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Found 15 results

  1. Guest

    Can we survive

    Hey Guys My head is pounding. I have been shortlisted for a position in Perth. The lowest wage is $72k. Can myself, wife and 2 children along with in laws afford to live on this wage. My wife will look for admin work once the children are settled in. It's really doing my head in as one site there was nothing but doom mongerers with nothing good to say about Australia except how expensive it was. Any stories of how its going for people that have just moved over would be greatly appreciated.
  2. HI, just had a nasty argument with my mum and brother and wondered if anyone else has had the experience of family issues escalating when migration is mentioned! We dropped THE bombshell about nine months ago with the intention of being out of the uk by early 2012. Well, call us naive but of course we didn't think about the housing market and six months later are no closer to selling the house! The problem is everyone seems to be living with a huge pause button over their heads! Mum keeps saying the old..'if you are still here' , i am probably over compensating because we are going and trying to sort everything before we go. All seems a bit sad and cruel really... i even wonder if i am subconsciously separating myself from them...all too deep really Not asking for answers just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience.... cheers, Judy
  3. hi all, i posted my first post earlier about my situation and debating whether to move back to my hometown Blackpool in the Uk to be nearer family. Just wanted to know if anyone else has been in my situation and taken the plunge, moving their family and aussie OH back to england and how did the OH cope on British soil with regard to culture, making freinds etc etc My OH is a keen surfer and has been all his life, surfing is a big part of his life and although he is willing to move to the UK if thats what i want im worried he will miss australia more than he imagines. Also with regard top work, he's a concreter/steelfixer and jobs here are both well paid and plentiful however I havent got a clue whether such jobs exist in england at the moment, any advice would be apprciated, thanks! if there are any aussies that have moved to england with their english partner i would love to hear from you!
  4. Guest

    So how did we survive.

    looking at the thread about Knives started me thinking ( yes i know its rare). All of us of a certain age will have lived through what was apparently a very dangerous period. So lets look at the things we managed to survive. We played with knives We would play outside until it started to go dark, mom did not worry. Mom wore an apron that she used to hold the potatoes in when carrying across kitchen, wipe her hands on the apron, use it as a flag to tell us when to come home. She would also use the same apron to wipe down the work surfaces and carry the meat from the cooker. we should have all died from food poisoning. When the kids next door had measles,mumps,chickenpox and other things, we were sent round to play with them, catch it and get it over with. The old man who offered the kids sweets in the local park was a local who sat in the park for company. if you got caught scrumping apples, got a clip around the ear from the local copper before he took you home, Got another off dad for being caught. At home you had to wash your hands before eating, but if you were out playing you did not think about clean hands when getting a penny worth of sweets from the shops Bacon and eggs means the eggs cooked in bacon fat. Chips cooked in lard So how did we survive to adulthood and beyond
  5. Guest

    will i survive financialy???

    Hi all, Im moving to melbourne shortly (hopefully). and my annual wage will be $48,000 will i struggle to survive due to how expensive it is in oz. Cheers!!! Wayneo
  6. hi there i'm considering the move to oz, though i mite have to do it on my own as my oh isn't so sure about it. I have two children and an nvq 3 in child care ( in oz it's classed as a diploma) He seems to think i wont survive on my own, i know it will be hard but i don't want to rule it out completely as i've always wanted to move. can anyone help please. thanks shelly all the best for singe moms
  7. Guest

    Could You Survive

    Thinking out loud again, sorry,:wubclub:. But, take away all the crap and useless paraphernalia we seem to surround ourselves with, houses, cars, food, TV's, money and transport yourself back in time, way back, when humans surrounded themselves with what they could only hunt and gather, if you know what I mean. Could you feed, cloth, look after yourself, let alone your family. Purely a 'hypothetical' situation I know (well, maybe not the way the world is going) but could you survive if ALL the so called comforts of everyday living were taken away. Answers on a postcard.:embarrassed: I only ask as I often look at life with very skeptical eyes, and often want to shut myself away in the middle of the outback and tell the world to 'Fudge Off. Speaking VERY personally, I reckon I could give it a bloody good crack, maybe not perfect, but I am sure I could 'survive'. Cheers Tony, (otherwise known as the hermit of North West Australia,:biglaugh:)
  8. Planning to move to Sydney and wonder about cost of living. We expect husband will earn from $70000 but will count low. We will rent for about $500/month but have income from property in the UK (approx. 500 pounds/month). We have two small children and a baby. I am hoping not to work for 6-12 months. We have some money to 'get us started' but nothing we can rely on regularly (more than the money towards rent). While we understand cost of living is similar to the UK, we also tend to spend a lot of money on activities with the kids here. We figure in OZ, we will be on the beach instead of going to an inoor playground on the weekends at 50+ or so a pop.... What do you think? Is it possible? We don't expect a life in luxury and don't mind to change our life style initially in order to reap the rewards later.
  9. Hi advice needed please, My husband has been offered a job as a panel beater on a 457 visa in the Melbourne region with a starting wage of $750 pw. Is this realistically enough for us to get by on? I will not receive any child benefit so until i can find myself a p/t job to fit around the kids school hours this is all we will have coming in... and only able to work p/t not sure how much extra i could contribute even after finding employment. We have no property to sell but will be taking enough money to start us off... car, car insurance, bond, 1 months rent and hopefully some more...we hope to have about £10-£15k. We have looked on the property websites and have seen 3bed properties for around $300 a week...may not be in the best areas but we are from S.E. London. We both need to work over here (uk) so don't expect to survive on a 1 wage income in Australia. The trouble is i have a well paid job here as a practice manager of 3 Dental surgeries and although i only work part time i take home as much as some i know working F/T. I also have no child care as they are looked after by family members. We do qualify for a 176 visa and my husband was planning on doing the AQF111 prior to leaving( he would still need to sit this in Australia due to his age when we apply for PR) even if he accepts the 457 offer. Would we be better off not going down the 457 route and apply for the 176 from the start. That way we could qualify for childcare as we would be permanent residents and hopefully could work for a company that offered a higher wage? any advice would really be appreciated as we dont want to go 1/2 way round the world, muck up my 3 kids education and not be able to pay the bills or have to think if we can afford to turn on the air con when its mid summer.
  10. A question to you all!We are trying to sell up and have had a few silly offers that if we took would mean we would have to take quite a few steps backwards when we arrive in Oz. It would mean we wouldnt be so well off as we were here.My question is for those out there or here in blighty, do you sell up cheap to be somewhere where you desperatly want to be or do you hold tight watching your visa tick away?Not so well off in Oz but happy or Well off in Blighty but unhappy?You can phone a friend if you wish but no 50/50's pls
  11. Hi, Is it possible to survive on a single income for a family of four + one car, rent $500/week? (kids 4 and 2 years of age). How much do you need to earn in order to lead a decent lifestyle? Trying to work out if we REALLY will have a better life in Sydney than in London...
  12. Guest

    can we survive in perth

    Hi all As myself and family dont have many options open to us as to emigrating to oz (infact we have only 1 option I think) we are thinking about going over on a student visa to a college in perth and I study bricklaying the rules of this visa are that myself and wife can only work for 20hrs a week each we also have 2 kids (14 & 9) so would have to pay school fees for them, and I think because we're uk citizens we are exempt from medical insurance but could be wrong ...........the gist of it is we are selling our house to pay for this but will have only about £25,000 to get going so minus the flights, agency fees, moving fees and the first year college and school fees we're looking at being left with roughly £8,000 and then have to pay rental deposit, buy a cheap car and furniture so in a word we're going to be skint as skunks so is it possible to live on what will be in affect 1 income (40hrs) and what is the going rate for trainee bricklayer and data input clerk (my wife) and would it be hard to find these jobs on a part time basis, i believe the college is in cannington so would have to live near or around there to save on travel expenses but obviously a good enough area for my kids and school we would need to live on this basis for 3 years so although we expect to struggle i just need to know is it actually possible Thanks for any help
  13. Well guys look at me posting left right and centre, you can see our time is nearly here for us to go and anxiety amongst other feelings are kicking in. My worry / concern today is I am beginning to think although Australia are calling for skilled migrants and there are lots of trades people on the list i.e. electrical, air-con engineers, plumbers etc... that at the beginning of all this we thought GREAT lots of work as in demand BUT there are so many licences to apply for before you can actually work on your own without being supervised, therefore surely you would need a pretty healthy bank balance to tied you over before you can earn even an average salary in Australia. Now I might be putting some negative vibes out here BUT when you look on career.one etc.. well even when qualified with all the licences the money does not seem to be much more than say 65k. Now take into consideration rent , food, schooling etc.... is it realistic can us tradies really survive in Australia? Or is it more for the IT guys n gals!!! Where salary looks better and they dont have to contend with all these licences. Even though tradies are in demand, really are they bottom of the pile in regards to pay etc... I just wish it could be more simple and be able to go out there do a few tests then be able to work. Maybe i'm worrying over nothing but as I say there sure seems to be alot to do before you can sail on your own. Any thoughts? Any tradies out there at the moment, whats your experience? I'm sure soon I will post a nice positive post:twitcy: Once again thank you for any help/advice etc
  14. Hi, I know there probably has been similar threads, but has anyone got any useful advice on keeping our Boxer alive for more than 5 minutes in Queensland. Lets just say that her ticket is not up for discussion, but i have this vision that the first chance she gets in the garden she'll be chasing anything that moves poisonous or not. She's like it at home now! She's not at all agressive and in fact shes quite obedient, but when she gets that dopey Boxer mentality, how will we stop her? Am i worrying too much or is her ticket really a lottery ticket?:unsure: Keith
  15. This is really just a light hearted 'ponder' i've been having... My husband has a rather colourful, booze related, past... and as a result has now been T-Total for 4 years! :spinny: He already gets some suprising reactions from people when he turns down beer... men seem to struggle with understanding it! Which is something hubby understands as he used to be just the same! But with the continual reference to 'nice cold beer...' on this forum, or any other place where Australia and Aussies are discussed, i'm beginning to wonder if the locals might actually 'reject' us!! :biglaugh: Seriously, i have this image in my head of when we move into our first Aussie home, and the guy next door will hand a nice cold VB over the fence as way of welcoming him, and will be really offended when hubby declines!!! What'ya'rekon? Any other non-drinkers out there? Meg xx (disclaimer - i am not in anyway implying that Oz is a nation of alcoholics!! :v_SPIN:) (also, seeing as in my profile picture i have a large glass of white wine infront of me, i would like to put my hands up and say i am no where near as angelic as my husband!!!!)