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Found 9 results

  1. paulswin

    Headache tablets!!!!!

    HI guys, can I take neurofen plus headache tablets in my luggage as thats the only tablet that seems to get rid of my headaches!!!! Also I have 2 things that belonged to my mum and dad a dream catcher and an old faux bow and arrow what do you think the chances are of me getting stopped with that in my cases???? They've got feathers on them thats why I cant take them so say in our container!
  2. Guest

    Hayfever tablets?!

    Well myself and OH are hayfever sufferers. Mine hasn't been too bad over the last 2/3 yrs. Were currently experiencing our 1st oz springtime and mine is now back with sore throat and everything! Went into chemist today and brought the cheapest large box of tablets at $30 for 50. I almost had palpitations,a far way from the £1-2 I used to pay in asda! So guys have you got any other cheaper options for me to try or is $30 the going rate?
  3. Hello my name is Sam. I would like to apologise because I know that this is a completely different topic to what this forum is about. But I could not find anything to do with health and things like that. (I am fairly new to this) I am moving to Australia in the next 2 years or so and I am on Diabetic tablets called Metformin. I am on a 500mg dose and I get it free in England for obvious reasons. But I am on this tablet for life. I also cannot go on any other form of diabetic treatment. Could you please answer me these questions as it is quite important... How do I go about getting this tablet over in Australia? Would it be free? Thank you for taking the time to read my post and for your help. It is much appreciated. Take care everybody :cute:
  4. We are off on a 457 next month anyone tell me 1, How many months supply of tablets have they had from their GP 2, Have they had problems through customs with a large amount of prescription tablets 3. Re-ordering the tablets from a Aussie doctor any problems? All comments much appreciated
  5. calNgary

    Kids taking tablets

    Having just had a huge Tick removed from my 11yr olds scalp, the Dr has put him on a course of antibiotics but has insisted he has tablets now he his a big boy not medicine. Poor lad was so brave yesterday and is really struggling with taking the tablets, has anyone got any ideas or tricks to make it easier for him? Oh and a word of warning, if you or your kids do get a Tick don't let someone try and remove it ,put some Meths on it and take them straight to the Dr. Cal x
  6. watto

    dog vetmedin tablets

    hi can any one tell me were to get vetmedin tablets from cheap,cos there well half the price back in uk but customs would not let them in for me cos i had to have a permit,this place is a killer when you really need something,fourtune here like very thing else.........
  7. Hi all! Hope someone can help. My Mum in law is coming over to Brisbane soon & is so worried about the flight she will have to take tablets from the doctor to help her relax. But she's heard a few horror stories about people being arrested at Dubai for drugs when they had prescription drugs, poppy seed bread rolls etc in their luggage :wacko: Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks Sue :spinny:
  8. I know i will need to declare all presecription drugs but do i have to tell them about vitamin tablets? I will be taking multi vits. calcium and iron tablets all brought over the counter, also a herbal tablet for healthy hair. Will i have problems taking all these with me as I need to take them all daily since my operation in May. Many thanks Emma x
  9. Guest

    herbal tablets

    Hi all can anyone help i take herbal tablets to help me sleep my question is these tablets are from a health shop and want to take a lot of boxes with me as i have tried everything going and at last after 3 yrs have found something that works. will i have problems bringing them and also having them sent over? i will be bringing over a small suit case full of my drugs and the kids meds so will need a bigger case if i can :biglaugh: hope someone can help who has either taken them over already or knows about these things julie :wubclub: