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Found 51 results

  1. Can someone who finishes aged care certificate from TAFE be able to apply for working visa?
  2. sexypizza

    What are my chances of getting a PR

    Hey guys, let me just say right off the bat that my own country is shit (I'm in the middle east) Its really depressing here and I simply cannot tolerate to live here anymore. Its simply not a good life and I simply cannot waste anymore time living here anymore. One way or the other I am leaving and going to live somewhere else. I have a lot of money saved up and I'm planning to leave as soon as I can which is when I get a student visa. I would really like to immigrate to Australia because I studied there before for a bachelor of literature for 5 years on a scholarship. Now that I have money saved up I'm planning to come back again study at a TAFE school. My plan is to become an "Automotive Electrician" which is on the (MLTSSL) list Here is my plan: 1- I will Study an Automotive Electrician course (certificate 3, 4 and diploma) at a TAFE for 2 years. 2- once I'm done I will apply for a graduate Visa. 3- On the graduate Visa I will need to find a job as an Automotive Electrician. 4- Once I find a job I will apply for the "Job ready program". 5- If I obtain a positive skill assessment during the program I will then apply for RSMS, State or Independent Skilled Permanent Work Visa. Now my question are: Has anyone been on this path before? is TAFE a common path to immigration? What are my chances at getting a PR if I go through this process? do a lot of fail at getting a PR? basically is this a good plan to follow? Thanks.
  3. swallow


    Hi first message posted on this forum however been Lurking for months reading the posts. Just a general rant/ question regarding my currrent situation and see if there's anyone out there in my position. Cut a long story short, applied for 189 visa. General plumber. Been a long struggle up hill with countless hurdles and what seems to be a never ending money pot. At the last hurdle UK side at the moment with all documents submitted 26th April, pcc's done and medicals done. Just a waiting game now for co allocation/ Grant approval. Tried my up most best to obtain information on where to attend college for my migrant gap training, where to obtain my provisional plumbing licence and what is required to obtain employment. I seem to have the right information now but considering this is supposed to be a required occupation the government don't make it at all easy for plumbers to gain employment in Australia. Contacting TAFE institutions with detailed questions regarding courses or information they couldn't care less, rather than replying to an email they reply with a generic response by copy and pasting a transcript off the government migrant website. No one seems to have the right information and just points you to websites that just lead you back to where you started.. It has been a dream to move to Australia since my first visit ten years ago. I knew it would be a struggle but the information/training is just not there. Hopefully it will all be worth it. Rant over. Ha. Anyone else having the same sort of issues and wants to share feel free. Would be nice to know I'm not the only one on this boat!
  4. Thanks for taking a look at this. I'm a 31 year old pommie thinking of doing the Diploma of Applied Geosciences at tafeSA. I have always wanted to get into this career and was wondering what experiences you've had or advice you could share. Cheers in advance.
  5. chitte

    Spouse - TAFE 1 year course

    Dear all, My wife plans to study 1 year diploma in beauty therapy(TAFE Course) at Victoria university. Can you help answer following queries that I have. 1) Can I also get VISA and work there full time? 2) if the course duration is 1 year will the student Visa be exactly 1 year. Regards, Vishal
  6. Hi, my husband is in his forties and we have 4 kids. He has a diploma (3 year course) in electrical and electronics diploma in Singapore from Singapore Polytechnic (accredited by Ministry of Education in Singapore). Upon graduation, he was an electrician on the naval ship for 9 years. He has been certified as a Naval Weapon Electrical Senior Technician III (Electrical). This year, he did a refresher course on wiring for residential properties. He is interested to be electrician for residential properties. We have some questions and hope someone can help. 1) Must my husband go to TAFE to study 4 years again to be an electrician? 2) If yes, can some modules be exempted? Who should we approach? 3) I heard that the apprenticeship is 4 years, so we calculated that to be an electrician, we need 8 years. :chatterbox: My husband will be in his fifties... 4) Is there any shorter route? For obvious reasons to support 4 kids 5) Should he stick to industrial sales and is the opportunities in Perth good? Any electrician can recommend any good electrician school or career advice? Thanks a lot. risraera
  7. I posted on here a while back about doing nurse training once we arrive in Perth next year and when I looked into the courses they did seem rather expensive. When I looked into enrolled nursing at the Tafe in Perth it was quoting $10,000 per year to study. My OH was not impressed ! However I didnt realise that was the fee for International students on a student visa !! :GEEK: We should be coming over on a perm res visa as my OH is a carpenter so I wont be applying as an international student. Accidently I found a website about Central Tafe and their courses ( not available to inter students) and enrolled nursing is only $570 per semester - much cheaper and you can study part time. ( At Mt Lawley) Ideal for me as my kids will be just starting school. Does anyone know anything about these courses ? Have I understood this to correctly. I will be 35 by the time I start studying so enrolled nursing is a shorter course and may be better for me. Only trouble is finding my school certificates....:spinny:
  8. Guest

    Telecommunication diploma TAFE

    Hi everyone, I am an international student planning to come to Australia (thinking of coming to NSW) to study Telecommunication at TAFE. Therefor if someone who has studied in this field at TAFE could you tell me more about the study programme and if it's very similar to Information Technology studies..? Is the studies very theoretical, a lot of maths etc..? Do you think this study is worth it and is there a possibility to gain a work visa after completion of this study..? Thanks for your help :wink: Robindronat
  9. Hi everyone, My name is Rafael, 17 years of age and currently live in the UK. I'm looking to move to Sydney ASAP to be closer with my family over there. Now, there are many things that puzzle me. (Apologies if I go on for a bit, but I appreciate it if you could help) Firstly, I have completed my GCSE's and currently in Sixth Form doing my AS. I've looked at my options but they're very confusing. I have been told that my GCSE's aren't equivalent to Oz High School Certificate, and that they are not good enough for TAFE. I've been told that I will have to study Year 11 and Year 12 at High School in Oz. Is this true? I have contacted TAFE on the other hand, and they said that my GCSE's are equivalent to Oz High school certificate. This is the link they sent me. http://www.detinternational.nsw.edu.au/tafe/downloads/tafe_acadrequire.pdf I would prefer it if I would be accepted into TAFE. Secondly, I want to do an apprenticeship in OZ. I have looked on the TAFE website but it doesn't have any for international student. There are only apprenticeships for onshore students. Is it possible for me to do an apprenticeship straight away? If so, is there any link or website? Everywhere I look, I can't find the right answer, so I would deeply appreciate it if you could help. Many thanks
  10. Hello all, I'd be glad to get your opinion on this new offer at TAFE Sydney. I haven't seen it offered at any other TAFE and suppose it's been created to tackle the shortage of qualified carers for long day care especially in the high population areas after some change in legislation that carers need to have followed a special curriculum. Here's my question: Do you think it's worth investing 4 years and $ 50.000 excl. living cost and housing into this? I'd be a mature and international student who missed out on education earlier and given my age (almost 30) I'm wondering if this wouldn't be an option to be able to stay on afterwards since it's in demand in certain areas which might even grow further? A drawback, it's not a bachelor of teaching but maybe this could still be obtained afterwards? I heard some mixed opinions about TAFE, not sure if it's worth the money... Since I have a slight time issue I'm also hesitating between staying in Europe and starting from scratch (which will take some years and maybe then I'm too old) or going on a WHV and changing this to a student visa if accepted for a place. I guess in that case I might also have a chance that I don't have to show the $ 18.000 required in a bank account since I'm already in the country? Would be nice to hear what you think about it, if it is worth risking and throwing all my savings into? Thanks and good luck on your own way!
  11. Hiya. I am expecting my 457 visa any day. I'm a nurse with my Australian nursing reg sorted and a job waiting for me....I was also very impatient as I am already in Australia. :-S Anyhooo I really want to top up my nursing diploma to a bachelors but it seems to cost a fortune as I'm not Australian or a PR. :-( Gutted. Anyway around this? I love studying and hate the thought of waiting years until I get my citizenship (that's if I don't get chucked out for being impatient). I just think life is too short and I want to study and work my way up in the career I love. Any help and advice would be great. Thanks for reading my waffle. x
  12. Guest

    Private colleges VS TAFE

    Which is better? or does it make a difference?
  13. Guest

    TAFE Preferences

    Hi everyone. I'm a 176 visa holder. I wanted to know if anyone over here has done TAFE from Queensland and answer a few questions I have to ask. First of all I would wanna know which fields are the most popular and have the most beneficial future prospects. Are these fields any good in Australia? Electrical Engineering Architecture and Building design Information Technology Business studies Plus can you people please rate these Universities in the correct order ( The one on tp to the last) Queensland University of Technology Griffith University University of Southern Queensland Central Queensland University
  14. The Pom Queen

    Frankston new TAFE

    Chisholm Institute of TAFE’s Frankston Campus is the site of the new $19 million Frankston START (School TAFE Alliance for Regional Training) Trade Training Centre. Frankston Council has approved land at Samuel Sherlock Reserve to be used for this educational purpose. Construction of the new centre is scheduled to commence this summer with funding provided under the Australian Government’s Trade Training Centres in Schools Program. The Federal Government will provide $2.5 billion over 10 years to enable secondary schools to seek funding for Trade Training Centres. The 13 schools taking part are: Carrum Downs Secondary College; Elisabeth Murdoch College; Flinders Christian Community College; Frankston High School Senior Campus; John Paul College; McClelland Secondary College; Monterey Secondary College; Mount Erin Secondary College; Mount Eliza Secondary College; Patterson River Secondary College; Naranga Special School; Toorak College; and Woodleigh School.
  15. Hi, I am new on the site. I have been studying for a certificate in education to enable me to teach nails in college and hopefully get a visa for oz eventually too. I have family there who will sponsor me but I'm not sure if the cert ed is enough, it is an under graduate qualification and I am very expeirenced in what I do. I have been told that I should train in something else too so that I appeal more to tafe, however I feel that I am better teaching what I know and love. I hope to apply for a visa as soon as I finish the course if possible. Can any teachers, nail techs or Tafe employees offer any advice please? I am 33, single with no children. I would even be interested in working in a salon at first but I know that I can't get a visa ad a nail tech even though I have won many competitions and have a good, experienced reputation. (Sorry for the modesty, put that in just incase any employers are reading!)
  16. Guest

    Any grants for TAFE students

    Are there any grants available for permenant migrants who want to study at TAFE or a private training institution? Many thanks!
  17. I have been to NSW TAFE website: https://www.tafensw.edu.au And checked out the courses listed there . But there are just overwhelming number of courses available and I am not sure which one should I choose. Basically I will need some thing that will prepare me for formal official environments and improve my Australian English. I have found one course speically interesting. It is "Skills for Work and Training". But I can understand the difference between the two links I am mentioning below. Because they appear exactly the same except one is Certificate II (NRT) and other is Statement of Attainment (NRT) https://www.tafensw.edu.au/howex/servlet/Course?Command=GetCourse&CourseNo=9072 https://www.tafensw.edu.au/howex/servlet/Course?Command=GetCourse&CourseNo=9069
  18. Guest

    TAFE Education

    Hi there im looking for any advice anyone has, im wanting to study vehicle maintenance mechanics at a tafe institute in mebourne, as im just a regular joe i do not have the mass funds that seem required, is there any help on offer with funding or fees while studying and working? my great uncle lives in melbourne and has offered me his place to stay while i study so i wouldnt need any money for a house or shelter. if anyone could help me this would be excellent thank you. Bryan
  19. Is it possible to do any TAFE training on a 457 visa? TRA refused my application for a refrigeration mechanic due to not meeting the electrical requirements for the trade. Is there any way of obtaining a licence certificate level III or restricted Electrical Licence while on a 457 in australia????
  20. Guest

    Tafe Bricklaying course

    With all the searching i've been doing on the net I can't believe I have just come across this website. It's class!! For years now I've been working the bum jobs here in England, so I've finally made the last steps in getting enrolled on a Bricklaying course in Nambour, Sunshine coast which I'm so looking forward to. I just have a couple of questions which I hope I can get some information on. I travelled for a year in Oz but somehow missed out on the Sunshine Coast. I'll hopefully be staying in Mooloolaba so was just needing some heads up on the place. Have I made a good choice?. I'm hoping it's a fairly lively place regarding things to do & social life The last query regarding the bricklaying course. I have only had labouring experience with none in bricklaying. I know the TAFE say; once you have completed the course you will be a fully qualified brickie. But how realistic would it be to get my 1st chance straight after the 2 year course? Thanks alot Gaz
  21. Guest

    Tafe choice in Brisbane

    Hello Everyone - This is my 1st post and was hoping I could get some info from you kind folk. I'm looking to come over to Brisbane to study Horticulture in February. It's not for residency purposes as I know it's off the modl list. I was recently made redundant so I've decided on a career change as I'm still young, and have loved Brisbane from my previous holidays there. My problem is.... which Tafe to choose between Brisbane North or Metropolitan South? Does anyone, living in Bribane or previously studied at either, know of their reputations or standards? Hope anyone can help Paddy
  22. Hi All Myself, the wife and two teenagers aged 17 and 13 have just received our visa's after a long 2.5 year wait. We have visited friends that live in Empire Bay and loved it there but agree with posts that it could be a bit remote for the kids. So thought about Terrigal, Erina or Avoca? People seem to have mixed feelings about the secondary schools ? But I'm also concerned that when I googled the nearest Tafe for plumbing for my 17 year old ( who at the moment is still doing his first year plumbing at a nearby college in england) would have to travel for nearly an hour each morning to go to Hunter Campus in Wyong. Does anyone know if this is true or is there another Tafe nearer to any of these places? We would value any help at the moment:confused: Murky
  23. Hi all, We are a family of 5, looking to relocate to perth on a student visa early 2011. We are aware of the risks involved in going on this type of visa but it is our only option. We are aware of all the costs involved in bringing a young family and have budgeted accordingly. I am a 37 year old male interested in doing one of the trade courses. I have looked into doing it at Silver Trowel but have since been made aware that Tafe colleges also offer these courses. I understand these to be government run courses? Are the government courses a safer option? With regard to work experience, do the colleges help you find it, do they have contacts to head you in the right direction, or is this completely up to you to sort out? Is there any advise regarding these courses. I know i can work 20 hours a week during term time and that i will have to find an employer sponsor. How easy is this? Can anyone give any indication regarding pay, although i'm sure it varies widely. How realistic is it to come over, find related work experience and a sponsor in order for us to gain permanent residency?? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Craig
  24. connaust

    TAFE Study to PR Announcement

    International Student Migration recent announcement from Holmesglen TAFE Melbourne, nothing new, but clear explanation of situation: Australian government announced changes to the General Skills Migration program which have an impact on international students. In brief, these changes are: 1. The Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL) has been revoked. 2. A new Skilled Occupation List (SOL) is to be implemented in mid 2010. However, this list will not be available until April 2010. 3. Students applying for permanent residency will be required to have an occupation on the SOL. Hence a lot will depend on what occupations are on this list. 4. There is a clear emphasis in the new regulations separating study from migration. 5. Greater emphasis and preference will be given to students with employer or state government sponsorships. Students will be encouraged and may apply for a visa to work in Australia on graduation and look towards gaining employer sponsorship and work experience. 6. Student visa holders with a trade/technical qualification will need to have an IELTS level of 6.0. With these changes the government is aiming to diversify international student enrolments away from high volume courses such as cookery, hairdressing and automotive. They want students doing courses at more advanced levels (diploma, degree) in occupational areas that are in demand in the Australian economy (health, engineering, etc.) The government has said that it wants to continue the skilled migration program and to continue to accept international students for permanent residency.
  25. I've been doing a bit of looking on the TAFE Victoria site but am more confused now:confused: What courses would I have to take in order to qualify as a general electrician in Oz???