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Found 27 results

  1. hey, Im a teenage girl from the uk, hoping to move to australia in a couple years time. I'm quite worried about missing friends and family in the uk. I'm also excited about living a new life and experience a complete different way to life! But thing is, my parents are divorced and my step dad is originally from australia and wanting to move back with my mum and my two younger sisters. I havent actually told my dad yet, but im delaying it because i feel that i will have pressure put on me and i dont want to be put in that situation. I know that he could visit me and i could visit him, but i know money is tight and it wont be easy. I'm close to family in britain and will miss them millions! i just need advise from anyone who has ever been in this situation or could give me advise and ideas on what i should do. Also I would like to know from teenagers on what i will expect and is there much too do, and whats it like there. Is it easy to make friends because i know when moving it can be difficult, and whats education like because i would be in college when i move? I really would like to hear back... Laura
  2. Hi all, We are planning a move from Melbourne to Perth but need to be sure that there is enough to keep the kids entertained and that there are lots of children of a similar age around. Wheres the best suburbs to live with 14 and 16 year olds who play soccer and love being able to walk round to see their friends and close to schools. Thanks Elaine
  3. Hi guys From Scotland originally but been living in Abu Dhabi for the last two years. Husband and I are flying to Sydney in July to have a look around before we make the decision of job move to Sydney. One of my concerns is my teenage kids who are 13 an 16. They both attend private school here in Abu Dhabi and my daughter is currently sitting her GCSE exams, if we remain here she will go into sixth form in September to begin A Levels and I am not sure how easy the transistion will be for her if we make the move to Oz and what they will offer (A levels or similar). The office location for my husband would be the Ingleburn area SW of Sydney so if anyone can offer any advice positive or negative we would love to hear from you. Sharon
  4. Guest

    Teenage kids

    We have kids with following ages: 17, 14, 8 and 6. 3 boys and the youngest a girl. I would love to meet up with a family who has teenagers in similar situation as ourselves. We moved over from Ireland to Sydney a year ago. The two youngest have slotted in just fine, but the teenage boys, although enjoy the whole experience here, are taking a bit longer to settle in. It would be great to meet a family in a similar situation:jimlad:
  5. hey, when I move to Australia I will be 16 and I was wondering from people whO have already moved, if they could answer me some question:) What's it like and is it easy to meet friends What are the colleges like there? How is life there improved? Also I would love to chat to people, and I'm willing to chat! Laura
  6. Im a teenage girl moving to australia, when i move i will be 16. I basically want to hear from anyone who had moved and i want to know what it is like and how a average teenager will get on. I understand that education will be difficult but i would like any advice, Thankyou...Laura:)
  7. Guest

    hard time settling

    Hi everyone, my name is Jess. I moved to Adelaide about 6 years ago from a small community in Wales. I was 13 when my family moved (19 now), they had to drag me kicking and screaming! It was such a huge change for me, the culture is very different here compared to where I came from. It took around 1-2 years for our family to settle. but after 6 years of living here it still doesn't feel right. The move made me an incredibly shy person, at first mostly because I had a strong welsh accent and people couldn't understand me. My family life may have settled but my social life sure didn't. I've drifted around groups of friends and can't seem to find people I really click with. It was really hard to leave my close friends in Wales, the people I grew up with and went through school with. I've found friends through school but not like the close bff kinda friendships I had back in Wales. I still feel like that shy foreign girl at the back of the class. Sometimes I think about going home, but I know it wouldn't be the same anymore. Has anyone else had a hard time settling?
  8. Guest

    Teenage entrepreneur

    I think I like this lad..............at least he's trying to support his hobby :laugh: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Photos-my-fish-tank-sent-via-email-/120753829275?pt=AU_Photographic_Images&hash=item1c1d7d359b
  9. I've got 2 teenagers, my daughter who is 16 has just finished her GCSE's and about to start college doing psychology and health and social care, and my son is 13 and just started year 9. It'll be next summer I think before we get out visa, and I'm concerned about their transition into the Oz school system. Can anyone advise me on the difference between the Engilsh and Oz education system please. My son is very bright and far enough away from his GCSE's so I think he'll be OK. My daughter though will have finished her 1st year of college by the time me move, and I'm concerned she may not want to re-do any school years and might want to move back to the UK, spoilling all our fun...:sad: Has anyone got any advice, or been in a similar position? Thanks in advance.
  10. pretty much looking for some fellow pommy friends around brisbane area, I'm 17, just graduated from high school, likes going out, parties, beach, meeting new people... Bla bla, usual girly stuff. I rarely go on here so feel free to add me on facebook for a chit chat: Daisy-Mae Sansom Thanks xx
  11. Guest

    Teenage Troubles

    Hi all Been in Perth now for 5 weeks and my teenage trouble has just begun. My son is 16 (17 in 2 wks) and the 'I hate it here', nothing to do etc etc has just kicked in. We are in Shoalwater, Rockingham. Can anyone advise if there are any basketball clubs, soccer or anything else on offer I can get him involved in to get him out meeting peeps his own age. He has applied to go to Tafe but that doesn't start till feb and he has been told it is unlikely he will get accepted as he has not done year 12. He doesn't like the idea of going back to school, but again even if he does that won't be till Feb. He has tried to get a little p/t job but to no avail. I'm runnig out of ideas. Both me & OH start work next week and i'm worried he is gonna end up even worse than he is now!! Any help/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Ann
  12. Hi folks we have been in Brisbane for 7 months and have settled in on the whole very well. We have 3 teenage children though and my oldest son who is seventeen is struggling a bit for mates. Hes working in the week but is a bit lost on the weekends and needs a bit of teenage spiritual guidance. You know what i mean. Us over forties cannot help with. What do we now about life. So if there are any other families with same sort of issues would love to hear from you as we might be able to cure a common problem. Hes a typical 17 yr into sport music and learning to drive. We are currently living in Murarrie right by the train station :rolleyes:. Many thanks for any help.
  13. Any parens with older kids wanting to meet up for a beer on the southwest side of brissy?
  14. Hi there, have been in Berwick now for 11 weeks. Its been okay apart from the weather. There me 40, OH 39 and daughter Hollie 18, 19 in Dec and Brogan shes 14. I would like to know if there are any families here with teenage kids who want to be friends. My 14 year old finding it hard to settle here, she needs good friends. Hates it here and hates school. She is at Kambraya College year 8. My 18 year old finds it hard too and is talking about going home in Dec/Jan, she said if she had friends close by she might stay but shes finding it hard to settle too. Im not working at moment but looking for work and hope to meet more people when i find a job. But if anyone wants to meet up just PM me. Gillian:wubclub:
  15. Hi I've read a number of the threads about teenagers and their foibles. We are fairly early down the road to migration, and due to age it has to be on ENS or 457. Our extended family is not very close so our move may not have a great impact on them. However it's the children who are the problem. Our 18 yr old daughter is going to uni in September and doesn't want to come. As she's effectively leaving home we don't have much issue with that, and she's even starting to try to be less dependent on us for the basics such as cooking and cleaning. Our son is 15 and although 2 years ago he was more than happy about a move, is now refusing point blank to consider it, saying we must wait until he's 18. Normally we wouldn't consider a move for him at this stage in his education, but although he is very bright and capable of excellent grades, he doesn't see the point of school, and the school has done very little to dispel this. He also doesn't want to leave his friends behind. The opportunities for migration will become less as we get older, so to wait another 3 years to meet his "demands" is unreasonable. However are they just demands based on teenage uncertainty or is it really a bad move? His nature is such that he seems to be popular in lots of things he takes part in, so I have no worries about his making friends, but since the education system in the UK seems to have failed him, is the Australian system really that much worse? There are lots of things done or not done in life that we regret, but I don't want to resent any of them. I'd appreciate any opinions. Thanks Pete
  16. We have just got back from our activation trip to Perth to find out my 17yr old son's 16yr old girlfriend is pregnant. Has anyone been in this position - did you still go and leave your child/grandchild?
  17. Guest

    The teenage question

    The million dollar question for the kids and after much research will turn to PIO as i don't think I am getting very far. Schools - particularly secondary schools for my 14 year old. We are looking to settle in areas such as Berwick, Cranbourne and surrounding. We have no real plan as yet so will consider any nice area. Anyone found a great school for their teenages, what was the enrolment process like. Any horror stories? Primary school experience will also be great for my 7 year old. Advice will be received with great enthusiasm. :wacko: - beginning to loose my marbles ....... umm where did i put them down!!
  18. We have just relocated from melbourne to sunshine coast 3 weeks ago. My problem is I have a unhappy 13 year old boy who goes to mountain creek school and finding it hard to make friends. Is there anyone out there with teenage kids? Please help.
  19. Hi, Fairly new to POI but have already picked up loads of tips thank you all. I have just submitted my folio for the above after getting state sponsorship through Jan 09 for Adelaide. Anyone else applied for this type of visa? I would love to know where you are up to as carn't see many applying for this type? Also if you have any experience/ideas about how to convince a 16 year old daughter that there are other teenagers in Australia????!!!!! Any one with experiences of emigrating with that age group would be great. (taking the family for April for a good look around so I hope this may help a little?!) Thanks again, Liz
  20. Guest

    teenage daughter

    My daughter just turned 13 in November so I am, trying to work out when is the best time to move from the UK regardin her education. She is set to start Year 9 (first year of high school) in September 09. So I thought that it would be better for her to do her GCSEs in the UK then go to University in Australia. But after reading some previous threads it seems that this my not be the best way to do it. She will take her GSCEs in Year 10 and 11. So I assumed she could do her A-levels or whatever the Australian equivalent was and then apply to an Australian Uni. What would be the best way which will cause the least disruption to her education. Any advice very grateful.
  21. Guest

    Teenage Trouble

    Hi My oh and I are at present looking at the 457 sponsored route not sure if we can go permanent route though agents are looking into it. I have 2 children 13 girl 11 boy .My problem is the 13 year old doesn't want to go to Australia and says she will go live with her grandma. I worry that I am being selfish to her by taking her away from her friends, messing up her education and just generally ruining her life. Both my children are very sporty and make friends easily so really shouldn't have a problem making new friends. We would like to go to Queensland should we be looking for work around Brisbane area rather than regional Queensland so more for kids to do or is there plenty wherever you are??? I just wondered if any of you have had similar problems with your children ? How you are/got around the problem and for people already there how the kids are finding life down under?? Mel P.S.This is a fabulous web site have I found out so much information and I am totally addicted(forget the cooking/cleaning etc).
  22. Can anyone let me know if my son who will be 18 yrs on arrival in Oz, will he be able to go to university. He will have completed his A levels, od does he have to re -enter schooling to qualifiy. Does anyone know if there are costs involved and how much? Any information would be apprciatted. Tracey
  23. Guest

    teenage tears and tantrums!!!

    hi all! decided to tell our daughter who is 12 nearly 13 about our plans yesterday before we told other members of the family. we havent actually started the process yet but are looking to in a few days time. Her reaction was how i expected...TEARS AND TANTRUMS!!! she didnt want to leave her friends who shes known since nursery, didnt want to be a "billy no mates" at school in oz, adamant she wouldnt make new friends & didnt want to either! I know this is how you would expect a teenager to act but has anybody had the same problem with their children and if you,ve made the move to oz recently how are your children finding it now i would love to know just to reassure her a bit... :smile: I HOPE!!
  24. I am feeling low as i miss my daughters 17 and 19yrs old.I begged them to come with me but they did not want to leave friends and family.So i had to make the big decision and come without them.They live with thier father and they are very happy but it still hurts like hell to think i am so far away from them now.I came here with my oh and our 5yr old son,and i have to keep telling myself we have done the right thing for our son,and that maybe in years to come one of my daughters may decide she wants a life down under,and me being here will make that easier for her to do. Some of you may be reading this and think i must be a horrible mum for the choice i made,and sometimes i punish myself and really get down about the whole bloody thing.But i must remember thier ages and think what i was like at thier ages,and i know that my parents were at the bottom of my list for things to do. If i was to go back for feeling guilty,i know i would only see them once every couple of weeks,and then that would be because i had reminded them i was still alive,they would not have the easy option to come over here,and our son would not have this great lifestyle that Australia can give him.It makes me feel sad:sad:and i was wondering if anyone else has had to make this hard choice.
  25. Guest

    GCSE's - teenage dilemma

    Hi, Our son is currently doing his GCSE's and we are not sure whether he should stay and finish until he is 16, he is currently 14 and a half or whether he would actually benefit from the Australian system. Due to the educational year starting differently, we would be looking to settle about a year from now (meaning 6 months before he would complete GCSE finals), so he would actually re-start Year 11. Any ideas/views/experiences shared would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :shock: