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Found 38 results

  1. Can someone share their IELTS Appeal experience? Are you successfully appealled your band? and how much have those been raised? I was again very unsuccessfully having a 6.5 for writing when I got my result today. Listening 8, Reading 7.5, Writing 6.5, Speaking 7.0. I really want to know if I stand for a chance to successfully appeal my writing part. Can everyone who had once appeal for their result share their experience? I am on my very last chance to join the CSL list for Accountant with all band 7 on each elements.
  2. Hi me 28 my husband 31 daughter 6 and son 2 are moveing to success perth just wondering if anybody else is moveing to the same area ? and there thoughts on the schools and area :biggrin:
  3. Guest

    Success Primary School

    Hi there, Has anyone got any comments/feedback on Success Primary School? Viewed a property there on Friday which we like, however we don't know the area that well (currently in short term rental in Butler) until we did a recce yesterday. Area seems good, coupled with the new primary school, however if anyone had any comments, these would be welcome. Need to submit an offer by close of business Monday..... Many thanks. Alistair (30), Louise (nearly 31), Ruby (4 going on 14) and Ella (2 going on 20):confused:
  4. Richste

    Rental Success!!

    Hi Guys, first off, just like to say how nice it was to meet those of you who attended the meet up. Just had to post to say that we heard today that we got our long term rental in Weston Creek - exactly where we wanted to be - made up!! First one we applied for too, and its my birthday today - how good is that?! As far as the applications go, word of advice - bank statement with as much $$ as you can muster - especially if you are not yet working - I'm sure that's what swung it for us. Apart from that, the previous advice on this forum site was invaluable re application pack - we went for as much ID as we could find as you need 100 points (passports, Medicare cards, driving licences, birth certificates) along with reference from UK landlord, letter of introduction and the copy of an Oz bank statement - oh and we put in a mortgage statement from the UK to prove we are responsible payers. Oh, and be nice to the agent showing the property - ours definately knew who we were after the viewing - might have helped a bit. Anyway, happy to share letters etc we provided if it would help anyone - PM only. Richard & Steven:smile::biggrin:
  5. Guest

    Job success

    Has anybody had any luck in applying for jobs before they have even landed in oz, in terms of applying for a position and recieving good feedback or an interview? we are landing in perth on 18th september, on a 176 skilled visa (carpenter), i have just finished a HNC in Construction management and i am applying for site supervisor positions, have'nt recieved anything back as yet , just wondering if i am wasting my time or not. Bushell and Hernandez. Vetasses passed Feb. 09, 175 visa lodged May 09, changed to WA 176 Aug 09, Case officer issued 18/01/11, medicals and police checks submitted Jan 11, visa granted 19/01/11 flying 1st september
  6. Before 2003, I was living in Brighton on the south coast of England. Brighton's property prices were going crazy as there was a flood of Londoners moving to Brighton and commuting to London. You would have thought that this flood of money would have made Brighton a better place. But to me it didn't seem so. Before 2003 Brighton nightlife was vibrant. You had the gay scene and the non gay scene and you had the stag nights. It was a party, but I always felt safe, and there didn't seem to be much violence. After 2003 - things seemed different. There started to be homophobic attacks which had been unheard of up until then. There were many more acts of violence as people got drunk and bashed each other. I no longer felt safe on the street. It seemed to be the more money that poured into Brighton, the worse it got. It was then that I moved my family to a village outside of Brighton. After the GFC - things in Brighton seem to have calmed down though. I see stories in the paper about Perth - and I wonder if it is the same cause. Is the money flowing into Perth causing the problem? Boy smashed in face with brick
  7. Hi my OH is currently waiting to do a technical or practical interview for a 1st class welder through vetassess, so far the dates are the 21st and 22nd of may (the dates are not confirmed though) but we are on a deadline to put our visa 176 application in by july the 1st. How long has it taken anyone to get their success letter and certificate through after passing? just wondering what kind of time frame we are on for it as the time frames vetassess give us are not very accurate.
  8. On a 457 visa, we got off the plane on the 30th March and went straight into a serviced apartment, booked for a month from the UK using http://www.notonenight.com.au, and it has worked out perfectly. I agreed with the other half that while I was a work (I started on April 4), she would spend the first couple of weeks full-time house hunting before worrying about job hunting. She spent every day for the first week: 1) repeating house searches on domain.com.au slightly tweaking the search criteria to see what popped up 2) phoning estate agents 3) visiting the areas of interest looking for estate agents and houses to let 4) viewing complete dumps but not getting too disheartened as it was only week 1 5) filling my diary on Saturday with viewings. We saw a few houses together on Saturday and applied for 2 of them on Monday morning before 9:30 am. By the afternoon, I had paid the bond over and have a lovely place to move into at the start of May. Top tips: A) It's a full time job to find a house in Sydney in the current rental market - don't do it half heartedly as you'll miss things. B) Be prepared to look at different areas. The perfect house by the sea with a 2 minute walk to the office is great for when you buy, but the nice rentals are not always where you start looking. We've ended up in an area totally different from where we started looking, but the time the o/h invested in house hunting turned up some lovely areas we hadn't considered (all with nice schools and shops etc.) C) Get a good application in place before visiting houses. Know what you're going to put in the form - they're all the same so the answers don't change and some agents want them filled out immediately after viewing, so take a pre-filled draft with you (they're on the domain web site) so you can fill out the forms quickly before rushing to the next viewing. D) Also, make sure you have your evidence photocopies with you (references, payslips or work contracts, bank statements etc.) and a nice covering letter introducing yourself to the landlord saying what a lovely family you are and why choosing you as tenants would be the right thing - a bit of job and life history, the sort of thing you'd like to know about people if you had to choose who you were going to rent your house out to. And all of this will bring you success - maybe not in 1 week like it did for us, but it does work. We were given this advice by a good friend and it sounded daunting but it worked, which is why I'm passing it on. Good luck!
  9. Hi, OH just received his positive skills assessment but what a bloody nightmare the whole process has been. We are not dwelling on it though just so delighted about the outcome.:biggrin::biggrin: I am now ready to submit our WA SS application (woo hoo) however I am unsure if I need to certify the 3 documents that they request. I have been on WA immi website but I cannot see this info anywhere, it may be that I am having a "brown" moment lol. Could someone kindly advise. Thanks in advance, Gillian
  10. Hi, Hoping someone has had lessons and can recommend a driving instructor for our son. We live in success so would like someone fairly local if possible. Recommends are always better than putting a pin in the yellow pages !!!! Thanks in advance Chris :spinny:
  11. Hi, I am currently applying for a last remaining relative visa to join my family in Perth! At the time of applying for the visa my partner and i were not together, however recently have got back together and we want to go to Oz together, i do not want my visa affected by our relationship so i have not advised them of this. We have started to look at visas for what Liam can get, he cannot get a working holiday visa as he already had this visa in 2007, and we have spoken to agencies aswel who have confirmed he cannot get another working holiday visa. So we have looked into Sponsorship visa 457, i was just hoping has anyone had success with visa?? Liam does have a diploma in Landscape Garden design and has general gardening experience for 2 years and is currently self employeed doing general gardening. We are hopefully looking at getting over to Perth for December this year, we have not made a definate decision on this but its what we would like, can anybody suggest any other visas types that may be suitable for him. Thank you Natalie
  12. Guest

    Jake's latest success

    Texas cichlid "escondido' These are a rarer form of the common Texas. Just under 3" and will grow to 12 so will have much brighter colour later. I estimate about 1500 fry..............looks like more tanks a comin' :biglaugh: Mum Dad
  13. Guest

    Secret Of Success

    OK, without trying to start an all out war I thought I would put this thread up as to find peoples opinions/views , etc. We all know that 'some' people find it easier to settle in Australia than others, each to their own I guess. Whilst this thread is aimed at those of you have 'successfully' settled in Australia I hope that the comments you give will help others that are contemplating the big move. In some small measure your views 'may' paint a picture with some degree of realism and educated thought. I also realise that whilst your life 'may' not be perfect in Australia (is it anywhere?) I reckon those who have settled 'could' still have some worthy thoughts , etc. Just to start the ball rolling I will give some basic reasons, may be not my own, but may help. 1. Acceptance that it is a different country 2. Biting your tongue 3. Keeping your head down and getting on with it 4. Making the best of it 5. The weather 6. Family ties 7. Looking to the future 8. The landscape 9. The Aussie attitude 10. The 'newness' of it all I realise that it is a very personal viewpoint, and my list I think is way short of reflecting other people views. As I said I am not trying to start another slanging match, just seeing how the more successful migrants got over the initial pitfalls and have made a relative success of their new lives. From my own personal point of view I realised after a very short while in Australia that 'my' key to making a happy life in Australia was that I had to accept that it is and always will be a 'different' country. That doesn't mean accepting everything Australia throws at you, just a realisation that it IS Australia and not the UK. To this day I can still have a moan and bitch about certain aspects of Australia, just being a realist is all. But in the main I have accepted Australia, warts and all and realise that I have been very lucky to have been given the opportunity to live all over Australia. And also, may seem silly to some, but I love the wildlife, snakes, spiders, roos, insects, etc. I have always been a bit of an anorak concerning wildlife but Australia is truly blessed with some wonderful creatures, and this includes the more 'dangerous' ones. Cheers Tony:wink:
  14. 'Call Kaye' is a phone in morning discussion programme on BBC Radio Scotland, presented by Kaye Adams. We are keen to hear your stories about having left the UK and settled in Australia... What makes your life more happier? Would you recommend it to other people? We will be talking about this at 09.30-10.00BST on Tuesday 8th June , so it would still be a reasonable time of day for us to call you there. Send us your thoughts and a contact telephone number Look forward to hearing from you and having you on the show!
  15. THE SECRET OF SUCCESS IN AUSTRALIA John Sintome is 48. He has been 21 years in Australia. And has worked as a laborer, steel-furnace loader, bread deliveryman, rigger, sheetmetal worker and pie-maker. He ran a catamaran hire business (without ever sailing before); worked as a gold assayer (a mate from the golf club gave him the job), carpenter (yet had never seriously hammered a nail), owned a cafe (had no idea how a cappuccino was created). And now hangs plasterboard for a living in the tropics where he and his family live in a home across from the beach worth $180,000. [He bought the land after rescuing a real estate salesman who had overturned one of his catamarans]. Lucky? "Nah," says the rangy, Birmingham-born John. "The secret of getting on in Australia is listen to people. And tell them what they want to hear. It's a bit like sheilas, really," (he has been an Aussie for a long time). "Tell 'em what they want to hear and you're in. "Brits who come over here and think they know everything, and say they know everything, get up the Aussies' nose." The Sintomes' story begins on the production-line at Cadbury's in Birmingham with 16-year-old John eagerly running wrappers to the girls on the machines. "Twelve thousand people worked there. My first job in Australia was in Whyalla, and there were only 8,000 people in the whole town!" His baker dad and his mother had sailed off as migrants, so newly-married, John and Jeanette paid their 10 pounds and headed for the sun. "I'd been skilled at nothing more than running around in a factory making sixpenny chocolate bars. So in 1969 I went to BHP and got a job as a laborer, loading scrap metal into furnaces and pouring moulten steel with big ladles. I said it was the same as in the chocolate factory, only bigger ladles." The message he received from the other Brits, Yugoslavs, Germans and Italians: "Keep your head down, apply yourself to the job and you'll get on." And fib a little... He stuck it out in the steel making plant for three years, with Jeanette working as a nurse. Then homesickness set in. "I missed soccer more than anything. So we paid out all we had for fares and we went back." "It was a terrible mistake. We were picked up at Heathrow, and even as we drove through the narrow streets of Oxford, with all those houses leaning against each other I knew we'd made the wrong decision. I went into a pub at home in Henley in Arden and there was a fella sat on the same seat as when I'd last left. He said: 'Haven't seen you for a while. Been on holidays?' "So we worked our butts off saving, living in a little council house in Redditch. I had a job as a works policeman with British Leyland, stuck in this little box in the middle of winter, a freezing bum and six inches of snow on my cap." Son Jason had been born in Whyalla and now another son, Robert, arrived. Getting back to the sunshine took 18 months of scraping money together. They kept it from Jeanette's parents that they were going back, right until the last minute. "We'd already done it to them once. Now we were doing it again." Back to square one. With $A25 and two suitcases as they stepped off the boat. And the fibbing began again... But no worries. At Whyalla, where they gave him his old job back, John went to night school to learn rigging. "So I was able to bull---- my way into a job as a leading hand, moving heavy machinery. But we still hadn't seen Australia, and they were looking for people to go to Alice Springs to help put up a radar centre. They wanted an experienced rigger... "We stayed a while at The Alice, then headed for Darwin to do sheet-metal work at a power station. Never done it before in my life. Somebody showed me and I was appointed a second-class sheet-metal worker. They ease you into jobs here. You see how they do it. Copy them. Keep your head down and you're OK." The bright lights of Sydney beckoned. "I got a good job as a pastrycook, said I knew a fair bit about it. Closest I'd ever been to dough was delivering bread as a sideline in Whyalla. They said: 'Just throw in the flour here, pull that lever there, practise it a few times and you're right.' And I was." Itchy feet again took the Sintomes and their sons to tropical Cairns. "I saw those islands just south of Cairns, and the blue mountains and the palm trees and said to Jeanette: 'This is it. This is where they can bury me.'" John rigged once more. Until they went to the beach one day and saw a sunbronzed Australian operating a catamaran-hire business. "I said: 'This would be great!' Bought the business and six catamarans for $6,000 from the guy and was set up. Only thing was I'd never sailed anything in my life before. Weekends were magic for business." During the week he helped weld metal sheets into Navy patrol-boats, and when that ran out got a job as a carpenter building a huge new resort. "They said could I hang a door and of course I said yes and I hung most of the doors in the hotel." That job ran out and a mate he played golf with said would he like to assay gold in an outback gold mine? Sure. Why not? "We had a bit of money saved after selling the catamarans and my sister worked in a beachside cafe which was for sale. The lady wanted $A25,000 and I said what about $5,000 and she took it. So it was cappuccinos - we made the best in Cairns with New Guinea coffee - until the lease ran out. "I'm back gyprocking. Our house is a stone's-throw from the beach. Jason works in television, Robert's a lifeguard making sure topless sunbathers don't get into trouble." A great life? Well... as the Aussies say, somebody's got to do it!
  16. Hi All My son and his family went to oz in Dec 07 via Employer sponsorship. I think he went over as a Training Manager in the construction industry. He originally went over on a 4 year visa. When he went to renew his visa after the first 12 months it was notice that his initial agent had made and error with the paperwork effectively only giving him a 12 month visa. He went to renew his visa after 12 months and immigration noticed the error and they then gave my son a visa for another 4 years, effectively he has ended up with a five year visa. Not sure but think it is a 475. They have settled in well and visited their agent today to start the process to hopefully gain PR. His company is willing to sponsor him and he has got appropriate oz friends to act as other sponsors. He has been told that there are no grantees that his PR application will be successful and he fully understands this. He has been told that total costs could come to about $10,000. My wife and I are willing to pay these costs for them even though we know that their application may not be successful. I also think that his company is willing to contribute funds to the application. I know that there are many variables in the quotation but on average are the chances of him being issued his PR, Good, Average, poor? Regards
  17. fossda

    IELTS success - thank you

    :biglaugh: Just got home from work, opened 'the' letter and passed!!!!!!!! Can't believe it IELTS academic L8 R7.5 W8.5 S9 OMG have been so dreading this, I even nearly left the test centre after the listening section as I thought I had written wrongly. Everything off to ANMC now . Can't wait to start sorting things out now. Thank you so much to all who posted support and good web pages etc to look at - invaluable. Good luck to anyone else waiting on results Rachel
  18. Hi all You won't know me at all as I am just a little mouse on PIO reading various threads that catch my eye. Back at the beginning of the year I discovered PIO when looking for immi info and found the wonderful Gollywobbler who is a godsend. My OH and I were despairing of ever being able to get PR, we had been here since 2004 on a business visa and due to various obstacles we had had to get an extension to our 457 for an additional 2 years which was almost up. We had no hope after speaking to immigration agents and went it alone and applied for Qld State Sponsorship which was granted very quickly and then went on to apply for PR on 10Sept which was granted this Monday, it came as such a surprise. I couldn't believe it until OH went to Brisbane today and had our passports stamped. This huge weight of worry has lifted and I feel like a new person. When I first found this site I couldn't believe some of the comments with so much negativity and a lot of comments over really trivial things. Then there are the really sad ones where people can't find work and the worry that brings with it and the relationships that break up and people have to stay for the children whether they want to or not. With us we came out initially saying for 12 months so as not to lose face if we had to go back-you never know how things will go as we were older and didn't know what work, business we could get. From day one we knew it was for us and we would only go back to the UK if we had to. I don't hate the UK at all and hope to get back to visit family over Christmas. Now we can look ahead and plan for the future with citizenship in our sights although unfortunately that will be in another 4 years but meanwhile we can enjoy the Sunny Coast even more. For those of you with all the worry of whether you will get your visa and work etc. I wish you all the very best and know how hard it is. Thanks for reading. Cheers Barb
  19. Guest

    Defacto Visa Success!

    Hi All Just wanted to share my news, I lodged my defacto visa application yesterday and was granted the visa then and there!! We couldnt believe and we are still shocked and so happy!! Now I can start looking for a job!! I wanted to share my news as I have been pretty stressed and there were times when I logged onto the website and would stress even more because of the stories that I read!! I just wanted to say Good Luck to those that are going through the process. The officer that we logged the application with was helpful and to the point. We didnt have much evidence to prove that we had lived together however he reviewed our application as a whole. I have listed below what we took with us. Statements done individually by both of us, which were quite long, but included how we met, how our relationship developed, what we have done together, our plans for the future Timeline of our relationship (which was useful) Stat Decs ( 7 in total) from family and friends Supporting Statements ( from my family and friends in England) Payslips to show income for my Partner Postcards to each other and to our families while we were travelling Photographic Evidence for the whole period of our relationship Cards to us, from us and invitations to both of us Email correspondence between my partner and his family and then me and his family Joint Bank Account Details and statements from each others accounts to show transactions to one another Skype History for the periods apart Phone Bills for the periods apart Travel Itinerary and travel tickets, including tickets to events that we had been to together Lease details for the UK house, which my partner was not named on Document showing collection from UK house and Australia address Certified Birth Certificates and Passports. I think that was pretty much it. Now I can get on with life in Australia, so excited. Good Luck to those that are going through the process..
  20. karlom

    NSW SS Success

    Hi all I just had to tell someone, but i checked my e mail this morning and as usual there was no news on our state sponsorship visa for NSW. I put the kettle on and before I had time to make a cuppa I got a call from our agent in Brisbane saying that she had just received the SS approval! Another major hurdle over....getting excited now...hang in there everyone!! regards K
  21. Hi Just wondering if anyone has had anyone success in selling a home through PomsinOz. I will look forward to any feedback or replies. Thank you Regards
  22. Has anyone been successful in including non dependent children in their visa application, because that is what we are trying to do? When we first met with our emigration consultant last year, we knew that successfully including all our kids in our visa was a challenge and a half especially as we have 3 kids, 2 of whom had left school and were in full time employment and therefore technical not dependent on us, and as such had plans, B&C ready to deploy if needed. So after successfully getting my skills assessed and obtaining state sponsorship with it, the visa application went in last August for a 176 state sponsored visa, including all my kids in the application along with ‘form 47A - Details of child or other dependant family member aged 18 years or over’ for my two eldest. CO appointed in January, Meds and police checks requested (for the whole family) in January and duly completed in February and sent back to the CO and so the waiting games commences again. Of course we are pinning our hopes on, a good response from us on form 47A, that they requested medicals and police checks for all of us and that my second daughter is a hairdresser and so they might include her to obtain her skills as well but in truth are planning on a negative response with regard to their inclusion and expecting to put into place; plans B&C if they are needed. To fill the void of the wait on a final answer I thought I would post to see whether anyone else has been successful in including non dependent children (my eldest two being 20+) in their visa’s and understanding from them what they felt made the application successful as from most things that I have read getting non dependent children included in visa’s does not happen unless they are in full time education or have medical reasons that make them dependent and neither apply to my two eldest.
  23. :unsure: Hi we are hopefully nearing the end of our visa application process......Obviously you go through so many emotions. Some days I feel so excited and I just can't wait to just get on and make the move. Other days I suddenly think 'What are we thinking, we are so not the sort of people to do somthing like this' and I can't believe we are contemplating leaving our really very pleasnt life here behind. We have for the most part a really supportive family network, good friends, nice home and Matt's job, whereas a year ago was a complete nightmare, has now got a great position. Has anyone made the move having all these sort of doubts and now think 'we should have done this years ago' or that it has been a great success......would love to hear some positive experiences please.... Look forward to reading, Amanda
  24. Hello Please if there is anyone out there who has gone on student visa and coped with the reduced working hrs etc let me know. My OH is getting serious cold feet about it and i know that we could manage. I know that it is going to be hard but we will have the support of my family and each other and really want to give it a go! So if you or if you know of anyone who has done this way please let me know so that i can show him it can work! Much appreciated Emma :emoticon-signxmas:
  25. Guest

    Success stories???

    Hi everyone. I’m a city and guilds qualified plumber. I’m in the process of completing my NVQ2 and have one year’s experience. It is my family’s dream to relocate to OZ. To be honest that’s the reason for a change of career at the age of 39.Currently I don’t qualify to have my skills assessed in the UK so my only hope is to see if I can find an employer to sponsor me in OZ. Are there any plumbers in OZ who actually pulled it off? Are there any success stories out there or should I get my head out the clouds? Hope to hear from you.