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Found 16 results

  1. A fair budget or a budget sucking up to the masses?
  2. vegastomelbourne

    Australia reviewing business taxes

    Australia reviewing business taxes http://tvnz.co.nz/business-news/australia-reviewing-taxes-4448797
  3. Hi, My wife will be earning about $50000 a year for being a midwife and i was wondering how much we will see after tax etc? and could she support a family of 4 on this wage? two children 2 and 4 years old Thanks so much Jamie
  4. Trying to work out how much our net income is likely to be got this off the Aus tax office website Tax rates 2010–11 Taxable income Tax on this income 0 – $6,000 Nil $6,001 – $37,000 15c for each $1 over $6,000 $37,001 – $80,000 $4,650 plus 30c for each $1 over $37,000 $80,001 – $180,000 $17,550 plus 37c for each $1 over $80,000 $180,001 and over $54,550 plus 45c for each $1 over $180,000 Once this has been taken in to consideration are there any other deductions from your wages? Also I've read about the possibilty of things like healthcare, mortgage etc being taken from your wages before tax is paid is this true? Not fully looked into this yet so can anyone explain it (simply lol) Thank you
  5. Hi Guys, My wife and I are moving from Canada to Brisbane/GC on December the 8th. We have two questions on moving money. 1. When we land in Australia, will we be taxed on cash that we bring with us? Between the cash in our account, the sale of two cars and the equity from the sale of our house (primary residence, not investment property), the taxes would be quite substantial. 2. If moving money is tax free when you land, are there any time restrictions that apply? With a super-strong Canadian dollar, the exchange is the worst in a LONG time. If we have time to wait under any tax free rules, we'd prefer only to convert the minimum for now and wait for a stronger rate to convert the rest, but if taxes or penalties start to kick in after a certain period, clearly that wouldn't make sense. Any insight from previous migrants or experts, would be much appreciated, especially links to official Australian Government sources as I have not been able to find ANYTHING official regarding money transfers and tax implications on the Gov't websites. Thanks! Darren and Andrea.
  6. In the uk we pay, council tax MOT road tax VAT stamp duty PAYE:err: National Insurance What similar taxes do you pay in Australia and do they vary between states like they do in the US.
  7. Guest

    Refugees and taxes

    Refugees spark welfare rush Refugees have driven up the total annual cost of Centrelink benefits by nearly 40 percent to an estimated $628 million in just two years. Looks like Australia is heading in the same direction as the UK according to 9 news.
  8. Need a new laptop and been looking on ebay.com.au I noticed on there theres a few us seller who are selling a laptop im interested in. does anyone know if I will have to pay any additional costs, such as taxes to import it here? I will be paying approx $900 for it. Thanks
  9. Hi folks, im trying to work out roughly what we'll have as a monthly income when we move over to Tas later in the year. Obviously income tax is the biggie, which i have the rates for so thats taken care of, but what about the following for an average 4 bedroom house (rented):- Council tax or equivalent of. Gas, electric, water. national Insurance or equivalent. medicare contributions. average weekly food bill for family of four (2 adults 2 kids). house insurance car insurance for something along lines of Toyota Camry any other expenses i have missed. Any advice will be appreciated. SM.
  10. Hi can anyone shed any light on the cost of local council taxes in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs, Is this the same as we pay here in England ie, rates, water rates, council tax etc. Also what is the minimum rental agreement on property. We are worried we find a house to rent only to find we later dont like the area or it is too fare to commute to work. Its so hard to tell from the internet. :arghh: many thanks Lynne
  11. I'm just trying to get some information about transferring money over to Australia and earnings(rent on a property) in UK while living in Australia. I'm also after information to do with taxes I'm in the Army and currently transferring over to the Australian Army, I'll be bring my pension over and wondered if I would get taxed on this money. Where is the best place to open an Australian bank account, can you open one in UK or online.
  12. Hi everyone I've posted a few replies to other peoples posts previously and I am a long ago resident of Perth now currently in the UK. Can anyone tell me the equivalent of UK Council Tax and how it is calculated.
  13. Guest

    Bricklayers - Taxes

    Any brickies out there know what the stopages (ie taxes) are on the wages in Brisbane?:err:
  14. Herbster


    Hi All Residing In Oz: a Thorny Question Perhaps? :cry: I read something about some kind of nasty DUTY on Insurance Policies... What does this mean and on what kind of policies and how much & how often is this tax leveed? :jimlad: Also TAX in general: is there a Sales Tax on ?? what & at what %? And do different states levy at different rates? Stamp Duty on property sales? Does anyone know how they work out the taxable value of your property? And is it true one doesn't pay tax if you are renting property? What happens if your property is on 2 Titles?? Can you merge 2-title property in to one to reduce tax?? Horrible questions I know, but I hate nasty surprises! We're hoping to move to Tassie next Fall, so any info regarding that State would be gladly received, but otherwise in general for everyone's interest... :twitcy: Thanks, Herbie
  15. Please can anyone help or confirm what they paid in import tax, to take a Motorbike (SP2 Honda 1000), into Adelaide, we are having it shipped in a container with the rest of our goods, or would it be easier to sell the bike here and buy a new one in oz. Any info much appreciated Thanks Sarah & Dave (Oliver 9 weeks old)
  16. I'm trying to work out the approx salary I need to get by in VIC. As far as I can see there is income tax and medicare levy to the federal gov, a council tax equivalent (does this go to the municipality?), but is there also anything (an income based/flat rate) paid to the state as well (I know about stamp duty)? According to Wikipedia, payroll tax is only paid by the employer, not the employee. It's not easy getting hold of info. I followed links to the Aussie tax office, but (as usual with tax offices) that didn't seem to help much. Thanks, Spock.