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Found 25 results

  1. Hi all I am doing my skills assesment as a Computer and Network Systems Engineer (263111), as I dont have many qualifications I am doing a RPL for the ACS. I have completed everything up to the question : 3. Describe the design method you used on this project and the rationale for its selection. The project reports I have done are essentially a network/domain migration and datacentre design and build, however I am stumped by this question. Can anyone supply me with some advice as to what options I should consider for this answer? What design method might one use to design and build a Bladcentre (Vmware), SAN based datacentre? thanks Rich.
  2. What exactly should be suitable/relevant work experience to be assessed as Systems analyst? I have gone through the definition on the related websites and thought I qualify as Systems Analyst, but ACS suggested me that I am suitable to qualify as Systems Engineer (263111). I have 3+ yr experience as Global Support Analyst and Senior Systems analyst in different companies where I was invloved in designing, implementing and trouble-shooting of applications, servers etc and 1.5 yr experience as Network Engineer and hold a Bachelor degree on EEE(Electrical and Electronics Engineering). What I really wanted is to apply as a independent (175 PR visa). Is there any member who have positive assessment as a Systems analyst here in PIO? If so, could you please share your experience? I appreciate any comment/sharing experience as these questions are burning my head. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi there, we have ss with the ACT but are still waiting for their SMP to come out. Has it come out yet? We have an ASCO code of 2231-11 Systems Manager and apparently its not on the new SOL and if its not on the ACT's SMP then we have very little chance of going to Australia. Is this true? I am waiting patiently as I am sure everyone else is. I know we need to wait for the ACT to release their SMP. Do you think they will be releasing their SMP soon? We applied years ago and it sure feels like we've been waiting for about 10 years! What happens if our code is not on their list? What must we do? Can my husband reapply for a new code to the ACS? Also, because my husbands skills were assessed by the ACS years back - about 3 yrs, do we need to get them re-assessed? Please could someone answer at least a few of these questions. I cannot sleep !! :arghh:
  4. Guest

    shipping company

    Hi all We have just had a good quote from *** to move our stuff from Essex to Brisbane and we are keen to go with them, but haven't read any reviews or anything on them - can anyone who has used them let me know what they were like? Thanks
  5. Hi All, Has anyone had experience with these two companies? *** is a smaller firm, very competitive(low price) however, trying to see if they are an accredited international removals company. Anglo Pacific, out right said they are unlikely to be as cheap as the smaller firms, (that makes sense due to overhead costs being higher for a larger firm) However, as I am going groupage this makes me feel a bit more secure with regards to waiting times. Any views?
  6. Dear All, I falling under ANZSCO CODE: 262113 - Systems Administrator in latest SOL1-2. It is clear that I have to go for State/Territory Sponsorship (or Nomination) in few of the below ones. Australian Capital Territory New South Wales Northern Territory Queensland South Australia Tasmania Victoria Western Australia But I am unable to find which of the above are open for my ANZSCO CODE: 262113 as per new list. :confused: Please suggest. Thanks in advance.
  7. briggs

    261112 - Systems Analyst

    Hi Due to the recent re structure of the SOL List. I am unsure of who woud be the Skills Assessment Authorty for Migration purposes for the following occupation, 261112 - Systems Analyst, which is on the new SOL List. Do you think this would fall with the ACS Assessing Authority or Vetassese? Thank you very much for your help
  8. Hi All, Just got word back from the ACS, they wont give me System Analyst, however they will give me Systems Administrator. Looking to apply for 175/176 visa. IELTS booked for Jan 21st, aiming to head off late 2012 / early 2013. From what I can see, no-one is offering State Sponsorship on this at the minute. My questions, if anyone can help.... 1. How often to the lists change and how likely is it to show up on any SS lists. (Or is it currently on a list I have missed..?) 2. Is it worth accepting the 262113, or is it worth another application to the ACS under a code that is on SS. Any feedback is very welcome, thanking ye all in advance, Kev
  9. NZPom

    NZ vs Oz Education Systems

    Just wondered if anyone out that has experience of both education systems as I'm finding it hard to get any information about how the two compare. We are currently in NZ and looking to move to Oz at the start of next year - my kids are currently in years 7 and 9 (the 13 year old in Year 9 has just started high school this year which I believe is a year later than in Oz). I also have a son in year 1. The main thing I want to know is are the kids ahead educationally in Oz compared with NZ? I'm just concerned that my kids are doing well here and in the top stream and might struggle when transferring to the Ozzie system - I'm worried they'll be put in a low class which could affect the rest of their education at such a vulnerable age (the older two). What I'm thinking is that if I could find out what sort of work they'd be doing, I could maybe find some books and try and tutor them a bit? If anyone could point me in the right direction I'd be very grateful! Thanks Kate
  10. Returning to UK next year, will our flat screen TV's work there or should we buy new when we get back?
  11. Hi there We have just had approval from ACS. Next step SS. We have never been to SA. 1of the questions asks to please name organisations //companies that are relevant to your career . He's been looking on the job agency websites, but they do not list the companies names. So we are struggling to find names. If anyone could please give us ideas of IT companies in SA I would really appreciate it. Thank you,
  12. Hi all, Anyone know what states are sponsoring IT systems administrators ? I know NT do, Canberra did but all IT codes now closed.
  13. After months of dreaming and hoping we have finally sent the first payment to the migration company for them to start the visa process for us!! I know we still have a long way to go but i finally feel like we have started our journey to Oz! Cant wait to get there!!! Lou x
  14. Hi guys. Can anyone advise would I be eligible to apply for 2611 ICT business and systems analysts profession which has been listed on the preliminary new SOL list? I satisfy the 2 year study in Australia provision - I did Master of Commerce with a major in Business Information Systems and now I am doing MComm Honours in BIS Project Management for one semester, all at the University of Sydney. I also hold a BSc degree Information Systems and Management from the University of London. Here s the breakdown of the relevant subjects I have done so far at Sydney Uni (I satisfy the accreditation of ACS minimum requirement - having a major in Information Systems with one core and five advanced subjects): INFS 5000 Business Information Systems INFS 6001 BIS Management INFS 6004 BIS Change Management INFS 6012 Business Process Integration INFS 6014 BIS Project Management INFS 6015 Business Process Management ECOF 6018 Elective Option 1 - Foundations of Management Now doing: INFS 6013 Information Risk, Governance & Assurance INFS 7001 Business Information Systems Honours A INFS 7002 Business Information Systems Honours B I would say that for the profession in question all these are relevant and I made bold the ones I think are an exact fit for the profession. Please let me hear some opinions especially from the people who did ACS assessment previously. Thanks,
  15. Hi all Hoping there are some experienced migrants/teachers parents who can help. OH could have a job lined up in WA on a 457, excellent job and development opportunity, fantastic looking place, good relocation package, fab salary. All looks good. We are still in the dilemma of wether to go and have decided the best approach for us ( know it's personal) is to look at this as. A 3 yr project, re-evaluating every year or so. This means I need to plan and consider an escape route. Has anyone got experience of moving back to the UK with school age kids? My oldest struggles a little (very bright a couple of years ahead in reading/numeracy), bit behind in writing (can't be arsed to do it to be honest) and his concentration is far from great. He is in year 4 and turns 9 in June. Youngest is (besides a pain with attitude) very bright, on gifted and talented register, working on yr 5 reading comprehension, 2 yrs aheadin writing and yr ahead in numeracy. What I'm worried about is, if we go and come back, when is the best time to return to minimise disruption for the kids? I was of the mind that coming back before the oldest starts GCSE work would be best, that way transition to A levels may be better and then uni entry? This would mean returning when he is in yr 9. I think the younger one will be fine as she would be back in plenty time. I've looked at schools and found a really good one so feel happy that they will be getting a good education there. I am concerned whether they will miss out on anything and if we should move between the two. I've looked for comparisons between school curriculums but can't find very much. Does anyone know how they compare and what steps we can take to try bridge any gaps? Wondering whether extra tuition may help ( number 1 has a tutor now as one on one helps his concentration). Sorry about the garble!!!!!! Thanks in anticipation.
  16. We have been having a bit of trouble fitting our skills into the new SMPs. My OH and I are 25. I'm a hospital pharmacist and he is a network engineer. With our age we were having trouble as we obviously don't have years and years of experience. Pharmacists now need 3 years (I've done 18months) so we are trying to apply under his occupation. Brian graduated with a Bsc (hons) 2;1 in computer games technology in 2008 and has been working as a tech since (2 and a half years). He has gained some Microsoft qualifications, currently at MCSA working up to MCSE. We have signed up to an agent in the last couple of weeks (Thames migration) after some discussion they seemed confident about our situation. However since receiving brians degree transcript they're not sure his degree will pass the skills assessment. Does anyone have any idea if a BSc in computer games technology from the University of Portsmouth will count as a suitable IT degree? Thanks in advance :-)
  17. The Hippo

    BAE Systems - Williamstown

    Anyone on the forum work in BAE's shipyard in Williamstown. Been offered a 2-year secondment there from BAE's yard in Glasgow (man of the clyde) and would be great to make contact with anyone else working in the yard, for some helpful advice etc. Thanks, The Hippo
  18. Guest

    All systems go..........

    So, we've finally agreed a price on the house and have a settlement date which also means we have the date we're moving back home. We're both excited but also a bit nervous that we won't find a job, but I'm sure we'll be fine and we know we must stop reading the Daily Mail website with all it's doom and gloom. Got to start booking flights, organising shipping, cancelling direct debits and enjoying our last two months down under. Any advise on what we need to do before we go greatly appreciated!
  19. Can anyone help me on this one? I need to know the ASCO code for this course. Thanks a lot.
  20. Guest

    Bae Systems

    Hi, anyone on here emigrated or in the process of emigrating who served their apprenticeship at Bae systems (or British aerospace as it was). Just that in the late 80's they used a 3 year modern apprenticeship scheme (not 4 years) and i was wondering if anyone else had problems getting their skills verified because of this?
  21. I am looking for full-time some opportunities on Linux/Unix/Win Administrator job position suitable to my professional skills & background in Sydney. I am a System Administrator on Linux / Unix & Win with strong knowledge on operating systems, networking and Application Server j2ee on Bea Weblogic Server,Portal,Integration,for 3 years i worked in H3G Italy at Milan environment mobile web deployment, i have a second visa 417. My last work experience was mainly focused on : - linux/bash scripting developing for network services monitoring. - advanced linux bash-shell/scripting skills for maintenance purpose. - network infrastructure design for performance test enviroment - system task scheduling/developing for asynchronous system recovery support - database(mySQL,Oracle, Postgree,Exist) maintenance script developing - custom asynchronous system service/daemons developing for system health monitoring - apache web server configuration and related linked dynamic modules loading also in cluster/balanced network configuration. - advanced enterprise-oriented product such as J2EE application servers -high availability clusters and enterprise application integration. I welcome any suggestions/advice for job search! Best regards, Fabio
  22. Hi there fellow hopeful escapees I hope that someone can help us. I'm an ITU nurse and my husband is an IT analyst. Does anyone know how much experience ITU nurses are expected to have to get sponsorship for 457 Visa in either Queensland or NSW? Also, as anyone completed the 'Recognition of Prior Learning' skills assessment to get membership to the Australian Computer Society? And if you have how long does it take to come through, and do you have any tips for applying? Thank you, Heather and Dean xx :emoticon-signxmas:
  23. Guest

    Telephone Systems & Broadband

    Hi there - wonder if any of you can advise which phone system providers are the best. We have just arrived in Waikiki, WA and can't get the Virgin network recently advertised here. Telstra and Optus look like the only ones but seem so complicated. We want to have a phone line and broadband installed - should we get a combined package or are there separate broadband operators that can give a better deal? We don't use our mobiles much and get vodafone pay as you go from stores as we need them. I use the internet to send/receive emails, photo's etc - hope to download some music to an Ipod at times and use Skype - anyone know what speed I should be looking at 'cos I don't understand all those speed deals!? In the UK we had NTL cable which changed to Virgin and had unlimited broadband for 18pounds a month - is there anything similar here? Hope someone can throw some light on the subject for me! - Confused....:huh: Thanks, Cheryl
  24. Hi everyone on PIO!! We are Geoff & Katherine, with three children Jazmin (15), Ysobelle (13) and Dominik (10). We currently live in Berkshire, UK. About 2 months ago the opportunity to work in Sydney arose, and since the job offer came through, our lives have been turned upside down, something I am sure you have all been through. We have completed the 457 Visa application, have had the medicals and x-rays. It's now the "waiting game" that I am sure you have all been through :goofy: Until the confirmed "yes" we are on the limbo state where much depends on that answer!! In the meantime, our house is upside down as we sort through 20 years of junk, paperwork and memories. Plus redecorating before having new flooring throughout in order to sell before leaving the UK. Also, deciding what to ship or not is a pain!!! Very stressful :arghh:, but also very exciting :jiggy:!!!! There are so many questions that remain unanswered which I am sure we will post over the next couple of months.:wacko: Our planned leaving date is 23rd November.. ..whoohoo!! Will be glad to receive any advice from people who have emigrated recently, especially what to do beforehand and what to do immediately after arrival. I have also set up a blog to try and record our progress.....trouble is it's hard to find any time to update!!!! Cheers Geoff & Katherine
  25. Hi All Its Denise again from Tanner Menzies... thanks so much for all your resumes and emails.. I will certainly try and help all of you so keep them coming and keep on with the referals. I need your help ....... We have just won a major contract and need up to 70 systems engineers ideally who have worked on major defence projects in realtime (air traffic control systems would be a major plus) ADA C++ experience Please pass this email on to anyone you can think of that has these skills or background. My client will arrange 457 visa's (4 year working with a view to PR) and pays an excellent relocation package. please email me at..... dcole@tannermenzies.com Many thanks D