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Found 50 results

  1. Hi all, I just moved to Oz, specifically Wollongong, 2 weeks ago. As I'm now in a minority group (pom) I feel far more obliged to support our team in Brazil. If there any brits in Wollongong who would like to watch the game in town this coming Sunday morning, please let me know as I'm eager to get out and cheer our team on. Cheers, Alex
  2. I'm emmigrating to Sydney in two months time and want to know if there are any five a side teams or sunday league teams I can join - doesn't have to be proper competitive just something to do whilst I'm out there by myself for the first few months!!
  3. LOOKING FOR SOCIAL WORK OPPORTUNITIES IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA - CONTACT REED TODAY. REED are a specialist Social Work recruitment agency. We are working in partnership to recruit UK Social Workers into sponsored positions in regional South Australia. Our client is offering high salaries and relocation for the right candidates. Great (and rare) opportunity to gain employment Downunder and to experience the Aussie lifestyle. If you have Child Protection experience, a Social Work qualification and are available to relocate within the next 6 months contact Rachel at REED today - rachel[dot]perkins[at]reedglobal[dot]com
  4. The Pom Queen

    Team Iluminate

    Just watching this with the kids they are very good. [YOUTUBE]XRwX9oCaE9Q[/YOUTUBE]
  5. Hi all, I have just had my 457 visa approved and will be moving over to Sydney (for my second stint there) in Jan/Feb - I would love to join a football team and play in some sort of league. I wondered if anyone knew of any decent teams (or not so decent - I'm not Wayne Rooney) somewhere in the North shore - I will be living in Lane Cove/Chatswood. Cheers Lee
  6. Hey everybody, I just moved to Melbourne last week and am on the lookout for a football (soccer) team or league that I can join. I'm 21, from Scotland and living in the Bentleigh East area. Any help would be much appreciated, even if its just a kickabout down the park just to meet new people and so my legs don't get rusty :wink:
  7. Hi Guys, I am looking to get back playing 5 a side football; played for a few years at uni in the UK but havent kicked a ball since coming here 6 months ago - definately missing it!! I live in Clarkson so looking to join a team at the joondalup arena; available to play any night of the week. I would say i am average/good player, lacking in the match fitness at the moment but a few games and i should be back to fitness. Dont really mind what division your playing in but would prefer not to join a team who is getting thrashed every week!! So if your in need of an extra player, who can play every week then give me a buzz. Cheers Nick
  8. Hi all I have recently moved to Perth near Leederville and wish to find out if there are any soccer leagues up and running which I could join to keep up my game? Any info would be much appreciated. Kind regards Richard
  9. Guest

    case officer from team 6

    hi does any one know about him? how long after allocation he wants work place check &medical? cheers
  10. Hi all, OK, so I have searched the forums for the last couple of months for some information, but I haven't been able to find anything relating to my query. Any advice would be appreciated. I am a Prince's Trust Team Leader and my partner s an Educational SUpport Worker (we work with unemployed challenging 16-25 yr olds). Does anyone know if there is a need for people who work in our profession in Australia (specifically Brisbane). We are at the start of the emigration process after only just discussing it. I am sure its where i want to be, but he wants to find out more about jobs etc before making a commitment. Can anyone shed any light on working with post 16 year olds out in Oz? We run a personal development programme in the UK called the TEAM Programme. (for anyone wishing to offer their expertiese more info can be found on the Prince's Trust website by searching TEAM Programme). Many thanks to all. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your adventures over the last few months. Hope ours is just as exciting. xxx :biggrin:
  11. Best team in the world :notworthy: My aussie husband is not a happy man......:laugh:
  12. Guest

    Anyone got CO from team 8?

    Hi there, Sorry if this post was double, I couldn't find any so open up a new one. I got CO from team 8 asked for further documents last Monday. I replied back to clarify something and got reposne after 8 hrs. On Wednesday I've submitted the required doco but haven't heard back since then (except the automatic confirm that my email has been received). Is there anyone had CO from team 8 ? Just wanted to know how long it takes normally from the document request to the final decision. Why my online Document checklist still "Require" although I already have CO contacted regarding my case. Thanks heaps.
  13. Just wondering if someone else has CO from team 7. It would be great to know how fast your application is being processed. Have someone got visa recently from team 7 and how quick it was? Thanks for sharing :jiggy:
  14. I am looking for a Weekend Call Centre Team Leader based in Frenchs Forest on Sydneys Northern Beaches. To view the job spec / details please visit our website Integrated Technology Services - integratedtechnologyjobs,integratedtechnologycareers, New South Wales
  15. Elliott-Family

    choosing your footy team

    Being a non oz how and why did you choose your footy team? We're a divided house at the min and have been since we arrived. :wacko: Back in the UK it was easy, Derby County, The Mighty Rams all the way!!:jiggy: I'm leaning toward the saints being a local(ish) team to were we live, the boy is a hawks fan....don't ask me why and the mrs varies depending on the kit colours!!:arghh:
  16. Hi hope someone can shed any light on this. We were allocated a case officer on 22 March 2011. Received an email from a lady from Team 4, asking us to submit police checks and medicals. I scanned and emailed a change of circumstances form because i had renewed my passport and sent new copy of passport to them. I also emailed to let them know that we had sent our police checks off on the 28 march and that we have our medicals in manchester on 15 april. but have had no reply from them. wanted to know if the time scales for our medicals and police checks were okay but am still none the wiser. dont know what to do. has anyone else had this problem thanks nicola :eek:
  17. Guest

    Anyone with CO from Team 2

    Can't help but stressed out, getting impatient ....... :-( Is there any one with CO ( B. K. ) from Team 2? How is the progress going for you?
  18. Guest

    team 2 & 4

    Hi we got a co today and we are team 4.. can anyone tell me the difference in what team you are in i.e team 4 or team 2?? cheers,,,
  19. Looking forward to our new home.. we see that the Adelaide Now website is asking for votes for the name of the new T20 franchise team for the city. The new competition from next year is going to have teams from cities not states. We are definitely going to be there at the matches.. erm visa permitting. Brisbane and Sydney have already chosen their names.. Vote for your choice of the best name at Big Bash branding | Adelaide Now Adelaide Now readers also chose the nickname for Adelaide Utd (The Reds). Choices are: Adelaide Fire Saints Fever Razors Angels Mavericks Strikers Sparks Slammers Chargers Rush Blitz Pulse Let's put some PIO input into the name of the team we'll all be supporting....:v_SPIN:
  20. Hello. I am an occupational therapist working in mental health in the UK. I have been lucky enough to obtain a job working in the community in Launceston. We are in the process of tying up things here in the Uk in preparation for the big move. I know it is subjective, but can anyone give me a their view on any of the following: Living in or near Launceston (good/not so good areas to live). We currently live in a 200 year old property in a small village, 10 mins from a larger town and 45 mins from a city. Also does anyone have any views on working in mental health or working as an OT in Launceston or Tasmania? I have visited Tassie in 2010 for a week and loved it. We spent an afternoon in Launceston and stayed few days at Beauty Point. Thanks everyone :wink:
  21. Hi, Just as the title says really, does anyone know if theres a visa available for guys who work on the road or are construction team leaders? i've had a quick scan and it seems to be there are visas for people more involved with the design and planning? Cheers :-)
  22. Guest

    England Cricket team.

    My first post on this good looking forum. I lived in Brisbane with my parents from 14 to 24, I am a refrigiation engineer and trying my luck back in London. Ohhh the pain of not being able to rib my aussie workmates about how easy the England team is finding this aussie team is killing me, after years of ribbing the recent win over them and what looks like a good England team at last is buzzin me :biggrin: Bet you English lad out there are enjoying the ashes up to now.
  23. Guest

    Cat 2 CO assigned. team 4

    Hi all, One half of me is very excited that I got a case officer assigned today but the other isn't. I am an Octo 2009 Vic SMP applicant. These are the info and documents have being requested from me. Payslips and bank statements for exactly 4 years from the day I appliied for this Visa which is 10/10/2009. The problem is tha I left work and United Kingdom for coming to Oz 8 months before the date i applied. Although I had more than 4 years experience at the time my application was made but I don't know why they asked for 4 years experience from the lodging date. Also how can i get bank statements from the Uk banks while l'm here? Is there anyway I can cantact my CO and talk to him perhapes explain this to him that I am on holiday in OZ since Feb 2009. Please help is needed Urgently cause i only got 28 days! Your helps would be appreciated. Leed
  24. 15 Apr 2010: Decided to apply for SA- Embarked on preparation of required docs and conducting research on SA 21 Apr 2010: Was informed that my skills assessment letter is ready 23 Apr 2010: SA announced that they will accept applications until 15 May 2010 only so send your applications as soon as possible 24 Apr 2010: I Desperately Sent a request to EA and asked them to send my assessment letter to me by courier and spent 120$ for courier 24 Apr 2010: Asked my Father ( in my homeland) to provide bank statement including translation and attestation. Spent 100$ for bank statement and 150$ for courier. Let alone how I disturbed my Father to send the dosc on time 06 May 2010: Received bank statements and immediately sent all docs to SA and spent 150$ for courier 07 May 2010: SA announced that 176 Visa is suspended and my application will not be processed until further notice( my docs were on the way to SA!) 07 May 2010 to 07 Jul 2010: checked SA website everyday hoping for good news. 07 Jul 2010: SA sent me an email asking to express my interest in SA SMP. Immediately I responded expressing my interest. 11 August 2010: SA stated that some certain occupations are in priority and applications with occupation in high demand will be processed. I did not received any email stating that my application will be processed further 12 August 2010: I sent them an inquiry about status of my application and found out that my application will not be processed 13 August 2010: I was fed up with SA and prepared my dosc for QLD and sent my application to QLD (thanks god!) 30 August 2010: I found out that my application with QLD has been approved :jiggy: and I lodged my application immediately. 01 Sep 2010: SA sent me an email stating that my application with SA has been approved !!!!:eek::wacko::no: 02 Sep 2010 : I responded their email with a bigNO to their offer :no::no::no: This is how I suffered with SA. Now I love Queensland because of their straight forward immigration team contrary to what I observed from SA. Regards:hug:
  25. Hi All, Just joined this site today - Im looking to join a Brisbane 5 a side team that plays midweek, nothing serious or super competitive, just after a bit of a laugh and meet some new faces. I used to play a bit in the UK but have struggled finding anything over here and I really miss my footy! If you belong to a team and need a player, please let me know! Thanks John.