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Found 48 results

  1. Hi there Can you help? I am living in Perth in WA. I am trying to explain to my Father in England how to dial Australia cheaply as I know there are some cheap pre-dialing numbers/prefix numbers to keep call costs down. Trouble is some of these pre-dialing prefixes listed on the internet don't seem to work anymore. He has been dialing me from a BT phone line and it is outrageously expensive. As my father is in his eighties he is slightly confused. Can anyone offer any advice on dialing Australia from England with these pre-fix numbers. Has anyone used a prefix dialing code so that it tried and tested and works? All your help is appreciated. Sulac :yes:
  2. Hi all I have a telephone interview for a clinical nurse post within Adult Community Mental Health..Gold Coast on Tuesday evening. I have to admit I am a bit nervous because I do tend to talk even more rubbish than normal when I am on the phone:wacko: I have been looking on the forum for ideas but haven't seen anything specific for mental health. Does anyone have any ideas on what sort of questions to expect? Thanks Pam xx
  3. Guest

    Telephone Interviews

    Greetings One & All, I've been very busy of late so haven't been online much recently, But I thought I'd let you know how things are progressing for Thorn & Myself. We submitted my Visa Application on the 13th Sept inc police checks & form 80. money taken next day, then assigned CO, who is PS, he hasn't requested a medical yet, but has asked for a Telephone interview which is booked in about two weeks time. Has anyone else had a telephone interview we were wondering what to expect ?
  4. Hello, I put my PMV application in on the 15th Dec 2010, obviously I still have a long way to go in terms of it being processed. But I just wanted to ask what is the telephone interview like? If anyone has had one of these could you tell me what questions etc you got asked? Thanks.
  5. Guest

    Telephone socket!!

    may sound stupiddddddd :embarrassed: BUT... are the telephone sockets the same in Oz? I know the electric plugs are differant but what about the phone jack socket?:goofy:
  6. Hi, This is my first time posting on here so I'm hoping it actually works! My family and I are currently in the early stages of doing the 'big move!' I am a senior paediatric nurse in an Emergency Department in the South of England and am hoping to continue in this career path in OZ. Our first choice to settle was Queensland, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast areas. I have sent my CV and cover letter to several children's hospitals including Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to see whether I would even get any interest! So far I have heard back from Sydney and have been offered a telephone interview!!! I am really unsure as to what they might ask me, apparently I will be speaking to 3 nurse managers throughout the hospital including the ED manager! Any suggestions on how I can best prepare for this would be very much appreciated! I have never had a telephone interview before and am really not looking forward to it!! I'm also unsure whether to accept a job offer (if I actually get offered one!) because I have always had my heart set on Queensland, due to being cheaper cost of living, climate, beaches etc. Im also hoping for a sponsorship from the hospital and I know we will have to pay education fees for our 5 year old if we go to NSW!! I have heard rumours that Queensland has put a bit of a freeze on overseas recruitment and especially on sponsorships??? Decisions, decsisions!! Any advice would be very much appreciated!! Thanks x
  7. redditchcouple

    uk-aus telephone connection

    hi, does anyone know if the connections in oz are a standard bt connection like here,or can we buy an adaptor to fit?? cheers
  8. Hi, does anyone have the telephone number for Diac Parramatta office that you can call from the UK? I can only find a number that you can call from within Oz
  9. Guest

    Telephone & Broadband

    Who do you use? Thinking of changing to Optus with their new deal. We are with Westnet at the moment and paying $69 for 10gb internet and phone. Optus about the same 120gb plus phone with $30 calls. Looking for advice. Susan
  10. I wonder if anyone can give me any pointers regarding an upcoming telephone interview. I am a Mental Health Nurse with 16 years experience and I responded to a Gov. Advert in a Nursing Journal in England. I've been contacted and asked for my availability regarding a telephone interview which will be '15 minutes long, with no preperation needed'. I was after some tips on questions I should be asking, and what sort of questions to expect to be asked? (& if anyone wants to pretend to be me so my Liverpudlian accent doesn't put them off that would be great too :-) Cheers for any help guys.
  11. Hi we are looking to apply for a Skilled migration Visa. Does anyone know whether Aerial/Satelitte,Cable TV,Broadband and telephone installer is classed as a Telecommunications Technician in Australia? What is the best way to get a Visa? We don't have any savings until we sell our house. Many thanks, one very confused Pom :wacko:
  12. Glad if these posts are helping a few planning on returning to the UK.:-) When we returned 18 months ago and got set up with gas, electric and telephone, I couldn't understand why we were being bombarded with telephone calls asking us to switch providers. Hadn't realised these services had been privatised. Anyway, this was a good thing because it's spawned a lot more healthy competition between providers resulting in a better deal for the consumer. My husband is an electrician so he knows the usage of anything with a heating element. He listened to all the companies offering deals then negotiated a really good deal with British Gas for our electricity. Both day and night rate were offered on a set price per unit and beat all the other companies. When the contract expired after 12 months, they gave us 100.00 to stay with them at the same rate. The telesales people are annoying but you can barter to get the best rates on all your utility providers. It's all about your bottom line so currently in the UK, we've found that if you shop around, especially for the half price night rate on electricity, you can keep your bills quite low.
  13. Guest

    telephone no Aus house

    Hi everyone! i've seen on a couple of threads the tel no for Australia house but not taken note of it, if there is anyone who could let me know it would be appreciated. We do however have an agent so not sure if they will give us any info, or is there a way round this? We are one of the many August applicants still hanging around in the land of limbo and getting fed up with the lack of progress with our application holding on to the off chance that maybe with have a case officer and just dont know it yet! Anyway heres hoping! Jo:goofy:
  14. Guest

    UK telephone

    Has anyone taken their UK land line telephone with them and does it work?:chatterbox:
  15. We got an email this morning from Allamanda Hospital on the Gold Coast asking when Lisa was available for an interview for a Nurse position. We will email them back tonight with a time for the end of the week so we have plenty of time to research the hospital. Can anyone give any pointers as to what to research and what questions to expect please? JOHN
  16. Hi everyone has anyone had a telephone interview Brisbane hospital are going to ring me this week and Im wondering what they will ask any tips would be appreciated Lorraine:wideeyed:
  17. emmaroo

    Spouse Visa Telephone Interview

    We have been asked to have a tel interview for spouse visa:err: Just wondering if anyone can tell us what sort of questions they will ask? A bit stressed as we thought that after being together for 8 years we would of had enough evidence to show we are genuine! Any help appreciated Emma x
  18. Hi I know there is a 3-4 month wait at the moment, but I have a quick question. When you applied for your de-facto partner visa, how long did it take from applying for your visa to having your telephone invterview with your C/O Thanks for your help Becs Defacto application posted 31/03, front loaded with meds & police check, Acknowledgment email rec'd 07/04, further info supplied 09/04, now its just a waiting game
  19. Hi all, I think the title says it all.....anyone got any good Telephone and Internet providers to use? At home we had the bog standard BT line rental with Sky Broadband, 10MB speed and unlimited download for about £20pcm. Anyone know if there is a company that offers a similar package or better for about the same price in Brisbane/Queensland? I can't help but see that the packages i've seen so far have had data restrictions and are actually rather expensive. Thanks Stephen
  20. For a lot of the services you might need when you come back to the UK, various companies have 0845 and 0870 numbers which charge by the minute and cost an arm and a leg to call. Whereas, if you have a landline telephone service like, say, the one offered by Virgin Media, you can talk to a geographic number for an hour before you get charged by the minute. Likewise if you are calling from a mobile, which costs even more than from a landline to call 0845/0870 numbers. There is a great website here, called saynoto0870.com. You type in the 0845/0870 number and it gives you back one or more geographical numbers you can call instead. For example: HSBC telephone banking 01226 261 010 (instead of 0845 740 4404) 0845 740 4404 HMRC tax credits helpine 01355 359007 (instead of 0845 3003900)
  21. I have several years experience as a telecomms engineer for BT Openreach and im currently studying towards a BSc (Hons) Business management and organisation. Can I access graduate schemes in Australia when I pass my degree or will I be better staying with the comms work also is there many comms jobs out there? Cheers Michael.
  22. Great news for both my wife Jane and myself Tony. We have both got a telephone job interview next week. I have a telephone job interview for a Mental Health/Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Manager post at Royal Adelaide Hospital - Glenside Campus. Which from my own research seems an amazing hospital setting. It provides a modern mental health and substance abuse treatment services on the site. This includes a 129-bed hospital costing more than $100 million, 40 supported accommodation places and 15 intermediate care beds. In addition state-of-the-art health facilities will be integrated with new public open spaces, a cultural precinct in the heritage buildings, and residential, retail and commercial areas. I am so excited and really really want this job. Any advice which will help me gain this position will greatfully received. Interview next week at 11.30pm UK time. Jane my wife as gained a telephone job interview for an Oncology Healthcare Assistant with the Calvary Wakefield Hospital/Calvary North Adelaide Hospital. Calvary Wakefield Hospital is a private Catholic hospital in Adelaide providing acute care with inpatient and outpatients facilities. It also provides dental care and plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients. Now then the awkward bit, if either or both of us gain these job/s I assume we will have to emigrate a lot earlier than we had planned. We were planning to emigrate once our house is sold (if it ever does) or at the latest April 2010. Another worry is that we do not have enough saving as of yet to actually pay for our 5 flights and transfer our furniture over and we have only got $5000AUD in our NAB Account in Adelaide. But hopefully we can gain Accommodation on Arrival, which will help us. Today sometime I am going to make some enquiries about changing my mortgage to a buy to let mortgage or interest free only mortgage just in case I have to rent my home instead. So readers any advice about these telephone interviews, the hospitals in question, buy to let mortgages/interest only mortgage or even finding the money from somewhere so we can initally pay for our flights over and transfer of our furniture. The cost of flights and furniture is about £8000. (THATS IF WE GET THE JOB/S) !!!
  23. Im totally rubbish with things like this. Can anyone recommend which provider is better without breaking the bank. I need phone and internet setting up. we're in melbourne. Some connection company were trying to talk to me about it the other day, but im not signing up to anything over the phone have just been onto a few website but all are asking for my fone number to see if they serve that area...................thats no good to me, ive got no phone:huh: oh help please:wacko:
  24. I am trying to telephone the above dept from the UK but number I have is saying out of service - 1300 364 613 - does anyone know the correct number please ??
  25. have a phone interview on thursday , can one help me with some advice ?