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Found 31 results

  1. Adjutant

    Do UK TV's work in Oz?

    We have 3 TV's all digital with inbuilt Freeview, but will these work in Australia ? I'm not a tachnical person but I dont know if the different power supply, frequencies for transmission etc are compatable. For any one has moved would you recommend taking TV's with us, or sell and buy new ones.
  2. beniland

    Film or TV Jobs

    Hi. I'm moving over to Australia for a year in October from the UK. I currently work in the Film industry, but would like to carry this work over in Aus. I'm wondering if anyone has any good site-links, or contacts that would be looking for an experienced 1st or 2nd Assistant Director? Thanks in advance. Ben
  3. Hi I'm looking to buy a 42-50" tv. I'm planning to use online TV e.g. FetchTV quite a bit. The dilemma is which brand is most suited and easy to watch online telly in Oz. Any answers would be much appreciated.
  4. Hi After 3 brilliant years we are heading back to the UK to have our first child :-) This means we have 2 cars, TV, masses of cutlery & crockery, a weber BBQ and a shed load of camping gear to sell. Would suit a couple who have just arrived in Aus. all for sale either together or separately. One car is a 1997 Mitsubishi Mirage, dented but mechanically sound with only 105,000km -$2000 ono The other is my beautiful 1993 Mk1 VWW Golf Cabriolet (I'll miss this one) -$2500 ono We are based in Sydney. All is good quality & in good condition. ​Please pm email me for more information about any of the things listed
  5. Sorry to be a bore on this subject BUT............as title says.........Can we get anything like stream TV etc so that we can watch Strictly Come Dancing OR Dancing On Ice? I don't watch much TV at all but these are the only programmes that I may be missing in the grand scheme of things! To be honest TV is not top of my "to do" list whilst in OZ but would be nice once in a while! Any suggestions much appreciated! Oh! AND I missed the rest of "I'd Do Anything"...............Can you tell I like Musical Theatre and Dancing:yes:
  6. milliem

    Your favourite TV adverts

    Starlight was talking about liking the new Aldi ad and it got me thinking about all the oldies / classics Someone sent me this today and I thought it was pretty good. Anyone else got any favourite tv ads ?
  7. Freckleface

    Guilty Pleasures

    I am trapped at home this week while tradesman do some work on the house and have found myself watching the Bold and Beautiful on TV each afternoon. I can feel my brain cells dying as I watch it and yet every afternoon at 4:30pm I sneak upstairs where nobody will see me and pop it on. What’s your guilty pleasure?
  8. I don't know if this has been posted before but thought I would mention it as there seems to be a lot of posts on this and other forums about why we can't watch UK telly here in OZ well I won't get too techie on the matter it all has to do with licenses and television rights so unless you pay for a VPN, Hide your i.p. service or a member of the box etc..It just can't be done for free and it costs money in the long run. You do not need to be technically minded to set this up and can be watching your favourite programmes in under 5 minutes, you will not need to set up a UK proxie server and all the software you need is 100% virus free and best of all legal. Now the downside it will only work for ITV 1,2,3 and 4 so you can catch up with yesterday's Corrie, Emmerdale or Britains Got Talent (well some Talent). But if you are looking for a hack for the BBC iplayer or Channel 4 then sorry this is not for you, but I am working on it. I have used this method for well over 6 months and it works like a dream on my computer and thought maybe it is time to share it with all fellow PIO members. I wont clog up this post on how to do it, you can get all the info from my website, you will find all the links needed to get the software and a handy step by step guide on how to set it all up. If you follow my instructions correctly it will work for you and all your ITV programmes will then be free if you are having problems then use the conact us link on my website and I'l try to help you further, Enjoy... Tim, If you feel this is helpful in anyway you may want to add a sticky to it for future PIO's perhaps ?
  9. Returning to UK next year, will our flat screen TV's work there or should we buy new when we get back?
  10. We are packing up our goods to ship to oz. Wondering if we should take our LCD tele, just buy one out there. Any thoughts, would uk tv work in oz ?
  11. The Pom Queen

    Television Invention..

    Good or Bad. TV is becoming a part of every family. For some, television has many benefits and some people claim that more and more bad things are happening to the world because of TV others say children are turning in to zombies glued to the screen 24 hours a day. I have to admit I spend all day looking at screens, computer, phone, iPad and then TV.
  12. NATMAN

    Television storage unit

    I have a large television/storage unit for sale that doesn't fit in our new rental property so it must go. It's in dark wood and you can either store a tv (around 32 inches within the cabinet) or any size on top. Amble additional storage for dvds, music etc also. Currently in Melrose Park, Sydney collection is a must as its a fairly large and heavy piece of furniture. Photos available on requested and open to sensible offers. Please private message me
  13. Guest

    TV's How Do You Convert Them?

    Hi, I have heard that you can get something to convert UK TV's to work in Oz as they work on a different system. Will they definitely not work if you just change the plug? If you need a converter, what do they cost? We are leaving our big TV here in the UK but are considering taking our two 19 inch flatscreens, is it worth it? Gayle
  14. Guest

    Ex Pats Wanted

    Hello everyone; My name is Peter Beard; I'm a documentary Producer in the UK. I'm working on a new documentary series about Ex Pats living in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area. I've put some info below. We're going to be over filming for a couple of months early next year, and I'd love speak to as many Brits living in the Brisbane area as possible. I look forward to hearing what you have to stay.... Century Films are looking for British Ex Pats, living in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area, to be involved in a new documentary series for ITV (UK). We’re interested in talking to everyone and anyone who has moved to Australia from the UK. Whether you’re a Ten Pound Pom who has spent most of your life in Australia or someone who is about to embark on a new life; if you’ve got a story to tell we want to hear it. What is life really like as a Brit on the other side of the world? Have your dreams come true or has your move to Australia not turned out as planned? What challenges have you faced in pursuing a new life away from the UK? Are you making the big move soon and are you excited/nervous? What’s it like leaving loved ones behind? Have you found your dream job? We’d love to hear what you have to say so please pm me Many thanks Pete
  15. The Pom Queen

    Sofa, 2 cubes and Tv plus TV Unit $300

    Does anyone want a sofa, 2 cubes, TV and TV unit for $300? A designer top quality Warwick Fabric Sofa (2.5 seater) with two matching cubes. A lovely sofa that will fit in to any decor. Cost $1900 The TV is 21" The TV Unit cost $350 it's a corner one black with glass doors Kate
  16. Hi, I am working on the television show Relocation: Phil Down Under presented by Phil Spencer (of the UK Channel 4 show Location Location Location) which helps British ex pats find houses to buy in Australia after relocating. We are urgently looking for people wanting to buy property in the Sunshine Coast/Brisbane area to feature in the show. In order to feature on the programme, you have to be British (or one member of a couple must be British), ready to buy now (i.e. mortgage in place or finances ready) and free to film asap. We are coming out to Australia next week from the UK so are keen to find someone as soon as possible. If anyone is interested,please contact me at emily.henderson@iwcmedia.co.uk Thanks!
  17. Hello all I am a Producer Director working on the second series of ‘Phil Down Under’ for Channel 4. The series focuses on British families who are moving from the UK and starting a new life in Australia and features Phil Spencer from Location Location Location. We are currently looking for people to take part in the series and I wondered if there is anyone on here who might like to have a chat about the possibility of getting involed? We are searching for people from the UK who have secured or are in the process of securing a job in Australia and are now looking to purchase their first home. We are also searching for ‘success stories’ – people who may have moved out from the UK in the past few years and are now making a great success of their lives out in Australia. Any people who are interested can either reply to this thread or apply at http://www.meontv.co.uk/PhilDownUnder Best wishes Siobhan
  18. Guest

    will my television work in the UK

    I hav to got back to the UK in a couple of months due to visa problems, I have Samsung LA32B450C4D HDTV not sure if it's multisystem and having trouble finding out online and off Samsung, does anyone know if this model works ok in the UK cheers
  19. Hi, My name is Lara and I work for the BBC. I am currently researching for a series called 'Wanted Down Under', which is broadcast on BBC1. I just thought I would write a thread to see if anyone was interested in getting involved. I am looking for some quite specific groups of people to have a chat to about their move to Adelaide, Australia. I am looking for Welsh families that have come here to start a new life. I am also looking for a British self-employed wall and floor tiler that has started their own business here in Adelaide. I would love to hear from anyone from these areas or who might know of someone as I have described. With thanks and hope to hear from you soon, Lara Bickerton Adelaide Fixer BBC - Wanted Down Under
  20. beastmaster2452

    Itv television

    G-Day Everyone, Can anyone tell me if they know how to watch ITV on the internet here in Australia, the only reason I ask is that Southampton FC are playing Portsmouth FC on Sat 13 Feb 10 and being a Saints Fan I can't miss this for the world, if I was rich I would be booking flight back to the UK for 24 hours just to watch this game? Any advice would be appreciated. Regards Matt :spinny: SAINTS FAN FOREVER
  21. Guest

    television channels

    G'day, just practicing for April. Quick one for you. Can anyone shed any light on tv channels. At the mo' I have SKY but I don't know if that is available in Aus. If not, what are the alternatives. Basically as long as I don't get Eastenders and Coronation Street I am happy. Wife might not be but hey ho. Just want to watch a bit of footie. Thanks for your help. :err:
  22. Guest

    Satalite Television

    Hi everyone Just sitting here and going through all the things I need to sort out before husband and I move permanently over to WA when it suddenly hit me. Id forgoten to find out about satalite TV. So can anyone tell me what company and how I go about getting SKY TV or equivalent. How much a month is it etc. Can husband get Sky Sports News or equivalent. Pls help..:unsure:
  23. Guest

    LG Television No Colour!

    Hi Everyone I have just had Austar installed.The television we bought in Australia works fine but our year old LG LCD HD TV which we brought with us from the UK gets a picture and sound but no colour. any suggestions please? Hezza
  24. Are you a couple looking to emigrate from the UK to Australia in the next few months? Or have you already moved to Australia and looking to buy your dream home? Are you available and in a position to buy your new Australian home in January/February 2009? Would you like the help of a dedicated team of professionals to find the house of your dreams in Oz? Phil Down Under is a new property show for Channel 4 in the UK. Location Location Location’s Phil Spencer is searching for British couples looking to set up home “Down Under”! We’ll do the hard work and find you the best properties your money can buy. It's easy to Apply: Visit www.meontv.co.uk/phildownunder and fill out the application form. Email any questions to Martin or Lorraine at phildownunder@iwcmedia.co.uk or call 0141 353 8495 / 0141 353 8424
  25. Hi Guys:spinny: We have just received confirmation that our 457 Visa has been granted, although I have heard some negative things in regard to the 457 but we are still going to take a huge risk and head off to oz. Does anybody know if our television will work it is a phillips 42" HD ready I would be pretty upset if I have to sell it as it is not very old. I have to say this is a great site everyone is always soo helpful!!!