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Found 18 results

  1. Hi Guys , We are a family of 4 ( 2 adults 2 children ) and have been checking out the private health insurance online for australia . Anyone suggest any that they are with ? Basically we want as much cover as we can possibly get Thanks Brides x
  2. Hi all, I am new to this forum.. Please help me I am on 475 srs visa and living in adelaide. I lived Adelaide for abt 5 months and came back to india to meet my family. visa expiry is Aug 2013 I have two questions ( one abt me and other abt my frd) First abt me: 1) I want to marry one girl and she will be my partner after marriage, I want some easy way to get her visa as soon as possible. plz suggest me how she could get her visa ( i am not married yet) Is she has to apply for 475 like me? Is she has to clear IELTS? Is she has to pay fee if yes then how much? In how much time will she get her visa? What other documents are required? Plz suggest.. 2) Second Question is abt my frnd. He is also in Adelaide. He called her frd on visitior visa for 3 months and 1 month is over (2 months left). Now he want to marry her in Adelaide. If he will marry her will he has to apply for other visa for her frnd? Is he allowed to marry that girl? If he get married with that girl will that girl be on 475 visa automatically as he(boy) is already on 475 visa? Plz suggest me and my friend..... plz reply separately for questions for me and for my friend ... I will be really thankful to for all the valuable suggestion from the forum Senior and other members.. Thanks Ozzy
  3. Dear Folks My bro is doing his Diploma in Networking @ swinburne uni and he wants to pursue Masters. Eventually He plans for migration too!! Could you please suggest some of the best migration agents @ Melbourne?/ Thanks in advance :smile:
  4. Hello, I will go to visit my bf in the UK in Sep. We already went to London, Bath, Leeds, Liverpool. Last time we stayed in Morecambe for 10 days and it was really nice. We also went to some parts of Lake District. We have not planned the trip yet. Can you suggest me about the nice place like Morecambe. My bf likes to be by the sea. Englishlover
  5. G'day all. With the States now working to fixed limits on the numbers they can sponsor, I would imagine that a State Govt would not want to use up their precious quota in sponsoring someone who they thought had no intention of living there and was just playing the field. If they don't already, I would soon expect that all States will be assessing the sponsorship request in the context of perceived intentions eg have you ever visited the State, have you got any friends or relatives there, and, have you ever applied for or received sponsorship from another State? Not only would making multiple applications signify that the applicant might go to another place with other sponsorship and waste the first State's quota, but it also signals that the applicant might go to the other State - even if they can only get sponsorship from the first State - once they get Permanent Residence. Possible signals that might show intention to go elsewhere: never having visited, yet swearing with hand on heart that you love the place/city :twitcy: not exceeding the settlement funds that some states list as a requirement (read, minimum) for sponsorship onbly visiting friends and family in another state when you make a visit (might be OK if your occupation is only listed where you are applying) visiting other states except the one where you apply:eek: if interviewed, not being able to remember any other info except what is on the State Govt website, indicates lack of research :SLEEP: Best advice - pick where you really want to go, do your research / visit to prove your bona fides, and put your best foot forward. This "best foot" might require having a job offer in some circumstances. If you can only "get in" to your second or third choice location, make a go of it. You don't live in the whole city or state, you live in the street and suburb where you have a house or job. Make a visit and choose a suburb that you like regardless of the actual State or City. It's your neighbourhood that makes you feel at home in your new country, not the faceless CBD. Good luck.
  6. hi everyone i called Diac today to askt if they got my 1100 form.........the guy said they hasnt receive any of form from sa then i ask should i call to SA to resent my form wait for 10 days n call diac again if they r going to get 1100 or not...............i mean i got ss year before they didnt get any thing how diac going to get in 10 days without contacting SA.......................worried what should i do??????????????pls suggest me should i call SA today or wait until next friday...........thanx:mad:
  7. Hi Guy Wondering if anyone is able to help with something The recent news that DIAC are asking a certain category of applications t front-end load their medicals and PCCs etc is great news, and we have a 175 lodged in Dec 2009, so are lucky enough to fall into the category for front-end loading meds, PCCs etc. However,we have an agent who is still suggesting that we don't do it! Is anyone else using an agent that advising against front-end loading? She says it could all change again in a few months and we may be stuck with out of date meds this time next year - that doesnt seem to be the vibe I'm getting from the information being released from DIAC. Why would a well-respected agent such as George Lombard publicise an article is agents are still advising against it! Surely by now they want to crack on as much as possible and clear the backlog for their own sake, as much as anyone elses Any feedback would be great! Hmmmm confused! :unsure:
  8. Hi We were recently declined the Vic sponsorship despite showing over 1,00,000 AUD as funds, over 8 years experience, IELTS 8, Engineering degree and only brother in Victoria which is the main reason we are moving to Victoria. Our recent ACS code is 2231-79 ( Network security), which expires in 1 July 2011. Our code is in Schedule 4 so 175 is not an option. We can go for ACT SS, but I have heard that most of the ACT jobs require you to be an australian citizen. Can anybody please suggest any options on which route should we take now? ACT or wait for 6 months and apply for VIc SS again or any other. If we wait for 6 months for Vic SS, then our ACS will expire and we expect to get new code as Computer Network and system engineer or network analyst which is not there in Vic SMP. Any suggestions are really appreciated. I have one more question, it may be silly, but ..... Will SMP lists remain same for next year starting July 2011 or will they change? It can help us a lot in preparing our next move
  9. Hi We are v v confused?!! We want to apply for skilled migration but think we only get 105 points (the english test might be an option..) but I did the 'free online assessments' with a few agents and have seemed to have a more positive response (bombarded with emails). I dont have a clue where to start...am v sceptical that the agents will take our money and we might not end up with a visa at the end of it. Has anyone had a good experience with an agent that was realistic, helpful and didnt charge an arm and a leg?
  10. Hi Everyone, We have been searching on realstate.com.au and domain.com.au for a right suburb in NSW.But the more we search, the more we are confused :confused: My friend suggested to start with suburbs like Westmead, Epping, Liverpool, Ashfield and Croydon.We prefer an unfurnished Studio/1 BHK apartment rather than sharing one. We would be extremely grateful if somebody could suggest a suburb which is extremely safe, reasonable, near to railway & bus station,grocery shops and markets. Thanking you in advance, Erin, India.
  11. Sorry I know you get lots of these posts.... I have babies and a preschool boy - we're looking for an area with good schools, lots of activities - parks, swimming pools, gyms, library, bikram yoga studio, mother and baby yoga, football / swimming / martial arts classes for a preschooler boy, cycle paths to the beach?, near to public transport, rent not too expensive ad walking distance to some shops - this is my ideal! :laugh:
  12. Guest

    IELTS Re-Checking Suggest PLS

    Dear All I have got my IELTS score as Listening - 9 Reading - 9 Speaking - 8.5 Writing - 6.5 I'm very confident that I did well in writing. I'm now confused if I have to just resit for another exam or apply for recheck. Please share your valuable sugeestions and experience with me. Thanks in advance. :daydreaming:Rpkbuviki OZ Day Dreamer
  13. Looking for one at the moment. Recommendations would be appreciated.
  14. Hi, I'm holding 485 visa and planning to apply Skilled – Independent (Residence) Visa (Subclass 885). Presently i am working in accounting company as Junior accountant. Being a small accounting company total number of employee is only 3. Do my employer should have atleast 10 employees for last 2 years for me to claim point under occupation in Demand/Job offer? Please suggest. Thank You
  15. As i cant buy my trusted Ariel liquid tabs in Oz, i was wondering what the best clothes detergent is? Pref a liquid? Whilst in Oz last year I think I used surf but had problems getting my whites...white. Im not sure if it was more to do with the water in the apartment block (water storage tank) or the detergent but i really dont want to spoil anymore clothes. What do you use? Many thanks :hug: Emma x
  16. Hi All, can anyone please suggest me what should I do? I (176 subclass) called ASPC they told me that I was allocated a case officer on 13th Feb, iI kept on waiting on 13th Feb most of my documents in the Chklist got Met, 1 is recieved, other 2 are required. As it is written by ASPC that if we are not contacted by CO after 10 days (10days from 13feb) from the given date we can fill post lodgement enquiry form, I filled this form on 22 Feb, but no reply yet? Please suggest me what should i do, should i have patience and wait or send a complaint to DIAC?? Thanx:cry:
  17. i have competed australia cookery 3 course and i applied visa 485, but :arghh:i have been rejoected by TRA, it says that i The evidence provided has satisfied formal trainning requirements set out at section 12 of the UAC. The evidence provided from all of the applicat's employers, fails to demonstrat 900 hours of directly related work experience. the statement from the emplyers contained insufficient detail of the duites undertaken by the applicant as set ot at section 12 of the UAC. such such the duites i have done while i am working in the restaurant which all included those requirements on the section 12 of the UAC, but my letter may be it is not clearly says those duites thats why i am asking anyone here could give me a bit suggestion on the letters, my agent told me i better to provided photoes for the restaurant, menu, some of the dishes etc.... what i should put on the letter, which i am going to resubmit again, but still a bit confirsed on how to write the letter PS: i have worked in 3 difereent restaurant and 2 of them let my seld to do the letter and chef or mangaer will sign for me, thats why i ask here any help thx... waitting online:radar:
  18. vinnypot

    can any1 suggest.......

    any nice areas of perth and surrounding areas that are in a nice area and average house price 450 000 dollars max,,,,any help appreciated cheers