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Found 56 results

  1. Hi all, I submitted my partner visa in December. Thought it would be useful to open this thread so that we can see each other's progress. I've completed my medical but the site has not been updated yet. Please update this thread when you get an update, I will do the same. Cheers!
  2. barnsey10

    January 2013 189 Visa

    Hi, Been a struggle but the Visa application has finally been submitted. just thought i'd start a new thread for the 189's. Seem to be plenty for the 190's. Please update timelines etc and expected date of migration. Cheers Tony
  3. Hi All, Not sure if there is another thread concerning the same thing (I couldn't find one), but I was hoping if anyone in the same boat as my partner and I could post their Partner visa 309 application timelines. My partner Ben and I submitted ours last week to the Australian embassy in England. It is complete with police checks etc. and has been paid for. At the moment I only have the embassy's website processing times to go by, but I have been told a few different things. Our close friends applied for the same visa and it was granted in 2 days! Also, our migration agent has suggested that ours could be processed in around 4-6 weeks as it is a pretty straight forward application. My partner and I have been together nearly 4 years, he is English and I am Australian by birth, neither of us have any criminal history, we have a house together etc and it is only him applying so it's pretty straight forward. Has anyone else been through this or currently going through the process? :-) Lauri
  4. Hi guys I submitted my VETASSESS assessment 2 weeks ago and I am giddy with excitement and nerves.:jiggy: I was just wondering if anyone knew, do VETASSESS email you to confirm they've received your application? Or is it just a case of wait, wait, wait for the final result? Also, I heard it takes around 12 weeks to get the result. Is this true in your experience? Really hoping to get to Adelaide, SA :spinny:
  5. My OH is abricklayer and has been for over 13 years. We were hoping on getting the 15 points for 8 years in employment. But we are struggling to get the whole 8 years together.1st of all in the last 8 years he has worked for about 10 to 15 different companies,had a lot of days off due to weather and some companies don't even exist anymore. I don't know what to do. Any bricklayers out there that have submitted their visa app. already and can give us advice on what they supplied as evidence??? Please help. Tanja
  6. Hi I submitted my 309 application in person yesterday and was told there would be a 5-6 month processing time which I had already prepared myself for :arghh: My partner remains in Aus and is unable to come to the UK and I had to leave Aus (family reasons back in England) and so basically we are apart and missing each other terribly. We are facing the next 5-6 months apart and wondered how people cope with the wait for immigration to process the application? And coping with being apart from so long? Skype just isn't the same! Also is there a way of tracking the application? I looked on the immi website and could only find tracking for applications lodged online. Do we really have to sit and wait until we hear from the CO.....it's painful!!! Thanks!
  7. Hi all Feeling quite proud of myself as just went to the Aus High Commission in London and submitted my fiance's PMV 300 app. Decided to hand deliver because we don't trust Royal Mail and there are all these strikes on now. Just thought I'd list what we included, so those applying can see and perhaps it will help. - They don't like lots of dividers or paperclips or post-its everywhere, just a big wad of paper is good! I stuck a couple of post-its just on the front of a few bits where it wasn't easy to tell what the evidence was exactly. - If you're hand delivering, don't seal your envelope - they make you open it as they can't accept sealed envelopes by hand (security issue) - We included a cover letter, giving a bullet-pointed list of each item in the app, that way it's clear what's in there and we're not having to put sticky notes on everything. We also put in a stamped, self-addressed envelope and asked in the letter that they send back anything they can because we'll need it for the next stages of the visa (ie. the permanent ones). The dude at the counter said they will definitely send it back to us. List of stuff included: - Forms 40SP and 47SP (applicant and sponsor) - Police check (original) - Letter from our celebrant in Aus - Certified copies of both our birth certificates and passports (I have a Brit and an Aus one, so included copies of both) - Certified copies of my fiance's previous marriage cert and divorce decree absolute - 4x passport photos of my fiance (the applicant) and 2 of me (the sponsor) - 4xA4 sheets with copies of photos of us together at various points in time - put a little line of text explaining where and approx when each was taken - Copies of emails from family and friends saying they're coming to our wedding - Copy of our tenancy agreement, in both names - Copy of the letter confirming opening of our joint bank account - Bank statements from our joint account - Bills in both our names (we gave them originals, made copies for ourselves) - Confirmation (signed) of our wedding venue hire in Sydney - Travel itinerary and boarding passes from a trip together to South Africa - Statements from both me and fiance explaining everything about our relationship - mine was four pages, his was three (I'm a writer, can't keep it short!) - Two stat decs from friends (both Aussies, one in UK, one in Aus - on form 888) - My tax returns from the last two years (submitted certified copies of P60s, plus bank and mortgage statements from Aus and payslips from here to cover periods not included in the tax periods - must cover last two years) - Extra statement from me explaining why I can't provide a fixed address in Sydney where we plan to move (as I live over here) - Payment mandate from London office (if you're applying in London, print off this form from the actual London Aus High Commission site, and it allows you to pay by UK debit or credit card in pounds - replaces the payment section in the form itself) Phew!! So glad it's in! The dude at the counter said it's three months processing time, but I said I'd heard others had theirs done in three weeks, and he said yes, depends on the circumstances, the back log, the case officer. He said it all looked really good and the main thing that will slow down an app is if it's incomplete, so if you haven't addressed everything required - eg. if you don't have a piece of evidence or you don't know how to get it or you don't think it applies to you, either go in and talk to them (or ring the stupidly expensive enquiry line!) or submit something in writing with your app explaining what the deal is. He also said including a massive bunch of cards and stuff from ages ago is not that helpful - better to have stuff that covers recent timeframes and actually evidences your relationship in the last 12 months (because otherwise you'd be applying for the partner visa and establishing your relationship for 12 months anyway). Also re. medicals - he said many docs will refuse to do it before you hand in the app if it's a TEMPORARY visa app, as depending on the circumstances of the app, the type of medical required may change. So, if you're applying for a permanent visa (not this one!), you should front load your app with your medical, but if a temp, you don't need to. Yippee! Will provide updates on how it goes... hope that was helpful for someone, sorry it's so long! :wacko:
  8. Guest

    SA Application to be submitted

    Hello All, I am in process of filling the appliation for SA online. its asking me under Nominated occupation list for the following. Are there any licensing or registration requirements for the occupation of Computer Network and Systems Engineer in South Australia? If you are unsure visit http://www.immi.gov.au/asri been to the site but cannot find other than already done ACS. What can be the answer. Yes or NO since the ACS has already acknowledged my certificates. In the last application is asking for "Copies of your qualifications and/or fellowships/memberships detailing highest qualification achieved and date of completion." can i add my certifications also to further to my BS degree? Sorry to sound stupid. but confused as its getting near and near..:confused: BR
  9. Hi, Just lodged medical and Police checks and waiting ..... Is there a forum I can refer to where other 175 Visa pplicants have listed their dates so I can see how long their applications took? JUMI
  10. Dear all, Sorry for the whoop whoop with joy, but WHOOP WHOOP! I am working the fourth night shift in a row and the rot is starting to set in, but I had to share our excitement about knowing that our 457 visa has finally been submitted. Who knows, we may well be on track for the 10th August flights that we have booked! I have ceased trying to read people's timelines of how long the 457 took to process as every case is different and it takes however long it takes. Mentally it means that we are starting to focus on getting things together. We are not the kind of people to hang around waiting so it at least means that we can start narrowing down stuff for removals and tying up loose ends. Removals coming on 1st August!!! Feel excited writing this and pleased to have a place to share my happiness........thank you all for your input so far :chatterbox::biggrin::cute::wink:
  11. Hi all, My wife and I have just submitted our skilled migration application - can't believe we've finally done it! I now have a few questions... 1. At what point do we get assigned a caseworker - if indeed we do for this type of visa? 2. we are leaving the UK to go travelling in October, returning in a little over a year. Are we going to need to have our medicals/x-rays before we leave or on our return? 3. No mention was made about police checks...I thought we'd need these. Are we likely to be asked for them, since we should get round to doing these before we head off! Any pointers would be gratefully appreciated!!! Will
  12. Hi All, My OH has been, over the last few weeks completing the Competency groups for a Joiner (ANZSCO: 331213) on a GSM 175 Visa. :arghh: He has logged in today to finish the application and it has all changed. He is unable to find all of the work he has completed so far and we have had to submit and pay $600 for stage 2 without this information. I have a few questions if anyone can help? 1. Has anyone had the same problems with Vetassess changing? 2. Does anyone know if this is correct as we have submitted it today but are now worried it's not correct? Thanks :confused:
  13. Hi all, so im finally on my last strech of my partner visa application! i just handed in further evidence for my visa in person at the sydney office- i was just wondering if anyone knows how long it'll roughly take for the CO to read it through and get back to me with a decision? it seems that alot of september applicants are now being processed and the wait is killing me! any sort of indication would be great thanks alot :biggrin:
  14. HI! We submitted our defacto visa in Perth on 25th January 2011, around June 15th we got a call from Immigration recommending us to submit our Police Clearances and Medicals. We have finally got the medicals all completed and submitted them and clearances there last wednesday (13th July 2011). How long now should we have to wait for a final answer now? The fact that my partner hasn't worked now for 9 months is putting our financial situation in a pretty bad way, is it worth applying for financial hardship working rights? and how soon can they be approved if we go into immigration ourselves with all the info? Any info/advice would be extremely helpful :arghh:
  15. hi, I am applying for a partner VISA, subclass 309, from the UK. I have statutory declarations from family and friends both in the UK and in Australia. I know I have to get the UK statutory declarations witnessed by a solicitor. What about the statutory declarations made in Australia then sent over to me? These declarations have been witnessed in Australia according to the list in the 'Parter Migration Booklet', so eg by a Doctor. They will be included in my submission to the Australia High Commission in London. Have I done the right thing? The certification of documents instructions on the Austrlia High comission website refers to who can certify documents in the UK - I am unsure whether this refers to only those declarations actually made in the UK (in which case I'll be ok) or whether this includes all statutory declarations included in the application. Does anyone have any advice on this based on their experience? Any help gratefully received!! Thanks!
  16. Afternoon everyone! We submitted our 176 visa online on Sat 26th March, we uploaded everything that was required at that time i.e. passport copies, marriage cert, qualifications etc.. However whenever we log back in to track our progress it says this items are still required... Is this normal... How long roughly will it be until we're assigned a Case Officer? Is it the CO who then requests medicals and police checks from us?
  17. Hi all, My agent submitted our 175 application on Sept 14th 2010. Unfortunately, I'm not very pleased with the communication with the agent (it's not worse, but could have been better). I would like to know how can I check on my own if all the documents were submitted. My suspicion rose, as DIAC sent on 18th of march letters to category 3 applicants (including 175 applicants) saying they will get a CO in 3 months, and I haven't got a letter, although my profile (nationality, profession, age, knowledge of english ) is quite similar to others who submitted around my time (and even a bit after) and got this letter. Last time I talked to my agent I gave him a concrete example of someone who filed 2 weeks before me, and got the letter, and he said - "ok , we might get it in the next weeks" - he said he would ask DIAC, but no response from him, and today I could not get a hold of him (said he's busy, and he would return my calls). So I would like to know how can I find out on my own with DIAC if all documents were submitted on time. Thanks for any advice!
  18. Hi I have been offered a job in oz - and the company and their lawyer are currently going through the 457 visa application process. However I am in singapore and want to go on holiday end of this month to Oz - can i enter the country on an electronic e-visitor visa. Is this possible? Will it have any effect on my 457 application? Im concerned entering the country whilst I have a visa application processing will look bad on my application or they will not let me enter the country. Thanks for your help
  19. I decided to apply for SA SS last month. Lodged it online on 5th Jan 2011, complete set of docs was received by Immigration SA on 11th Jan 2011. So if my math was right, its been almost a month. Anyways, I got this email today (approximately 8hrs ago) which....bugs me. I mean why now? Why didn't they send me this the day they got my docs? P/s: I'm fully aware that said email is an automated response email. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you
  20. Hi guys, I sent my CV to loads of potential employers recently and I have had some really positive interest. Myself and my family are going to Sydney in April to check everything out, schools, housing etc. and several companies want to see me for an interview and hopefully discuss sponsorship whilst I'm there. If we agree Sydney is the place for us, our plan was to submit GSM Visa application as soon as we get back. If I get sponsorship after this, am I able to transfer my GSM Visa to an Employer sponsored Visa? Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  21. I just submitted my defacto application today and was assigned a case officer on the spot. She went through our documents, and returned some items which are not needed such as moviet ticket stubs, bus tickets, misc tickets, and photos (oh and a postcard too, it doesnt have date on it, damn World Cup postcard from Africa!), as they have no names on them. The photos were printed on a piece of paper, and she said those I can have them back. She seems pretty friendly and okay about it. One of our main concerns are lack of joint financial proof as we pay mostly by cash esp rent (renting the current place since Apr 2010). So we will ask our landlord to write a testimonial and issue receipts to us as well. And our previous lease (2 apartments) were put under his name cos our agent said only one name is needed! So this may pose as a problem, as she said we need to give more proof as a defacto partner, not bf/gf. And also a written letter and house ownership proof of the lodging details when we get to Melb. This is not a prob as my partner's sister own her home. I'm pretty nervous right now, cos i used my savings to apply for this visa and hope it goes through =(
  22. Hi everyone I have submitted the ACS application and they took the money from my credit card. I got the email reference but I didn't print the online application record. Could anyone help me what can i do? Please please help me. Thanks VK
  23. Hi all, I find myself in a complicated scenario and would be extremely grateful for any advice or second opinions - details as follows: Arrived in australia just shy of a year ago, came with my australian partner at the time, entering on a working holiday visa. A few months ago we submitted a defacto visa application together - many long hours spent pulling it all together, and a pretty strong application when completed - we had been together almost 5 years in the uk and had plenty of paperwork supporting the application. This application is currently pending a decision, and its seems this is several months away. A couple of months ago we began to have some difficulties in our relationship, culminating in our separation in August. This was initially to just have some time and space apart to think, - we left defacto app running on the basis that there was still a chance for us, but obviously as time has gone by the chances seem to get slimmer and slimmer. She is however willing to 'pretend' within reason that we are still together for visa purposes. So, fundamentally i'm deeply uncomfortable with that, and in order to try and get around the issue I have separately pulled together paperwork for a 457 application, 'sponsored' by my current office. They have done there side, and i am pretty much ready to press the button from this side. I have a VERY short time frame now before my working holiday visa expires. Obviously there is no guarantee that my 457 app is approved. My predicament is whether to formally withdraw my defacto application before submitting the 457 or just leave it as pending - not sure what the tight timeframe even allows me to do... - i have no desire to lie to anybody but at the same time it would be nice to have the defacto app running as a backup, and of course there is still a chance my ex and i get back together. As further background i have left the country for 2 weeks vacation on my Working Holiday Visa since submitting the defacto application - i will now need a new bridging visa and assume that as soon as i submit the 457 this should come into play. - But if anyone can confirm this i would be grateful!! Wish i'd found this site early, but any advice, comments or reassurance as soon as humanly possible would be much much appreciated!!! Thanks
  24. Hi, I've just submitted my ACS skills assessment. Which will take approximately 3 months to process and hopefully get a positive result. I've applied for 261312 - Developer Programmer. I'm planning to apply for either 175 or 176. 175: 60 for ACS (if i get it) 30 for age (26) 25 if i do IELTS 10 - Specific work experience (4 years software dev). 125 total. I read that 176 might get faster processing, but that also requires getting sponsored? Which might take a while? Not sure what visa i should opt for. I want to get to Oz fast! Anybody got any suggestions / advise for what i should be doing now? Thanks, David
  25. Hi not been on this forum for a long time I was just wandering if anybody knows of waiting time’s for visa submitted before 26/02/10 I submitted my 176 visa before this date as asked to by my agent and paid DIAC but I have heard nothing I have asked my agent who says that it can take a long time at present as there is a long waiting list it seems that some people can get there visa processed in rapid time and other just seem to spend spend there money for nothing to happen can anybody shed any light on times scales please could do with a bit of good news in all this gloom. Many thanks Eddie & family hoping to move to canberra sooner than later figers crossed.