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Found 56 results

  1. hi just wondering if there are any meet ups going on around north lakes and surrounding areas??? Lx :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  2. Hi there! I have just registered and am new to this forum.. I am relocating with my fiance and her 7 year old son in August. My fiance has family based in different areas around Sydney, so they have been giving us some indication of areas they think will be suitable for us.. Following extensive research and infirmation gathering we have narrowed it down to Terrigal/Avoca. I just really wanted to gain some feedback from anybody regarding the schools, facilities and area in general.. it seems to be quite a buzzy sort of place and on the face of it looks like it ticks the majority of our boxes.. However any pointers and advice good or bad would be greatly appreciated.. Many thanks....
  3. Hiya, Anybody living in the Wellard area (SOR)? We are a young family who are new to the area looking to meet up with likewise, I am 28, hubby is 33 and we have a son who is 26 months old. We are easygoing and into most things, parks, beaches, eating out, etc etc, it would be great to here from anybody in the area. S x
  4. woodsy16

    Canberra hospital and surrounding area

    Hi all We have recently found out that there maybe a job opportunity for us early next year working at Canberra hospital. I was wondering if there are any fellow PIO's that work there or have experience of the hospital and can give us any information as we make our decision, whilst doing our sums! The same also goes for housing and childcare in the surrounding area as we have a toddler and will be looking for some kind of daycare. Thanks Kate
  5. young2682

    Sunshine and surrounding suburbs

    Hi all, My hubby is starting a job based in sunshine at end July, before today we thought we were going to be elsewhere so now having to start research again! We have two young children not yet at school so any advice/info on nice suburbs surrounding sunshine would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance, Alex :wacko:
  6. Hi all Well only 78 more days until we fly off but who's counting!!!!! :wink: Just wondering if anyone has information on Joondalup and surrounding areas as we originally were looking at south of the river and it looks like we may go for north of river i.e. Joondalup and surrounding areas so I was wondering if anyone lives there or has had any experience there and if so what is it like. We are a family of 4 going, 2 boys so schools, what are the houses like to rent & Buy etc..., da usual. Many thanks S x:wubclub:
  7. Hi! Am new to this site but hoping to soon be landing down in Western Australia! Hoping to be working in Nedlands - does anyone know of any good schools (for a 12 year old) and of any good sites to look at rental and purchase property?! Have looked on the usual site and can't believe how expensive they are! I am determined to keep looking until I find something more affordable! Thank you!
  8. Hi, We are looking at moving to Morley in the next month and are urgently looking for a house to rent. 3/4 Bed 2 baths preferable but not essential PETS ALLOWED Pool Willing to pay up to $450 p/w for the right property. Would consider surrounding areas that are in the catchment area for the John Forrest Secondary College. Thanks! :cool:
  9. Would love to hear your views on Scarborough or surrounding suburbs. My husband & 2 young children will be looking to rent for 6 months to get an idea of the area, but would really like to know what people think. All views welcome please ;-)
  10. Hi, I am due to arrive in Perth mid July. If anyone could give me advice on the most affordable accommodation options for one person, I would be extremely grateful. I need to be situated close to Belmont, so ideally, Belmont or surrounding areas would be great. Perhaps someone has a granny flat or knows of someone looking for a house sitter? I need somewhere to stay for 3 months, but even just initially would be great. If you are able to assist and wish to know more about me, please pm me. Thank you. :cool:
  11. Hey guys. I am just wondering if anyone knows whether Maddington and the surrounding areas are good places to live. I have a 5 year old boy, who just loves the outdoor life, well when we get nice even weather in the UK. lol. Thanks so much guys xxx
  12. Hi, I wondered if anyone would be able to help me.... We are relocating from Melbourne to Perth at the end of the year. We are looking to settle in the Hillarys, Sorrento area. I have spoken to both primary schools, both of which were very helpful and friendly. I know both have catchment areas. Basically the school we choose will therefore determine where we live. Does anyone know what sort of reputations these schools have, or schools in surrounding neighbourhoods? Do any of you have kids in these schools? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks. Rach :wubclub:
  13. Hi, we're a family of 4, (2 kids aged 3 and 4) looking to emigrate imminently. We're currently planning on a move to Mackay as we have family there, but neither of us see it as our permanent home, hoping to eventually settle in Perth. My hubby is a crane driver by trade and is looking to get into the mines, getting all his necessary ticket and driving the dumper trucks. So, we have to consider our options. Mackay? as work is plentiful, get qualified then relocate or just bite the bullet and go straight to Perth and start the ball rolling there. What is the work situ like in Perth, is there plenty of crane work available? How easy is it to get into the mine out there?? So many questions and I feel like we're starting from scratch again ) So ANY help and advice would be FAB!! Thanks, Andrea and Darren.
  14. MazPaul

    Point Cook and surrounding areas

    Hi everyone we are looking at coming to the west side of Melbourne and want advice on areas .We see that Point Cook is better priced for property than over on the east side. We need a good secondary school for our oldest which it seems Point Cook only has one, what are Wyndham Vale and Werribee like,also looking higher up there is Deer Park and places around there are they still similar priced to round Point Cook too.We are looking at all options but some pointing in the right direction would be a huge help. Thanks Paul.:biggrin:
  15. Hi all Well only 78 more days until we fly off but who's counting!!!!! :wink: Just wondering if anyone has information on Joondalup and surrounding areas as we originally were looking at south of the river and it looks like we may go for north of river i.e. Joondalup and surrounding areas so I was wondering if anyone lives there or has had any experience there and if so what is it like. We are a family of 4 going, 2 boys so schools, what are the houses like to rent & Buy etc..., da usual. Many thanks S x:wubclub:
  16. HI guys, just looking for some absolute honesty please. We have been living in Qld for 6 years and have been toying with the idea of moviing to WA. We were in Airlie Beach for 6 years, wonderful little town, but not too child friendly and we are now in a mining town 4 hours inland. :shocked: My hubby has recently applied for a Fly in/out job so we are looking at place SOR. We have been out of city life for a while now but an hour on the train for us is perfect and a lot of you have sold the Warnbro/Secret Harbour/Port Kennedy area too us on here. But we will not be able to visit before hand, so I am relying on you guys to guide us. So bearing in mind we live 1.5hours to the nearest Wooloworths/ Coles and 3hours to a decent shopping centre at Rockahmpton. I need hard facts about these areas. What shops are local ie. IGA, Woolworths? Where can I do big shopping ie Target, Big W? Are the beaches dog friendly?? Which are the best kid friendly suburbs I have little girls, a 3yr old and 1yr old? I keep reading about British pubs in the area, are they any good with kids? Are there any local cafes, takeaways, Indians ?Bars ( hubby's requirements) Swimming pools or does everyone swim in the sea? Are there any good mums groups? I miss my very English mums group in Airlie Beach. Also what bout Kindergartens and daycare,is the ABC any good and will I have to book a place now for next year??? This was essential in Brisbane:eek: Crime? And does anyone have any pictures. Thanks in advanced, for any help, PIO is an excellent site, We love it. And hopefully this move will keep homesickness at bay for a little longer.:cool: Cheers Lis
  17. :unsure:Hi, I've been looking on here quietly for a few months now and it has been so helpful with so many things. My hubby has a job in Central Sydney but we are looking at moving to the Central Coast as it is away from the city so cheaper living but is still in commuting distance. We have 2 girls, 6 years and 9 years and are looking at schools. But we are in need of some advice. We have been looking to move to Woy Woy and surrounding suburbs as there is a train station there. Can anyone tell us about the area and the schools. We are looking at Public schools. Thank you xx
  18. Hi everyone :biggrin: Well we fly out on 27th Feb to hopefully sunny Brisbane...the butterflies are kicking in a bit now, it was the childrens last day at U.K school today. What I wanted to quiz you about now is schools pretty please haha. We are quite lucky in the way that my husbands job is field based soooo we can pick and choose where we live, we are wanting the Sunshine Coast area. A really good school is paramount so we have decided to try and pick a school THEN look at houses. We want a school with a good reputation of course, but a very important factor is our son, who is only 4, but does have a significant speech delay. He has a statement here in the U.K and weekly speech therapy. So a school with good facilities for this is a huge factor for when he starts next year. Please can you tell me about your children's schools? Once again precise area is not really that important, infact we would consider the Gold Coast or more in-land if the school is right. Thanks in advance.:biggrin:
  19. We are looking to move over mid-March and need either a short term holiday rental, approx 4 weeks. Should anyone be looking to break-lease we would certainly be interested, however long term we need accommodation to suit 5 adults and also that allows pets as we are bringing our two small pooches. If anyone knows of anywhere that is or might be available then please let me know. Thanks
  20. Hi all I,m new to this but glad I found this site as alot of interesting and useful info on here. Me and wife with 2 kids aged 3 and 1 will be moving to perth in summer time and were wonderein if an income of 80k between us would be managable. I know there is child benefit availabe{travelling on 175 visa} but cant seem to find prices of child care so if anyone in similar situation to us any prices would be greatfully accepted. thanks
  21. Hi, I'm trying to find an area with a good state primary school, and around 30-40 mins commute to the city for my husbands work. We would be looking to pay around $900pw in rent and its starting to look like this is not enough money as it doesn't seem to get you a nice place in the good areas. I have been looking all over at places like Vaclouse, Manly, Rose bay, Neutral bay, freshwater, North Curl curl etc. I would REALLY appreciatte some advice, Many thanks, Kerry
  22. My husband has been offered a job in Sydney and we are trying to find nice areas to live that are suitable for families but also within approximately 1 hour of the CBD. I have seen some lovely properties to rent in Kellyville and Stanhope Gardens. Are these nice areas to bring a family up in and with decent schools? Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks Cara
  23. Hi there, Myself and hubby and two Daughters are in the process of our visa to move over to Perth hoping to be there by this time next year! Just wondering if anyone who has a Daughter that does gymnastics over in Perth? My Daughter is in a squad over here in the uk and has been for 3 years which she does 16 hour a week and loves it! Just want to know if there is a good Gym in Perth or surrounding areas, It would be good to find out so I could do some research. Thanks Heidi.
  24. Hi all, i really need some advice. We are making our move next summer my daughter will be 6 when we arrive, so still unsure what year she will go into her bday is 30/1/05. We are hoping to move to the Mindarie area although we loved Hillary's and many surrounding areas. Can anyone let me know what the school is called in Mindarie and what the chances are of getting in, do we need to rent there whilst we are looking for house/land to buy ? Also if anyone has children in schools in surrounding areas name of schools etc. Thanks I have spent all day reading through but don't feel like i'm getting anywhere.....:err:
  25. Hi , I've applied for a job in the Midland area, can anyone recommend some nice suburbs close by. We're looking for somewhere that would be good for our kids, parks, good schooling etc. Cheers !!