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Found 40 results

  1. Dear Folks, Please suggest if someone has information or been through similar experience. I have all the required documents for submitting application for Subclass 176 to DIAC, but my application to Victorian State Government for state sponsorship is in process and has not been approved yet. My question is, should I go ahead and apply to DIAC now, and when SS is approved, send them the approval letter or Victorian Government inform them directly? Is there any requirement from DIAC, which says that SS must be approved first before applying under Subclass 176?
  2. Dear All, I am going to lodge my 176 VIC application soon but i have been informed by my agent that my wife's IELTS would be required in the beginning for quick application process. However, i have heard that her IELTS can be submitted later and if she would not be able to secure 4.5 band then i have to pay AUD 4000 approx. My wife is not fully prepared for IELTS. She may need some more time but my agent has really confused me and i don't know what to do and what is the true picture. Please let me know what are my options? Is it true that initial submission of my wife's IELTS can speed up the process? When can i submit her IELTS? Please help REHAN
  3. Hello everyone i was wondering if the allowed time is constant for all DIAC teams or does it differ between CO and another CO can you please mentioned how many days you were given to submit the PCC and medical ?
  4. Hi all, We're just finishing up our de facto subclass 820 visa application to submit in two weeks. Quick question - I'm pushed for time and have read quite a few people on here haven't submitted form 80 and haven't been asked for one before visa grant. I'm from the UK which Australia seems to deem a low risk country and will be including references from my work in the visa to cite I am of a decent character. Is form 80 necessary? Many thanks, Leah:confused:
  5. Hi, Do I need to submit my complete evidence I sent to TRA or just the successful assessment letter form TRA in my 176 application? Am uploading also:- Passport biopage Birth cert Passport sized photo Character info form Additional character info form TRA assessment letter TRA reciept P60's, job offer letter, contract of employment covering last 4 years for specific work experience Family tree diagram
  6. Guest


    Hi me again! Im getting my partner app ready and Im wondering whether to front load my medical and police checks - can you do that when applying in OZ or is It just when in UK? Also, planning to submit app in 3 weeks - going to uk for a 3 week holiday in august and read on the app that I have to be in aus when the temporary part is accepted, but I obviously wont know when that is! Am I able to add a note in the application to say Ill be away or do you think it would be best to submit the app when I get back and enter aus on a tourist visa to submit the app? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi all, I have recently come back from a years working holiday in Aus where I have been living with my girlfriend of three years. We had planned that I would apply from the UK, but after being told that it takes 5 months to process these visa's I am less inclined to do this. We have almost spent as much time apart as we have living in the same country! We have served our time as a couple maintaining their relationship long distance! I understand I could apply for a visitor visa and then apply for the de facto visa at the end of the stay at which point they put you on a bridging visa with work rights. If someone could clear this up for me I would be eternally grateful! Perhaps I am just engaging in a bit of wishful thinking! Many thanks in advance, Sponts
  8. Hi All, I need some advise regarding ENS-856. I will complete my 2 years in 457 visa this November & hopefully waiting to apply PR. My Employer is willing to sponsor me for ENS - 856. Unfortunately he has fixed date for a vacation in overseas for two months and he will be leaving on this November 1st. (My present nomination in 457 expires on 10th of November). So is it possible for my Employer to submit his ENS-856 Employer Nomination before he leaves? Thanks Samee
  9. We got the medicals done for 2 of our children in April because one has ADHD and the other has Phonological Disorder (speech problems) as we wanted to find out if they'd pass before wasting time/money/effort on the visa (176) but we still haven't got the results! I have the visa form ready to submit and our agent doesn't know if we will even get the results of the medicals before the end of June, which is our deadline before the changes come in and we run out of points! Is anyone else in a similar situation? I wonder what is best to do? We want to get the visa as soon as possible, so would ideally like to submit it ASAP before a whole load of people submit before the deadline in June.
  10. do I have to fill in a 1221 form and submitt with my 175 visa application?
  11. Hi Guys, I am new to pomsinoz. I was on a working holiday visa last year in Oz and came home to find out (what I already knew) that there is NO WORK :swoon: where im from for me or anyone else. I worked as a QS for a 6 month duration in Melbourne and on returning home I contacted the Oz company to see if sponsorship was possible. Happy days yes it was, so on the 10/01/11 the Oz company submitted the employee nomination to the DIAC for approval. The Oz company already has the Employer Sponsorship aggreement sorted so it should be straight forward. On my end, I gathered all the information needed for the visa application= Certification of Degrees, Police Checks, (no meds required because of a low risk country), passport I.D., CV, References, medical insurance certificate, work experience etc... Ready to roll.... With me being a QS i have obtained a QS degree and a seperate Construction Management Degree, so I relised that I need a skills assessment from the AIQS. I submitted the application form with the certified degrees on the 14/01/2011 to the AIQS. I recieved a response immediatly stating that the assessment is in motion and will take up to 4 weeks to process. On reading other peoples comments on this site, nomination approval can take as little as 5 days from the DIAC. If I recieve nomination before my skills assessment returns (hopefully positive), can I submit my visa application online? Without having the skill approved. If so do I indicate the date of my skills assessment application as well as the authorities name assessing the skill? The paper Visa Application also asks for a 'Skills Assessment Identification Number'. Is that a number given to me on the assessment approval email/letter or is that the ANZSCO number? If anyone has experience or knowladge please let me know as I am bursting at the seams to get this out the door. I have worked hard on getting it together but now im twiddling my thumbs in anticipation waiting on the DIAC and AIQS. :SLEEP: Cheers in advance, Kbo
  12. kellyjamie

    Can we submit, then send ielts?

    Hi all, Does anyone know can we submit our visa application just now then add our ielts in a few weeks when we get them,im only wondering considering DIAC say it takes 6 weeks before your assigned a case officer anyhow? Just thinking if we can atleast get it in the system and get our TRN number then TAS can formally lodge their sponsorship and we can send or ielts number when we get it? Thanks Kelly
  13. gaz n family

    How do you submit your meds and PCC?

    Right so. You have decided to try to move in Australia. You have spent weeks and weeks disgussing and decidding You have spent months deciding where to live. You have had a sucessful Skills Assessment You have received State Sponsorship Your employment type is on the State SMP (Boy what a wait that was!) Your application is lodged with DIAC You receive a CO and request for your Meds and Police Checks. But How do you 1 Submit your police checks, do you scan and upload? 2 Submit your medical report/or what ever else they give you after your medical?
  14. Hi, I already submitted an online application to ACS and they provide me a reference number but two issues Im facing right now. 1) I was'nt able to print the online application form. Im reading through the forums I found out that retrieving it could be difficult. It seems that you need to mail this together with other documents before they will assigned an assessor and start processing your document. My status till now since I ssubmitted it Dec4 is waiting to be allocated. 2) During my application I provided my credit card details but unkwowingly I give the old card number that's the reason why my transaction was decline. I read in the guideline that If the payment using credit card will not be successful at first try they try it again. If it still fails they will inform you and you need to provide alternate payment option. Since I havent completed my payment for my application, Im planning of doing another online application that will provide me chance to print the online application form plus provide them my correct credit card details. Im seeing this as faster way of correcting my previous mistakes from my first application rather than waiting for ACS to reply and provide me solution. Im just worried that they may not allow this. Has anybody experience this problem before? I need your input..... Thanks, Ronald
  15. Hi folks, Just wondering if my employer sent in a paper Sponsorship and Nomination if Ii can submit for the 457 online? (I don't want to wait for post etc; my employer submitted paper apps as they were advised they take the same time to be evaluated) And also if there's any benefit to submitting in either way? Also my employer hasn't had the sponsorship approved yet nor has my nomination been accepted, but both have been submitted and he has a CO assigned and is preparing further information for DIAC. I'm eager to get the 457 submitted, I have everything almost in order (awaiting a few letters as I'm front loading, they should be here next week) and I want to try and get ahead of the festive rush/ holidays. Do people generally wait for the sponsorship and nomination to come through before submitting? or do i just bang it in and sit back and wait? :unsure: Any advice most appreciated! :wubclub: Ta! Caz
  16. Hi, I applied for my borther 2 years before. 2 weeks before he went to Belgium to pursue his research. I need to submit from 929 & 1022. Shall I send them by post or just add as attachment in e-visa? Please let me know. Thanks.
  17. Dear all, I apply for PR 176 (family sponsor) on 1-2010 the status of medical check and pcc of mine (main applicant) on evisa is : "requested" But the status of medical check and pcc of other member in my family is: "required" Do I need to take medical check and pcc now? Do other member in my family need to take medical check and pcc now? p/s: i do not recieve any email from my CO about medical and pcc yet. thanks
  18. Guest

    Submit new application for 175

    Hi, I applied for 175 in November 2008. I am a primary school teacher. In scotland i am qualified to teach 3year olds up to 12 year olds. Primary School teacher is not on the new SOL list but pre-school teacher is. My agent says we could try to change my occupation to pre-school but I would have to submit a fresh application. My husband is a self-emplyed joiner. Should we submit new application for my occupation or for my husband? Bearing in mind my agent has all my details and IELTs ect. Thanks, just trying to explore options to get us out of Cat 4!!!!:mad: Shelley.
  19. Hi, I'mn gonna submit my ACS skills assessment this weekend. I've got the following: - Certified copies of Degree - Certified copies of transcript of results - Certified copies of passport - Certified copies of letter from current employer (for 4+ years) - Will send fees / receipt when i process online. The letter from my employer is less than one page though. Just provided details of employment dates and brief description of duties. Can someone tell me if this is enough? I've heard people say they've spend 50 hours preparing this... I spent some time gathering documents... 5 hours maybe? Here's my employer letter: David has been a full time member of staff in Vizor Ltd since completing a degree in Computer Science in University Of Ulster June 26th 2006, and is still employed by the company. He has been a core member of our software development team, implementing a range of functionalities in our “In-Reg” product. In-Reg is comprised of a Windows desktop application (build on Microsoft .NET technologies) used to develop forms, and an ASP.NET website used for the purpose of financial regulation. He has worked on many aspects of the In-Reg application, including the development of high quality ASP.NET pages, developing plug-ins for both the builder application and the website, and developing persistence providers for a SQL Server database. In the past number of months he has worked alongside other senior developers upgrading our system to a 3 tiered architecture. He made a valuable contribution when Vizor did a bespoke implementation of our product for the Dubai International Financial Centre. David’s main responsibilities in Vizor are: - Gathering and documenting requirements. - Investigating and reviewing technical documents (incorporating UML). - Producing robust, well documented code to design specifications. - Reviewing code of other developers. - Testing that implementations meet their requirements. - Liaising with clients, and occasionally working on-site. Is this enough or do i need something much beefier? Thanks, David
  20. hi all, my partner and i are applying for a defacto visa, we're looking to submit it mid august because my visa runs out end of sept and i want enough time to be placed on a bridging visa before it expires. i was wondering can we submit more evidence once the application has been made? we've applied for a relationship registartion certificate but the process time is 2 months which we dont have! many thanks
  21. Hi I wonder if anyone can provide any insight into my situation? i am a registered nurse & wish to apply for a 176 visa. I do not yet have state sponsorship and I need SS to have sufficient points. I understand from the DIAC website that the procedure is now that I submit my 176 visa application to DIAC first, and then apply for state sponsorship. However if the states are currently not accepting state sponsorship applications, what will happen to my 176 application if the state does not confirm their support within the 28 days? will it go into the pool (presumably then to be processed once SS confirmed) or would it be rejected as insufficient points and my fee lost? any ideas?
  22. I was under the impression that you can submit several tenancy applications at the same time, as there are so many people applying you stand more of a chance. However each form says the following in the small print "Initial bond deposit and 1 month rent must be paid in cash or bank cheque within 24 hours after approval of application" So if I apply for 3 properties and all 3 get approved then would I be liable to pay for all 3 of them or be able to to choose which of them I would like to proceed with? Thanks in advance for any help.
  23. Hi I've now received my positive skills assessment results, so am about to fill out my application online. I’m applying for a 175 CSL visa now to ensure I get my application filed before any further changes, but only have 115 points at the moment. I’ve also applied for South Australian state sponsorship today. My plan is to wait and see if the South Australian state sponsorship is granted, at which stage I will not need the extra points and will convert my 175 visa to a 176 visa. If the sponsorship from South Australia doesn’t get approved, my plan at that stage would be get my wifes skills assessed and claim the additional five points available for partner skills. Hopefully, though, I’ll not need to do this as South Australia is my preferred choice of state anyway. I just want to check that I’ve not missed anything crucially important when completing the application form. Do I need to indicate anywhere of, in particular, my intention to switch to a 176 at a later stage? Alternatively, do I need to indicate that I may be adding my partner’s skills at a later stage? Also, I understand that I will go into a “pool” with my current 115 points. Does this happen immediately after I submit my application, or only when a case officer is assigned. If my application goes into the pool, would this cause any delays in the processing priorities when I convert from 175 to 176? Sorry if these questions have been asked before, but I just want to make sure I’ve not missed anything before paying the application fee! Thanks
  24. I wish to submit my Visa 176 online. Do i submit both the forms together or, the Sponsor first and then Main applicant later? Thanks in advance.
  25. Hi Have just started this process . Done IELTS and applied for skills assessment (Registered Nurse). Was planning to go for 175 but now need state sponsorship to get the points, so another hurdle/delay when we are really keen to go. Queensland is first choice but they need the skills assessment before they will consider SS application, however it seems from here that i can submit the 176 appl to DIAC before SS is confirmed (to save time)? Is that correct? Is there any risk to this as i won't have enough points without the SS so worried it may be rejected if the SS does not come through in time. Any advice greatly appreciated:confused: