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Found 24 results

  1. Guest

    Launceston TAS work

    Hello I have recently moved to Launceston TAS and am looking for any admin/accountancy work. My husband is also looking for maintenance/electrical work. Any help/leads would be appreciated Thanks :smile:
  2. Hi all Unfortunately I have just separated from my wife and I'm feeling pretty Cr*p. When we got together she said she would live in a tent with me no matter where it was. After 4 years this has changed I'm told and she no longer wants to have kids either. I got my residency out of it but its little consolation to me to be honest. I'm fed up with Sydney and fancy a sea change but my wife would not even discuss this which ultimately led to our break-up amongst other things (long story). I've been in Sydney for two years. Ive always wanted to live in Tassie even before I visited there. We went a few weeks ago and It confirmed everything I suspected - it really is a special place. Anyway, I'm going to buy a car in the next 3 months, pack up my stuff and jump on the ferry to Tassie. But where do I go? As an overview, I'm 39, healthy and a Graphic Designer by trade but I'm open to any kind of work. The Huon Valley looks interesting, as does Cygnet or maybe launy but I'm still looking. I have some savings that could get me by a month or two until I found me feet. Siam Susie (hi) was always helpful in the past when I had questions about Tassie but I'd be really delighted to hear everyone's views. The whole prospect is scary and exciting but it feels right. Do you think I'm mad?
  3. Hi again, been a while as everything on the back burner whilst I took equivalency exams in UK, but now passed them and have the away leg in Melbourne next month. I have booked enough time that I have a week post exams so possibly looking at visiting my desired final destination of Hobart for a few days post exams. So what I would like some help with is; 1) Where to stay in Melbourne, have always preferred B+B's, but harder to find from outside the destination country so either B+B or hotel is cool, exams adjacent to the university. 2) What to do whilst not studying in Melbourne, what to see where to eat and how to get a feel of Aussie life. Am sports mad so any suggestions along those lines would be cool. 3) How reliable are the flights from MEL to TAS with the smaller operators or should I stick to virgin blue, or perhaps the ferry whats that like? 4) Where should I stay in Tassie, probably out there for approx 4 days so small reccie, but would ideally like to get a feel for the place. Finally is there anything else you guys think I should do whilst over here to convince me that the aussie life is for me?? Dates are from 17th June (land in MEL) to 5th of july (depart mel) with exams from tues 21st to wed 29th. Many thanks in advance Ben
  4. Dear All, We are relocating to Launceston or close by within the next 2 months. We have a dog who is coming with us. There seems to be a real shortage of rental property that will accept dogs. Does anyone have anyone have any suggestions of other sources we can look at for houses to rent. We are looking for a long lease and can provide references from the UK that we are very responsible with our dog.... no muddy paws anywhere! Thanks for you help
  5. kellyjamie

    Our SS is being processed by TAS

    Hi all, Received an email this morning from a nice chap called David at Tas to tell us he is the officer processing our state sponsorship, and that he will be in contact in due course. Thought id let all Tassies know for an idea of time, so if you dont include the holidays thats very quick for them to start looking at it, 5 days since receiving it (exc hols), he says current processing time in Tas is 4 weeks but each case maybe quicker or longer dependent on the individual case, So every part of my body that crosses is crossed! Goodluck to all K:wubclub:
  6. Guest

    TAS list is out

    I just saw the Tas SMP. Good luck to you all
  7. kellyjamie

    TAS SS Timeline Thread - pls add

    Morning to all you tassie hopefuls! So i thought we could do the same as all the other states and have our own timeline for state sponsorship and visa grants? Dont think its been done yet but apologies if it has, and if so Mods could you merge Thanks kel xx I,ll start altho were just at the start..... Name: KellyJamie Trade/profession: Youth Worker Visa type: 176 Date of SMP Applications: 30 Dec 2010 Confirmation SS received: 5 Jan 2010 Date of SMP Granted: 12 Jan 2010 Onshore/offshore: offshore Medicals submitted: Police check submitted: Date CO assigned: Date of employment verification (If applicable): Date of Visa application: Nationality: British High/Low Risk: Low Date visa granted: Good luck everyone xx
  8. family S

    TAS SMP released today

    For those who didn't read it in the other topic: :jiggy: Migrating to Tasmania : Tasmania - The life you've been looking for
  9. kellyjamie

    Any sign of TAS or SA SMPs yet?

    ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Kel:wubclub:
  10. Guest

    State Sponsorship Tas?

    Has anyone heard/seen anything about tasmania's plans on state sponsorship?
  11. Hi all Just wanted to ask: What made you choose Tasmania to live and why. I appreciate that there will be different reasons but I'm interested to know. Is it a good place to live? :notworthy: Cheers Jasp
  12. This is a copy of my email to Tas SS and their reply... I think I feel a little more optomistic, what do you think? Hi ****** Could you in any way reasure me that as we have aquired state sponsership from yourselves, that we would be exempt from this cap and kill legislation should it come into effect. Any information regarding this would be very much appreciated as my family and I are very worried. Kind regards and hoping to hear from you soon, Hello Christine I hope you and your family are well. You have been given state sponsorship from the Tasmanian Government under the skilled sponsored program. State sponsored programs do not guarantee that a visa will be issued from DIAC. As I am sure you are aware, on 26 May the Migration Amendment (Visa Capping) Bill 2010 was introduced to the parliament. The new bill proposes to allow the Minister to cap and terminate applications based on certain characteristics, rather than having to cap an entire subclass or class of visas. The bill is not currently operative and no actual cap is being considered at present – the bill is designed to give the minister the power to implement a cap in the future if necessary. We understand your concern, however we do not yet know if these proposed changes will be approved by the parliament. Furthermore, we do not know how the proposed changes will affect people in your situation, who have lodged their visa applications for assessment with DIAC. With this in mind, I cannot guarantee that you will be exempt from the proposed visa capping. It is our understanding however, that the number of places available to independent skilled migrants in the skilled migration program is expected to fall, as the number for state sponsored and employer sponsored skilled migrants increases. As your state sponsorship has been approved, this may provide you with an advantage over other independent visa applications. Kind Regards
  13. Reported i the news Cedric the so called saviour of the Tassie Devil Cancer epidemic has had 2 tumours removed , What abummer have not met one but me and the little guys have an affinity we are both same characters. I must say the fauna in Australia are mostly not the cuddly variety like the roos and koalas who can kick ass when they want but all thge creepy crawlies ,spiders ,reptiles ,snakes were here before the human invasion. We sahould respect there right to have a life be it a bit annoying to us . If people went round Mortein roos and koalas there would be an outcry ps I`m not a vegetarian or tree hugger I`1m a fisherman that has the respect for the environment Mally
  14. celeliza

    TAS sponsorship

    Hi guys Has anyone applied for TAS sponsosrhip for provisional visa 475?? And how long did it take to be accepted?? I am thinking about applying as it's my only hope to apply since my SOL occupation was removed from SA. Cheers, Claire
  15. Can anyone please tell me if I'm right in thinking that SA and Tas states sometimes offer sponsorship to people who don't necessarily meet all the usual criteria. OH is a printer/supervisor with years of experience and certificates in Health and Safety and Supervising but nothing specific to printing, hence our dilema. I'm sure I've read somewhere that SA and Tas are keen to attract migrants because of lower population than other states. Our only other option is employer sponsored, which leads me to another question! Any advice on how to start a letter to employers begging for sponsorship :biglaugh: Many thanks, Nemo
  16. Guest

    Hello! Any printers in Tas?

    Hello Everybody! First time I've posted on here but have been on Poms in Adelaide a bit, everyone on there is great so I thought I'd spread my wings and visit PIO! We've been thinking about Adelaide, which sounds lovely, but have now started to think that maybe Tasmania would be right for us. Only thing is hubby is a printer and I havent managed to find out much about this industry in Tasmania. If anyone has any knowledge in this area I would be extremely grateful for any advice!:notworthy: Thanks everyone, and I look forward to chatting!:jiggy: Nemo x
  17. Hi Guy's Has anyone got any info for us as we are taking our motorbike with us to Tasmania. We would like to know the cost etc involved of importing it and when we get there as I know there isn't really a road tax as such as in England, but a upkeep charge kind of like a MOT.... I'm unsure. Any info on this would be greatfully recieved :spinny: x TASSIE -TASSTIC TOO X
  18. oldgit

    mobiles in Tas

    Hi all Is there anyone in tas and if so can you tell me what it is like for a mobile phone signal. My step daughter is there and when her mum tries to ring it goes straight onto the answer phone and no they haven't had a row every one is happy :biglaugh: any repies very welcome Cheers the oldgit
  19. We arrived in Tasmania in October. Currently living with my brother and family in Lindisfarne (near Hobart) but bought land and looking to build a house this year. Love it here and would like to meet others from the UK who have settled here. We came here from Staffordshire, Nigel my O/H is from Yorkshire and is a big Leeds Utd fan! Only thing we miss is friends and would like to make new ones here and swop stories over a beer.
  20. G'day All: :cute: Any Real Estate Agents or Property Owners out there in Tas? Can any one suggest (other than trawling the usual real estate websites,) how we can find suitable short-term rental accommodation NOW: 1 - so that we have an address for shipping our Worldly Possessions to, & 2 - so we have a temporary home upon arrival until we can find something more permanent!!?? We are hoping to arrive around May/June - so wonder if any Summer rentals are let out cheaply through the winter, maybe Month-to-Month :wacko:?? Perhaps BobCat or TisMe might have some suggestions??? Or anyone who has moved out, sight unseen??? :twitcy: Especially to Tas. Thanks Herbster X
  21. Hi Folks: :spinny: I know this is a REALLY looong shot :huh: - but would any one know of a short term rental, poss part-furnished in Tassie - Quiet, rasonbly close to Hobart area for June-ish???? We need an address as I'm starting to organize removals & I guess we need a proper address Tas-side???! Upon arrival, we'll need a bit of time to scout out a permanent home ASAP so could probably keep stuff in storage in Hobart to save moving twice!! (or keep in storage here & allow time to find temp accommodation upon arrival... but seems a bit risky) So how can we find something now, for the winter??? I receive e-mail alerts daily from Aus real estate sites, but that's OK if I wanted to move in next week or next month, but not much help for 5/6 months down the line... Any advice would be welcome... What have others done??? Offers of decent, clean, reasonably $$ accommodation till we can buy, would be most welcome!!! In anticipation.....:cute: Herbster (Non smoking, great references, No pets, yet, presently bears only!) Dec, 2007
  22. Guest

    Joiners In Tas

    Does Anyone Know The Employment Situation In Tas. Husband A Joiner We Are Looking At Either Adelaide Or Tas. Lisa
  23. Guest

    education in tas

    Hi, was wondering if anybody can help me on this, we r hoping to move to either adelaide, canberra or taz, looking more likely to be taz as we can get state sponsorship for there but i was wondering what the schools are like, is there plenty of them? is the education good etc do u have to pay for their education? my kids r 7 and 4. We r looking to end up in devonport in taz if possible so any help will be appreciated. thanks in advance lainey