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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, its New Years Eve here in Yorkshire, the perfect time for reflection & planning ahead (!). Sorry, this is going to be a long post, been pondering these things for several years now. Our son (only child) & his girlfriend went to Australia on a one year Working/Travelling visa in 2010 and you've guessed it, never came back (except for visits to see family & friends). They have worked hard, travelled all around Australia in a Toyota campervan, saved hard and have finally settled and just bought a house in Brisbane. We are delighted for them and can't wait to come out to see them, fingers crossed for 2021. We've been over to Australia 3 times, have loved it, didn't want to come home & obviously pondered the question of visas but, it wasn't really possible until now, as they've now got PR and a permanent address. I've spent many hours in the past reading posts about parent visas and, coming to look at this again, I'm shocked to see how long the processing for CPVs is taking considering how much they cost. Nearly 5 years to process from start to finish can hardly be described as fast track! We are now at the point where it would be possible to apply for an Aged Parent 804 (husband 67, me 65) even though we don't care much for that name, lol. This is obviously attractive because of the enormous fee difference, we are not wealthy, £50,000 plus for 2 CPVs is a lot of money. I've not been able to find posts more recent than 2016 about this visa and these are on the PomsinAdelaide section. Am I posting in the right area, does anyone has more recent experience to help with our decision making? What we know is :- we have to be onshore to apply, that we would only have a temporary Bridging visa for potentially many years and our application could be rejected after many years of waiting. We also know we would need to take out additional health insurance. We have lots of things that we don't know. The things we are not sure about are:- Income, should we rent our UK house out initially, for more income and as a fall back. Do current 804 applicants live with their families or have they decided to rent somewhere in Australia? How much would be considered a reasonable income to live in Brisbane, how long is a piece of string? I'm currently analysing every bit of our UK expenditure to try to do a more accurate comparison. We live a modest lifestyle, prefer a walk on a beach with a nice lunch to almost any other kind of entertainment. We own the house that we live in, own another house that we rent out, will both have state pensions (know these will be fixed) and small private pensions. So we are thinking in the longer term we will sell both properties, rent somewhere, and live on the capital & our pensions. We would prefer to buy (on the coast, rather than in Brisbane) but are worried about using a large amount of capital & not having sufficient to live on (with diminishing UK state pensions) for possibly 20 years. After 10 years of getting a permanent visa, we understand we might qualify for government assistance if we fall on hard times. Perhaps a better plan would be to buy somewhere & sell it in future if we need to use the capital for income? Healthcare is another worry. Fortunately, I am in good health, no medications (touch wood), Unfortunately, my husband was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2017. He was in a lot of pain at first but excellent health care now has the condition under control - he currently takes methotrexate by injection weekly. This is on the PBS list but I understand that the RHCA with the UK doesn't cover costs for ongoing health issues such as this, so would we be looking at the full cost, currently around 90 AUD per month? Some posters have said they had got Medicare cards while on the Bridging visa, in which case would this mean paying half that cost? 90 AUD is fine, plus possibly other costs for pain killers when needed, but coming from the land of NHS & freedom from costs as a pensioner, it makes us feel nervous. None of us plan to be ill but unfortunately, it does happen. We have spent the past 4 winters in Spain (living & travelling in a campervan). He became ill the first winter we went (2016) and that was a very scary experience in a country where you only speak a bit of the language. We had to end our travels early & return home so he could begin hospital treatment. We've been back every winter (until this year) because the cold, damp UK winters mean he is virtually housebound for at least 5 months. In a better climate we are outdoors much more, walking & cycling. The final consideration is a no brainer. We've missed our son so much, just sharing those everyday experiences like having a meal together, listening to music together etc. you'll know what I mean. My son & husband share so many interests, I feel so sad that they are missing this time together. When we all spend time together it's like we've never been apart. In the 10 years since he went we've dealt with redundancy, illness, caring for elderly parents, unexpected retirement (redundancy by another name) and now feel its our time for an adventure and a different lifestyle. I feel that we will regret it if we don't do it. We want to be spending more time together in the next 10 years than we have in the last 10 years. My son still has his campervan & we hope to borrow it to see some of Queensland, we don't expect to be living in each others pockets. Have looked into exporting our campervan but that's a subject for a whole other thread! Thanks for taking the time to read this, it has been useful to me to get this all down. Any thoughts, experiences you can share will be gratefully received. Wishing you all a Happy New Year! We are hoping to be in Brisbane for NYE 2021. Who knows that may be the start of our Australian journey?
  2. Hi, I want to have my Canadian parents move to Australia and live with us. Through our own research this is the plan so far (of course when the borders open and allows non-residents to enter Australia): Parents enter Australia on an ETA visa (Subclass 601) They apply for the Aged Parent visa (Subclass 804) onshore Questions I have are: Is there a longer visitor visa my parents can apply for instead of the ETA that allows them to apply for the 804 visa onshore? I ask because my father turns 65 early 2022 and we want them here ASAP. I don't mind having them on a visitor for 6 months to a year if it's possible. I'm aware they will be on a bridging visa for a long time while waiting for the outcome of 804. Are they entitled to Medicare? I recall back in 2009, I had full Medicare cover while on a bridging visa waiting for my spouse visa; it was a blue Medicare card. My mother will be under 65 when my father is eligible to apply for 804. Would she be entitled to work while on the bridging visa? Any idea how long the queue might actually be for 804? Is there a better option(s) to the plan I have above (ETA -> 804 onshore)? Thanks!
  3. Bashudha

    Aged parents visa

    I have applied my mum visa on May 2014 and got into queue on June 2015 still waiting for results. Wanted to find out what latest date of visa grant , just for piece of mind and also she hasn’t got medicare, has she entitled to have medicare?