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Found 26 results

  1. Hi all, Sorry for asking so many questiosn recently, but I've got limited amounts of time... To apply for a 176 online, do i need to have my certified copies submitted too? Thing is - i need to apply for my 176 befor Nov 11th, as my SS will expire on that date. All of my skills assessment docs etc are back in Ireland, but i have scans of all on my laptop here. So my question is, Can i get a TRN and sumbit hard copies at a later date? Thanks in advance, David
  2. Hi Friends, I am willing to submit my application to ACS for ANZSCO Code 262113 (Systems Administrator). I just wanted to be doubly sure before applying of all the documents I have. Also, the process of making an application. 1) I have to apply on this link, right ? 2) I have heard from a friend that I need to follow download skill Assessment Form from here and send across with my documents. But, I could not find any such link in "MAKING AN APPLICATION" section of Pre-application Skills Assessment Guidelines for Applicants. Please suggest. 3) In Relevant qualifications and Relevant experience fields of online application, do I need to attach scanned copies of original documents. 4) Notarized Copy means photocopy of original documents certified/attested a Notary, right ? Just wanted to crosscheck, by the way I saw same written here. 5) After filling the application and making the payment through Credit Card, how do I need to send the documents (along with A copy of the signed online ‘application record’ and the email acknowledgement with the reference number) to the below address. I need to send the documents through courier or registered post. I am sorry if some of the above questions seems silly, forgive my ignorance. :wideeyed: Just want to make sure from my forum friends that I am on right track. Many thanks in advance.
  3. I submit my visa application(475-Family Sponsor) on FEB-2011. Still it is being process further. If i get marry before my visa grant, will it be effected to my visa process?.... I suppose to apply spouse visa after the initial entry.... please help me. your reply will be really appreciated.... Thanks a lot Samk6 :wubclub:
  4. Hello, I need your help again i'm afraid :goofy: We need to submit the past 3 years worth of bank statements to our CO. The only problem is that all our statements were accessible online. We do not have any paper copies. Do you think it's acceptable for us to download all the statements in pdf format and submit them in this way? We have submitted a query to them but haven't heard anything yet. Look forward to hearing from you (Love this forum and all the help i've received from all the lovely people.....Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much)!
  5. Hiya, We are now about to buy a House,and are aware that it is a bit of a buyers market right now,as nowt much is shifting quick.Anyow,we have seen two we want.Our dilemma is should we put offers in on both of them,what percentage of the purchase price would be prudent(What percentage would you deem appropriate?)And is it not a bit cheeky to put offers in on both at the same time,given that if they both accept without much haggling,then are we able to back out of the other one without penalty?We really would be happy in either house.Gis some advice please!No one has put in offers on either house,But,of course the Agents are pushy,and implying we need to be quick as there is iminent interest and a sale is on any day now!We are aware the Agents can be economical with the truth.Cheers.:confused::biggrin:
  6. We were wondering whether we would be able to get married after submitting our VISA application without compromising the application process. Any Ideas?
  7. :arghh: Help !!!!!!!!!! I was trying to print out the medical forms for the 176 ,i had just paid the fee and the electric ran out, i can now not get to the screen that allows you to upload evidence as i didnt get to put in a password ............any advise would be great .
  8. Ok here goes, we gained our state sponsorship from WA this morning. I am now wanting to start our 176 visa application but we will have one thing missing. We have our 2nd and most likely final court hearing on the 28th April with regards to the OH's daughter and taking her to Australia, she doesnt see her biological father and there has been no contact at all for 6 years. Would I be able to submit our application and forward the court order in April if/when it is approved ? thanks...................Gary
  9. just looking for your stories to be shared about the time between getting the visa granted and your advice after submitting meds on 2nd of feb, irish pcc 9th feb and oz pcc 10th march what do you reckon our validation date would be just working out finances thanks all for your help
  10. Hi, Could someone outline very briefly the process I'll need to go through to submit my partner visa application in London? Do I have to make an appointment? Can I get them to make certified copies of the documents they require or should I do this in advance? If so where?!! Do the passport photos need to Australian-style ones (bigger head) or will standard UK ones suffice? Apologies if some of this is covered in the application forms themselves, the Partner Migration booklet and various other documents - I'm getting a little confused! Any answers and advice would be very welcome! Greg
  11. We wondered if there are any tips or advice for submitting a RRV application - we do not have the 2 years residency, we were last in Australia in April 2007. We do not have family ties though. We were on the way out to Australia 2 weeks ago and had to turn back, we had bad family news as we stopped over in Singapore and had to reroute back to London. The only problem was our visa ran out 4 days later. We have all the boarding passes, etc. We are now wondering if its worth a last ditch attempt and just applying with a statement outlining what has gone on over the past 5 years and just being upfront. We did have reasons, albeit economic such as the UK property market collapsing and family reasons. Not sure if they would be deemed compelling. We thought of sending the statement above but wondered if it was worthwhile sending any other documents. I thought about boarding passes of our recent flight, we were definitely heading to Perth. Not sure if I am clutching at straws. Any advice appreciated.
  12. Hi all, For the last couple of weeks/months I've been collecting all the documentation and getting everything in order for a defacto partner visa application and I am going to be submitting my application tomorrow (I'm making the submission myself). There's a good 1.5 to 2 inch heap of paperwork and I was just wondering how people arrange their paperwork for the actual submission? They say not to place the submission in plastic sleeves or anything (because the sleeves won't be returned) but surely it's easier to assess if I group documentation? Also, do people provide a cover letter or a key to the documentation submitted with a number on each document or anything? Any ideas or experience appreciated. :? Matt
  13. Guest

    Submitting a 143 application

    My partner and I have decided to go the way of the Contributory Parent (143). I have Googled some questions but a few things are not plain to me. Can I apply online or do I actually have to print the forms out and physically submit them? Are printed versions of the necessary forms available from somewhere? (Dicky printer!) I note there is the main application form and others to be submittted by the 'sponsor.' Should these go with the mail form or should they be send to the sponsor (in my case my daughter) for separate submissive. As you can see, we are right at the start!! FB.
  14. Hi all, Got a bit of a sticky situation. My sponsor's passport is currently with the British government as she had to get her visa re-printed in her new Oz passport. They have had it for over 2 months and she doesn't have a copy, so does not know the number, issue/expiry etc. On the sponsorship application form it asks for these details. We have a copy of birth certificate, so ID is OK. Tried getting the info but she is not even allowed to enquire the status of her visa re-print until its been 3 months :confused: Explained the circumstances but they wouldn't budge (this is the kind of reason I am migrating!). Does anyone know if we can supply the passport details after submission? The problem is my work require me to start before August, so need to get the app in ASAP. I will be applying with Australia House, London - who were the office that issued my partner's new passport, I was hoping they could just internally verify the info?? Pickles :arghh:
  15. Hi there again guys. I just wanted to start another ( smaller ) thread. lol I'm trying trying to gather all the infomation i can get for the 820 onshore partner migration. Ive been on centrelink payments as a single parent, so i know that for this reason i will be asked for a AOS simply because i do have a dependent child, and i would be considered "a high user of the social security system" I have friends/family that are willing to do the AOS for my partner migrating here. My question is - can i submit this infomation with my origional application, instead of leaving it until the CO contacts me about it? Thanks for taking the time to read this, Sarah.
  16. mr luvpants

    Submitting a SS application questions?

    I think the answer is no but here goes.... My wife has done a year as a nurse on Jan 7th 2010. Because SS applications are taking so long, do you know if we are able to submit the application now before she has done a year? JOHN
  17. Hello, hope everyone is well. We sent off our online appication at the beginning of June, we then followed this up with all documents, what I was wondering was how long does it usually take for the status to change from documents being required to received? yes I am very impatient!!! We ar edoing this ourselves so I suppose its about waiting? Thanks Mr, Mrs and Mini P x
  18. I think i must be missing something obvious, so sorry if it's the daftest question! I am hoping to apply online for 676 tourist visa soon, but intend to also attach some of the additional documents that they suggest (for example, a letter of invitation, proof of funds etc), as i want to maximise my chances of getting a 1-year stay granted. How does one provide such documents with an online application??.. Also, does anyone have any tips on how to enhance my chances of getting the 1-year stay granted?? HELP! many, many thanks, all.
  19. hi there, me and my australian girlfriend are going for a defacto relationship visa i am thinking of handing in my application in person as i will be in london in may, is this likely to speed the process up or am i as well just sending it special delivery asap would be very grateful if anyone could advise me as the consulate website doesn't say much on the matter
  20. Morning all! I was just wandering if anyone has submitted an application online and how easy is it? I was wandering whether to do this as to save to costs using a migration consultant or whether it would be best to use one? Many thanks Jen:spinny:
  21. Hi folks I need some advice. I filled my visa in and its been sitting in the diac website waiting for me to press submit, whilst I arrange the rest of the documents. Now its been sitting there for 3 weeks and some of my documents won't be ready to scan in for another week. now I heard people mention that you have 28 days to attach all relevant files, but I'm a bit confused on that. Do you get 28 days to complete and submit the visa, then get ANOTHER 28 days after pressing submit? Or do you only get the 28 days at the start of the process and if its not all done and submitted it is then removed from the website? What I'm trying to get at is, do I just forget the Visa I've filled in and let this one be deleted, and wait until all the docs are ready and then start the process all over again, or do I submit and have a few more weeks to finalise the rest of the docs?? I don't know how I manage to make things so complicated!!!
  22. Hi, I am new to this website and have been looking through some of the migration posts...I notice that some people say that they have frontloaded their medicals what exactly does this mean? Is it before the CO has asked for them or just when they submit their original application? I know that the medicals determine the date of entry that you have to go to Oz and alot of people wait as they have houses to sell etc....but we are planning to leave within 6-8 weeks of getting the visa granted as we are renting and have nothing that we really need to hang around for/sort out! So would it be worth organising our medicals now to get done in the next month or so ( we applied 16.12.2008) or should we just wait until they are requested. Thanks!
  23. I am preparing to issue my CDR report to the Institute of Australian Engineers as a Engineering Manager, has anyone done this before and could offer advice or have an approved report copy I cold look at?
  24. Guest

    Submitting application

    Hi, Lots of questions! My partner is english, but lived in Aus for four years. How do we get a police clearance for him? Also, when we submit our application (we are applying in London) do we submit all our evidence as well, or wait till we're asked for it? Ta
  25. just wondered if evn though this isnt asked for why people are sending it in anyway and should we do this? How any people have had this visa grante without submitting this form?