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Found 6 results

  1. Guest

    Reccie to Perth at Easter

    Hi all Well we had our reccie and acctivated our 175 visa this Easter. Things have been very busy so only just now catching up with PIO. I enjoyed reading posts on reccies etc so this is ours. Well we flew with Emirates which was great, they are very good with kids giving them toys etc. Only issue i had was we prebooked our seats to get more leg room, without letting us know they changes the plane size and our seats for all 4 planes was in front of the toilets. Not much sleep for us with the chain flushing every 2 mins lol. Saying that the food was good, and the lovely australian wine made up for it. When we arrived our friends were there to meet us, which was great they took the long way back to show us the view of the CBD at night - lovely. I was suprised at how small the city seemed and it reminded me a little of America, the signposts and large roads. Jet lag kicked in, this was easied with regular visits to the beaches. Wow they are great, City Beach was our first we had posh fish and chips and watches the sun go down. All i kept saying was no couldnt live here its horrible ( tonge in cheek), why would we want our children playing at this lovely beach. The reason I was saying this is due to the crap we were getting from family members, quote - why do you want to take the kids to oz. I made she we had lots of pictures to show they why we are going. lol Other beaches we visited were Hilarys, Trigg, Cottesloe and Mallaloo. We drove along the coast drive on many occations just to take in the views. We were very lucky that the friends we were staying with had a friend who lent us a car. That is how friendly they were... The two weeks flew by we visited Caversham wildlife park, this was great we feed the Kangeroos and petted coalas. We were going to go to Rottness and Perth Zoo but time and money did not allow us, we are going to save them for when we move (which is 4th Sep). Our friends had to work but as it was Easter and Anzac holidays they still managed to show us around fremantal ( the street performers fesival was on), they also took us to a beach BBQ which all their new friends which was great. Next time will be better as it will be my turn to drink not drive lol. We stayed in East Perth which was a stone throw away from everthing. The circus was in town (city), so we ventured there - very interesting as they had animals. My friend took me to bodybalance which was an exercise class, this was out side on the grass next to swan river. Loved it the views and stars were fantastic, mozzies not so good. We took the ferry accross the river, just for fun went to the park then came back lol. Oh yea we also hired a quad push bike from a shop by the side of the river and cycled up the swan river was great fun. Everybody is out running and cycling - note to self must get fit before we move. Night life - very interesting. Went to few bars and a club in Leederville, well tried to get into a club they only allow you in with your passport or ozzie driving licence and they take a picture of you as you enter. I took my uk driving licence out and got turned away - gutted. Ill know next time. Music was ok drink was very expensive, but most have a few then go out. I did not make it down to the lucky shag which is by the river but my huspand said it was great - views amasing ( the luck shag is a bird by the way). lol We went out to some lovely resterants again with the exchange rate pricey but hay ho live is short - injoy. There is lots of Asia places, great food yum. We had a few BBQs one at Kings Park ( the largest inner city park in the world), Hilarys beach and at City beach. I was amazed at the quality and at how cleach the FREE yes FREE BBQ facilities were. In all we spent £1800 in two weeks - we paid nothing for accommodation or car. But we did eat nice and drink nice wine. We were on holiday after all. Our flights for 4 of us was £3200 so all in all £5000 for our reccie. I am so pleased we did a reccie, I have seen the areas we can afford to live, we have had a taste of the beaches and life style and we can not wait. We did so much more in two weeks but this is enough typing for me lol See ya peeps Jay xx
  2. sunni1234

    Black Swan

    WOW just finished watching the Black Swan with Natalie Portman.......:unsure::shocked::cry::realmad::wubclub: Amazing film...............What film have you watched lately that has had that WOW factor? sunni
  3. Guest

    Swan stoned to death.

    What the hell is wrong with people ? A group of teenagers in Melbourne have stoned a female swan to death while it sat on eggs in it's nest. This is the reason I like animals more than people. Council to watch swan after partner was killed
  4. Could anyone give me there reasons why they prefer to live in either of these regions please (and whereabouts you are in the region). Is it facilities, busy/quiet, cost of housing, jobs, landscape etc... Thanks Ley x:spinny:
  5. Hi All, I have just returned from 3 weeks in Perth WA and would just like to promote "the Swan Valley Shuttle Service" . The service they provide i found to be excellent and a real good deal, especially as i found out that WA has now reached the dizzy heights of the UK's living expenses and surpassed on some items £5 a pint of Abbotts bitter eek. Please check it out; www.swanvalleyshuttle.com.au Cheers
  6. I've been told that I can get regional sponsorship for Gippsland, Swan Hill or the whole of South Australia! Bearing in mind I love Melbourne and would eventually like to settle there, I was thinking Gippsland. However, I'm single and used to the city life, so perhaps Adelaide would be better for me. What do people think?? I'd have to live there for 2 years so I'm really unsure which to go for.:huh: