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Found 27 results

  1. Hi there, We've been here a few years and met some amazing people through this fantastic site before, but over time people have left to go back to the UK or circumstances have changed. I would love to meet some new people for chats over tea/coffee and cake or wine, go to the movies, hang out in a park or at the beach etc. Whether you are new here or been here a while, then please get in touch! I live in Lane Cove but happy to meet wherever is convenient. Thanks for reading this far! Sarah
  2. TheOptimist

    Yorkshire Tea, anyone???

    I love it. I would like to know if anyone knows if its available to buy down under. My OH is also keen to know this and he is on standby in Melbourne, so any Melbournites who have seen it, please let me know where! As it says on the tin: 'makes a lovely cup of tea'. What more can you want from t'good brew? Mmm. :laugh: Cheers!
  3. The credit for this one goes to Playghirl who's put the idea into my mind. The intention is you can have a polite chit chat while enjoying pictures of tea and biscuits... :biggrin: the internet equivalent to a tea party (NOT the political kind, thank you very much), and hopefully somebody will post recipes for yummylicious biscuits... keep in mind though, I don't drink tea/coffee so if you are inviting me I'll be scarfing down biscuits at a devastating rate... you've been warned :biggrin:
  4. pablo

    Dinner or tea!

    So your sitting down for something to eat at say...6 pm,is it your dinner or tea? If its your dinner that means when you ate about 1pm that was "lunch" to you?! Well wtf is lunch? "when" was it invented? in school we had "dinner ladies" who served you yer "dinner",not "lunch ladies" ffs! Point of reference re time...if yer say to someone i'l see yer at "dinner time" it meant "midday",not "evening",i think lunch is an invention that shouldnt be allowed,consign it to the folly basket say i:policeman: Or is it a regional thing,called different things in different places?? answers(if any) should be accompanied with your place of birth,this is a scientific study:wubclub:
  5. bensdad

    Tea Chests To Perth

    Just got what I thought was a good quote 4 tea chest dimensions 51cm x 40cm x 60cm collected and delivered £185 all in max kg per box 30. Not bad considering our airline wanted £40 per kg excess. So with the extra allowance for migrant travel I think my wife will be a happy bunny! PSS was the company we have used. Counting down the days!
  6. That's right, a thread about tea vs coffee. A bit like cats and dogs. For the record, I'm a tea (and cats) person. I love tea (and cats, obviously). I drink about 5-10 cups a day of hot, STRONG, sweet (1.5 generous spoons sugar) NORMAL (none of the Earl Grey Lapsang Su-bollo@#$ for me thanks) tea, NOT too milky. I don't trust anyone with making me a decent cuppa tea, except my wife, and me. Anyone else is just too risky. In fact, I'd rather have my appendix removed by a hoodie on community service than trust a stranger to make me tea. Which begs the question, am I a tea ponce, or just a bit of a nutter? Are you a coffee ponce, or a tea ponce, or both, or neither....? Yeah I know it's not exactly an intellectual debate but......
  7. Hi Just Wondered has Anyone Ever Shipped Chocolate ,Curry Sauce Or Tea Bags As All The Above Don't Taste Great in Oz And We Irish Love Our Tea!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin:
  8. pablo


    Just sitting here drinking me 4th pint of tea and thinking is there anything better than it?!(besides whiskey) I have mine the uncouth way:embarrassed:,pintpot,two teabags, which are left in btw:policeman::laugh:,very strong with one sugar,water to be proper boiling,poured on the teabags and not stirred for a minute or so,THEN stir them,enuf milk to get it just warm enuf to drink,just ordinary teabags,none of this chinese green tea garbage for me,you can if yer want tho:wubclub:
  9. We are looking to ship about 6 tea cartons of belongings (mainly the kids toys and books) when we migrate in February. I have found a few names that people have used in the past but was wondering who people have used recently. Also have tried to get a quote from Seven Seas but can't get any further then the first page - has anyone one else had this problem? Many thanks for any thoughts :wink: Est
  10. rinkerdink

    Tea chests and the cost?

    Hi, We have pretty much decided that most of our furniture is not good enough to bother with a container, we have basically had our life on hold for the past 3-4 years waiting for the visa so have only bought furniture from places like Ikea. We do have the kids toy's and games consoles to take and I have a some tools that I'll definitely be bringing. So in short we need smaller transportation options so we can start weigh it up and be brutal with our planned shipping if necessary. Has anybody else come to the same conclusion and if so how did you go about it? Cheers
  11. Guest

    tea or coffee

    I was tea then went all coffee ,now back in the uk i am all tea again .Do you think it may have been all the sun that made me a coffee drinker . Mm cant beat a nice cupper .
  12. Guest

    The 'Tea Totalers' Thread.

    As a tea totaler I often think we are a breed that is left on then more 'peripheral' of this modern day age. I used to drink, :embarrassed: until I began having a liquid breakfast, lunch and dinner, even with a sneaky 'elevenses' as well.:shocked::policeman:. So now I drink copious amounts of tea, gallons of the stuff a day, and when I say gallons I reckon I have around 20 to 30 cups a day. All well and good until I go to bed and I am like a screaming banshee trying to get to sleep due to caffeine overdose. At the moment I am drinking Twinnings English breakfast tea, (posh ain't I). But have had my moments with PG, Yorkshire, Red Label, Typhoo, and inurmable others, but have to say I have yet to find my favourite. The day they do a specialist tea with the essence of Jack Daniel's I will be a very happy man.:jiggy::jiggy: So come on, fess up, what's your favourite tea tipple? Cheers A clean and sober Tony.:eek::cry::biglaugh:
  13. rockola57

    Tea here in OZ.

    Well generally i find the tea in OZ is good.All the major manufacturers do a nice brew.I saw a Dilmah blend in Coles last week(premium) and it was like 12 dollars for ten teabags in a tiny box!wow that must be a mean cuppa methought.Anyway found probably the best tea i have ever tasted recently,TETLEYS premium blend.The first cup i had i thought Hmmm,don't taste like the others that much,second cup and thereafter i realised why!because it is so far superior it's amazing,and it ain't dead expensive either.Tetleys all rounder is a top class cuppa,but the premium blend is pure heaven,try it ,yer'l not be disappointed.:biggrin::biggrin:
  14. Hi Could someone please explain to me how the whole meal thing works in Oz?? Don't worry I know what lunch and dinner are:laugh: My daughter went on a daytrip and had to provide morning tea Can anyone please explain how the day goes What do they have for morning tea? What time do they have it? What do they have for afternoon tea? What time do they have it? Sorry if this sounds really silly but in the UK we have breakfast, dinner, tea and supper:biglaugh: Cheers Popsicle
  15. :wubclub: Hi Everyone I have been in Brisbane for over a year now. I have met a small group of lovely friends from the Uk and a few Australian families too. However, I still love meeting people from the UK who are new over here or people who arnt so new but like socialising and meeting new people like me. I recently went to an 'Australias Biggest morning tea' and had a lovely time. I therefore have decide to hold my own and thought I would take this opportunity to invite you all. It is on....... 'Cuppa for cancer' Friday 25th June 10 am til 12 MD 32 Vantage Crescent Wellington Point QLD 4160 $5 Donation to The Cancer Council please Optional: Bring a plate of nibbles to share Lots of fab raffle prizes Please come along on your own or with a friend for a cuppa and a chat. I would love to meet you. You will be made very welcome. Please reply if you are interested or phone 0423175665 Thanks Ness xxxxxx
  16. Hi there, does anyone have any suggestions about any money we can claim for university assistance. It was the only thing I didn't research enough prior to us arriving 6 months ago. Didn't realize you had to be a citizen to clain Hecs (student loan) and thought as a permanent resident this would be automatic! Unfortunately we now have two children for university in February and have to pay all fees and up front!!! As we haven't yet sold our house in England this is no mean feat. I find cenrelink unhelpful and complicated so wondered if anyone has any words of wisdom to offer about anything we may be entitled to claim. Thanks folks.:arghh:
  17. The question is: Is there any shipping option which is smaller than half a container but larger than a few tea-chests? We recently organised for three quotes on a full-house move from UK to Oz. We knew it would come to about £3,000 for a full container and none of the companies disappointed us on that! We have always had a bit of doubt about the wisdom of shipping it all. Much of our furniture is mis-matched and not great quality. But then you think about practically giving all of it away here and the cost of replacing it. I so wish the shippers could give us some sort of indication of cost per item to help us think about whether to take individual things or not. Anyway, we have just (about 8 hours ago) come back from our reccie/validation trip and have been able to check out the prices over there, and get some advice from friends who have made the move. we are now seriously thinking about leaving most of our stuff here. But there still is quite a lot I am very attached to and would want to bring over. Some friends ditched everything and just brought 6 "tea-chests", but I know we couldn't get away with that. Anyway we have one huge mirror to bring, and the flat screen tv which is quite new (and they are very expensive over there). I still don't think we will need a half container though. So is there any other option we could look at? Or would it be best to go with a part load on a container and just hope everything arrives as it should?
  18. hi all Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is one of Cancer Council’s leading fundraising events and the largest, most successful event of its kind in Australia. Over $60 million has been raised since it first began in 1994. i have registered for this event and will be having a poms in oz morning tea i hope as many of you can come as possible i will provide cake biscuits n tea of course for donations on the day thursday may 28th 11am until 2pm looking forward to seeing you there if you cannot make it due to work etc please click on the link and donate online http://qld.cancercouncilfundraising.org.au/personalPage.aspx?registrationID=99784 tim can you please add to the events calendar thank you lesley x
  19. I'm sure someone will have done the research already & will know who is the best to use if I only need to use tea chest sized boxes. Are there any companies to avoid? many thanks Louise
  20. Georgie

    Spearole Tea

    Has anyone tried it yet and lost any weight? It is apparantly supposed to help with weight loss but i am sceptical. Tests were done at Queensland Uni on rats and they lost weight whilst still eating junk food. I am going to try it though as it has things that are good for you anyway like red wine!!!! Going to get some tomorrow from Terry Whites chemist and it costs $25 for 100 cups of tea and you have to drink 3 a day but read somewhere that if that doest work try 6! Hey its worth a go.
  21. Guest

    best tea bags in Oz?

    I am a terrible tea addict, I've always got the kettle on. When I arrived in Perth I was really pleased to find they sell Tetley - but what a disappointment! Nothing like Tetley at home. You could leave the bag in all day and it would hardly change colour. Any suggestions? I'm going cold turkey here:arghh:
  22. For those Cornish or with Cornish connections, there will be an afternoon tea at Indooroopilly Queensland on Saturday 25th October 2008. There will be scones with clotted cream, saffron cake, heavy cake, seed cake, pasties made by a Cornish chef, and other Cornish goodies. There will be a talk by Phil Hayes of Yorkshire Tea Company on the history of tea, and he will be serving the tea & coffee along with some samples to take away. \Our numbers are limited and we have 40 coming already! It is being held in a Senior Citizens Hall next to the big shopping centre. For details if interested contact Trish or Alistair on 07 3284 7790 Tried to get Jethro but he doesn't like tea!!
  23. Guest

    Tea bags

    Does anyone know of a way to get PG Tips tea bags in Oz? I know it sounds sad but the last time I lived there the only (food) thing I missed was PG Tips. The tea bags in Oz are a lot weaker and I ended up buying the Tetley's strong mug bags to get a half decent cuppa. Even the Twinings tea bags aren't the same. I'm pretty sure that that tea bags are on the banned import list so I don't think getting a regular supply posted from the UK is feasible.
  24. Guest

    Aussie tea

    What is the tea like in oz ,is it drinkable or have l to pack some tea bags and bring them with me what more to life the sun shining,sitting outside and listening for the hum of the kettle boiling ,wonderful
  25. We are taking very little with us to Oz, no furniture at all. However i would like to take some personal bits, probably a tea chest full, but have no clue about how to arrange it. Do I need to contact a shipping company or is there a better way? We are planning to go in September and won't be in a rush for the stuff.