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Found 15 results

  1. By Miriam Watson (Currency Conversion Rate: 1.74 AUD equals 1 GBP) There are a few noticeable differences between grocery shopping in Australia and grocery shopping in the UK. One of the main things that stands out is the fact there is a much more varied choice of supermarkets in the UK than there are here in Australia. Woolworths and Coles are the two major supermarkets in Australia and they account for 80 percent of the Australian market. In addition to Woolworths and Coles, there are also ALDI and IGa who both have a good reputation albeit whilst operating on a much smaller scale. In fact, Aldi began trading in Australia in 2001 and since then they have already gained approximately 11% of the east coast market. In the UK, however, there are seventeen major supermarkets, including Tesco, Sainsburys and Waitrose, to name but a few. Whilst there may be more to choose from in the UK, the quality of food here in Australia tends to be that bit better considering the fact that the majority of products are Australian Made and fresh produce is generally imported very seldomly. In researching, we have discovered the following comparisons: ● 1 gallon of milk - Australia 5.38, the UK 5.38 ● 1 llb of bread - Australia 1.36, the UK 1.49 ● 1 llb of rice - Australia 1.26, the UK 0.95 ● Eggs (12) - Australia 4.65, the UK 3.31 ● Beef Round, 1 llb - Australia 7.10, the UK 6.19 ● Chicken Breast, 1 llb - Australia 4.71, the UK 4.72 ● Tea Bags (25) - Australia , the UK 2.10 ● Instant Coffee 500g - Australia , the UK 11 ● Potatoes - Australia 3.78, the UK 3.49 ● Onions - Australia 2.73, the UK 1.40 per kg ● Garlic - Australia 2.93, the UK 3.12 per 500g ● Tomatoes - Australia 4.98, the UK 2.09 ● Oranges - Australia 3.98, the UK 2.62 ● Apples - Australia 4.63, the UK 3.49 ● Bananas - Australia 4.63, the UK 1.80 Whilst some of the prices may seem expensive in comparison to the UK, the salary in Australia makes up for it, being 6,000 GBP, or 10,456 AUD, higher than the average UK salary. This is bound to make a difference when it comes to shopping for your favourite groceries. SuperMarket Specials One thing to look out for each week is the Supermarket specials. Unless you opt out of receiving unsolicited mail, each week you're likely to get catalogues in your mailbox detailing all the discounts a supermarket is having that week. If you take the opportunity to stock up on these products (assuming they're not perishable or have a long expiry date), this can be a great way of saving money in the long run. If you don't wish to recieve the paper based versions of the catalogues, then online digital copies are also available at: https://www.coles.com.au/catalogues-and-specials/view-all-available-catalogues https://www.woolworths.com.au/Shop/SpecialsGroups/catalogue http://www.iga.com.au/catalogue/ https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/ Reward Cards Supermarkets also offer rewards cards, offering you another way to save money: Coles uses the flybuys card - https://www.flybuys.com.au/collect#/partners/coles Woolworth uses the rewards card - https://www.woolworthsrewards.com.au/
  2. A point about peoples thoughts on supermarkets. I have in the last couple of years shopped inter changeably at Woolies, Coles and Foodland in SA. WHat do people prefer and why?
  3. I keep hearing people going on about how expensive supermarkets are in Oz.....could a lot of this is down to the supermarkets; there does not really seem to be much competition amongst supermarkets in Oz, with Woolworths and Coles pretty much sewing up the “supermarket market”. If you shop in small local shops, such as bakers and greengrocers, you often get better quality food – I guess that’s a given – but they’re often cheaper than the supermarkets, and you get a bigger range too. Does Oz need more supermarkets to start a PRICE WAR?
  4. Hi all We have just been in Brisbane for 10 days, from the UK via 3 years in Auckland. Can't find a decent supermarket :mad: In Auckland we accepted that we would not have as much choice as in the UK, but Brisbane is even worse than Auckland! Where will we find Waitrose and M&S quality and variety of food? Please help!
  5. Ok these are my reasons why. In the UK the big supermarkets have pushed out a lot of retailers and changed the face of the UK towns with lower prices, causing family businesses to close. People when going into ASDA, Tesco and the like can tend to buy a lot more than they need due to selling clothes, CD’s, alcohol etc. The good points about Australian supermarkets are, they sell food and stuff all else. Most people will tend to buy their meat, vegetables, deli goods and the like outside of the supermarkets keeping smaller businesses open. People look at the prices and compare how much you can save in the UK on food but seem to forget the t-shirt, CD or something else extra that always seems to go in the trolley that they wouldn’t do in Australia. Am I right or wrong?
  6. Guest

    Supermarkets in Sydney

    Hi We arrive in Sydney straight after the new year and I was hoping someone could tell me the best supermarket to use? (we'll be staying in the city for the first six weeks). Also, what are the most popular brands of washing power, fabric softener etc, also nappies? This will save me wandering around the shop wondering what to buy! Thanks
  7. Hi there, Where's the best/biggest asian supermarket in and around Perth ? My wife is chinese and we didn't get to spot any large ones whilst on our reccie - but I'm sure there must one or two larger ones. Cheers, ScottyB
  8. Hiya,recently ive noticed the cost of foodstuffs here in Adelaide is quite extortionate when comparing to what we were paying for everyday items in the UK just 8 months ago,like double or more in some cases!It aint as if the wages are double in unison,so ,shall we say,i am a trifle disconcerted at present.What do you think?
  9. LukeM


    This one's definitely top of the wanted skills list!!! Yes, I am kidding by the way. How do you think I will manage if say I'm 16, looking for part time shop work and have currently 6 months experience behind me as a Customer Service Assistant at a large Sainsbury's supermarket in the UK (by the time I make it to Australia, if ever, that will have amounted to over a year's experience probably)?? Would I have much trouble getting work in a shop of some description... be it Coles, Woolworths, Dick Smiths... JB Hi-Fi etc (I'm up for anything shop work though like supemarket, fast food places etc - just anything like that) What's the thinking here?
  10. Guest

    Aussie Supermarkets

    Right, OK. We've probably all read someone saying on here at some point about how the supermarkets out here are years behind those of the UK. (By the way, out of all the supermarkets I've been to, in different countries, none are as good as the UK's!). BUT.. I sometimes wonder how the elderly people get their shopping done, here. I mean, back home, you get phones in the supermarkets, by which you can freephone a taxi cab company and they have a taxi rank outside the stores main entrance. I have seen nothing at all like this over here. And I have seen how well used this service is, by the elderly (amongst others who have no car/cannot drive), in the UK. Since it's usually a long trek to get to a supermarket here...well on the Gold/Sunshine Coasts, as everything's so spread out... I wonder how a lot of people do manage to get their food shopping. Let's face it, stores' own websites in Oz are useless and usually don't list their products, let alone prices, and online grocery shopping with a delivery service just doesn't appear to exist. Do Tesco still do a free bus service in the UK, to their stores?? I know they do where I am from. Nothing like anything I have mentioned exists in Oz, that I can see. :wacko:
  11. Hi All Got this from a girl i work with so though i would pass it on she has moved over to the uk from Sydney Must do: Have chips with chicken salt (in Australia crisps are also called chips - so when going to chippy ask for hot chips!) Eat every flavour of tim tam (best ever chocolate biscuits) Try: - Cherry Ripe (Choccy Bar) Jatz (nothing quite like them here - Ritz comes the closest, but is a huge dissapointment compared to Jatz) eucyalptus lollies (sweets = lollies) Jaffas (round hard shell choccies) beef burger from chip shop (totally not the same as a UK one) Woolworths Mud Cake - yummy! Rosella Tomato soup is best tomato soup on the market. Bega Cheese is best normal (chedder like) cheese. Hug a koala ( but watch out for the claws) Be warned no square sausages in Oz no orange cheese milk etc is in mls - no pints distance in kms - no miles cans of soft drink are bigger - 375 mls - compared to UK's 330 mls! Weekend away info Hunter Valley (lots of wine tasting) Cessnock is good (bout 2 - 2.5 hrs from Sydney) Darling Harbour, the Rocks, the Opera House (the usual) Try not to hit any Kangaroos - they do a lot of damage to your car if they hit you! Buying a Car - try the trading post (online and also in paper form from newsagents). Further afield trips - drive up to the Gold Coast and Brisbane and then onto the Glass Mountains at Marocydore - stop at Coffs Harbour overnight - is good halfway point - Opal Cove Resort is very nice - at Coffs as a tourist you have to go to the big banana - but that is rather sad! There is also the Jetty strip which has nice cafes etc and good beach - then heading north there is Byron Bay - great surf, rather new agey community - lots of backpackers as well - big tourist place, then keep going north to Gold Coast - great for shopping - then up to the Sunshine Coast - tourists must stop at the Big Pineapple and Big Macadamia Nut! Harvey Bay is very scenic and nice, further north still is Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef - that you really do have to go and have a dive in and spend some time there - very lovely - you can also go across to the Whitsunday islands - again very pretty. Further afield requires flying! Canberra you can drive to - though not much there - a big merino and nice roundabouts - roundabouts with water in them - but pretty much a concrete city - but if you want some colder weather head there - or much closer to Sydney and much prettier is Katoomba - which has the three sisters to look at! Some nice mountains and it does snow - if you are missing the cold and the snow - book a few days away at Thredbo Ski Resort! Melbourne - Luna Park, trams... And loads of shops - and off course the Melbourne Cup (horse race). Ayers Rock - well it does look pretty awesome - but it is basically a big red rock in the middle of nowhere - about 2 hrs away is Kakadu national park which is supposedly very good (I've never been). Budget Airlines http://www.jetstar.com/au/index.html and http://www.virginblue.com.au/ are your two budget airlines - which at the moment have some really good flight prices - £30 each way to Melbourne from Sydney. Standard beer for NSW is Tooheys, and Four X. supermarkets and shops Coles = Sainsburys Woolworths = Tescos Franklins = Asda None of these do the tv/electricals like they do here. Big W has cheep clothes and a variety of stuff at reasonable prices - bedding etc, as does Target. There is no postal service on a Saturday.
  12. Guest


    Hi everyone Just a question as we have Tesco, Sainsburys,Asda,Morrisons what does oz have? I know that you Have Woolies and Coles are there any others? also when people say that the shopping can be a bit pants but what dont they sell that people cannot live without? I heard that fruit is fresher and meat can be cheaper but what would you take if you could? Thanks adacakes
  13. Hi there, everyone.... This thread is aimed at the lucky ones, who are already in Oz. Can you let us know your impressions of Coles? My Hubby works for Tesco in the UK, and has for 23 years. He is coaches Store Managers on filling their Stores, having been a Store Manager for the last 14 years. Obviously, over here, we are spoiled with our salary, overall package, car, Pension, SAYE, shares, etc., etc. We have contacted Coles, regarding Steve being sponsored to go out and work for them, and are awaiting a response. Just wanna know what everyone thinks of them really... Thanks Guys! Have a super weekend. Andrea x x x :notworthy:
  14. Guest


    Sorry i know this is an exceptionally boring post but I would appreciate any advice! We are on a bit of an economy drive at the moment and I am wondering which is the best supermarket to use? At the moment I use woolies purely for convenience, because it is walking distance and I like to walk up there with the boys and stop at the park on the way home. Am I right in saying that woolies is quite expensive (is this like the equivalent of buying your groceries in m & s)? I tried Coles when we here before but I was wondering what some of the other supermarkets are like but without comprising quality. I buy homebrands where possible and have found woolies ones to be pretty good, just wondered what the others are like? I would liken my woolies to tescos and I am happy with it but just wondering if I can get the same stuff elsewhere for cheaper? Any thoughts or ideas will be greatfully received!
  15. Guest

    Discount Car Supermarkets

    Hi, Does anybody know if there are any car discount supermarkets in OZ, similar to Motor Point, Virgin car supermarket that you get over here. I've been having a good look round on Auto- trader but can’t seem to track anything down only the main dealerships. Cheers