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Found 16 results

  1. Hi everyone, i am a new member and would like to know if anyone can help me, we are looking at applying for visa, husbands is a brick layer, and we have a beautiful daughter who has down's syndrome she is 8 years old. does anybody know the situation regarding being successful in obtaining a visa, preferably permanent but any type of visa, when we have a child with mild downs syndrome. in advance thank you so much for your help. bev, donald, jess & harry
  2. Guest

    Aspergers syndrome

    Need some friendly advice! My 8 year old Daughter may have Aspergers and because she was awaiting an appointment to see a peadatrician at the time of our Medicals, my Husband told the Panel Doctor. Now we have been sent a Natural Justice by our Case Officer as the MOC has written and seemed to have diagnosed that she has a moderately severe developmental disorder! Our next appointment with the Peadatrician is not until 20th July, whereby we get the full diagnosis. I have been told by our Migration Agent that if she is diagnosed with Aspergers, we can kiss goodbye to our Visa. Has anyone else been in this situation or know if anyone has been in this situation. Thanking you all in advance x
  3. Guest

    Cold Feet Syndrome!!

    I'm due to take the giant leap over to Brisbane on the 26th November! And now that it's pretty close the thought of it makes me pretty scared at times, then I think of the positives and I'm okay and I keep going back and fourth! Would anyone care to share their experiences of when they were about to leave! I'm 23 and realize that if I don't do this now I will never do it but at the same time I think of all the familiar things I'll leave behind! AHHHHH HELP!
  4. Guest

    Tall Poppy Syndrome

    Had to larf, just been down the local shopping center, there was a new security guard there, a right jobs worth, couple of kids were pushing scooters the guard shouted at them to get out, the kids gave him the bird, at this the guard starting going off like a two bob watch, thought he was the commisioner of police or something, one of the shop owners took him to one side and had to calm him dow, amazing how you give some people a little power and all of a sudden they think there Atilla the Hun, What expieriences have you had with jobs worths ?
  5. Ronan20

    Down Syndrome Services

    I have received a 457 visa. Our two year old son has Down Syndrome. Is he entitled to avail of all services that are available to help cope with DS or are there exclusions because we only have a 457 visa and not a PR visa. Thanks Ronan
  6. Nearly three years ago we decided to see if it was possible to go to Australia. We contacted an agent who assured us that Carpet fitters were on the list and invited us to apply using skill path D. The other issue at the time was that we were long term foster carers of two sisters,who we love very much and were not going without them. We started the visa application gathering information for pathway D and at the same time started the process for adoption,which we were not guaranteed to get as it was fiercly contested by the birth family with whom the girls had very little contact. Our dreams seemed to be fading in October 2007 when we found out that pathway D had been suspended, we were then told that the birth mother was trying to overturn the care order in order to try to get the girls back ( the girls had only lived with her for 2 + 3 years and at this time they were 11 + 12 respectively) We were about to give up hope,we wished we had never started the whole thing,we had paid an agent £3500 and they seemed to be doing nothing. January 2008 saw some light as the birth mother had withdrew her application to overturn the care order as the independaant assesment of her deemed that she was unanble and incapable of caring for them. We then had the question of a visa,no pathway D and at the time seemingly no way of getting there. After sending a considerable amount of e-mails to various people in Adelaide,the gods must have been smiling on us as we were contacted by someone who was looking for someone with my skills. He agreed to sponsor us,we were overjoyed. With this we could now go back to court to show the judge that we had a clear way of entering Australia,he was still unsure about severing any ties with birth family and ordered the legal bods to investigate the possibilities of special guardianship orders. Some months later the news came back from Aus that special guardianship orders would not suffice as it would leave the childrens legal immigration status uncertain when they reached 18. He also pointed out that adoption under the childrens act 1989 could not be used as a device for another purpose . The decision had to be made as to what was in the childrens best interest,he ruled on the 17 th of December 2008 that it was in the best interest of the children to emmigrate and granted the adoption,,,,phew we were over the moon. Meanwhile,because we were certain that the order would be granted,we had the sponsorship in place etc,we decided to go for our medicals. We were absolutely devastated to find in March this year that my son had had his medical refused because he has been Diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome,which is on the autistic spectrum. We realised that we had made a classic mistake of not obtaining up to date reports before the meds were done,the panel doctor barely gave him a look and because he is no trouble to us we didnt even consider him being a problem to the Australian health authorities. Plus at the time of the meds we were totaly distracted by the adoption issues and didnt realise that his statement of special educational needs were out of date. We obtained letters from his school,the medical psychologist ,scout group,uncle Tom Cobley and every one we could.We sent them off to the medical bods in Aus,thinking we had half a chance,but hedging our bets by planning a new life in this county as we were not confident that we would have the visa accepted. Today we got our visa,it has been a trial to say the least,we never gave up and we urge others who are in any sort of predicament such as ours not to give up if it is what you want. What I have wrote here is a brief summary of events just to outline the hurdles we have overcome. I would like to offer Gill Palmer (Gollywobbler) a special thank you. She has been an absolute rock right through this,we have learned so much and without you Gill we would have been all at sea,you are a diamond!
  7. My step-mum and I have both been diagnosed with ACS (Auto Correction Syndrome) It is reported that more women suffer from this illness than men. To Diagnose if you have this illness you have to listen to your partner tell a story to friends/family etc and when he/she pronounces a word incorrectly you correct him/her aloud in front of everyone! If you are able to refrain from correcting the partner you are not suffering from this illness. I only thought I suffered from this affliction but this afternoon I noticed that my step-mum corrected my father whilst he was in full flow of telling me about his two month trip 'down-under' [ All this is said tongue in cheek and it's not a real illness, unless like me you use it as a feeble excuse after you have embarrassed your OH] :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh: Does anyone else suffer from this?
  8. Guest

    Aspergers syndrome - help!

    Need some friendly advice! My 8 year old Daughter may have Aspergers and because she was awaiting an appointment to see a peadatrician at the time of our Medicals, my Husband told the Panel Doctor. Now we have been sent a Natural Justice by our Case Officer as the MOC has written and seemed to have diagnosed that she has a moderately severe developmental disorder! Our next appointment with the Peadatrician is not until 20th July, whereby we get the full diagnosis. I have been told by our Migration Agent that if she is diagnosed with Aspergers, we can kiss goodbye to our Visa. Has anyone else been in this situation or know if anyone has been in this situation. Thanking you all in advance x
  9. Hi all. Is there a time in your life when you can adamantly say that has since you experienced it changed your life forever. I'm not talking about marriage, kids, etc, what I am trying to say is have you ever experienced 'Sliding Door' syndrome, where ONE experience has influenced the life you now lead. Difficult to get my point across but, if you had taken one path then your life would have been wholly different, but in the end you chose to take a different path. I guess the easiest way to explain it is with my own experience. When I left school I was adamant that I was going to join the Royal Marines, unfortunately colour blindness negated such a path. Then my dad had a contract in Perth and I chose to join him for a year to sort myself out. From that minute on I knew that one day I would live in Australia and it has to this day influenced most things in my life, for better or worse. I could have stayed in the UK and sought a career here, I know for a fact that two marriages later and several moves to Australia that if I had chosen to stay in the UK I would not have had the experiences I have had. So in essence what I am trying to say is that if you have been faced with a choice, either to go left or right do you reckon it was for the better and are you happy with your decision. I know we cannot defiantly say that if we had taken the other path our lives would have been any better or worse, but if you have had this experience do you think it was the correct choice. Don't know if I have explained it fully, but any of you who have seen the film, 'Sliding Doors' will know what I mean. Cheers Tony:cool:
  10. tazmania

    White Coat Syndrome

    Hello there, I'm just wondering having this so called " White Coat Syndrome" condition will affect my visa application? I knew before and always explain to my GP that everytime I'm visiting the hospital/clinic, that there's something wrong with me. I feel anxious & worry. It just like a nerve racking experience taking school exam or being interview by employer. My heartbeat is pounding & beat so fast! So, I always got an abnormal BP reading in the clinic. It shoot up from 150/100 to 170/100 every visits. So my GP suggest to buy a home BP device to monitor my daily BP. (That was, I think 7 months ago)...By the way, I did the lab test twice, kidney xray and the results were all normal. Since then, I do monitor my BP twice daily. The daily reading ranges from 116/60 to 130/80 and I guess it is in normal range. After several months, I visited my GP last Sunday and again, my BP was over the roof, 160/100.. And again, he sent me back to laboratory to check my conditions... After 3 days, the result went out and it was normal. Today, my GP ruled out that I do have this condition. I show to him my daily BP monitoring sheet and BP home device. I test myself in front of him using my home BP device and shockily, the reading is 175/110.. This reading is way high compare to the BP reading he done on me 150/80. So he said that, nothing to worry coz I do have correct reading at home. About 10-15% of patients experiencing this kind condition. So now I feel so relieved and at the same time worried due to my pending GSM application. Do you think guys, this will affect the outcome of myy visa once the CO requested my medical? I know for sure, that it will happen once I undergo the medical examination in the future. Please advise.... Thanks a lot!:biggrin:
  11. tcillc

    Foreign Accent Syndrome

    This is bizarre: Woman gets Chinese accent after bad migraine: reports April 21, 2010 - 6:50AM A British woman has suddenly started speaking with a Chinese accent after suffering a severe migraine, she said in comments quoted by British media on Tuesday. Sarah Colwill believes she has Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS) which has caused her distinctive West Country drawl to be replaced with a Chinese twang, even though she has never even visited the country. The 35-year-old from Plymouth, southwest England, is now undergoing speech therapy following an acute form of migraine last month which reportedly left her with a form of brain damage. "I moved to Plymouth when I was 18 months old so I have always spoken like a local. But following one attack, an ambulance crew arrived and they said I definitely sounded Chinese," she said. "I spoke to my stepdaughter on the phone from hospital and she didn't recognise who I was. She said I sounded Chinese. Since then, I have had my friends hanging up on me because they think I'm a hoax caller." Ms Colwill added: "The first few weeks of the accent was quite funny but to think I am stuck with this Chinese accent is getting me down. My voice has started to annoy me now. It is not my voice." FAS has been documented around the world and is usually linked to a stroke or traumatic brain injury. It was first recorded in the early 20th century and there are thought to be only a couple of dozen sufferers around the world. Source: Woman gets Chinese accent after bad migraine: reports
  12. Guest

    asperger's syndrome

    Hi there, we're just starting to process or applying for PR in South Australia to join family there and we're worried about my 6 year old who has some issues which are in the process of being diagnosed here in UK. He has been assessed last year and they have called his condition “Motor Coordination Disorder and Social Communication Disorder - possible Asperger's Syndrome.” He is about to be reassessed by the team here to see if they feel this is AS but we are reluctant for them to definitively call it this as we have heard of children being refused visas due to AS. Should we lay low and keep the diagnosis as it is for now do you think – but I think even with this vague diagnosis we would have to mention it ? some people have said if there is no definite diagnosis then don't disclose it at the medical and you'll be OK or should we disclose and hope for the best? Obviously if he has a diagnosis he'll be more entitled to help once there but by the sounds of it we may not actually get there in the first place. He is quite bright, goes to mainstream school, has a special educational needs co-ordinator who works with the teachers to give him sessions in the school twice a week discussing social issues and he needs help with writing aswell. Really puzzled by it all and grateful for your advice :wacko:on the issue of disclosure and diagnosis re the medicals but also if anyone has any info on support once we get there and schools in Adelaide which would be good for him I would be absolutely delighted!! Best wishes :hug:
  13. Just had an email from my agent this morning with the news I had hoped would not happen. My application for the 457 sponsored visa was rejected. My son has down syndrome and the MOC stated Jake did not meet the health requirement. The state the medical opinion is based on potential costs of health care and community service to Australia. Im absolutely gutted and so low right now. Going on the 457 we knew that we had to cover all costs for us as a family as even though we would have paid taxes we knew that everything was for us to pay. Our sponsoring company declined to give a written undertaking to meet any medical costs etc if they were to arise, even though Jake has had no medical condition or need for medical attention in years. He has had no more than a need for calpol in the past 4 years!!! anyway, hope those of you applying for visas with any kind of health condition or disability dont go through this as its the worst feeling you will ever get. Gollywobbler - I know we discussed this before, if there is anything you can add it would be appreciated, but Im not clinging onto any hope here as I imagine if the sponsoring company rejected the undertaken then thats it. Is it worth contacting Dr Goodall again to find out what he said etc?
  14. I hope someone can help or give me some guidelines as I am not finding too much on the net. I am moving to Oz shortly on a 457 visa and plan to stay in the Northern beaches area of sydney. My partners son has down syndrome and will be coming with us also. We are trying to research into what schooling is like for him and what facilities and opportunities are available (i.e. respites etc). He is a very active and happy 8 year old who is developing amazingly. He has passed his medical with no problems for the visa process (although we are waiting for them to be completed due to the government being so slow at the moment). We were very shocked at hearing the issues we may face when we come to apply for residency if a dependant has down syndrome (for those of you who dont know, there has been some cases where the application was declined as someone had DS as they were seen to be a burden on taxpayers if they needed medical attention in their life. A high profile case last year was overturned by the government though which gives us hope) I hope someone has some knowledge on schools who can give us some advice. Thanks in advance
  15. Hi, looking to relocate from the UK to Sydney by starting off an application for a 457 with my wife and 3 kids of 8 , 6 and 3. Our daughter (8) has Downs Syndrome, and we are concerned about our prospects for getting a visa as we have a child with a disability. Even if we get the 457 we are unsure where we would stand with a permanent residency application further down the line. I have spoken to a migration agent here in the UK and they say no problem, but I am not convinced. We would really appreciate some honest feedback from anyone who may have any experience on getting into Australia (permanently) with a child with a disability. Thanks in advance, Stewart.
  16. I have come to the conclusion that myself and many other people on PIO have experienced or are experiencing MPS (Migration Process Syndrome or Visaiitis). The signs and symptoms of this condition are: insomnia, stress, a constant need to keep checking one's emails, paranoia when an email regarding a visa is not received, daydreaming and a pre occupation with Australia. Oh and also eating lots of cake! Unfortunately there is only one cure a visa!!! However in the meantime chocolate, shopping and an excessive consumption of wine are all medically indicated. As a member of PIO I would love to hear from other people who are also suffering from this terrible affliction and identify what other coping strategies can be imlplemented until a cure in the form of agolden ticket is eventually granted!!! Monty:arghh: