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Found 61 results

  1. Guest

    Air freight suggestions?

    We have finally figured out what we will be sending back to ireland in a few months.The only thing is I cannot remember which company we used before,9yrs ago.We are going to use air freight for the speed and convenience and plan on sending about 6-8 boxes of kids toys,clothes etc.. If anyone has any suggestions on who to use and what kind of prices they charge I would really appreciate it.Thanks in advance,FF.
  2. I live in wembley just moved over this week from England i have my blue card for plant operator in England with my N.V.Q as well i need to get my National Accredited Ticket so i can start working over here on the diggers does anyone have any suggestions as to wear in perth to go and who to avoid i am looking online at the minute but there is quite a few companies doing it dont know which one is gonna be the best?
  3. Hi We have just booked our one way flights with Singapore airlines for a family of 5. Can anyone advise me on travel insurance. I have not been on holiday for such a long time. As we live in France our holidays are always back to the UK and we never take out insurance. We will be flying out from the UK but I have not got a clue who to ask and if a special insurance is needed due to the extra luggage taken, and it being one way etc! Any suggestions would be great, Thanks Tasha:wubclub:
  4. We have two boys age 12 and 14 who are currently at a private Catholic high school in the inner west. They've been quite happy there until now, but we're thinking of of moving them to another school because we sense they are becoming increasingly unsettled. Has anyone had any experience of Sydney high schools in the public system and have any recommendations or suggestions?
  5. CrimsonPetal

    Suggestions please?

    Hi, I'm hoping to get some help from all you informed people living in Melbourne. My family and I are hoping to move to Melbourne next year just as soon as we can sell our property here in Perth. I am feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of choice and was hoping some of you could point us in the right direction? We are a family of three, child of primary school age, looking to downsize so smaller properties are a bonus for us. We will hopefully have around $500,000 to spend on a property, though we can always hope for more. Anyway, it's not much but smaller properties are best for us. OH is a chef so we are really looking for an area to live with plenty of opportunities for jobs in this field. Good schools obviously essential and for me personally, I need to feel as safe and secure as possible so I'm looking for a relatively quiet area. It's quite a tall order but anyone have any ideas as to what would fit the bill? We are interested in the Mornington Penninsula and yet also suburbs closer to the city such as Mordialloc. As you can tell we are just very unsure of where to concentrate our efforts at the moment and are really looking for some info, any info, from those who are better informed. I understand we'll need to have a closer look before we commit but at this stage suggestions are very welcome. Thanks for taking the time to read this post and I look forward to what you guys have to say...
  6. Guest

    Coast to Coast suggestions

    We are going to move from Gold Coast to Perth next week. We will stop in: Canberra :swoon: Torquay :huh: Warrnambool :eek: Adelaide :cute: Border Village :wacko: Perth :goofy: Does any of you have suggestions about clean and possibly nice motels where to stop for a night? We are particularly worried about Border Village.. (of course) :jimlad:
  7. hi there... I want everyone to please take part in this thread with any n al of the suggestions that you can give me. My sister has applied for recruitment consultant occupation ..she is now planning to arrange docs for the DD..But she is confused to choose among these 2 1)WA 2)SA You can give suggestions in terms of 1) Job opportunities for Recruitment Consultant 2) Average Salary for Recruitment Consultant 3) Living Standard in either of the state 4) Expenses in either of the state 5) Taxes secutiry etc in either of the state... Pleas ekeep in mind a these aspects and then suggest what you think is the best state for my sister... I am awaiting alot of replies... Hia
  8. Hi there. We are new to this site. We may be moving to Melbourne...just waiting on a job offer!! I just wanted a perspective from people who are already over there. So scared right now of making the wrong/right decision of whether to come over or not. Getting negative vibes from all the parents!! We know we want a fresh start. Have 3 small children (3 and half,21 months and 3 months). I would just really like to know what life is like in Melbourne. A friend said it was awesome.xx. Feel a bit daft as the smallest things are stressing me out,like getting all our stuff over there etc... We don't have a huge circle of friends over here. Mainly because we have children and our friends don't and i am quite a shy person. Is everyone really friendly over there?xxx :wubclub:
  9. i Have a 1 year old daughter and would love some where that's friendly with a nice community... coffee shops parks, that kind of thing. Not as big as a town though. My husband likes the coast road, black rock etc but we are open to other suggestions as neither of us knows Australia that well. any suggestions or advice would be great :hug:
  10. Morning all, My husband is currently being skills assessed by ACS and we want to move out to Melbourne as we have lots of family there. Victoria have currently taken ICT applications off their list until further notice so our agent has suggested trying to find an employer who may nominate us. We are going over for a month at Christmas and would like to line up some interviews.... Does anyone have any suggestions of either any big companies we can contact or any good recruitment agencies that specialise in this? Any help at all is appreciated, thank very much. Liz x
  11. Hello. I am 27 years old, new to this forum and feeling a little confused! My partner whom I've been in a relationship for a year and half is an Australian national and is very keen to head home to Australia (Melbourne) mid-2010. I would love to join him, despite it inevitably being very hard to leave so many friends and family behind. I also have the minor issue of renting/selling my house!! I didn't go to university and therefore the only qualifications I have are A levels. I currently work as a P.A. in the CIty (London) but I am desperate to leave the office environment with a view to finding a route that leads me to achieving my ambition of working with chidren. WIth this in mind, along with the fact that my partner is so keen to head back to Australia I'm trying to piece together some sort of study plan in order to fulfil my dream of working with kids. I also feel that studying would be a perfect opportunity to meet new people and build some friendships in Melbourne because as things stand I will only have my partner and his family/friends around for moral support! I've done a little research and am very interested in obtaining a Certifcate followed by Diploma/Advanced Diploma in Childrens Services - which could lead to various potential job opportunities (in an ideal world!). In theory, if I could achieve all of the above I would be a very happy young lady however I know that I am going to meet many obstacles along the way which is why I'm posting on this forum to try and seek some advice from anyone who can help. Questions I need to try and answer are: Which visa I could apply for? What to study and whether I meet the entry reuirements? Am I being realistic in thinking that I could have a visa sorted by middle of next year? Thanks to anyone who is able to offer any advice - it is much appreciated. :twitcy:
  12. Hi all, We are moving to oz in Jan 2012 and have been looking at the different places to live in MELBOURNE. I have a 1 year daughter so i would like to move somewhere there is alot to do for families and where there are groups to go with my little one in the week whilst my hubby is at work. Gav ( my hubby) has mentioned Black rock a few times, any views would be welcome. We are all looking forward to the move, i am a little worried about being lonely and leaving my friends and family behind but i am sure once i am settled it will be great. I hear the people are very friendly.
  13. janine the party queen

    Suggestions please

    As some of you may know I injured my right hand back in April ( nerves and tendons ) for the 1st 3 months months I was off work and not able to drive.After intensive treatment,that is still ongoing,I now have approx 90% use of my hand. On the advice of my OT I bought a much smaller automatic car ( Hyundai Excel !!!!!!) I also had to change jobs,with the same company.I used to work about 10 mins from home now its more like 30/40 mins away through commuter traffic. Now for my HUGE problem..........I am so afraid to drive !!!!!! My fear of my hand cramping and locking up is just stopping me. I have taken a few extra lessons with a driving school which went OKish.I have even tried hypnosis which did'nt help. I recently got a promotion,which I accepted but.................I need to drive. I have been using the bus.The earliest I can get into work is 08.45 and the last one home is 17.15. However on those days where I have meetings etc I have to take a taxi $35.It is costing me a fortune. No one from work lives anywhere near me.As hubby is in the Army he has to be in camp really early when he is around,which at the moment is not a lot. Please has anyone got any experience with this or any suggestions
  14. ena

    any suggestions

    i am going to try for cpv and was wondering, when i go to visit my son next october would i be better to try for onshore visa instead of off shore here at home in london. i have property to sell and lots of other things and don't know what to do first. any suggestions
  15. Hi, I am Dean, I'm 33 originally from the midlands, I have been in Oz on and off for the last 10 years, normally on tourist visas( untill they said I had exceeded the number of E.T.A's( my two children are here (5,8y.o.) I am all set to do the contributory parent visa, as it seems to be the only one that fits, I applied 17 months ago and now I have been asked for the assurance of support. The problem is that I have no family except my 2 boys, who live with their Mum ( my ex) and they are under 18 and cannot sponsor me. My ex is the only person who can sign the assurance of support thing. ( she is a nightmare and would not do anything to help me at all) I do not actually need any support as I have just sold my house I bought in Byron Bay with my ex 10 years ago, however someone needs to sign this thing. I have been reading the blurb over and over, the other option is a community based organisation, ethnic group or church based organisation, that has dealings with both me and my children ! Of which there are None!! I have been beating my head against the immigration wall for ever, but I have quite a odd situation where I have no family except my 2 sons here in Oz. A last remaining relative visa doesn't cut it apparently as my children are not 18. The plot has thickened a bit as my new fiancee is 5 months pregnant with twins, and is from Paris, apparently it is going to cost about 70,000 dollars to get us both in permanently, but even that cannot be done without an assurance of support ( that I do not need personally but do need legally!) I am really at the end of my tether and do not know what on earth to do!! Can anyone please help? I have ran my own businesess in the uk but have no formal qualifications, I have a building company who are wanting to know if they can sponsor me ( employee sponsored migration) as they want me to sell for them ( which I do best) does anyone know if this is possible, how long it takes, and if it would include my fiancee too ? I have 28 days to sort out the "assurance of support" or about 2 months to sort out getting sponsored with my fiancee by the building company( who have just done it for another english guy but he is a qualified carpenter) Please please please does anyone have any pointers, Yours sincerely, Dean
  16. Hi Guys, We are trying to decide on who to get our Health Insurance with for the Visa application... does anyone have any advice on insurance companies? what type of insurance for the visa? (can we just get the cheapest one now and then upgrade later) we are both under 30 wth no medical conditions.... just wondered if anyone could recommend a few companies to look at and any advice when doing so! Ay help would be gratefully received... thanks very much... :confused:
  17. Hi, my wife Róisín and I have had our permanent residence visas (175) for a while but are now planning to emigrate sometime Q3 this year onwards. Over the years we have travelled on holiday through most of the main Australian cities and would like to make our start down under in Brisbane. I would need to find an IT job in the city somewhere, so would hope to rent then buy somewhere in a suburb within a 60 minute commute of CBD. We have looked on the internet at a few suburbs, and talked to a few people, and currently we are considering: Wynnum, Mount Gravatt, Sandgate, Tingalpa. As the exchange rate and UK house prices are bad for us at the moment, we are more limited in budget than we originally hoped (our max would be $350,000 for a 3 bed house). So if anyone can recommend nice suburbs that they know of that would fit the bill we would appreciate it. The sort of area we are looking for would have a train service into CBD with max of 60 minute commute, somewhere easy to get around without a car (my wife does not drive at the moment), have a good shopping area not too far away, good hospital not too far away, nice outlook (not necessarily close to the sea), sports/swimming/exercises classes, somewhere good for running and walking, a neighbourhood that is friendly and easy to integrate into (especially as we do not have children - which often seems to be a good way to get integrated quickly), and somewhere not at risk of flooding! Any comments or suggestions? Many thanks, Alan & Róisín
  18. Hey everyone since we have not managed to sell our house we are going to validate our visas on 24th May for 2 weeks we have found a lovely holiday rental in Oceans reef. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on days out for the kids we have 2 boys aged 14 and 10 and when we made the decision to go to oz three years ago our eldest really did not want to go or even talk about it now he is as excited as us and cant wait to see what oz has to offer i just want them both to have the best time. I know Perth zoo has been recommended a lot on here so we will definately pay a visit. Both boys are very sporty and also love the water so any suggestions would be appreciated. Also i believe its a bit cooler end of may will it be warm enough swimming in an unheated pool. Many thanks for reading just cant wait to get there have waited a long time for it!:jiggy:
  19. Hope this is the right place to post this?? We are needing to buy a car as son was the meat in a car +car+van prang last week and they have written off his car - he was not hurt luckily - the result of people not able to cope with rain and no braking space !! he stopped the van didn't and pushed him into the car in front. We are not looking for anything fancy or pretty just a reliable car to get to and from work in. looking to spend $4000 - $6000 ish Buying cars can be a bit hit and miss in any country but it seems harder over here somehow and we would prefer to go somewhere recomended We are in the Western suburbs - son lives in Essendon, we are in Deer Park but we are prepared to drive further any help very much appreciated Karen
  20. Hi there My parents are coming to Oz for the first time in April this year. We live in Mount Colah (North Sydney) and I am trying to get together a list of things we could do with them. I'm looking for a mix of touristy, city, historic, nature, cuisine, beaches etc. All suggestions very gratefully received. Ta
  21. Hi everyone, meself and my girlfriend are going to be spending 10 days travelling from melbourne to adelaide via the great ocean road. the aim is to drive and camp on the free sites. Can anyone provide any suggestions on places to visit things to do etc? or even camping locations. Any help would be beneficial as i am sure some of you have found some awesome places on your travels. I look forward to hearing from you all!!
  22. Guest

    Holiday suggestions

    We are looking at a holiday next year....well a go see and do holiday and then a do nothing one!!!!!! The Cook Islands and Bora Bora are jumping out at me right now. Any other ideas? Looking for a child free holiday for the relaxing one! Been to Melbourne, Perth, Cairns, Sydney and Whitsundays
  23. have 2 quotes for shipping (PSS & John Mason), tried Excess International Movers who took minimal details and then didn't bother to call back:mad: Anyway i need 3 quotes for my employer, can anyone suggest a third (as my third is obviously way to busy)? I'm going from south lincs to Sydney:biggrin:
  24. Hi, I'm a Financial Adviser in UK myself and my family are really hoping to emigrate to New Zealand or Australia, we fancy Perth area in Oz and looking for a good place to bring up 4 kids in NZ ) I have not got a clue were to look! I have been told I need a 457 Visa which means I need a sponser! It's so frustrating because how do I get a company to sponsor me when I'm in the UK? Anyone got any tips or if anyone on here is a Financial Adviser originally from UK please drop me a line!!! I would love to know how you went about getting work! Hope someone out there can help ) Steve
  25. I'm emmigrating to Victoria in September. I am going to be in receipt of a monthly pension from my last employer of around $2000 per month. I intend to work in Australia but I don't expect to be earning a huge salary. My question/dilemma is this; I can choose to be either 1) Taxed in the UK and money transferred into Aussie bank. 2) Money transferred into Aussie bank, taxed in Aussie. Which is the best option? Is anyone else in receipt of a UK pension - and how is the best way to receive it? Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.:confused: