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Found 13 results

  1. Emily-Jane


    Hi, my name is Emily-Jane and I'm 16 years old, 17 in December. My family and I are seriously considering moving into Brisbane in January; we have visas sorted. I have a great life here in the UK and would be leaving so much behind but I also understand that living out in Australia will create amazing opportunities for me. I was wondering if there was anyone that I can talk to around my age that is also in the same situation as me, or has already moved over and has any advice they could share with me. I would really appreciate it because talking to someone would definitely help and maybe allow me to see other perspectives or learn more about what it's like to be a teenager living in Australia. Thank you! xx
  2. Hi I'm supposed to be moving to Melboune at the end of this year. I've never been to Australia before and I'm currently in the UK and I'm not looking forward to leaving my friends and family behind and the whole idea of it just scares me even though i am excited at the same time. Obviously I'm upset that I have to move at this time because I've just left secondary school and am supposed to be attending college in September with my friends so I'm sad to be missing out on that. It would be great if there's people my age who are going through/been through a similar thing and could give me some advice ? Also, it would be great if someone could tell me about melbourne and if it's actually any good? I'm really into art and I've heard melbourne is good for that? Thanks
  3. Hello, i am 17 and moving to Australia in June. I am currently in Year 12 in the UK but i am finding it hard to find out information about if Australia has colleges or not and if not if they have anything similar? Any advice and information would be hugely appreciated thanks!
  4. Hi All My 18 year old son has decided he would like to visit Australia on a working holiday visa. He is planning to go around next June(2012) when his course has finished (he will be 19 by then) We understand he needs to show he has sufficient funds to support himself, which he has. But we dont really know much else. How much would the 12 month visa cost? How long does it take to get a visa? Does he find a job before he gets there? What are his chances of staying for longer that 12 months? Does anyone know the best way to go about this and any useful website addresses? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you Julie (Liverpool UK) :biggrin:
  5. Hi All Our family of 5 are hoping to move to Melbourne this year (when I have registered with the nurses board which is proving to be a documentary nightmare but that's for another thread!) - all looking forward to it apart from my 13year old daughter who thinks life begins and ends in Manchester with her mates etc! Anyone had a similar experience and any ideas as to how i can coax her round to the idea? She is into horse riding and ju jitsu so taking that angle at the moment but would be good to know of any new ways of making the move a bit more bearable!! Hoping you can help me out before I have to lay the law down ie. staying in the UK is not an option! Grateful for any advice.........
  6. Guest

    worried teen

    Hi, My 13yr daughter was nagging us for several months that she wanted us to up sticks and move to Oz.We had been looking into this already but not told the kids.Once we had researed and made our decision to move we told them what we were planing.At this point she was really excited and was shocked that her little brother was nervous and unsure about things.Now we are much closer to fingers crossed getting the visa through,she has had a change of heart and now wants to stay. I have tried to open the conversation with her to talk about her fears but she just clams up.She normaly talks to me about everything and i hate seeing her this way.I know theres probably others on here who have had issues with teens and hoped we may get some much needed advise on this thread. Thanks.:confused:
  7. Guest

    visa apilication for teen

    hay im danny im 18 im looking to move to melboure where my mum, brother, sisster and step dad already live but i did'nt do to well in school and i have no higher education training i have found a few ways to get there but im really looking for the fastest as i want to move as soon as i can. my mum is willing to sponser me and i have spent time in australia what i was woundering is dose anyone know of a way for me to move ot there with out having to spend more time at collage? or if i do spend time at collage do i have to have bben in a work placment for a set amount of time befor i can put that qualification on my visa aplication. also could i get a student visa and study a skill / ocupation out there then when the visa is up and i have my qualifacation i could apply for a permanent visa with that qualification? edit: can i apply for a work visa and then go for residency, would that work? edit: also can ayone exsplain this to me- (working holiday visa (subclass 417)) There are other visa options for remaining temporarily or permanently in Australia at the end of your working holiday. However, your eligibility depends on your circumstances and intentions. any information or help would be greatly appreciated. thx. =)
  8. I will finish my GCSEs this June. Me and my family will move to North Sydney, areas around Chatswood. IF you are the same age group, I would like to hear from you.:laugh:
  9. Guest

    How do I tell my 12-year-old?

    I have to inform my 12-year-old tomorrow that we are migrating to Oz - her med is on Friday. I'm dreading telling her because she has always been adamant she does NOT want to move anywhere, and I think she'll go ballistic. I believe there are more opportunities for her in Oz, that she will make new friends and develop new interests, but she will likely only see what she stands to lose, and be crazy at me for wanting to take those things away. Has anyone else got any tips for persuading teens that Oz will be a change for the better? Any suggestions welcome!!! :unsure:
  10. Guest

    Teen nights

    hi guys i am 16 and moving to oz on the 8th of december:goofy: an looking to move around brisbane. I was just wondering if Australia does teen nights in cubs as we do here. Thanks for your time Luke
  11. Guest

    Help!!!!!!! Teen in Melbourne

    Hey everyone. Need help advice and just to tell someone about my story realy, am posting on all forums xx My OH and son left the uk two weeks ago for Melbourne, I have stayed behind to sell/rent the house. Son was well up for the move, OH is on 457 visa. They are in temp accomadation right now but have secured rental in Doncaster East. We assumed son could continue the bricklaying training he has done in uk in oz, I am trying to help sort this out from uk but realy wish I had looked into it before we left, I now feel we have done things completely wrong and made a huge mistake. Son is miserable, oh out at work all day and he doesnt know anyone, he needs to get out and get work asap. Any brickies/builders on here?? anyone with advice re apprenticeships or with teens in Melbourne? I have never felt so bad, and am doing my best to get there asap and have forgotten selling the house and will rent it out asap. xxx
  12. Guest

    teen in trubl

    how xactly duz the education work ova there wot subjects do u have how many do u do n wot r the skl hours plz help!!!