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Found 11 results

  1. Hi I'm looking to buy a 42-50" tv. I'm planning to use online TV e.g. FetchTV quite a bit. The dilemma is which brand is most suited and easy to watch online telly in Oz. Any answers would be much appreciated.
  2. Just wondering what people are watching in the UK at the moment? In OZ we do get most of the same TV but not for a long time. anything we should look out for online?
  3. rockola57

    The Telly ere!

    Cor Blimey O'Reilly!Someone tell me i'm dreaming!:cry:The TV here is generally worse than abysmal!Every time i switch it on lately i'm left contemplating suicide as a viable option!:swoon:Some of the curap they have on here,like 'Everybody loves Raymond','Bewitched',I Dream of Genie''Gilligans Island'Two and a half men etc defo saps your will to live!:yes:Then yer get to work and all they go on about is Fawlty Towers and Vicar of Dibley!Gawd give us strength!:shocked:I've lent out DVDS to some Aussie mates of stuff like Saxondale,Harry Enfield,Lead Ballon and Alan Partridge n Extras etc,but they dont seem to get it, it's like floggin a dead horse!:goofy:Anyway,thank the lord n hallelujah i can still get me fix of UK humour via the Net!Grouch over!:wink:
  4. Hiya,i was wondering how i can get a whole load of youtube vids of my choice onto a hard drive and link it to my relatively new telly?It has got a USB port,and HDMI(whatever that is)I got realplayer which pops up in RH corner of youtube vid as its playing,saying it'll download clip,then when thats done itll convert clip to PC or Mac.Anyway,what's the best way to do this,so i can bang like 10 or so vids on the tv with ease?Thanks.:confused::unsure:
  5. just wondering is it possible to take your telly over or is there a different set up there thanks tonyl
  6. Guest

    Quick put your telly on!

    I know i'm a saddo but if you're in the uk, 60 minute makeover is on at the mo and the people who are having their house done up were also on wanted down under in the last series. Free holiday and house makeover, happy days! Who said i couldn't multi-task, telly, pio and doing the ironing x
  7. Guest

    important telly stuff

    You know i posted that my telly didnt work, well i have had the engineeer round today and he has fixed it, wheeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy telly back on, problem was the switch on the wall we never bothered to check but it was turned off at the wall, he flcked it down and hey presto a picture, so just a little bit off advice from me that may save you loads of $$$ is dont panic too soon or wait 3 weeks for the tv engineer just double check the wall switches. PS Brammie you being a carpet fitter could of advised me better.
  8. okay.. getting very excited.. only 4 weeks till we fly back to brisbane for good! hurray! can't wait! used to live there but have been over in Ireland for the last 4 years and haven't been back since so will be a big thing to go back. this time i've two kiddies coming back with me.. and my babies will miss their cbebbies. badly.. just questions.. any pomz out there recommend a partiuclar cable company? I guess it depends where you live to what service you get.. but i'm keen to get the kind you can record your shows like sky+ sort of thing. we used to use foxtel when i was there last.. but it's been so long. and like i said we're hoping the kids can still watch they fav shows there that they watch here.. any recommendations.. i'm looking around for a good package plan i think. also.. i read somewhere.. that you can only watch itv.com corrie webcasts etc.. if you have a remote service ip.. or something.. i googled it a bit and apprently you can download them or something.. anybody done this so they can watch corrie? or do you end up just watching uktv corrie which is about 2 years old (my mum and dad watch that over there so each time I speak to them I'm like 'oh veria died' and they are like 'omg!!! shut up!!!'.. )so figure we'll be watching repeats of everything corrie (emerdale you don't get there do you), eastenders was very old when we last loived there.. about 4 years behind I think.. we got some shock when we moved over.. everbody had aged in our eyes!!! also our fav cable shows.. dh loves battlestar gallactica.. but is worried he won't see the new show all the way through here (it's just started).. i like project catwalk US and Heroes, Lost etc.. not sure if they are behind on these or running parrell.. any thoughts?
  9. Guest

    Can I take my beloved telly

    Hi to everyone . This our first of many threads we reckon , we ve got plenty of questions !!:wacko:lol. We have just decided to apply to go to oz and have just signed up an agent so its still all at the front of our minds what to do when to do etc etc My first thought as a typical bloke is what about my beloved 50" plasma not the fact that we ve got to find work or schools or a house come to think of it lol. ive read on a few threads that you cant take tvs and videos, coz of frequency issues. can somebody shed anymore light on the subject. There is lots more to ask but ill start with the important things:spinny: Thanks Paul (33), Kerry (32), Demi (12), Bradley (10) Agent Appointed 28/04/08
  10. Hi All For anyone who hasn't seen the series/the trailer for tonite's prog, a guy is going round the world at 23.5 degs South - ie on the Tropic of Capricorn. Which runs through the middle of Oz. Roughly Broome to Brisbane-ish, I think. From the trailer, he's walked across the Outback pushing one of those white paint carts they use to mark out football pitches etc. 8pm, BBC 2 for anyone who might be interested. Cheers Gill
  11. Bladder

    Crap telly!

    We moved to Queensland 5 months ago, its beuatifull here etc, but the telly is abysmal. I know theres tons of stuff to do, but sometimes its good to unwind watching tv (kids too). My question is whether anyone knows how to get sky tv over here or is that not possible? I know about foxtel and Austar, but I wondered if (albeit with a large satelite dish) there is any chance of getting sky. Anyone......?