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Found 106 results

  1. kirsty3008

    Good Schools in Brisbane Area

    Hi We are looking to move to the Brisbane area and I am looking for ideas for Areas where we can access good schools. Does anyone have any suggestions of locations and names of schools we could review Also thinking of going private and would appreciate any advise on how the system works in Oz Many thanks
  2. Guest

    Problems with e457 system?

    Hi, everyone. I paid for and lodged my e457 application last night. Unfortunately my browser crashed before I could print out the application forms and payment receipt... I've tried to access the system today to attach documents and to check progress (obviously there will be none so far but I wanted to check that it had been lodged etc.) and I can't log in. I have put in my TRN and put in the password and other details but I cannot access my application for love nor money. Has anyone had similar problems or any advice as to how I can get around this? I'm obviously quite concerned given that I have paid the visa fee and would like to attach documents swiftly to try to speed up the process! Thanks in advance for any thoughts or comments. db3006
  3. Having rented many houses in the UK for 12 years as a tenant, I'm really shocked at how difficult the Australian system is and how much is geared against the tenant. I'm getting really stressed about it. We found our first property here very quickly and I'm beginning to think it was beginners luck. Our house seems to be owned by an investment company (we rent off an agency), so for whatever reason they've decided not to renew our tenancy after 12 months of being there. They gave us 3 months notice before our contact is due to end (in 4 weeks) which is totally pointless because you can not find a rental 3 months in advance. In fact this is where the whole problem starts. Most rentals want you to move in straight away. There are very few which are available at some date in the future, even if you find them, they won't take viewings until closer to the date. So it's very difficult to find something a few weeks in advance. But you can't leave it to the last minute, as it's not a first come first served system. You have to submit your application (probably along with several other people), then wait days until you find out whether you've got it. So you might think to submit applications for several properties to make sure you get one. But no, it's written on every application, that you must accept the rental if it is offered, so you can't apply for more than one at a time. Then the whole application form is bad too. They are all different and want contact numbers, addresses and emails for current and previous rentals and employers. They want up to 4 professional and character references plus current rental reference. They want 100 points of identification, different agencies give different points for certain IDs. Some only give 25 points for passport and driving license. Then only 20 points for bills. And you have to do a separate application for each adult (the bills are in my name, not my wife's, so she's struggling to get 100 points with a driving license, passports and bank statement. As if she'd forge all of these just to rent a house, she won't even be paying the rent). Then to cap it all, it's written in the application that the landlord doesn't have to make the property available on the date they agreed. On top of that, it's also written on there that you agree to accept the property in the condition that it was in when you viewed it. Some of these places are dumps just when the current tenant moves out, with over grown gardens etc. The agency always verbally promises that it will be tidied up, but in reality you don't have a leg to stand on. So you can complete the application, get all your references sorted, get all your ID sorted, agree to move in if you get the rental, then turn up on the day and the landlord doesn't even have to let you move in, for an indefinite period. What the hell? Why are tenants treated like second class citizens and landlords are like some kind of god? This is really stressing me. We have been perfect tenants, but have to move out on a certain date in 4 weeks time, but can't afford to overlap 2 rentals for 4 weeks. I'm stressed just finding somewhere, before we even consider packing up all ours and the childrens' stuff and moving it by ourselves. :arghh: Why can't they just use a first come first served basis. So if you're the first to see and apply for a property you like, providing your credentials are ok, you've got it. It's easier for the land lord then as they only have to check one application instead of a dozen or so.
  4. Guest

    New points system questions

    I am getting a bit confused about some of the new points system to qualify for migration to Australia. I have entered my information on several different points calculators but get different answers each time which vary from approved to not eligible. Could someone tell me if I am eligible? Age - 39 (later this month) Occupation - Systems/Network Administrator (certifications - MCSE, MCSA, MCP, MCTS and CompTIA A+) Knowledgeable with Windows OS, some Linux and Macintosh. Can program a Cisco router. Work experience - 20 years (but have gone back to school these last 2 years towards getting my degree) - last position I held was as a Level 3 tech (A technician's technician). Education - 2 years towards Bachelors degree in Network Administration English proficiency - I do not speak English but I do speak American. (I hope you appreciate my sense of humor) If you need more information, feel free to ask. I appreciate your using valuable time in answering my query.
  5. Australia has avoided the worst aspects of all-out private care, as exemplified by the US (high cost, lack of cover for the poor and chronic sick, which is only now being put right). It also largely escapes some features of NHS-style state-funded care (lack of choice, treatment delays, questionable quality of care). It does well on the universally acknowledged standard of infant mortality, at 4.2 deaths per 1,000 live births. Britain records 4.8 per 1,000 live births. Life expectancy at birth for Australians is 81.4 years, compared to 79.5 in Britain. Calculations of potentially preventable deaths in advanced economies put Australia at a commendable 71 per 100,000 population (for 2002-3) compared to 103 per 100,000 in UK. Healthcare expenditure in Australia as a proportion of GDP is 8.9 per cent, 0.5 per cent more than Britain. The country also has more practising doctors than Britain – 2.8 per 1,000 population, against the UK’s 2.5
  6. Guest

    the class system

    is it still rife in the uk--i mean we are all skint in the uk so wont that cancel such a system out--as for australia i find theres more class distinction in oz rather than the uk--sad really its such a lovely country--but there you go thats life:wubclub: so whats your thoughts then
  7. atlime

    New system

    Hi everyone. I hope everyone is well and getting along with their applications without to much trouble :smile: im hoping that someone can help me as im a little confused as to whether I qualify for a visa with the new system. I am a Painter by trade and have over 10 years recent experience. ------------------------------------------- aged 39 years. (25 Points) ------------------------------------------ English language ability (10 points) Assuming I get 7 overall. ----------------------------------------- Skilled employment within Australia* I dont have any work experience in Australia so (0 points) ------------------------------------------------- I have over 8 years overseas experience so should I get the 20 points or 15 points ? Skilled employment overseas* (Maximum 15 points) I have worked in my nominated occupation or a closely related occupation for at least 3 years (10 points)I have worked in my nominated occupation or a closely related occupation for at least 5 years (15 points)I have worked in my nominated occupation or a closely related occupation for at least 8 years (20 points) --------------------------------------------------- Would I get the 10 points for below quaestion if I was to complete the AQF111 Cert?Qualifications* (Maximum 2 points) I hold an Australian Diploma or trade qualification (10 points)I hold an award or qualification recognised by the assessing authority in assessment of my nominated skilled occupation (10 points)I hold at least an Undergraduate Degree (15 points)I hold a Doctorate Degree (20 points)None of above (0 points) ------------------------------------------- Could I claim 5 points for my wife as she is a Solicitor in the UK? (aged 35) Application with your spouse* (Maximum 5 points) Can you claim 5 points on joint application with your spouse?* -------------------------------------------- I hope someone can help as I get more confused everytime I read it. If I dont get enough points it will have to be employer sponsership but im not hopfull that way as most people in the trade seem to be self-employed. Thanks for anyone who has read this. Jason
  8. Hi there, this tread is not intended to be polemical. I am a biology teacher in a secondary school willing to migrate to Australia. As such, I am interested to find out about the australian school system and the way it can be compared or distinguished from other systems. According to PISA standards, Australia stands above the OECD average for student performance in mathematics ( Error[]=&regions[]=&indicator=1&domain=1&95conf=on&mid90percent=on&meanMale=on&meanFemale=on&oecdAv=on&sortOrder=mean&1_options=true&theme=1&cmd=storeGraphRequest&requestid=1291803140055&items=2&) However, looking at the Naplan test 2010 for year 9, I was struck by the level of the questions asked in the numeracy test which seemed to me to be very easy for kids 13-14 of age. (http://www.naplan.edu.au/verve/_resources/nap10_numeracy_9_calc.pdf) :chatterbox:. Am I missing something ? How would you compare the australian school system versus the one of your country ? Cheers,
  9. gaz n family

    Household items through the system

    Well as many of you will now know we have arrived and have started to make our new life here in South Australia and loving every minute of it. We have been advised of the date our items arrived in country but dont know how long it will take to clear. I appreciate every consignment is different and times will vary. but roughly how long has it taken your stuff to get through?
  10. mossetta

    class system not in Oz

    Can`t wait to move to Oz so sick of the snobbery of this country !!!!!!!! Bought my son a pair of trainers for school P.E, he was moaning because he should have chosen them, I told him off for being ungrateful his Dad coudn`t believe it, my son got really upset then confessed that he was laughed at for wearing a pair of Fila trainers, they cost £50 hardly a cheap brand, he goes to a school in cheshire full of spoilt rich kids. But its everywhere here and we are just as bad myself included, we are selling an unfinished barn conversion so have moved into a rented house, are car broke down relpaced with an older one because we are trying to save for the move but most of our neighbours have decent cars, so i made my hubby buy a newer one, i wouln`t even care what car we had if we were living in Oz.
  11. robbothejoiner

    Advice on which visa. New points system.

    Hi, which would the best visa to apply for, for a British UK carpenter, my wife who's job is not SOL. With two kids. Struggling for info. Don't seem to have enough points for any visa. Many thanks.:err:
  12. Hi I am trying to apply under the following (System Administrator) and was wondering if anybody had applied for the same and could forward me their work experience /job description. I want to get an idea of what to put down on paper. I have heard that is had to be a detailed two page description Thanks H
  13. Hi I am on the look out for a system administrator who is happy to run the back office systems for an SME in Adelaide. If you have an interest in security, this may be a great opportunity for you to also gain personal development in this field! Please send me a PM in the first instance detailing: broad skills and experience, type of visa (you have or intend to get), when you intend to arrive in Adelaide (if not already!). Cheers for now Regards Yvonne
  14. Alanlisa

    New Points System

    Hi All, I have been looking at the new points system and I was wondering what if we applied for a visa whilst my OH is 32 but by the time the visa is granted he would be 33. Would we get 30 points or 25?? Any info greatly appreciated. Lisa
  15. Dear All, I'm a IT Graduate Diploma holder ( offered by British Computer Society ) and successfully went through with ACS assessment and my Group is A. Which mean ACS confirm that my qualification is equal to B.Sc. degree. Now I have a question, with new points system starting from this July, will I be able claim points for my educational qualification ( Graduate Diploma ) and get 15 marks for that? (15 marks - Bachelor Degree including a Bachelor Degree with Honours or Masters)? Please kind enough to share your thoughts. Regards. Anne
  16. Hi everyone, Posted this over in the Perth Pom's forum but have not had any response so hoping some of you good kind folk can help! Looking to emigrate to Perth area in the coming years ahead but OH and I have a question about the work experience section of the new points system. Is work experience essential? The reason I ask is that with our ages (26) and with me completing a PhD in the next year and a bit and taking the IELTS test to get level 8 that would give us 70 points. Would that be acceptable or is work experience a mandatory element of the points system? Thanks in advance, Robin and Lindsey.
  17. Friends i am scoring 65 points under new point system. And 10 of those are via family sponsorship. but i read i cannot apply for PR when i have family sponsorship. And i will get work visa for 3 years. Is that true? And what i get this 3 years visa then what would be procedure for me to get PR in Ozz.. ??????????????? Regards KEVIN
  18. Hi All I'm new here. I would just like to ask regarding my situation. ACS already emailed me that my ANZSCO code is 262113 (System Administrator) though I applied for Systems Analyst. I would like to ask if I am right in SOL - Schedule 4 System Administrator is included and it is written: "This list applies to occupations in the State Migration Plans (StatSOL) with ANZSCO codes. This list applies to applicants for subclasses 176 (Skilled – Sponsored)" I check 176 Skilled Sponsored Visa it says: This visa requires you to be sponsored by an eligible relative living in Australia or nominated by a participating State or Territory government. My brother and sisters are already permanent resident of Australia and been living for more than 10 years. Does this mean I can apply for 176 Visa. Hope anyone can help.
  19. Raul Senise

    E lodge system maintenance today

    For those hoping to lodge a last minute application today to beat the 1st of July changes, be warned that Immigration will be doing maintenance on the e lodge system from 8pm tonight. See here for details.
  20. State Migration Plan South Australia 1 July 2011 - Immigration SA – General Skilled Migration - State Sponsorships The General Skilled Migration State Sponsorship Application System remains closed until further notice. The new State Sponsored Migration List and the associated requirements/criteria will be posted on this website as soon as it is finalised. Please continue to monitor this website for updates. http://www.migration.sa.gov.au/sa/immigrate_from_overseas/state_migration_plan_south_australia.jsp
  21. Raul Senise

    July Points System – Caution

    There have been many recent posts in regards to the new points system which will be implemented from the 1st of July. I advise caution in this regard, as there is still much we do not know for certain, as much of the relevant Regulations and none of the Policy has yet been released. So far only some of the Regulations are available, such as the regulation which deals with the points allocation (Schedule 6C). This is problematic as the relevant Ministerial Instruments and Policy have not been released. As one example, the definition of Superior English in the Schedule defers to another Regulation, which Defers to a Ministerial Instrument, which has not yet been released. As such it is yet to be defined. My point is to proceed with caution and not make any irreversible decisions until the full ambit of the new system is know.
  22. Hi! I would like to apply for either ACT or SA state sponsorship. Since I am 40 and my work experience in the nominated occupation has been discontinous for a number of reasons, I may have some problems in scoring 65+ points. The solutions seemed to be waiting a few more years (at least 2.5), with the risk of having my occupation removed from the list or the criteria changing again. :arghh: Reading about the new point systems I have noticed that it is not specified that 3/5/7 years have to be consecutive nor all recent. If my interpretation is correct, I may just go for it and start the skill assessment straightaway :jiggy: What are your thoughts? Please reply.... K:err:B
  23. Hello all, I've considering emigration for a couple of years but never looked deeply into it. I am aware that the new points system is coming into effect in July. I'm currently studying Photography at Degree level, and hope after this to go on to study a PGCE in Art and Design for Secondary School. Therefore will be a qualified seconday school teacher. Looking at the new points system, I will be awarded the following ... 30 points for age. 20 points for English language (already achieved IELTS 8) Now this is where I am confused.. the new points system states that under the Qualifications section that a Bachelor Degree offers 15 points. Now if I have a BA in Photography, and a PGCE in Art and Design for Secondary, would I be awarded the 15 points? Also does the degree need to relate to the job which is on the SOL that I'm applying for? Either way if my degree counts for 15 points then I'll have the 65 points that is expected to be the requirement. Will I then need to gain experience in the UK in my job before applying for a my visa? Or as I will have the necessary points can I just apply then find my first job in Australia? Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer my questions! Adam.
  24. Janak

    Confusion about Point System

    Hi there, I have applied for TR on 17 June 2010. My assessment falls under 2231-79 ICT Recent Graduate. Now I want to apply for PR. I am confused with the new rules. will I fall under new point systems or current? Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  25. :sad:Hey everyone! I'm writing this post in a bit of a ''down in the dumps'' state!! Having gone through this process with the help of an agent and spending thousands for them to do our paperwork, we are now told that we have no chance of getting anything done by 1st July before the changes. The agent was slow to send our bits off and my husband (an electrician) has already paid for the Vetassess paper in order to do the practical. (Not to mention many thousands of £ as agents fees) The next practical is on 11th July (beyond the deadline of course). My agent is being very vague, but suggests we DON'T now pay for or do the vetassess practical, as she's not sure whether it's going to be worth it! Oh great!!! We were applying for State Sponsored in Perth, but now she's saying the only option may be for him to now find work sponsored employment!!! This, she says, is all due to the changes in the points system, which we now don't make enough points for. I am gutted... Not only have we spent thousands on this, we have invested so much time and emotion in the whole thing. I feel like it's all been for nothing and we may as well have done it all ourselves. I understand that this new points system is unclear right now, but feel that enough has been on the internet for my agent to have had a better idea before letting us continue. I'm so worried that my husbands trade will no longer get us there. He has been trading for 8 years but has no degree, just C&G. Is anyone else out there as confused/concerned/utterly unhappy as me????? Cheers for reading my rant! Lucy