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Found 10 results

  1. Sydney

    Syd in the UK

    Been back for a nearly a couple of weeks now, Sunday morning and the sun's threatening to shine so here's hoping. I arrived back the day Mr Murdoch and his son "Harry Potter" were up before the beak and just in time to see him cop a plate of foam in the kisser. I suppose if it happened to me it might be the most humbling day of my life too. Last week I was upstairs on a bus sitting next to a rottweiler called Bronco. I'd forgotten dogs were allowed on public transport, and being a dog lover it was nice to see. Buses and pubs over here are really "owned" by the proletariat, no doubt about it. I saw a family of four complete with collie dog, two bicycles and a couple of suitcases that would break a Qantas baggage handler get on my bus the other day. They were going to a wedding ten miles down the road and decided to make a holiday out of it. Generally I'm the only one on the bus not talking on a mobile phone. I catch the 141 to the new hospital at Esk Bank everyday to see my elderly mother. We go through Roslin, famous for the chapel and the Da Vinci Code and it's quite a pleasant little sojourn. Amazing how busy this wee village has become since they made the movie. As kids we played all around this area from the castle and chapel to Roslin Glen and never gave two hoots about the holy grail. We knew all about the Knights Templar because the village of Temple, settled by the same Knights is only a stones throw away. The bus driver told me he had a load of Asian tourists the other day who boarded the bus at Roslin, each carrying a bag of horse sh1te hoping to take it back home. They'd bought it from one of the local farmers who'd set up a little stall next to the Original Hotel, they regularly sell bags of fertilizer to surrounding locals, it's a rural area . The driver said he had a helluva job getting them off the bus, and the local police became involved. Roslin is also famous for Bovril Johnstone who invented the beefy drink for soldiers during the first world war. A wee greasy spoon on the main street now bears his name. I was in the local pub last night and had the good fortune to be approached by a pretty wee thing who said her grandfather knew me. Now how's that for a loaded intro. Anyway I felt quite flattered to have the company of this local lass with her wee tangerine face, courtesy of the local tanning salon. Seems to be a badge of honour now among the young and trendy. She insisted on introducing me to her boy friend whom she called over. A rather interesting looking beast with fake, (I suppose because they were huge), diamond earrings, and a blue arm which on closer inspection proved to be a collage of tattoos, and dressed rather resplendently in last seasons track pants complete with baggy knees. "How long is your visa mate", he enquired. I tried to explain I was a British subject and entitled to stay as long as I liked. He looked a wee bit vague, and took a long swig of his vodka and red bull. Making an effort, god bless him, he said, "I'll bet you've noticed a few changes since you've been away". After a thoughtful pause I said, "Well when I left here back in the seventies Judy Dench had great t1ts, but that was before she was a Dame, and I wonder if she'd consider sending back the dame hood thing to the palace, if it meant the return of these puppies". Now I don't know if it was all too much for him, or if he genuinely felt I had deliberately gone out of my way to blaspheme this national treasure. The other possible conclusion was that English wasn't his first language, he was a Geordie. Anyway I finished my pint and said my cheerios. After leaving the pub I stopped off for a takeaway meal where the local Chinese chap with the broadest Scottish accent gave me an ear bashing on how we were letting too many foreigners in to the country. I thought of tipping him off about the Newcastle lad around the corner but thought better of it. I told him I'd been into Edinburgh a couple of times and I couldn't help noticing the number of Polish people. I said I'd mainly encountered them as staff in restaurants, and that service had improved no end, and hoped that one day the Poles would get their own tartan. We agreed to differ on foreigners, I collected my stir fry, making a mental note to never upset the bloke who cooks your food, and to make a bigger effort to appease the locals. Edinburgh is so busy at the moment, a bit like a theme park for all things Scottish. A wonderful wee city that's easy to walk around and a variety of good local pubs that even the tourists have difficulty locating. When George Clooney was leaving the Balmoral Hotel a couple of years ago, he asked the door man if he could recommend a good local pub. The doorman pointed across the road to the back lane behind Princes Street to the Abbotsford and Cafe Royal which are unchanged since JC was a full back, and Mr Clooney by all accounts spent a couple of hours sinking a few pints with the locals. Not too far for him to stagger home too. Edinburgh is so lucky the city elders of hundreds of years ago had the foresight to create such a grand town because if it was left to the present incumbents of council we'd have even more shops selling tat made in China and retailed through Indians dressed in kilts. When I was a kid a visit to Edinburgh entailed getting into your best gear, and Princes Street shops were generally well to do tailor shops with prices marked in guineas and US dollars, and Woolies had the best restaurant in town for the working man. We now have Burger King/Carphone Warehouse/Ann Summers etc. A wee shame and council should be held accountable. We had the Royal Wedding in Edinburgh yesterday down in the Canongate and it attracted the usual crowd of well wishers traveling from all over. I'm really surprised the royal family have so many followers in Scotland, not my cup of tea at all but good luck to them. More to follow...............Syd.
  2. Hello there, Sorry if your thinking of moving back to the UK and its not worked out. were moving out at the beginning of Sept and will be needing a car straight away and looking to buy a small boat in time. If anyone who's moving back has any of these to off load then please drop me a message. Cheers and all the best, Joe
  3. A friend at work is planning a trip to the UK in August this year (her first visit) and was wondering if anyone has heard of any cheap deals.
  4. Hi all, when you check in your bags and fly from Ireland to Sydney via Heathrow and Singapore (overnight stopover here), do your bags go straight through to Sydney? Just wondering if we will have pick them up in Singapore, as we have a stopover there for a night. If anyone has any insight about this, could you let me know? Thanks, Harry.
  5. I am in my mid 30's and have lived in Sydney for 12 years, I love it here, and have good friends, but need the next adventure. Whilst I am not a total city slicker I enjoy dinners and drinks out and lots of great shopping, but I am looking for a bit of an easier lifestyle than Syd, and maybe a city with a more casual approach. (also considering melb) I also seek that Bris is a little cheaper than Syd to live. What I am wondering is, Has anyone who has lived in Syd for some time moved to Brisbane.. what did you think? Pro's/Con's? I want to make sure I can still have an active social life, and that there are not just bogan rough style pubs and bars etc, But from what I can gather the Valley has had a big makes over, St James St looks a bit more upmarket and there is Southgate where the fake beach is that has lots of restuarants. Do you think the people are friendly up there ie in making new friends/contacts etc In terms of weather is the summer that muggy and sweaty its unbearable? Whats the rest of the years weather like? Anyways would love your thoughts from anyone who has lived in both Bris and Syd.... Thankyou
  6. I am in my mid 30's and have lived in Sydney for 12 years, I love it here, and have good friends, but need the next adventure. Whilst I am not a total city slicker I enjoy dinners and drinks out and lots of great shopping, but I am looking for a bit of an easier lifestyle than Syd, and maybe a city with a more casual approach. (also considering bris) What I am wondering is, Has anyone who has lived in Syd for some time moved to Melb.. what did you think? Pro's/Con's? I loved Melb on a few visits, but I also want to save a bit of money, Syd is mass expensive... I am wondering from those that have lived in both whether they found Melb cheaper or easier, more casual to live? Do you think the people are friendly there ie in making new friends/contacts etc In terms of weather is the cold bad? I guess it depends on how affected you are.. Anyways would love your thoughts from anyone who has lived in both Melb and Syd, or ideally someone that has lived Syd, Bris and Melb.... ahh decisions decisions Thankyou
  7. Sorry please ignore first post. Too many typos (I guess that's what happens when your distracted in a internet cafe) Hi All, I've just moved to Sydney and i'm looking to rent a studio / one bed flat. I've spent the last few days selecting potential locations. I'm just wondered if anyone can provide me their opinion on the following areas: - Potts Point - Elizabeth Bay - Rushcutters Bay Looks like I need to sign up to a six month lease, so hoping to be careful where I end up :wideeyed:
  8. Hi All, Can anyone advise the best way to move a house full of furniture from Sydney to Brisbane, and maybe recommended a moving company? The plan would be for us to drive the car up & make a trip of it but have the removal done by a professional company. The furniture may need to go into storage for a couple of weeks as part of the process too. At this stage I'm really just after anyones rough idea of cost for the move. Cheers!
  9. Hi, I want to do a course in advance Operating systems / kernel programming in and around SYD area. Can someone recomend any good universities where such a course would be available ? Would the university allow taking up independent courses like the its in US ? Thanks in advance, Suni
  10. Hi - I'm new to this site and have question that has been bugging me and hope someone can help... If a friend has offered to pick you up from sydney airport and you have 2 kids and no car seats, what do you do? I'm assuming it is law for kids to travel in the apprpriate car seat in Sydney but if my friend doesn't have them, can you make just one journey without them or are there taxi firms that carry car seats that I could book at the airport? Do airlines help with this sort of thing? Thanks Sally Seadon