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Found 13 results

  1. I am 49, have experience in military avionics systems, telecommunications network management, IT support, renewables - G83 (residential) and G59 (larger systems) testing trained and 17th ed. electrical qualified. I am looking to continue in one of these fields. My wife is older and is a Social Work assistant and involved in PAMS assessments, Play Therapy and Triple P (an Aussie invention I believe) and experience in Autism. We have family (citizens & residents) in Sydney and Brisbane and have been looking to move to Australia to be nearer family. We have visited several times over many years and are looking for a permanent move, preferably to Sydney but anywhere would be considered. Past communications with various agencies appeared to indicate that I would not gain sufficient points required for a Skilled visa and have been looking for business sponsorship. I understand this may be difficult but based on my CV have been offered visa sponsorship from a visa agent on the understanding I require a suitable employment. Does anybody now how best to progress this as companies still appear to want residency or visas, or would it be possible to get regional sponsorship?
  2. Hi Guys , I'm going to do one of the Package Deals being provided by Milcom in order to get an AQF111. I'm a telecoms technician (11 years) and hoping to get work on the NBN rollout when I get to Australia early 2012. The course includes the Open Registration and 6 core units of Certificate 111. Has anybody done a ' Fibre to the home ' or ' Fibre Optical Networks ' course with Milcom and are now working on the NBN rollout ? Can you apply directly to a company like ' Servicestream ' and be given a van / tools etc.. or do you need to set yourself up as an independant contractor and supply your own van / tools. Any advice on securing work in this field after completing one of these courses would be greatly appreciated. Cheers David
  3. britsabroad

    The road to Sydney

    Hi everyone, Looking to move to Sydney as soon as possible. 2 daughters already resident there and a brother in Brisbane (12 years). Visited Australia many times of recent and a seasoned globe-trotter. My background and experience is in telecoms network management, IT, avionics (ex-military). I have recently trained in mobile telecoms. I am hoping to get a job in australia related to the NBN or mobile LTE upgrade or GSM-R. My wife has a background in junior education, social services and child therapy. Looking for any advice or tips on sponsorship (myself, wife or both) or applying for a visa.
  4. whitewash

    going it alone with telecoms

    Hi folks , I'm consulting with a migration agent at the moment and my application is going to be under the 176 State Sponsorship path . We discussed the options of SS and what I'm hearing is WA is doing pretty well economically speaking and could be a good contender for work prospects . I work in telecoms - anyone know the score in WA for this type of work ..is there much going on ? Reading the boards and looking at every thread where Perth / WA pops up I'm all over them trying to suss the place out . From what I can make out WA seems like a lovely place to be with the laidback lifestyle, weather and great for kids etc .. but me I don't have kids and it's going to be just me taking the plunge . From what I can see most people live family lives out in the suburbs , being from the city I'm kind of worried I might get there and go stir crazy alone in suburbia . I guess my question is - is there a SS location that might suit a single guy better than WA before I sign on the dotted line ? ..anyone who has been in a similar situation or has any advice / input I'd really appreciate it . Thanks Dan
  5. Guest


    Hello everyone I was in oz a couple of years ago on a working holiday visa and to my regret ever since I didnt make an effort when I was there to stay long term! I've been back a couple of times since and cant believe I left!!! Anyway, I have been working as a Linesworker for BT for the last 7 months and am BT accredited in this and in frames work. I have looked on immi and seen that I need 2 years experience, as well an AQF certificate. or 3 years experience I would rather get the the AQF so that I can get over quicker but also be more likely to get in, so my question is, where in the uk can I get an AQF or its equivelent? I've been searching all afternoon but not found anything uk related. To any telecoms people in oz, is there a lot of lines work out there? Thanks everyone :-)
  6. Just starting on the long process to our new life. Need to apply to get my skills assessed as a Telecommunications Technician and just wondering if their is anyone else doing/done the forms etc yet. I am now a PABX maintenance engineer but started with an apprenticeship with the MoD 24 years ago ! At least 90% of my work history will be by personal statements as companies have gone under, unable to find someone to sign, don't want to alert my current employer etc., so any acceptable statements I could "adjust" would be great. Want to get it right first time with the July deadline looming, hope to get TRA, and SS wrapped up by June and then the visa app in ! OMG......:wacko: Thanks in advance !
  7. Guest

    Telecoms Engineer

    Hi All, i'm new to the site & am looking for some info about working in Aus. I am thinking of emigrating & will be visiting Sydney (central coast) in a few weeks time, staying with my brother who has his citizenship, having a look round to see if we could make a go of it. I currently work for BT, & I am trained in maintaining, installing & repairing fibre optic/copper networks aswell as exchange equipment. I haven't completed a formal apprenticeship in telecoms (but do have city & guilds in electronics), but have 20 years experience & have complete all my appropriate training with BT & other companoes to enable me to perform my job. Will this be enough to pass the TRA assesment or do you have to have completed an apprenticeship? Does anyone know, & do you know of any jobs going? thanks Chub.
  8. :biggrin:Anyone out there applied as a Telecoms Engineer / Field Service Technician??? Looking for some advice on how to start process and where to find out if this is a recognised trade. How easy is it to find employment in this trade? As much help and advice required - thanks!!! :smile:
  9. Hi, Just arrived in Brisbane and starting to look for a job in telecoms - installations of voice and data cable and well of servicing telecoms equipment. Worked for Virgin Media back home and hoping to get a job doing similar. Finding it hard to get interviews as when ringing am being told they are wanting people with austalian experience! Anyone else found this and do you have any advice? Thanks Gareth
  10. I've been having a look for potential employers over there and only one I can find are Telstra. Are they the only national telecomms company over there? I thought all the western world had deregulated this years ago so there was competition in every country, like here and the US? Does anyone know of other companies I could look into for Voice engineers jobs in the Perth/WA area?
  11. Guest


    HI Hoping to be Auzz side by mid next year Getting a bit jumpy at the lack of jobs relating to Telecommunications :mask: I have 20+ years experience in Telecoms from BT linesman to large system and key system maintenance But not getting much help from the agency's but am hoping because i am so far out from getting my feet on Auzzie soli they are not interested Guess i am lucky mywife is a nurse who they acnt get enough of Has anyone else had the same issues or are in the same industry thanks Stu and Annie
  12. HELP PLEASE ,i am a fibre optic telecoms jointer trying to find what work may be available around brisbain area,i also do copper jointing on the railway and motorway,but just cant seem to find any jobs for telecoms jointers.so please can anybody point me in the right direction,cant wait to find work and move out there for a better way of life for me,my wife and kids,thanks for whatever advice you can give me,nick and family.:arghh:
  13. Guest


    anyone out there who caould tell me about jobs in the telecom industry within sydney, either telstra or bt global???