously I will want access to him and what i believe will satisfy the term used in all DIAC info of 'parental responsibility.' Does anyone know what my odds are of staying? the DIAC website says that my case 'may' have grounds for PR being granted anyway, being that I am on a Temp Partner Visa and we have a child we will share 'Parental Responsibility' for. I can't find anyoneout there who knows anything on this subject but surely the Aussie Gov won't take me away from my son, there has been no abuse just a breakdown. It sickens and saddens me I have to ask this but any info to calm a fathers mind would be greeted incredibly warmly. I look forward to any feedback and knowledge on this subject. Thanks
  3. Hello, I am from the Uk and my partner Australian. We have been together for 2 years whilst I was in the country on working holiday visa. We submitted our partner visa a few weeks ago onshore and I have been granted a bridging visa A! While a decision is made! I have just just found out that I am pregnant and am trying to get as much information about my rights to medical care and benefits...any help would be much appreciated. I have already had my medical examination and x-ray for the visa so there is no concern there! I have read that being pregnant makes no difference to the application and will not speed it up which is fine! I currently work full time and have done for the past 5 months and will continue to work until the baby is born! As as I am from the Uk i have a green Medicare card! In the UK there are no costs to have a baby, what is the case with that here? What would I need to pay for and what is covered by my Medicare? Also, what sort of benefits am I entitled to? It is more than likely that I will still be on a bridging visa or the temporary resident (820) visa when the baby is born. Just looking for any advice and information regarding my situation. And any pointers I should look out for Thank you in advance.
  4. Hello, My apologies if this subject or similar has already been posted but I couldn't find a relevant thread in the forum. My wife joined me in Cairns in March 2013 after she was granted a Partner Visa (subclass 309), where I currently live and work. At the moment we are in the UK, visiting my ageing mother who is now 85. Both my wife and I agree that my mum is no longer capable of caring for herself effectively and that we should try and move back to the UK to take care of her, rather than her going into an old folks home. I've been in Australia since 2003, I'm now an Aussie citizen and I do feel it's where our future lies. I'm more than happy to move back to the UK for a few years to take care of mum, but I want to be able to move back to Australia afterwards without too much fuss. We don't own property in either country so logistically it's not too difficult. If we stayed in Australia, my wife's temporary partner visa would become permanent in March 2015. My question for the forum is does anyone know what could happen if we left Australia before this date and then returned several years in the future? Would my wife's temporary visa be rescinded and we would have to complete the whole partner visa process again, before she can return to Australia? Would there be a significant benefit in waiting until my wife had Australian permanent residency before returning to the UK? This would mean staying in Australia for another 15-18 months, which might be okay as far as my mum's concerned. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and a prosperous 2014! Mart.
  5. G’day All, I thought I would share my 186 visa timeline as this site has been very helpful to me so I wanted to share with others incase it helps you ! We are a married couple from the north of England and I had been working in Australia on a 457 for 2 years when my employer agreed to sponsor me for PR and 186 Temporary Residence Stream my main reason for the request was so that I could buy a house and feel more settled here as we absolutely love it here ( Melbourne) We actually arrived in Australia on a student visa in Jan 2010 and my husband retrained with a trade which was the only way in that we could see at the time (and very quick but expensive way) after attending various Moving to Oz seminars in the UK. I was lucky to work part time for a sister company to my UK employer until they sponsored me later that year! The 186 is pretty new visa but I did my research and decided that we would apply without an agent as could not see how they would help that much as you would still need to complete the forms and provide the documents etc. I think they are only necessary if you have a complex situation and need advice or if you want a visa in a rush (although “decision ready” are not always quicker from what I have read ) My employer submitted their nomination early Dec 12 and we proceeded to apply for police checks from UK and Aus immediately but decided not to do medicals or put our application in until this was approved . On 6/6/13 the nomination was approved and I was little annoyed with ourselves for not applying in December at the same time as then I assume both nomination and approval would have been approved together. Thanks to Poms in Oz I saw a post that visa prices were about to increase significantly on 1/7/13 so we set this as our deadline to get our application done and luckily we did it a few days earlier as the immigration web site ended up down for maintenance for the last few days of the deadline which was bad timing ! We had to ring the immigration line to clarify a few grey areas and also had some issues uploading documents and with the browser in general to do our application ( firefox on a windows pc was our solution in the end ) I added the main “required” documents immediately but you are not 100% what else might be needed until you apply so I then added some of the “recommended” documents over the next month as I located them. We did not do a form 80 in the end which was the form that scared me the most (just due to the level of detail required especially as we had travelled so much in recent years) and in the end was never asked for this ! I was expecting another 6mth wait for the application and was shocked to get a call mid-September from a case officer saying she was processing our application and just needed the medicals asap rest was all fine. We booked our medicals (there is a new HAP system via the online application link to arrange medicals so no need for forms 160 and 26 which is not clear) and rang her to tell her when they were done. 1 week later (yesterday) 8/10/13 we received our 186 Grant letter which we are so happy about !! We are now 2 very very happy Poms in Oz !!!!! Next stop citizenship and not even started to look into how long until that one we just cross one bridge at a time ! Good luck everyone and hope this post helps you in some way ! Summary Nomination 6/12/12 – approved 6/6/13 exactly 6 mths Application 26/6/13 – approved 8/10/13 – just over 3 mths !