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Found 32 results

  1. Guest

    swimming pools

    hi just a quicky pros and cons of having a swimming pool and what are the costs alan
  2. aduffield76

    Swimming & Gymnastics in Bayside

    Hi all, Does anyone know of any good swimming and gymnastics (not at the same time) clubs/lessons in and around the Bayside area? We are moving to Bayside early next year and want to get our 4 and 7 year old enrolled as they currently attend clubs in the UK. Any info would be hugely appreciated, thanks. Andy
  3. Alan Collett

    Pier 2 Pub swim at Lorne

    Did anyone else swim at the Pier 2 Pub swim at Lorne in Victoria this weekend? Its the 7th time I've done this swim, and again it was a great day out. Just happened to be my best result too - 16th out of 700+ in my age group. Onwards to the Danger 100 at Torquay next weekend! Best regards.
  4. We have pretty fair skin in our family and I don't tan. I do most of my swimming / exercise before 8am but once my son gets in the surf he tends to hang around in it and dip in and out of it most of the day. When he was little there were plenty of kid sun suits available everywhere. his last few times in Oz have been during winter so we have not needed anything except a tee shirt over the shoulders. Has anyone got any recommendations for adult protective swim / surf gear? it will need to be pretty durable so it won't rip when getting on / off boards and comfy too? I see plenty of stuff online but am hoping some members have used some? Millie x
  5. Guest

    building swimming pool brisbane

    Can anyone recommend a good swimming pool installer in the Brisbane area. Also do most people go for concrete or are the fibre glass ones any good.
  6. Well, I've gone anyway, and it's a bit earlier today as I've to pick up my friend Cynthia in Foveaux St NOW!
  7. Headstart Homestay

    Swimming Pool Comparissons

    Thinking of installing a pool, anyone who could offer advice on personel experiance when choosing. 1 - A good reputable installation company. 2 - Concrete or fibreglass 3 - Pump sizes 4 - Filter systems And at a fair price, any advice would be appriciated. And has anyone used Narellan Pools Many Thanks Dale
  8. I wasn't entirely sure where to put this but as we're looking at WA i though this would be the best place. Is swimming taught on the school curriculum as standard? Where we are in the UK currently it largely depends on if the school has a pool. DS's current school does, but it is out of action so no swimming. His old school didn't have one. Just wondering as we spent close to £500 last 'school year' for his lessons and would love to not have to pay out but he is making such great progress and it's def a life skill i want him to have.
  9. hello all, just a quickie! In an ideal world, we would have both! Looking at house prices, we have realised that we could afford either a house that is 5 minutes drive from the beach with no swimming pool, or, a house that is 30 minutes drive from the beach but with a pool. What do people think the most important thing is? What would you use the most? we have a dog, so walking on doggy beach would be a great thing to do. Many thanks, alan
  10. Hi Everyone, I have a questions regarding the beach on the Redcliffe peninsula. Is anyone swimming there? I am askng that cause according to the pics I can find on the web , the color of the water seems dodgy...:skeptical: What does the local think about the beautiness of the beach overthere? Thanks for your feed back.. Cheers
  11. hi to every one , logged on my hubbys computor the other day and found this site, been reading and taking notes since ) not really sure what im doing or what area i should be in. but here goes .... we are hoping to be on the gold coast soon, our daughter and me are dependents on my hubbys student visa ( only way we could apply, our agent said ) just wondering what are the opportunties for me . im a level 2 swimming teacher ( past 3 years ) and have just got my swim aus cert through so i can teach in queensland, once ive done oz first aid/water saftey cert ect first. i also work as a fitness instructor level 3 advanced ( 8 years ) the equiv cert in oz hopefully will allow me to work as a personal trainer. ( thats what fitness.aus website states ) . i know i can only work 20 hours due to student visa restrictions but is there any work available , clicked links that others have left to job sites but cant apply till im in the country, which is understandable. i have also clicked links to a list of jobs which my job, swimming teacher is on a schedule 4, with a code, is that relevent in any way , any reply would be greatfully read ? wendy
  12. Guest

    Swimming pool advice please

    We have a pool, a reasonable size and a kidney shape. Now the chlorine and ph levels are spot on, but it keeps going green. I regularly have to brush down the sides due to the build up of algae. It is not a heated pool, so we have a pool cover on it. Any advice please or what can I get for it that will take it back to being clear and sparkling again? Thank you Claire
  13. The Pom Queen

    Swimming Pools - Where's the plug?

    As you know coming from Melbourne we are not use to pools at all, can anyone tell me what happens when it rains really hard, is it like a bath and it has an overflow or does it literally come over the top? Please don't laugh we all have to learn somewhere:wacko:
  14. Hi I am thinking of going to queensland later this year and thinking of going into the swimming pool industry or air conditioning indusrty,but i was just wondering if I need a licence at all even if I worked under someones supervision for either of these things. I would be glad to hear of someone. Thanks Alistair
  15. Hi there Can anyone tell me the cost implications of owning a swimming pool in Oz. We would like our new life to be everything and more - A typical I am sure. One of the things on our hypothetical wish list is a house with a swimming pool. Do swimming pools cost a lot to maintain on a yearly basis. Or should we just go to the beach? No jibes - were British! :rolleyes: ta Smell
  16. Guest

    Swimming Classes for toddlers

    Hi Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good swimming class for toddlers (my daughter is 2) in the bayside area? Thanks! Claire
  17. For sale, Intex above ground swimming pool. Bought new in December so only had 3 months use. It came with a 12 month warranty so still has 9 months remaining. Here's the info: Measure: 6.1m x 3.6m x 1.2m Comes with: set up dvd, ladder, pump, filter, cleaning equipment, volleyball net, inflatable log jousting set (2 x large logs & 2 x jousting sticks-lots of fun!), 2 x noodles & pool shredder. I have it listed on ebay with pics-item number is 310208444877 Cost new $910 without the extra toys i'm throwing in Sell for $500 Please pm me if interested
  18. Guest

    Whitsunday Islands - swimming

    We are off to the Whitsunday Islands in October and after looking at Kevs photos (itcouldbeworse) I am very excited! One query can we go in the sea at that time of year without stinger suits? Also, if anyone has any tips of places to eat/see/avoid when we are there that would be great. (4 adults and 2 boys, 7 & 4) thanks Michelle
  19. Hi just wanted to let anyone who is thinking of having a pool built on GC to PM me and I will advise you who NOT to use. We are having an absolute nightmare and wouldn't want anyone else to be ripped off or frustrated like we are!!:arghh: Nat
  20. Ratchet

    swimming pools

    Would anyone know of a good swimming pool within walking distance of a train station in melbourne and suburbs thats family orientated. ? I keep abandoning hubby and child at home and nick the car for work. the novelty of a park has worn off, so has bike riding by the looks of it........... thanks
  21. Hello all, We are currently waiting along with many others having applied for a 175 visa. We are hoping to move around Brisbane but would like to be next to the sea if possible. We really enjoy swimming in the sea but I have read in other posts that this is a problem around redcliffe is this just at certain times of the year or all year round? If it is does anyone know of other family friendly coastal areas within commutable distance to brisbane that don't have this problem? thanks em
  22. Guest

    Swimming Pools

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! :arghh: For those of you moving here who would love to have a pool..............think long and hard and do your research! kev.......................another 1500 bucks down the shute!
  23. Lovely 4 bedroom house for rent with swimming pool, Double Lock up garage, 2 living areas, available early May, Pm for pictures Runaway Bay area Sarah x
  24. Guest

    swimming clubs

    Hi All, was just wondering if anyone can recommend a good competetive swimming club in Brisbane please. We have looked on line but it is difficult, without knowing local information, which clubs have good reputations. At the moment my son trains 20 hours a week mornings and evenings (yes i know...mad!!!) and will be 18 when we move over to Oz. Any help please for a budding olympian??? O and he will hopefully be going to university of queensland! many thanks everyone michelle x :jiggy:
  25. Guest

    swimming lessons

    does anyone know of a good swim centre for kids to have their swimming lessons, where at pacific pines, so anywhere around here or not 'too' far away would be good. my kids are already having lessons at one place, but where not very impressed at all, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks joanna.