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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, We were granted our visas this week (hurrah!). We aren’t taking a lot with us but we would like to send a couple of suitcases ahead of us (I have relatives there already so we can have them delivered there). I’ve done a few online quotes and they seem extortionate. Would we be better to pay for extra baggage on the flight and take it on the plane with us or is there a reasonable company out there for sending just a couple / few suitcases? It doesn’t matter how long it would take to ship them over, I’ll happily start packing now! This is Midlands UK to Sydney. We’d appreciate any advice.
  2. Im not talking about toolbox wrapped in 6 suitcases. i mean the likes of a small 1/4 drive socket set power robe, digital multi meter snips couple screw drivers spanners etc. just a few small things?
  3. Hi We are looking at prices for sending 4 suitcases to Brisbane and the prices are shocking!! Anyone sending a container that may have a little room for us??
  4. ghost

    Suitcases thru Dubai airport

    We are flying thru Dubai with emirates with an overnight stop, we have about 10 cases but dont want to hike them Into Dubai when we only need one. I know we can't check them into our forward flight as it is over 24 hours before, but apparently you can store them at the airport. Anyone done this ?
  5. Has has anybody sent extra suitcases to aus?if so what company did you use and how much was it,extra baggage on quantas is a rip off something like 400 pound a bag. thanks for help:eek:
  6. Guest


    Starting to feel all vey real now and starting to think about the practicalities. We need to buy suitcases for the journey and obviously want the lightest possible! Any ideas? Does 40kg roughly translate to 2 large suitcases each? thanks
  7. Hi all! Well it won't be long now until we touch down in Oz:spinny:. We intend to sell everything and just take our suitcases ( very full of course ) . The cost of shipping just doesn't seem worth the hassle , so we intend to buy new once in Oz. Has anyone else done this or did you ship out and was it worth it ? Thanks,
  8. Guest


    just wanted to know how have other people got over to australia with all their clothes and belongings have u all just payed the extra baggage??
  9. Hi everyone, We have a LOT of photographs which we are scared about shipping. Did anyone on here ship or put them in their suitcase? I would be devatsed if they got lost. Thanks everyone Shreenx
  10. We are at the stage of booking car hire for when we arrive. There is 2 adults and 2 kids plus 1 large case and 4 medium sized ones. I have looked at hiring a Ford Territory but one site says it will only carry 2 lge and 1 med and another says 5 lge. What do you think? Mandy
  11. vinnypot

    sizes of suitcases

    can anyone tell me what size suitcases to take when emigratig we are a family of four ,need to know what we can get in taxis and what its easy to move asround,,,cheers
  12. Hi. We are flying to Sydney on 16th February with Singapore Airlines on a 457. There are four of us (me, hubby, our eldest daughter who is 2ys 9 months, and our youngest daughter whose first birthday is the day before we fly). We have booked four seats because hubby or I will sit with our youngest leaving one seat free so that our eldest can lay over two seats to sleep if necessary. Also means that we can have a row of four seats (which we have already booked). I know that on a 457 we can only have the usual baggage allowance (23kg I believe) plus hand luggage, so we will take four cases, one for each of us. We will also send a couple of boxes of things air-freight which will get to Sydney a few days after we arrive. However, there will be certain things that we will need to take for the children (towels, bedding, their pillows, a few teddy bears etc) that are lightweight but bulky. So we were wondering, if we turned up at the airport with an extra small suitcase with those things in, weighing only a few kg (less than 10) what is likely to happen? Will they just charge the excess baggage or will they refuse to let it on the flight? Do they sometimes waive the charges if you aren't taking the mickey, or if they do charge is it expensive? Any advice/experience would be most appreciated. Would also appreciate advice on what to/not to pack, because I am having kittens about it at the moment! :arghh:
  13. Guest

    Question About Suitcases

    HI ALL i hope someone can answer? we have not sold our house yet and may have to go on a holiday to validate visa's was wondering that you are allowed to take 40kg each on a pr when going for good but if we have been before do you lose that even if next visit is one way? hope you understand question getting very depressed by the whole thing now it's so true when people say it's a rollercoaster ride, as all our money is tied up in the house it's an expence we could do without :arghh: julie :wubclub:
  14. The Broughtons


    Went on a bit of a shopping spree on Saturday and thought I would share one of my bargain purchases with you. We went to Boundary Mill on the A1 at Grantham and bought suitcases. They are the superlite ones that should cost £70 for a large case - bargain alert - Boundary Mill are currently selling them at £14.99 a piece. The next size down I think is £10.99. We bought 2 nice bright blue ones and 2 fluorescent pink ones - there's no way I'm gonna miss my luggage on the carousel at some ungodly hour of the morning! And of course if the case is light I can put more clothes in. Of course the clothes bargains weren't too bad either and when Mr B suggested a new set of summer clothes to take with me I really wasn't going to argue. Felicity:cute: