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Found 45 results

  1. Hi Everyone, :cool: My name is Molly and I'm 10 years old. I'm moving to Sunshine Coast (in Queensland!) and I'm hoping to have some friends/pen pals to talk to. Best Wishes From Molly xx :cute:
  2. Whenever I post about something that really matters to me, which I think about and do every day, like going to the beach, going to the pub, going for a coffee, life in Surry Hills, rock music, True Blood, Tottenham Hotspur, The Archers, nobody ever answers. But talk about something completely irrelevant and pointless with no bearing on my life, like whether Australia should become a republic or - YAWN - Global Warming - and I could be on PIO 24X7! I've just come back from a very pleasant three-hour session in the pub during which I discussed favourite TV programmes in UK & OZ, rugby league, favourite and long-departed pubs - with Sandy the barmaid, Chris the landlord and Matt, one of the other locals. Life is strange I guess.
  3. The Pom Queen

    Do you talk to your pets?

    Non pet owners think we are mad, but I always talk to my furry babies. The survey of 800 Australian pet owners found more than 95 per cent of dog owners talked to their pets, while just over 89 per cent spoke to their cats. And 87 per cent said they understood what their pets were trying to say, according to the survey commissioned by an animal healthcare provider.
  4. Hey everyone! My name's Harrison and i moved to gold coast from UK just over a year ago! it was a big decision and a lot of stress but we made it! so if any of you want to talk or anything else like that about anything just send me a message and I'll be happy to help! Thanks guys Harrison
  5. The Pom Queen

    100 Reasons to Talk to Yourself

    You are understood and it makes more sense.:jiggy:
  6. Guest

    some1 to talk to please

    hi evry1 im Edd and im 12 nearly 13 and moving to secrete harbor and feeling sad about leaving England:arghh: i do think it will be good and i was hoping for some1 to talk to:unsure:
  7. hey im 13, im moving to australia around next year and im proberly moving to Perth and really want som1 to talk to xx :unsure:
  8. Been here for 11 years going home this November wondering if anyone else on the Coast is doing the same or thinking about it?
  9. Guest

    Any people want to talk?

    heyya im jodie,11, and i have been on here since last month and i've made quite a few friends, but there doesnt seem to be that many people any more to be friends with that i havent already spoken to! i would like some friends to talk to for when i move out ot oz, so please reply if you want to talk to me anytime!! love jodez xx ; )
  10. The Pom Queen

    Pillow Talk

    Sorry, nothing kinky, just wanted to know what kind of pillow you have and how you find it. I have bought hundreds of pillows ranging from $6 to $80 and can't find one I'm happy with. Also does anyone else wake up in the middle of the night to turn their pillow over so it's cooler?:wubclub:
  11. tonyman

    Happy Talk

    so far so good ......tonight has gone so smoothly .... lets have some more happy talk on here ..... listen carefully to the captain and the real bad word he says during his tune :wink:
  12. Hello I am moving to Adelaide soon. I am 7 is there anyone my age. i want to talk to you if you live there or moving there. thank you. love ella :jiggy:
  13. Hey guys, i moved to pacific pines, Gold coast on the 1st July! I have settled in well and have started school etc. am currently looking for a job, but that's another story I am 15 incase you were wandering and if any of you are worried about moving over and want to message me then feel free too. and if any of you have just moved near me or are recently moving somewhere near me then message me and we could meet up with my friends aqnd stuff.. anyway guys, that's about it.. and i have to say, it's aloy better than you think it's gonna be Thanks for reading Harrison
  14. Guest

    Any girls to talk to ?

    Heyya im Jodie and im 11 years old. I joined poms in oz earlier this month but there seems to be noone on here to be friends with. If you would like to be my friend and talk to me please dont hesitate no matter how old you are! Please reply Love Jodie xxx :biggrin:
  15. Guest

    who to talk to

    hi all who do you talk to when all you want to do is cry,:confused: normaly id have a hand full of friends to ring, but not sure now who will take my crying well, im sure if i ring them crying, they would do nothing for me but cry back.:cry: hubbies not good with me crying so points out the facts, i dont need facts at the min as i am well aware of them. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh just need to cry so have to do it all by myself, its ok when we are all saying our last goodbyes thats ok to cry, but not sure howmuch of it everyone can take, so very excited and cant wait to get there, but how hard does it have to be before hand:arghh: ok enough already, ill just drink my wine and smoke my fag, and hope it all gets easier. tracey xxxxxxxxxxx
  16. :cute:Hi Im Sarah .... Im Moving To Canberra And Im Really Excited >>> But Im Not Really Sure What To Expect From It ... Does Anyone Have An Idea ??? xxxSarahxxx
  17. hiya im Jodie. Im an 11 year old girl. this is my first message on poms in oz. Can any 11-12 girls please talk to me ? Im worried about moving to australia and im not even sure i want to go,:err: and it would be nice if someone from australia could pen pal me so i have some friends when i do arrive there. Hope someone can reply to my message. love Jodie xx :wink::biggrin::cute:
  18. Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in speaking at a student nurse conference at Liverpool John Moores university September 1st regarding emigrating abroad (Oz) If you are in the middle of the process now, or nearly leaving for Oz then you would be perfect. The students just want to know what you had to do, some contact details possibly, costs incurred etc etc I'm sure they'd have questions for you. If you have already emigrated and just happen to be on holiday in the UK and you would talk then again that would be great. Thank you guys hope to hear from you :jiggy: Luise P.S lunch, tea and coffee would be provided x
  19. ashleymhale

    Free Emigration talk

    Hi guys, I found this on one of the emigration websites. Might be useful for people just starting to think about the process. Also it states that representitives from WA, SA, and VIC will be there to talk about the new State lists which sounds promising for an imminent announcement as I'm sure like me you re all sick of waiting. Attend our new Visa Regulations Seminar | Immigration2oz.com
  20. heyaaa im looking for people too talk too. im moving back to melbourne or sydney next yearr. boys or girls aged 12 or 13 xxxxxx
  21. hi My name is alix and i am a girl of 11 years old. I am moving to Perth and i am very nervous. :yes: I am worried about starting a new school since i luv mine! And making new friends! Alix x
  22. noel2538

    Can I talk to you?

    Hi All Me again...I just want somebody to talk too:wubclub: Im feeling homesick again...I dont know what to do with my life. We came to Oz in May 2009 after alot of careful research and thinking. Left reasonable jobs, our family and our real friends and our home, were financially ok...for what, I really cant say at the moment...feel so sad at losing what we had in UK...the grass doesnt feel greener to me!!! My hubby has a good job, he's a welder. My daughter is settled at school has made friends, she loves it here, which is great at her age, 16. We're building our own house at great cost....big mortgage compared to UK and with the rates going up, Im just so scared. And then there's me...Im doing Tupperware, which is good money but its not a regular income which we need for all the bills and expenses on the new house as well as the rental. I said to my hubby, what am I? He's a welder and Im a.....? Ive applied for countless jobs, in banking, customer services everything, I have alot of experience in many fields but nothing is a qualification. Im not given the chance to prove myself and thats why I feel so hopeless. I cant go back to the UK and disrupt my daughter again..my hubby says it'll be better in our own home...but Im worried we wont be able to afford to live there because we need me working too!!! Im sorry to go on, I try to pick myself up but its so hard....thanks all:hug:
  23. munchkinpie

    confused with category talk!

    Everning (Evening here/Morning in Aus and probably really not original) :confused: Any way, can any one just help me out as im just about getting to grips with with all the different visa names etc but some of you guys keep mentioning categories ie Cat 5 etc etc and i just cant seem to figure this out! Someone please take pity on me as ive tried to find stuff on google but to be honest i think i need to buy it a beer nd curry after working it so hard after past few weeks as its not helping me at all! :wacko: L x
  24. How much do you pay? We're moving to Sydney in Feb 2010 and I want to know how much of our salaries we'll have left roughly at the end of each month. Water, gas, electric, TV, council tax, phone, mobile, internet? (I know there's a sticky on Cost of Living, but it looks like that's a couple of years old...) We're savers, so I'm keen to get an idea of whether we'll be able to save when in Oz. I expect our joint gross income will be $150k. Thanks!:hug:
  25. hi i am Molly and I am moving to Australia hopefully Perth at the end of this year or the begginning of next year. I am 7 years old (8 in October) and would like someone to talk to that is moving or is already there.Hope to speak to everyone soon:tongue: Molly xx