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Found 15 results

  1. I am moving to Australia later in the year and I am giving some thought as to what to do with my UK investment portfolio which comprises stocks & shares and mutual funds. I currently use Hargreaves Lansdown in the UK to hold my investments and I assuming that there will be similar financial services companies in Australia although an initial internet search hasn't enabled me to identify an obvious equivalent yet. I plan to cash in most of my UK investments over the next year or two when the exchange rate is favourable and I would like to have a suitable investment account ready in Australia to re-invest in a similar portfolio. Does anyone have any recommendations of appropriate Australian financial services companies offering retail fund and stocks & shares investment accounts, dealing services and access to research data? Good customer service and products are probably more important to me than lowest fees. Thanks in advance for any recommendations, advice or suggestions.
  2. Hi All:smile: I am new to PIO, wish i had found the site earlier!, We have our visas , flights booked and moving to the Gold Coast in Oct 2008. My OH is a Roofer and we have 2 teenage sons who will be 19 & 16 when we land!!!!( a load of postings to come re them 2) Are there any sites similar to the Money Saving Expert/money supermarket or good comparison sites that allow you to compare insurance, travel, utilities etc Ta Michelle
  3. twinkletoes35

    which supermarket do you use?

    Hello all Which Oz supermarket do you use? I remember reading a thread, which of course now I cannot find, that there is on oz supermarket that whilst here in the UK we could do a test shop to check out costs Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks TT x
  4. bernie inn

    The moving supermarket

    Has anybody used these? Had a cheap online quote with them
  5. Whilst out on a drive today I cane across IGA in ocean reef - wow that's so much better the the Connolly one! So I was wondering which brand is your favourite and also which location as I'm sure there is a huge mega store out there!! Just waiting for me to shop!! Thanks Emma
  6. :confused:Hi folks in & around Perth, I'm hoping you can help me out. We are due to land in Perth , friday at around 5.30pm, by the time we get out of the airport & pick the hire car up it's probably going to be close to 7pm. Our dilema is; Is there going to be a supermarket or petrol station open ( headind to Mindarie) that we can get some MILK etc from??? The thought of not being able to have a coffee when we get to our rental is putting me in a panic!!! From what I've been able to find out, the supermarkets close at 6pm, so do the petrol stations sell milk etc ? Thanks for any help. X
  7. Having had little to no interest from numerous job applications im now starting to worry that Im not going to be able to find a job that easily when i arrive in Perth late April. Ive just looked at both Coles and the woolworths websites and found that they are recruiting for a number of cashier roles full and part time but they dont say what the wage is. Does anyone know what wage this type of role gets? Do you get more for working at the weekend of late nights and also do they get a staff discount and if so how much? I really dont want to be out of work, so i will try my hand at anything and as ive worked in a supermarket before this seemed like a good option. Many thanks Emma x
  8. Petals

    Supermarket shopping

    As our two largest supermarkets both have on line sites and stores here are the links and you will get an idea of prices of food at the moment in the supermarkets that is. Welcome to Woolworths Coles
  9. Guest

    Supermarket prices??

    Hi all, What with all the threads about cost of living and in particular, supermarket prices I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread about supermarket prices I thought it would be useful if those already in Oz saved your till receipts and posted details of prices for recent purchases for us still in the UK. It would give us an idea of price differences between supermarkets and areas I have been getting worried about the price of fruit and veg in the supermarkets especially! nearly $1 for a single banana??? Hope to get some replies xxx
  10. Good site. just press home for other states. http://www.grocerychoice.gov.au/
  11. TheBrammies

    Coles Cheapest Supermarket in Oz

    The competition watchdog's second GROCERY choice survey has found Coles is still the cheapest supermarket in most regions across Australia. The September survey found Coles was the cheapest in 40 of the 61 regions surveyed. But the supermarket giant's margin has dropped slightly compared to August, when 52 of the 61 regions showed Coles as the cheapest. The price difference between Coles, Woolworths and the independent supermarkets has narrowed as well, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. "GROCERYchoice helps consumers find out something supermarkets won't tell them, who is the cheapest overall," Assistant Treasurer Chris Bowen told AAP. The latest figures showing Coles was still cheaper in two thirds of all regions showed that GROCERYchoice was "helping consumers to make well-informed decisions", he said. "This is vital information that consumers can throw in the mix - alongside the quality of goods and customer service - before they decide where to shop," Mr Bowen said. "Another benefit of GROCERYchoice has been to increase competitive tension in the grocery sector, driving the consumer dollar further." The latest survey found ALDI was still the cheapest for a "basic staples basket" - the only basket for which ALDI's products are featured because of its small product range. GROCERYchoice publishes the average prices of grocery "basket" categories at supermarket chains across Australia, using 500 products typically bought by Australian households. The baskets include meat and seafood, fruit and vegetables, dairy, breads and cereals, drinks and other snacks, general groceries, household and personal care. The price of the basic staples basket is calculated from a range of staple products from the other baskets. To stop price manipulation, individual product prices are kept confidential and the products surveyed are rotated.
  12. Major supermarkets announced a new round of price cuts in a bid to lure struggling consumers. Both Asda and Tesco promised lower prices over coming days to outflank their rivals. Asda on Thursday unveiled a range of goods, including two pints of milk, for sale over the weekend at 50p. The retailer said customers would be able to buy milk at its cheapest price since 2001 following increases of about 21% in the last year. Other 50p products include bread and butter, eggs, meat and vegetables. The price cuts are in effect from Friday to Sunday. Suppliers would not be affected by the reductions, Asda said. Asda trading director Darren Blackhurst said: "Customers are telling us this is the time of the month they're really starting to feel the pinch and that's why we're investing in price cuts where they really count, on everyday essentials like milk, bread and butter, meat and vegetables." Tesco also cut the cost of 18,000 products in its biggest weekly promotion yet. The retailer said it was reducing the price of a range of everyday goods that would be on promotion, from bread, sausages and pizzas to Back to School uniforms and homewares. Tesco said the move meant it had cut £620 million from prices since January. Tesco commercial director Richard Brasher said: "Rising costs continue to hit customers hard and they are looking to Tesco to help. Despite clear inflation in some food products we have worked hard to cut our prices week after week and negotiated some fantastic deals with our suppliers to bring shopping bills down." Soaring food prices have pushed the official inflation rate up from 3.8% to 4.4% in July - a 16-year high. Increases in the price of meat products, milk, cheese and eggs have contributed to a steep climb in the cost of living. The average grocery bill for a typical family has climbed by more than a quarter to £127 since last summer, according to price comparison website Mysupermarket.co.uk. The fierce price wars among retailers follows the rising popularity of discount stores like Aldi and Lidl.
  13. motherof2

    Online Supermarket shopping

    I was wondering whether to do a shop and get it delivered for the beginning of our validation trip so that we had the basics for when we arrive. Is Coles the only supermarket that offers this? Also, I know this has been asked before, but can we bring tea bags in as long as we declare them or is that a big no no? My OH and son are teapots! We'll be staying in South Yarra, Melbourne, but I will get it delivered to my sister in Brunswick East as we don't land until 19.15.
  14. :sad:hi,how much would you earn in a supermarket per hour,or hospital or cleaning etc.want to work a few hours to help.oh wages going to be a lot lower than we origally thought.can we really aford this move??going out with around £40,000,want to buy after 6 months but want to weigh everything up first.need to know a rough wage.as have 4 kids,going on temp visa 495 =no child benefit!!turning into a nightmare!!feeling desparate!!!