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Found 20 results

  1. Just reading some of posts about people moving to Hobart and I just want to say I wish it was me! I'm from Armagh and have been to Tasmania numerous times over the years, still trying to convince the wife to move over...Making slow progress! Anyway, my dad founded the Irish Association of Tasmania over 20 years ago and it's still going strong today. It is based in the New Sydney Hotel on Bathurst Street in Hobart and is an extremely welcoming place. Some of the founders are still actively involved, while others have passed away. They hold a seisún every Saturday in the New Sydney so you go down and check it out. They also hold a Fleadh every year and I went to my first one last year. It is 3 days of brilliant craic, music and drinking! They get bands from all over Australia to play and is really a great time. This year is their 20th Fleadh and so will be a big celebration. It is held in the first couple of weeks in March so if you are over for then make sure you go down. Either way you should call in to the New Sydney and chat to the bar manager, Alan, about the Irish Association and he'll give you more info. The guys you should seek out in the IAOT would be Mick Lynch, Joan Crossin and Peter Grubb. They have been there from the start and are really great people. If you do catch up with them say Peadar McMahon sent you! I know it's hard settling in a new place but it helps if you have people you can relate to and the IAOT can help with that. Hope it can be of some help to you.
  2. Guest

    New Tassie NBN rollout

    THE National Broadband Network will push deep into Tasmania's largest cities, with fibre to pass another 90,000 Tasmanian homes, Prime Minister Julia Gillard will announce today. The biggest tranche of the network rollout in Tasmania so far will also create 800 new jobs. The new rollout will extend the network's reach in Burnie, Devonport, Launceston and Hobart, with construction peaking in 2015. The $40 billion high-speed broadband network was first rolled out in Midway Point, Scottsdale and Smithton. Stage two, which is nearing completion, passes 11,000 homes in Deloraine, Kingston Beach, George Town, Sorell, South Hobart, St Helens and Triabunna. The Federal Government-funded network is the largest infrastructure project in Australian history and is intended to deliver internet connections of up to 100 megabits per second to 90 per cent of Australian households. Ms Gillard said the NBN would boost economic benefits to the state and national economies. "The NBN will create jobs, boost productivity, provide new and improved online health and education services and improve government service delivery," she said. "Just the rollout itself will have a significant impact in Tasmania, with new direct jobs and vast opportunities for businesses providing additional supplies, transport and other services." Ms Gillard said the NBN would form the backbone of the Australian telecommunications network for decades to come. Recent economic reports have estimated that by 2016 the internet will contribute $70 billion per annum to the whole of the Australian economy. The NBN also will enable more people to work from home, which will cut travelling time and carbon emissions.
  3. family S

    Rural places in Tassie

    We're looking at places to live in Tassie. We love peace and quiet, don't mind to travel half an hour to go to judo, swimming, work or the store. But we don't have a big budget either. Hubby likes to work around Hobart. Thinking about home-schooling the kids. Don't know why, but south of Hobart appeals the most, but it isn't a must. What are nice places to live? :biggrin:
  4. annagilda

    I miss Tassie sooooo bad!!!!

    That's it really, I traveled round Australia last year a s a Backpacker, and got stuck In Tassie. Loved it soooo much, cried when I left. I'm working on a master plan to get back though. Sorry for wasting your time, it's just my fammily and friends dont understand, and I know you guys will. P.S Tassie has to be one of the best places on the plannet!!! (incase you hadn't realised LOL!)
  5. BearRules

    Tassie bound

    A quick update on our move to Tas! We started planning this journey almost 2.5 years ago, seems like such a long time has passed since then. Got our 176 visa in January, and after months of decorating/gardening/de-cluttering we finally got the house on the market in Apr. Accepted an offer 3 weeks later!! Now we are rushing like crazy to get so much done, if the sale goes without a hitch we'll officially be homeless on 1st July (hoorah) and we are planning to head to Hobart a few weeks later. So much to do ... lol ... cant wait!! Colin & Sam
  6. Hi all in Tas, Looking for some info? Jamie is considering a career change if he doesnt manage to get work in his profession, and is thinking of the police or fire service just wondered if anyone has experience opinions etc? Thanks
  7. BearRules

    176 Visa Granted today - Tassie

    Hi all, received word today that our 176 has been granted. A brief timeline ... Tassie SS granted June 2010 176 submitted Sept 20th (my wife Sam is main applicant, ITU nurse) CO assigned 20th Dec Police checks complete 18th Jan Medicals taken 18th Jan Medicals dispatched by courier 31st Jan Tracked them in Oz on 1st Feb and notified CO Visa granted 2nd Feb The visa period itself has been blisteringly fast, though the whole process has taken us two years. Many thanks for all the great advice we've found here. Now for the easy part ... selling the house ... hehehe :-) Colin n Sam.
  8. kellyjamie

    Anyone for tassie yet?

    Anyone applied to tassie yet?
  9. Here is a link to the trailer for the new film 'artic blast' : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=js4bMX53ijc Some of it was filmed in and around Hobart, TAS There is also some footage of the CSIRO research ship 'Southern Surveyor' It looks a bit........ average, but at least you get to see what Hobart looks like!
  10. Oh please help me - I feel like i'm going round and round in circles!!!! We are a family of 4 who live in a small northamptonshire village. We are hoping to be ready to move at end of this year and can't make a final decision of wether to go to Tas or Victoria. I am a nurse, I like the quiet life. Hubby is jack of all trades - hobby is tinkering with cars and machines. Daughter 11 lives and breathes horses and son 14 - fairly quiet likes to ride his quad bike. We have visited both areas and can see benefits and drawbacks in both. We will only be able to afford to purchase property around $350,000. Tassie - We love the green and beauty in Tas, it is a very similar environment to where we live now with the added bonus of the sea close by. Us oldies love the fact its laid back but kids worry about lack of facilites and getting bored. I am also worried about son getting caught up in Tasmania Tomorrow changes at High School and disrupting his education. Victoria - We are looking at West, point cook/werribee. Worries - schools so big, living in suburbia, so many people and traffic. Good points - Loads to do, Melbourne is a fantastic city and good Uni if my son decides he wants this path. Thanks for reading this - it really is driving me insane, I think we have made a decision then someone throws another consideration into the pot!!!! Any words of wisdom gratfully accepted. Vanessa :unsure:
  11. skipjack

    Tassie visit this weekend

    Hi all Tassie people. I'm flying over from Vic next weekend (22nd May) for my first police exams. If anyone is around for a coffee it would be good to meet up for a chat and some pointers on suburbs and stuff. Post or PM me. I'll mainly be in Hobart for 3 or 4 days but I'll have a rental car so I can travel. Much appreciated! .
  12. Hey there Might be a long shot but any couples in Hobart area? Me and hubby are 31 with no kiddies as yet and moved from Perth six months ago. We love going down to Salamanca on weekends for drinks and dinner so if anyone out there in similar situation fancy joining us let us know. Cheers Jan n Pete
  13. Guest

    Sell Tassie to me

    Hi, This is my first ever post on PIO and I hope you all can help me. I’ve recently had a couple of successful telephone interviews for nursing jobs in Australia. One of these was in Perth; the other....you’ve guessed it.....is in Tasmania. The Royal Hobart Hospital to be exact. Now I need to decide where to move. Both employers are willing to sponsor me for permanent residency and so I consider myself very lucky. I’ve spent the first couple of weeks of my PIO membership by reading many of the posts on moving to and living in Tasmania. These have been really interesting and helpful. However I wondered whether some of the regulars could help out by simply selling Tassie to me. I have visited once before, but that was all the way back in 1990! I was on the island for about 4 weeks and did some apple picking down in the Huon Valley. I was really impressed by what I saw then. About me. I’m a single bloke who loves cycle touring, playing the drums and the occasional session of windsurfing. At 43 years old I’m also a little more mature than the average migrant (if that makes any difference). Thanks very much.
  14. em&paul

    1 year in Tassie!

    I hope I don't bore you with a rambling post!! I can't believe we have been here a year it has really flown by. This time last year we left England in thick snow and arrived in Tassie to really hot weather. We quickly settled into our 3 week rental and got to the job of arranging mobiles, cars, tax numbers etc etc.... We started looking at looking at long term rentals and found most estate agents very helpful and willing to go through the information with us. We did view several houses and settled on a lovley house in Blackman's Bay - 15 minutes south of Hobart. Paul (carpenter) managed to get work after 3 days of looking. He visited several companies and sites and gave out plenty of resumes. He has now worked for the same company for alomst a year. Kids settled into school really well. They were really nervous about going and had been really sad about leaving their old school but quickly adjusted to Aussie school life. It is more relaxed here and the kids are given more independance and a chance to think for themselves but I really like their school and think we were lucky getting them in there. Louise is of to High School next week and Billy is enjoying school for the first time ever. Work for me didn't go quite as smoothly. In the UK I worked as a playschool assistant and over here I also wanted to continue working in school hours. I applied for lots and lots of jobs to no avail. It does seem that here you do need your foot in the door to get a school job. I started volunteering at the kids school and this led to occaisonal teachers aide work. Thankfully this paid of and after even more applications I got work as a playcentre leader and I am starting my teaching degree in a couple of weeks. We have visited North and East Tassie and are really enjoying seeing the island and the sights. Hope to get over to the mainland soon to see some of the rest of Oz too. We are really happy here and have all settled in our new life so well. Hopefully we'll be able to buy our own house in the next year of so. There have been moments when we have missed England and people but I think that's normal. We have meet some PIO's and I think it is important that when you move half way accross the world you do make the effort to speak to people. I have found the mum's at school to be really friendly. Australia isn't Utopia, you still have to go to work, pay the bills etc....... but we are enjoying it and hope to stay. Forever is a long way of and who knows what the future holds but we are glad and thankful we got the oppurtunity to get a visa to Australia. Here's to another great year in Tassie. Emma :v_SPIN:
  15. Hi all, Me and my wife kate (both 33 years old) both from Burton on Trent in staffordshire, I am a cabinet maker and kate is a nurse, we have been living in oz for nearly 3 years now lived in Perth W.A mainly and spent a little bit of time in Melbourne, however we have recently moved to Launceston in Tassie mainly for work and family reasons and that we are looking to start a family in the not too distant future, we are both keen travellers and are well into music and love a good gig here and there and we also love a night out and get togethers so if there is anyone out there in a similar situation looking to meet new people and have a bit of a wind down drink on the weekend lets hook up and have a few.
  16. I can't seem to find many jobs advertised for Civil Engineers in Tas. I've searched all the usual job websites for work but can't seem to find much. I like the look of Tasmania, being from Cornwall it looks very similar. But if there's no work for my hubby there's not much point in looking :no: Has anybody got any suggestions of websites to look on or people in Tasmania to contact to find out about Engineering jobs for him. His specialism is in Water/Drainage Design and Highways/Roads. Any info greatly appreciated. Lou x
  17. Hey there, Im new here so sorry as this will sound very amateur-ish!!! :err: I am a 22 y/o male who has recently completed a NVQ level 2 in Motor Mechanics at college.. From past experiences in my teens, being in Tasmania was the best place for me in the world, I would love to migrate basically, I have my heart set! I have family friends currently living in Hobart but im just unsure as to what I should maybe do here on into the future as far as experience I should build up or any advice really on further qualifications I may need to gain, even visas that would be particularly ideal for my situation! Like I say, im going at it a bit blind atm, Im only 22 and just need some positive guidance really, much appreciated! :notworthy: Thank you in advance for any responses, regards!
  18. Guest

    Advice: moving to Tassie

    Hi My husband and I are considering moving to Tasmania. Does anyone know what the job scene is like for teaching? We migrated to Oz 4 years ago and have tried Adelaide, the bush in SA, the bush in QLD and now the Sunshine Coast. I'm a primary school teacher but have only been able to get work in the Child Care sector, which I hate. The state system is barely penetrable, whilst the private sector remains dominated by Christian schools (which I am not). :arghh: Any advice would be most welcome. is it the same in Tassie? Are migrants given a 'fair go' in Tasmania or is it a case of locals come first?!?? Cheers Caroline :spinny:
  19. em&paul

    We've arrived in Tassie!!!

    WOW!!! Despite Heathrow airport being under several inches of snow and our flight being cancelled and then reinstated we have arrived here safe and sound. We landed here at 5pm Wednesday evening and picked up our hire car to drive to our rental. The views are stunning and the people are all very very friendly. Driven round Kingston, Blackmans Bay, Taroona, Conningham, Snug and Margate. Managed to get ourselves new mobile phones, applied for TFN's and opened our bank accounts. Even had our first Barbie yesterday eveing. Hopefully off to view some long term rentals next week and then being looking for jobs!! Paul has been speaking to other tradesmen and locals and the job front isn't looking too bad. Hopefully. Sitting in Kingston Library typing this and they are closing now. Emma :v_SPIN:
  20. Guest

    Tassie Wannabes

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to say a quick hello. We have just been reading all of the comments on Tasmania. We have also (up until now) not been able to find much out about Tas other than info websites and literature, so it's great to read everyone's comments on this forum. We are planning a trip to Tas with the kids at Easter, hopefully it will live up to our expectations, and if so we will be applying for a visa as soon as we get home. Hubby is doing his Engineering CDR at the moment (what a headache!) We have been drooling over the houses in Tas....WOW! The whole place just looks so fab, we can't wait to get there and see for ourselves. Cheers The Cutches