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Found 18 results

  1. Without_Logic

    Forms 47A, and 1022 Submission

    I applied for VE 176 in August 2009 and am now in CAT5. I have been with my present parter over a year now and meet the de-facto requirements, after speaking with DIAC they said I could send forms 1022 to notify them of Change of Circumstances and 47A to add my parter to my application as it had not been been processed. We completed these forms last night, but I have no idea where to send them as I applied online originally. Also back in March I submitted form 929 to notify of a change of address and posted it off, but received no confirmation that ti had been received. Is this normal? I have emailed DIAC a few times in relation to these questions but had no answers. John.
  2. JamieVixMole

    Application submission question

    Hoping someone can help, I submitted our 176 application this morning and I'm wondering if I should have received and email confirmation. Been looking at submitting my docs and I've seen that others here have received one saying that they can scan and upload original docs rather then getting them certified first, I've got a couple of days off so would like to crack on with getting as much done as possible but feel unsure about it without some official guidance. :frown: I also see that some have been told to hold off on their police checks and medicals, the requirement for them is shown on my checklist so I'm guessing I can safely carry on with applying for them and booking a medical.
  3. Hi, Just wanted to get some info on how Form 160 and 26 which are the two medical check forms that are to be submitted for my Subclass 176 visa. I do not have a case officer yet. But automated emails on 18th March and last night said you should get your police check and meds done. When I booked an appointment with one of the panel doctors they told me they would be sending the two forms directly to the embassy. I am confused as to how the embassy and my case officer will co-ordinate receiving the information. My application is online and it has the choice to upload both these forms. Any clarification would be helpful.
  4. Guest

    Document submission list.

    Hi, I've uploaded all the documents from the list at the end of our online application except police/meds. However I've received an automated application response that lists a whole lot of documents, some 'if applicable', also asking for character forms 80 and 1221. So do I need to fill these in too? Or only the list from my application? :jiggy: Nats
  5. Hi There, My partner and I are in the early stages of getting our paperwork together for our 175 visa. I've been looking at the points system and our current situation is: I'm 24, my partner 25. We're going on the back of my application as I'm a secondary school teacher and hold a Bachelor degree I have two years of work experience and not three (Plus six of those months was on maternity leave!) I am pretty sure I can attain IELTS 8 So my question is, do I need to wait until I'm 25 on 1st September to submit my application? At the moment, I calculate 60 points (Age, Quals and IELTS) but would be 65 on 1st September when I turn 25. Just wondering whether they take it from the age you are when you apply, or the age you are when Visa is granted. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help.
  6. Hi Hoping someone can clear this up for me, I have a wedding in oz next week so want to enter australia on holiday for 8 days on the evisitor visa. However in the next few days my new employer will be submitting my 457 application. If i get my evisitor in today (before the 457) - will it cause any problems, delays with my 457 application? i think my 457 is being submitted next tuesday or wednesday so i wont actually be in the country when its submitted? Surely alot of people go on vacation during the application process to check out flats and schools? Concerned the evisitor lasts for 12 months - and in some countries you can only have one visa at a tie - so they would reject 457 because i had a evisitor (even though u cant work) Thanks for your help Bryan
  7. Guest

    Submission of documents to ACS

    I've asked the following question before but not had a clear answer (probably because it was buried in the middle of other questions and got overlooked) so can anyone help please? I am aware that DIAC will accept scanned colour copies of documents in lieu of certified copies but do the ACS do likewise? E.g. scanned colour copy of degree certificate, birth certificate, passport etc. Or do you still need to get such things certified for ACS? Thanks Gary
  8. Hi All, I have lodged online 176 VISA application as primary applicant . Primary applicant should attach IELTS report within 28 days of the VISA application. As primary applicant, I already attached IELTS report. For secondary applicant, is there any obligation to submit the IELTS report within 28 days of the VISA application. Can I add the IELTS report of secondary applicant later and when should the secondary applicant need to sit for IELTS. BR, Morshed
  9. Hi all, For the last couple of weeks/months I've been collecting all the documentation and getting everything in order for a defacto partner visa application and I am going to be submitting my application tomorrow (I'm making the submission myself). There's a good 1.5 to 2 inch heap of paperwork and I was just wondering how people arrange their paperwork for the actual submission? They say not to place the submission in plastic sleeves or anything (because the sleeves won't be returned) but surely it's easier to assess if I group documentation? Also, do people provide a cover letter or a key to the documentation submitted with a number on each document or anything? Any ideas or experience appreciated. :? Matt
  10. Guest

    Submission of Forms 40 & 47,

    We are submitting forms 40 SP & 47 SP hopefully this week, I have a query on q 26 in form 40, regards proof of citizenship & length of residence, can I do an estimate of the exact length of time I have stayed or resided in Australia or do I need the exact length of time? Also can anyone advise what would be the best / exact documents we need to take, ie photo's etc
  11. I am one of the unlucky people who is worst affected by the recent Feb 8 changes . Actually I filed my DIAC application through an agent, eventhough I gave all the required papers to agent before one month they submitted the paper only on last Friday (Feb 5), so I guess my application would not be received by DIAAC before Feb 8. Before Feb 8 changes, I was having total 130 points including MODL's 15 points. Now as the MODL has been revoked my total points has come down to 115, when looking for the other alternatives one of my friend advised me to reattend the IELTS exam and try to score 7 in all bands (previous IELTS scores, L-7.5, R-6, W-7,S-6.5) by which I could get another 10 points and also can get total 125 points which is 5 points more than the required minimum 120 points for independent skilled Visa. I would like to know whether is it possible to ask the DIAC to consider the new IELTS marks once after filing the application to DIAC. Please advice me.
  12. The MIA has written to the Minister expressing concerns about the priority processing of General Skilled Migration (GSM) applications. Recent changes to the program have resulted in many unintended consequences for applicants and do not treat existing applicants fairly or reasonably.MIA has met with the Minister’s Senior Adviser on two occasions. These discussions have focused on possible solutions to the issues raised in the submission. The government has very significant decisions to make regarding the existing pipeline of applications and the future migration program. The MIA has strongly raised concerns about the legitimate expectations of current and future visa applicants to be considered in the context of Australia’s current and future needs. Folowing is the link of complete documenst http://mia.org.au/media/File/091113_GSM_Submission_to_Minister__final.pdf
  13. We are planning to submit the applicaiton for partner visa do we have to submit form 80 and form 1221 ..? or it has to be submit only when requested by CO. please give ur suggestions please
  14. Hello all, My partner and I are in the process of collating the mountain of documents required for the De facto visa (Subclass 309). I'm looking for advice on the best way to compile everything. Do most people just collate the documents into some order then pop it into a folder? Separated by plastic pockets? Or perhaps everything stuck down scrap-book style? Stapled into sections? Any advice would be greatly appreciated (especially those of you who've had super-quick processing times, or applied to the Auckland branch of DIAC) Cheers :biggrin:
  15. Dear All, I am in process of submitting my 175 visa online. I started filling details online and had doubts at certain things. These are very basic doubts, but I thought it would be good to ask or double check before submitting my application. My queries are very simple, but it may be difficult to understand what as it is specific to my situation. However, anyone can help me who has already submitted visa application. Currently I am working in Australia on 457 visa. I am in IT. I am not using Agent. 1. "Countries of Residence Provide details of all countries in which you, your spouse/de facto partner or dependents (migrating or not) have lived for 12 months or more (since turning 16) during the last 10 years. The 12 month period of residence may be made up of a number of shorter periods. You must account for every year." I lived in 3 countries a) Home Country - by birth b) Another Country - less than 12 months c) Australia - more than 12 months and currently staying Question: What should I fill in section "Countries of Residence" as shown above. I think Australia, but what should I fill in "Date Till" section as currently I am staying. Should I fill 15-Oct-09. 2. "Applicant skills assessment Date of Skills Assessment - Reference/Receipt number " Question: Which date should I fill, the date on my ACS letter or the date on which I submitted my application to ACS. I think date on ACS letter. Please confirm. And which reference # should I fill, I can see 2 reference # in ACS letter. One says "Our Reference #" and another says "Your Reference #" 3. "Occupation in demand If Yes, has a suitable Australian employer offered you a job in that occupation? " Question: I am currently working in Australia. What should I answer of above question. 4. "Applicant professional year in Australia You may be eligible for points if you have completed a professional year in Australia related to your nominated occupation or a closely related occupation for 12 out of the 48 months immediately before lodging this application. If yes, name of professional year " Question: This one is just to confirm, I am here working from 2008. So, should I fill 2008, 2009. Please confirm. 5. "Details of applicant overseas qualification Specific Dates " Question: Are the exact date important here, I remember only month not dates. Even degree , certificate etc. all have only months detail not date. What should I fill, approx date ? 6. "Details of applicant past employment " Question: What should I fill in "End Date" of current employment as I am currently working. Should I fill 15-Oct-09 ? 7. "Applicant language ability Test Reference #" Question: In my IELTS result, there is no "Test Reference #", I have "Test Report Form Number". What should I fill ? 8. "Designated language points You may be eligible for designated language points. I have completed a qualification equivalent to an Australian degree gained from a university where the language of instruction was in one of Australia's community languages. " Question: I have completed my qualification in English, but I can't see any option of "English". Should I fill language of my home country ? I hope someone will answer my queries which will help me as well as other who will read this and are in process of applying visa. Appreciate your help. And ask me if my queries are not clear. -MA
  16. Guest

    Final document submission

    I posted this in the WA thread already but didn't get a reply so assume nobody in there knows, so thought I'd try my own thread I spoke to the AFP yesterday and am informed that my police certificate is on it's way to me - as our medicals are all completed, I am assuming that this is likely going to be the final documentation they want (I flippin' hope so anyway!) Question I have is does anyone have a rough idea of how long once DIAC receive this information before I can get my visa sorted out? Bear in mind I'm in Perth at the moment, so understand I need to leave the country and get the visa put in overseas (most likely going to Bali). With me being flat out with work I need to arrange a week off so I can go and get this sorted out Thanks Dan
  17. Iv just been compiling my evisa for a 176 and have become a bit unsure. I obtained my Australian qualification through an online based company who are based in Australia (And i am in the UK). I have inputted the qualification information as an overseas qualification (Outside of Australia), as in booklet 6 it states that you must be physically in Australia for 2 years for it to qualify as an Australian qualification. (This would give you an extra 5 points). When completing the overseas qualification section the form asks for the institution name, City and Country, the institution is straight forward, the city where it is based is Cairns, but you can not select Australia from the Country drop down box so would have to put UK. This doesn't read right to me and so i would expect that it wouldn't to a case officer, so can anyone advise the best way to submit my qualification informtation??? Many thanks
  18. Hi all, I am still serving in the Army with a run out date of Jan 08. My migration agent is under the impression that we cannot submit our visa until I am in possesion of my discharge papers. We are keen to submit our visa asap and escape from blighty as soon as I leave. Has anyone else in the Forces experienced this problem and if so, how did you appease the visa people? For obvious reasons, we don't want to jeopardize our application by being impatient. Will a letter from my CO submitted along with the visa confirming my discharge date suffice? I am grateful for any help anyone can give me. Many thanks.