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Found 14 results

  1. Hi there! This is quite a long one, but I'll try and keep it as brief as possible! I'm a 21 year old student currently in my final year of University studying Building Surveying and have thought about of going to Australia/New Zealand for a few years but never thought it would be financially possible. Looking at it though, I should be able to gather the funds required to take a "working holiday" visa. So far however, I've got very mixed opinions on whether or not I would be able to get a job when I'm out there. Research tells me that there is no direct translation of the role of a building surveyor from the UK to Australia and as I have no experience in industry, I'm not sure if anyone would realistically want to employ me. I've had several people tell me that it would be best to simply travel on a "working holiday" visa and try to find a job when I'm there, as there is a high demand for workers in this area and it is on the specialist skills list. Others are saying that it is best to get some experience first and take it from there. In brief, does anyone know: - What the chances are of anyone being willing to take on a graduate fresh from University? (A very well respected uni for the subject). - If you travel on a working holiday visa and find a company willing to employ you for an extended period, how easy is it to get your visa extended? Sorry if these questions seem a bit vague, but any advice would be appreciated!
  2. Hello everyone, first post on here. I am away to get the wheels in motion for applying for the 189 Visa so will soon need to do my Migration Skills Assessment. The problem I have is I have no idea what assessing body should do the Assessment. I have a Bachelor of Land Economy (Hons) degree from University of Aberdeen (4 year course). This is a 2:1 in Land Economy: Urban Surveying and Planning. This is a RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) accredited course so will definitely be on a par with any similar course in Oz. This would normally fall under VETASSESS assessment (for occupations such as Land Economist, Valuer or Town Planner). The confusion starts, however, because I ended up getting a job in the oil & gas industry working offshore (oil rigs) as a survey engineer/surveyor. This is basically doing directional surveys of oil wells. This would fall under ANZSCO CODE 232212 for Surveyor which is assessed by SSSi. I have 6 years experience as this. So my question is who should I get to do my skills assessment? VETASSESS or SSSi? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. So my husband and I have decided to take the plunge and move out to oz, we were there on WHV last year, loved it and want to go back, mainly since jobs here in NI for a quantity surveyor are non existent!!! No quality of life etc.. We think we may decide to use an agent purely since we are both busy and he works away 5 days a week. Should we do the DIY option, my question is do people start a skills assessment first before applying for visa? If so how would one go about that, if anyone has done the quantity surveyor one? Timescales costs etc? We want to get visa application in before these new "'don't call us we'll call you' to apply for a visa change takes place!
  4. Bushwhacker

    POMs in Oz-Construction Industry

    Hi everyone, I've just joined and this is my first post. My wife and I live in the UK and are considering a move to Brisbane. I work as a Quantity Surveyor in the Civil Engineering construction industry (Worked for Contractors and PQS). I am currently in discussions with a few companies regarding sponsorship. My wife and I are considering Brisbane for the weather, the change in lifestyle and improved living conditions (and money). My first question is aimed at those of you who are POMs and work in Oz in construction. I've read a lot of stories about Australian people resenting British people working in Australia. Is this prevalent in the construction industry? I don't want to move all the way over there and find that my day to day working life is made difficult by my colleagues. I've read that it is no more than banter and I'm hoping that this will be confirmed. My next question : Is it an easy transition to make from the UK construction industry to the Aussie one? Thanks
  5. Am I right in thinking that this is a wanted skill in Australia? I have been looking into it, my husband is a senior QS here in the UK with experience in civils/water works. We are looking to relocate to Perth.
  6. Guest

    Building Surveyor

    Hi, my wife and I presently are in the process of migrating to Perth and are wondering what is the liklihood of us getting jobs soon after arrival. I am presently a building surveyor and my wife is a primary school teacher and we both have honours degrees. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hopkins2016

    Building Surveyor ?

    Dear Poms, I am deciding on which state to apply for SS. My first question is which is the equivalent Australian occupation of a UK Building Surveyor ? My second question is which would be better for jobs SA or Vic (obviously Vic is the larger jobs market) for Construction Professionals ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Ploppy
  8. Hi all this is the first time we have used this forum after finding many useful tips about the immigration procedure to Oz. I am looking for a little bit of advice on the best way to apply for jobs before we get out there!! Both my wife and I are at the latter stages of the visa process with only an IELTS test and our medical exams to submit. I am a Quantity Surveyor and my wife is a Nursery Nurse. We are looking at moving to Melbourne (hopefully St Kilda area) early to mid part of 2011. Can anybody help in any way or suggest companies to apply to; timescales to start applying for positions; areas to start of in; wage rates. My wife is a Senior Nursery Nurse running her own creche and I have a broad knowledge of QS'ing working within nearly all sectors. We would really appreciate any sort of advice as we have both been out there in the past but not for business!!! Thanks in advance. Kevin and Emma
  9. Hi, I'm a 23 year old quantity surveyor, I have experience in refurb with my first firm and surfacing / minor Civils with 2nd. I'm up to HND construction with my qualifications but I think my work cv speaks alot better as I've had quite the opertunty for high value works and a quite a range of contracts for what you'd probably expect from someone at my age. I've got a visa so I'm just after what is the process to finding jobs over there while still being in the UK or any tips to how much current work is out there, will I be ok with my background and anything else you have to offer. Thanks
  10. QuantitySurveyor

    Quantity Surveyor 176 CSL SS

    Hi All, this is my first post, and I have been following all the discussion to get up to speed. I am applying for the above visa via SA SS. I see today that SA have announced a deadline for SS applications. I am currently awaiting my skills assessment which should arrive hopefully in the next couple of weeks. This is all very tight. I am trying to beat the 1st July deadline for the new SOL. From what I have seen on here, I do not think QS will be on it. Our plan was to lodge the SS application, we also have an Aunt in SA so that's a secondary route. Then based on what I had read here, lodge a 175 visa with 100 points, and advise we were waiting on SS to upgrade to a 176 visa. I intend to frontload our medicals and police checks. My question is, if I'm off the CSL as of 1st July, will my visa take a back seat for processing or will it be considered under the exisiting rules at time of application ? Cheers Pete Btw. our plan is to head to OZ late June for a holiday, then tour SE Asia for 8 months, we are renting our house out which should help us financially, and the hope was we would get lucky and get the visa approved by Feb 2011 or thereabouts, to make a start in OZ.
  11. wrussell

    Building Surveyor

    The duties of a Building Surveyor are not disclosed by ASCO. This might help. Building surveyors may perform the following duties: provide advice and assistance to builders and owners before finalisation and lodgment of building plans, to avoid potential problems assess building plans submitted for approval to make sure they conform to building regulations and codes of practice make recommendations on matters such as the provision of amenities for the community carry out pre-purchase inspections of all types of buildings inspect buildings during construction to make sure that proper methods and materials are used and that they conform to building regulations keep records and write reports on building progress and instances where regulations have been breached and plans have been altered give evidence in court cases involving breaches of building regulations assess the condition of existing buildings issue building permits issue compliance certificates on completion audit buildings for access for disabled persons.
  12. Hi please can someone put my mind at rest, i have done the points assesment etc and it look slike we are good to go, however this is my dilemma i have a BSc (Hons) in Construction from Nottingham Trent University, within this course i studied the quantity surveyor modules, however the degree title is construction. having looked at the aiqs site they are saying you need a degree in quantity surveying with points to enable you to join the rics if you wanted to. However my degree was ciob accredited and not rics do any qs's see this as a problem, i have over 10 years experience as a qs so my cv is pretty detailed. can anyone out there put my paranoid mind at rest thanks Chris apologies to you non qs people for boring you!!:swoon:
  13. Hi wondered if there are any other Surveyors in Melbourne area that I can network with. I have applied for 139 Visa, have family in Melbourne. I would hope to move over next year after Visa granted. Have worked for Strutt and Parker in London, Vigers in Hong Kong and Defence Estates in Germany (current). Would love to possibly meet up with fellow surveyors.
  14. Hey My other half and I are moving out in January and are slightly confused about the differing terminologies for what is know as a "Building Surveyor" in the UK. In Australia is seems to vary from Contact Manager to Project Manager amongst other things. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions? I have checked Seek and several other job boards but would appreciate some clarification. Also, he'll be looking for contract work out there, so if anyone can assist, there's a beer or five on offer 8) Thanks in advance. Pj xx