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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, Thought it might be useful to those of us going for South Australia state sponsorship to compare notes and timelines. Average processing time is stated as being 9-10 weeks. Our migration agent has said applicant numbers are high so this time frame could well extend. Despite technical glitches with South Australia's online system we have lodged our application today for subclass 489 state sponsorship (75 points incl. SS). We were having problems adding in all the employment details so South Australia advised us to submit anyway and forward the remaining items separately. The demand for my nominated occupation must be quite high as it's status has already changed to "low availability" less than a week after the list was released!!! It took months last year. Fingers crossed and best of luck.
  2. Hello all, Currently, I am holding subclass 489 visa and, staying and working at the designated area as per the visa requirement. Due to work requirements, I went overseas for 3 months. Now, I am wondering that before applying for 887 permanent visas, should I stay back another 3 months or travel for work purpose includes in 2 years requirement. If anyone know, please help me on this issue. Thank you in advance.
  3. Jonno1981

    Medical: Heart condition

    My wife underwent a medical investigation into her heart in June 2012. She used to have occasionally palpitations and we noticed her heart beat seemed slightly irregular on occasions. NHS diagnosed familial sinus node disease resulting in junctional rhythm. No action or treatment was required. It's just something she was born with and does not effect her life in any way. We have a letter from the consultant cardiologist confirming this. Does anyone think this will impact our chances of getting a subclass 489 visa?
  4. Jonno1981

    Police check and medical for 489

    Hi all, We should hopefully get a decision from South Australia for subclass 489 SS latest 28th November 2018 (20 weeks from date of application). However, my wife, son, and I will be on holiday overseas from 1st December 2018. I will return to UK 5th January 2019, but my wife and son will be staying on until 1st week in March 2019. If we are lucky enough to get sponsored by South Australia, my fear is we get asked to provide police checks and medicals whilst we are away. This could delay the proces by up to 3 months, which I would like to avoid if possible. My question is; should I arrange police checks and medicals for November 2018 so that we are covered for every eventuality without delaying the process, or wait until all of us are back in the UK and get the checks done in March 2019? Conscious doing it before we go away is a somewhat risky approach as we could be forking out for the checks without actually knowing if we will obtain state sponsorship. Also aware that this will give us less time to validate our visa, although not so concerned with this as we would jump on a flight the next day after our visa came through (if necessary).
  5. Hello Everyone, I have received invitation for state sponsorship from Queensland for visa subclass 190. However as per the occupation list my occupation is listed for Visa subclass 489 (provisional). My occupation is Insurance Agent - 611211. Is this normal to receive such invitation or is error. The invitation clearly says i have been invited to apply for visa subclass 190 and need to upload the documents in the link provided. Hope this is not a mistake from the case officer since my occupation is listed under visa subclass 489. I had written email to case officer however did not get any response from the case officer in this regards. I only have 5 days left to submit my document.. should i go ahead with the flow and apply for 190. Please help urgently. Thanks, AJ
  6. Let discuss and update status on Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) people who have applied in the Month of MAY 2014. Let us share if a CASE officer is been allocated or No, Medical PCC etc. Let's keep it going...
  7. Hey there, Now I face a dilemma of my career path, either swap to internal different department or join the competitor's company, both are the same position, same duties but different supervisor or employer. However, my question is not about the job decision but the application processes.... More specifically, during the pending (waiting) period of EOI, what if my position held is changed after I receive the skill assessment letter (positive), does it mean I need to start again from the beginning of skill assessment? or only I need to do is updating on EOI ? or just waiting the subclass 190/489 visa invitation and then mentioning it on the form 1022 (Notification of changes in circumstance) with related documents to enclose such as new company's payslips, contract? :unsure:
  8. Hi there, I am waiting for VETASSES’s skill assessment result and looking forward doing EOI as soon as I get a positive feedback from VETASSES. Before reaching my final goal, visa subclass 190 or 489, I notice there are some documents requested by DIAC, such as birth certification, evidences to support point test (such as qualification document, employer work reference…etc) aren’t those the same documents we had sent to VETASSES? Shall we just provide Advisory Letter to DIAC without sending the same documents again? (like work reference, payslips, taxation record...etc) I had asked the notary public for two copies for each document as applying skill assessment, so, may I use those already certified document later (say couple months later) for DIAC’s request if no changes in circumstance? Or it is must to give new certified original ones with a signature and date from notary public again?:confused: Please let me know if I have misunderstanding and welcome your experience to share, thanks. Cheers
  9. Hello!! Is anyone in the process of applying for the 489? I have done my English test and got a band 9 so 20 points there... I am 24 so 25 points there... I have a degree from UK so 15 points there.... But it wants a skills assessment for my profession! I was a Marketing & Sales Manager in the UK but I don't have any paperwork to prove that. Do you know what kind of assessment it is I need to do and where I go to do it? I have been reading and reading all sorts of info for visa and my head is set to explode... if anyone has done this or is doing this I would love some advice as I feel am going round in circles now! Any advice or information would be Ah May Zing!! :biggrin:
  10. HI Guyz, Did any one out here applied for or got their Skilled - Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) (subclass 489) visa by getting sponsored by their blood relative. If so, can anyone tell me is it required for the sponsor to deposit some money for some years? If so how much AUD per person?, because we are two, myself and my wife. I have got some blood relatives in Melbourne, citizens of Oz, but they are bit reluctant to sponsor because they had to deposit money and can't take it for years. Please provide me with this information, it will be very helpful for our visa. I am asking these questions because, there is nothing given about these in the http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/index/visas/subclass-489/ website. And also I want any important information which is not given in the immigration wesite. Thanks in advance.