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Found 8 results

  1. Guest

    With tears in my eyes

    PIO friends,,,,,,,with tears in my eyes i have just opened the e-mail from DIAC........... :eek::laugh::wub:WE GOT OUR VISA TODAY Thank you to all pio family for keeping me sane,,,even on days I felt like it was not going to happen,,,,,,truely a gift from GOD cos ITS RAINING ON THIS SUMMER MORNING IN DURBAN.:wubclub: I am now a pessimist turned optimist and all those waiting for visa grants,,,,,,,your day is coming.:hug::hug::hug:
  2. Guest

    Close To Tears Through Anger.

    OK, here I go again, another rant. I am so bloody angry that I am about to put my foot through the TV, SERIOUSLY, and lose my composure. Naomi Campell is once again splashed all across the news. I KNOW it is a fairly important story, the money and grief made from blood diamonds is truly gob smacking. I wouldn't even mind as much but there was little talk of the actual issue itself, more what was she wearing, how composed was she, why was she late for the hearing, they all skirted around the issue to some degree. And lets be honest, if it wasn't for some foul mouthed, spoilt brat of a super model few of us would have ever heard the term, 'Blood Diamonds'. I know I say this time and time again, BUT. The media in this country purport to tell us the news. Well, if thats the case let us see the poor barsteward policeman who returned to the scene of the crime when he was shot my Roal Moat, happened today. Or the latest attack soldiers have had to deal with today yet again in Afghanistan. Or even the funeral that took place of a young serviceman that had his brains blown out in yet another conflict. Oh sorry, yes it did get a mention on the news, FIFTH most important story apparently.:arghh: I am so bloody angry with the way the media purport to tell us what is important. I'm sorry, but a 'celebrity' super model is so far down my list of priorities that it beggars belief. Jesus, come on, lets get real. I can no longer put my thoughts down on paper, (makes a change) as I am SO ANGRY. I am nearly in bloody tears at the pure frustration that it makes me feel. I GIVE UP. No sorry, no I don't. One day the people of this country will be made aware of the REAL issues of our time. I promise you they will. That is if the media reckon it is important enough. Cheers Tony:arghh::arghh:
  3. VISA GRANT TODAY My Wife is in tears and I have'nt even hit her YET (Joke) Plus its my Sons birthday today, his next will be in Australia. Cant believe it, at last. TT
  4. Hi all, thought I would submit a post to celebrate me being back online. We've been without internet access thanks to Virgin's rubbish signal and Telstra taking 3 weeks to deliver a modem......we're getting used to this relaxed attitude to ALL things over here!! Anyway, as we're almost 4 months in to our life in Oz, I thought I'd give you a little update. We originally came over on a 457 visa, very excited and nervous about our new life Down Under. Things went well for my hubby, he loves his job and both the boys enjoy their schools. However, things haven't run as smoothly for me. We had a hire care and used that whilst waiting for our house to sell in the UK. Hubby used it for work and as it was paid for by my hubby's company, I wasn't on the insurance. The upshot being I couldn't drive over here and relied on hubby. We were watching the pennies and living from day to day so couldn't really afford much public transport. I felt like I was under house arrest. I dreaded hubby going to work and taking the car, and without our stuff in the house there was very little to do but clean lol. I cried every day, and lost my confidence and missed the things I was used to. When I was back in the UK, I used to read posts from people who struggled to settle in and used to think "but you've got beautiful weather and beaches on your doorstop, I wouldn't be upset"......but how wrong a person can be! The only person I told about this was my hubby, I wasn't able to get to mett ups and so Had no real friends of my own. I felt isolated! However the past month has seen a huge turn around of events. Our house sold, releasing capital to us, which meant we could both buy a car.......yes, I can get out now, and seemingly do everyday! Our possessions arrived and now I have familiar things around me again and I also have a job in a school, which I start in Feb. I'm starting to build up my confidence and independence again and I feel happy when I wake up and wonder what the day holds for me. I'm looking forward to any future meets that may take place and now I've got my car I don't have to rely on hubby so much. People told me it takes some people longer to settle than others, and I guess that was me. I feel much happier now and I don't cry half as much. I do still cry......I mean I am a bit of basketcase anyway.......but I'm no longer thinking about buying shares in Kleenex. Anyway, I wanted to wish all on PIO a very Merry Christmas whichever country you will be spending it in. Thanks to all who have offered me advice in the past and I look forward to meeting up with the Perth contingency at some point in the New Year. Janette x
  5. Guest

    Soooooo many tears already

    Have just broken the news to parents about completion on house and when we hope to fly ;lots of tears on both ends of the phone. Can't believe it already bawling and we've got about 4 weeks till we go. Already agreed no goodbyes at airport Don't think anyone believed we would actually go through with it and i include myself in that at times :cry::cry:
  6. Guest

    teenage tears and tantrums!!!

    hi all! decided to tell our daughter who is 12 nearly 13 about our plans yesterday before we told other members of the family. we havent actually started the process yet but are looking to in a few days time. Her reaction was how i expected...TEARS AND TANTRUMS!!! she didnt want to leave her friends who shes known since nursery, didnt want to be a "billy no mates" at school in oz, adamant she wouldnt make new friends & didnt want to either! I know this is how you would expect a teenager to act but has anybody had the same problem with their children and if you,ve made the move to oz recently how are your children finding it now i would love to know just to reassure her a bit... :smile: I HOPE!!
  7. Guest

    Too many tears

    I have read other post's on here about how family and friends get up set and I have been dreading the weeks leading up to us going. The weekend was horrendous emotional, my little boy and me in floods of tears and we haven't even got on the plane yet. My dad and I are extremely close and I am worried about him being on his own, he is coming out to visit at some point, but it doesn't make it any easier. Not only this but he is selling his home which he has lived in for 65yrs, such a BIG wrench and I really feel for him. So to say tensions are high at the moment is an understatement. And to top it all my OH's mum is throwing us a leaving party. I can't cope now I'm going to a quivering wreck by the time I get on that bloody plane, I'm not being ungrateful but a nice family meal out would have been great. We move out of our house 27 July so the shippers are in on the 24 July. Then we are staying with relatives until we go on the 12th August. I have tried to put a brave face on it all but it does catch up in the end. My mum and sister have been fab and they can't wait to come out and see us, which I am pleased about. Don't get me wrong we understood that this move would be upsetting for us and our families/friends we haven't done it to be mean, we want a better life for our children and us and we are going to give Perth a dam good try because it's no good moaning when you've missed your opportunity. Sorry for rambling on but I do feel a bit better, a problem shared is a problem halved. Bye for now. (don't worry i'm not coming back with a second installment) karen x :wubclub:
  8. I have not had a good day today, last day at work so that was hard, but also discovered what true friends I have, the ones I thought were close friends have been distance since telling them our news, I have today heard so many sad excuses for not making our farewell party I have spend the day crying. Sorry to moan when we have a real adventure ahead, but emotions running wild, just needed someone's shoulder to cry on. Mo