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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Everybody I have just signed up to this forum so apologies if I have made any mistakes. My partner and I have thought long and hard about a move to Australia ( Melboune in particular - as I have family their) and in the last day or so finally decided to start the Immigration process ( one the New Year is long gone!!). I was wondering if there is anybody who could offer me some advice as to what job opportinities are out there in Australia for people like me who are interested in moving to oz having served in the Police in the UK. I have 16 years Police experience to bring with me ( and at this time are still in the Police), but apart from that I am lacking in the qualifications/skills dept ( I have construction qualifications- but last time i touched a building site was 16 years ago, and I am not to keen to return to that if i can help it!). My partner is a Counsellor/occupational therapist and it is this that will hopefully get us through our skills assessment. I understand fully I can't walk into a job but would be willing to do any type of work (preferably using my skills I have gained in the Police!) Like I say I wonder if anybody is out their who could point me in the right direction?
  2. Today while uploading the documents for my 175 application when i was going to attach the copy of skill assessment, found two options in the field DOCUMENT TYPE : 1. Evidence of Skills Assessment 2. Evidence of Suitable skills assessment. Can anyone please clarify what is the difference between the two and under which type i should upload my copy of positive skills assessment ?
  3. Hi all, My husband and I and our two kids are looking to move to Brisbane Australia, we love the idea of not being right next door to our neighbours and would like our kids to have a nice big yard to play in, we're thinking close to half a hectare or 1 acre. The problem is we would also like to be within 30 min of the Brisbane CBD and keep within AU$800,000. It would also have to be reasonably close to good schools and would also not like to have to travel more than 45 minutes to a coastal area / beach. I'm not too sure where the best places to live would be with this kind of lifestyle or if these sort of areas exist. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks Jan
  4. Hi everyone, I got my ACS assessment last year which is ICT-recent graduate, I'm planning applying for re-assessment under the ANZSCO code. I know that there has to be at least 65% relevancy of nominated occupation, but I can't tell how relevant they are. I am looking at 261311 analyst programmer and 261312 developer programmer. but I am still not sure which one is the best suit for me. or any other suggestion? Thanks a lot in advance. The course structure is as following: Bachelor of information technology and systems specialisation: multimedia applications 2009 DIS2105 digital imaging DIS2907 3D animation DWG1103 Visual thinking and communication FIT3040 Studio 2 2008 FIT1003 IT in organisations FIT 2001 Systems analysis and design FIT2002 IT project management FIT3033 principles of educational multimedia FIT1001 computer systems FIT3008 Digital video post production FIT3023 Interactive environments FIT2029 Studio 1 2007 FIT1002 Computer Programming FIT2012 Digital media authoring FIT2026 sound and video VCM1001 visual communication FIT2015 Foundations of 3D FIT2016 Human computer interaction for multimedia PHO1203 Photomedia imaging 1 VCM2002 Multimedia imaging(animation) 2006 FIT1004 Database FIT1005 networks and data communications FIT1012 website authoring VCM1002 Multimedia Imaging
  5. Wife works in liverpool, I work in CBD (town hall). One car, so I need to get the train. I have been looking around from strathfield to beverley hills and frankly...didnt like any of it. Plus we really dont want to be in a suburb where we are the minority (most suburbs I saw were mostly middle eastern or asian). Went to some parks, one was wiley park, and never seen so much garbage spread around in my life. It was disgusting. I would love some recommendations. Of course, ideally we would like to stay on the north shore but liverpool isnt accessible. Maybe places near the airport are more suitable. Place with a nice centre and parks. 30 min commute to liverpool would be perfect and I guess going against the traffic as most people would I think be heading to the centre. So bit stuck really.
  6. Guest

    Suitable Surburb in Melbourne

    I and my wife in our mid 30s about to migrate to Melbourne. We have no children yet. I am a professional while my wife is an office worker. We can live without pubs and disco but can't go without public transport. Travelling hours to CBD should not more than 45 minutes. Pls advise if the following surburb is recommended: 1. Oakleigh 2. Seaford 3. Frankston 4. Any other recommended surburb. Many thanks! :wink:
  7. Hi I am going to meet my partner out in Mel, on to Adelaide then 4 nights in Sydney. Fly out 25th Nov returning 16th Dec. What on earth would I wear on an evening out? he is very casual. I tend to get over dressed. Thing is my gear now is black numbers in preparation for xmas. Long dresses summery (not got one!). Thinking about going on ebay as nothing in the shops. Looking forward to your reply Many thanx ps I am 45
  8. Hi, I completed my online application for 176 family sponsored visa on 04/09/09. At the time i applied i was aware that my visa, if approved, would most likely take 2 years + to come through and therefore just resigned myself that moving to Oz would be a while off! I also took the family sponsored route so that i did not have to commit to living in a certain state for 2 years on arrival. However, since i lodged my application a few things have changed that may invalidate the sponsorship part of my application so any advice on the following issues would be gratefully received: My sister (who is my sponsor and an Australian PR) may be leaving Oz in 6 months time to live overseas for a few years due to her husband getting a new job (they are planning to return to Oz but this may not be for 2-3years). If she is not living in Oz does this affect her suitability to be my sponsor? and therefore invalidate the sponsorship part of my application? Due to this i am considering swapping to state sponsorship with the ACT as my occupation (Public Relations Officer) is on their Skills in Demand List. However, now (as of Sept 1st) it is only on their SDL ‘Off-List’ Quota and although as a standard requirement Professionals need 3 years work experience, the list shows an additional requirement for this particular profession for 5 years work experience. As i have only 3 years work experince as a PR Officer does this mean they wouldn't even consider me if i applied for ACT SS as a PR Officer? Therefore, worst case senario, if my sister moving provents her from being a suitable sponsor and i don't meet the requirements of ACT SS as a PR Officer, what are my options? Thank you in advance for your help! Sarah
  9. Guest

    Im not suitable.......

    :no: ......for a visa, as I dont have a specific skill (im an HR administrator). Just when I thought my hopes would be raised by doing something good for me and my daughter, yet again they've been dashed. I dont have family (only friends) over there, I have no ties here. Does ANYONE have any idea how of what I could do to get me to Oz? I am happy to retrain in something, ANYTHING to get us there!! Queensland is my dream Sorry for the moan....:cry: