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Found 35 results

  1. For Sale $119.00 Mount Nasura, Western Australia Contact: 0430049447 Roberts Radio FM/DAB Wavebands Model RD-5 Classic Retro 1950s Style with Today’s Technology! Heading back to the UK? This Roberts Radio can tune in to the full range of 55 Digital Audio UK broadcast stations as well as FM Stations. The power cord has a UK plug. Founded in 1932, Roberts Radios is the UK's market leader in digital radios and has an unmatched reputation for quality and reliability and an unrivalled experience in its field. With its commitment to improvement, the company remains at the forefront of product development and innovation. Originally purchased in the UK (approx $300AUD) for its clarity of sound, displaying of channel, artist & title of music, 55 DAB stations and of course its classic handsome looks! Power Source: Mains electricity or battery. It is in ‘immaculate condition’. No scratches or damage. Since purchase it is has had very little use and is ‘as new’. Features: 1. On and Off Button 2. Amber Display Backlight Light Button 3. Waveband Button (Change from FM to DAB) 4. Information Button 5. Auto Tuning 6. Telescopic Aerial 7. Preset Buttons 8. Easy to read characters on LCD Display 9. Rotary tuning and volume controls 10. Battery or Mains Operation 11. Headphone socket 12. Retro 1950s Style 13. Deep Bass boost switch 14. Built-in speaker 15. Platinum with gloss wood style side panels 16. Instruction Manual Dimensions: W200mm, H200mm, D125mm. Weight: approx 1.68kg
  2. Not only have all our meds been finalised today, but I received my AHPRA letter today. I have stressed about this for soooooo long, due to being non diploma/degree trained. But after a lengthy period it is all glowing in the world of AHPRA for me. So if there are any nurses worried about meeting the standards etc etc be patient. Good things come to those who wait ..... and wait. Thanks to all who shared my stress and listened to my massive rants on here Rachel x :jiggy:
  3. Hi, Could somebody confirm for me, when the schools go back in July, I think it's the 18th, just wondering if we could visit one or two on the Northern beach area when we're out for a reccie in July/August. Do the schools mind? Any recommendation? We're on a 457, so think we will be looking at Catholic schools, but we're not Catholics. I've also looked at what I think is the NSW writing style, it doesn't seem too different to ours, or have I missed something. Oh and we have 2 girls, 5 (6 in October) and 8 (9 in March) All advice appreciated thanks Cal:biggrin:
  4. Hi everyone was looking for advice on cost of living in Perth, me the wife and our 2 boys 3 and 4. We are hoping to move in the next 6 months and my wife is a midwife and has secured a position with WA govt . Just want know if 80 grand a year is liveable whats best nor or sor is childcare affordable and just general cost of shopping and fuel etc if anybody can help it would be much appreciated. cheers Robbos on the move
  5. Hi everyone and appologise if this threads alreadybeen done. The time for us to move is fast approaching, started to get removal companys in for quotes and they all seem to be coming back around the 4k mark with free this and that. Now I'm just wondering if anyone has gone down the route of packing their own stuff, organising their own container and transport to dock, then shipping of container and then transport from dock after fee's and customs have been dealt with. Just wondering if anyones gotany pointers, companies, horror stories or just plain advice. Maybe I'm just being stupid thinking about going down this route. Shane, Kerry, Jessica & new born Callum
  6. Guest

    Death, Black Style.

    Just been watching a programme on a community of black people in Miami. Unfortunately a death occurred within one family and as normal there were tears, sorrow, etc, BUT. When the funeral came along in their local community church the atmosphere was so different to what we do. No rights or wrongs I guess, but the black congregation did seem to 'celebrate' the life of the poor fella involved. Of course there were tears and sadness, but they were dancing, singing, all sorts of shinanaghans going on. As I said I'm not saying either is right or wrong, our way of doing things or the black community involved. Not saying they were having a good time either, but it did seem to me that the congregation had a 'better' attitude to the passing of a loved one, could be wrong though. So just why do 'we' seem to have a completely view of funerals and death. After all they were christians as well, but the actual funeral seemed to a wholly different animal to the one I have experienced. I know which funeral I would rather have been at, well, the 'feel' of it anyway. Cheers Tony.
  7. G'day all New to this site, but would like to let everyone know about me British Style fish and chip shop for those in the Melbourne area. I am ex Yorkshire (Bradford) bored with life and crap fish and chips, about 4 months ago, started me own chippie at 30 Stud Road, Dandenong, Vic 9794 6451. If you like good fish and chips, pop in and say ello. I have ordered North Sea Haddock and Cod, but don't hold your breath, I am no Harry Ramsdens, so the order may not be big enough for me small chippie/cafe. Their are tables for 14, with HP and malt vinegar as you would expect. Tables can be reserved, and I should have a BYO license soon. Everything is fresh, nothing pre cooked or frozen, with such goodies as Yorkshire fish cakes, mushy peas, haggis and black pudding, English pork pies, pickled eggs, gammon steaks and lots of other stuff. I am also looking for a business partner, so if if you, or anybody you know is looking for some easy work, making millions in the first year and retire in the second, give me a call, or pop in. Open hours are 4 - 9 pm Tues to Fri and 12 - 9 pm Sat - Sun. A good sense of humour will help :-) Cheers Vic
  8. I had a removals firm out the other day and somehow we got onto talking about supermarkets. The guy was telling me that Coles supermarkets are head hunting a lot of managers etc, from the big 4 supermarkets as they want “ASDA style” stores being built in Australia. Now I’m not 100% sure if he said that 1 has already been built or is in the process of being built in Melbourne..... Personally I don’t think that is a good idea as I would hate to see the high streets of Australia start to disappear. I did work for a company about 10 years ago that transported as well as warehoused for Coles and I knew they had been looking at the UK system back then but that was more for building super warehouses, where everything came out of the 1 hub rather than lots of different depots. Anyway if it is true would you like to see an “ASDA style” store being built near you or do like using your local butchers etc and or heading out to an electronics store to buy your TV etc, or would you rather do it all under 1 roof?
  9. PommyPaul

    Election day Pomsinoz style

    Well since alot of us can't vote i thought it might be fun to run a one day poll on election day to see who we'd bring into power :cool: So fellow poms (and non poms that frequent the forum) cast your vote.
  10. July Issue Apart from all the hot fashion type and what guys really think (debatable not sure that they do :biglaugh:) I found some good ideas relating to cost of living in each State, remember this is based on a single woman. Sydney - Earnings $3000 per month (take home) to maintain the same standard of living in other States in Australia your earning would need to be: Melbourne $2688 Canberra $1951 Darwin $1903 Perth $1693 Brisbane $1557 Adelaide $1492 Hobart $1309 Cups of Coffee: Sydney $2.95 Melbourne $2.93 Canberra $3.50 Darwin $3.80 Perth $4.00 Brisbane $3.26 Adelaide $3.80 Hobart - Cosmo didnt print one but Im sure, absolutely sure they have coffee there! Public Holidays NSW - 12 days VIC - 12 days ACT - 12 days NT - 16 days WA - 10 days QLD - 11 days SA - 11 days TAS - 21 days (WOW! lots of days off but you cant get a coffee!) if you have kids and they've always had hampsters or a rabbit they are actually illegal to have as pets in QLD !... If you're looking for somewhere to live (single) try www.easyroommate.com.au it matches you up with people that have similar interests. Thanks Cosmo !
  11. Samsung FRIDGE-FREEZER for Sale * White side-by-side model * In excellent condition inside and out * In PERFECT working order * Selling due to relocation Will email photos. Cost $1300 new. Selling for only $650 Located in Jindalee (10 mins north of Joondalup / 30 mins north of Perth) PM or call for details - 0430 566144
  12. Money is very tight at the moment and I am in the process of organising flights and the final vet work so my dog can fly back to the UK. I have been getting quotes for the cost of flights - most companies seem to include the cost of the final vet work and the option of a night's board at their kennels - but they are hugly expensive - around $3,000. However I have been quoted only $1,900 for just the flight (and travel crate). This would leave me to organise the final tick and flea treatment and get him to the airport. Has anyone else organised this for themselves? Money is tight and so if I can save what for me is a lot of money then it will be worth it.
  13. rockola57

    Car boot sale.oz style.

    Ah well,off the make some ZZZZZZZZ.s..Booty in the morning.6ish till 12.Love the scene here,get there early and there are a few real good bargains to have.To be fair,most of the stuff is pure she..ite there,and leaves me flabbergasted that the sellers actually don't pay me to take their crap off their hands !The real reason i go there is for the craic,it's great to soak up the athomosphere,listening to the friendly Aussies chatting to each other(even though strangers to each other) like they have known each other all their lives,about anything and everything.All this in the warm sunshine is a nice vibe.Luv it.:SLEEP:
  14. Hi there, Looks like we will be moving to either Sanctuary lakes or point cook in next few weeks. I'm curious to know when renting there is there hidden fees regarding the gym,swimming etc or is that inc in renting the property in the resort? hope someone can answer this for me hehe. many thanks, :biggrin:
  15. OH is in process of sending off CV for jobs for January and he has found some sites that 'no elaborate CV's' please. His is currently 6 pages due to the number of contracts he has done over the past 15 years. Is that too long? Is there a different style adopted in Australia? Any helpful hints gratefully accepted!! Karen x
  16. Hi My driving licence is still the old style licence without photo in it (one of those things i always meant to change!!). Does anyone know if it will be acceptable in Victoria to change to Oz licence? Thanks Maz x
  17. Jackboots

    heating wa style..

    just wondered bar the wood burner which we don't have is it cheaper to heat the house gas or electric ? any thoughts, it has been mentioned gas was cheaper , which is totally opp to uk , well was for us ! its blerdy cold here now though, wish id brought my thermals ...:skeptical:
  18. anlopa

    Easter surprise 999 style

    Just finished dinner watching Dr Who sat at the dinning table, and 2 police vans and 4 officers have just knocked on the door asking if everything was OK, The policeman said that their had been a silent 999 call made from our house. OH replied we are ok but Dr who is in the s*!t. We quizzed both the kids and both stood their all angelic and denied knowing anything. The policemen seemed happy and left. :embarrassed: I have just pressed last called number on the phone to find you guessed it 999 my son is now sat at the kitchen table writing his letter to say how sorry he is for wasting police time.:wubclub: Any one else had any Easter excitement
  19. Pozzy

    Resort style home for sale

    Beautiful Gold Coast Home for Sale We are down sizing and have a beautiful 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with swimming pool for sale. It is on the riverside which has ocean access with its own private jetty and pontoon to launch your boat. Great fishing and crabbing from your very own back garden that you can later throw on the barbie as you relax by the poolside. There is a very large undercover entertaining area and deck for entertaining your family and friends. It offers complete privacy as you are not overlooked and is opposite open parkland that will never be built upon. Price $895,000 Convenient for shops, schools, golf courses and 5 minutes drive to the beautiful beaches and surf clubs. Please email glenmcameron@hotmail.com for photos and further details. Just bumping this up to the top. A Beautiful family home, the kids have flown the nest now and we want to move on. If you and your family enjoy resort style living this is the ideal home for you.
  20. kernow43

    Mateship Australian style

    Out of all the tragedy comes this picture that is worth a thousand words,
  21. OK - I have done it.......after much searching and research, I have acheived that which I was told was impossible! I have found a book which gives recipes to make your own authentic (a matter of much debate!) British Indian Restaurant Recipes! Its no joke and I am gutted I will make no commission for this...but here goes... THE CURRY SECRET - Indian Restaurant Cookery at Home ISBN 978-0-7160-2054-7 It costs £4.99 and is not your glossy posh book, but a rudimentary and ruthlessly efficient means to provide the Oz public with a way to prepare decent 'authentic' British Currys! I have tried a few recipes and our whole family love them....Every time I use the book I put the money saved into our Australia account.....so saving a fortune cos we love curry. Recommend the tarka dal - YUMMY. I hope that helps you people....its made our decision to emigrate a no brainer! lol:biglaugh: To show your gratitude, when we arrive in the Brisbane area you can invite us round for a beer and a curry...lol:notworthy: Take care Adam
  22. Cookiecrew

    CV style for jobs in Oz

    Hello, Can anyone give any tips on what a CV should look like to send out when job hunting in Australia? Is there any difference to how you'd write one for a UK employer? We are planning on going in March and were initially going to wait until we got there to start job hunting but have now decided to at least try and start the ball rolling now. Any handy hints gratefully received. Thank you. Clare
  23. Guest

    Oz Style CVs

    Anyone point me in the right direction/website please. Want to get hold of an OZ style CV. Cheers Tracy xxx
  24. Lynandsean

    British style fish and chips

    Don't know why but have got a hankering for british style fish and chips! don't get me wrong, I love what the aussies dish up but just got a fancy for some! Does anyone know of one on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane or up on the Sunshine Coast? that's worth a visit? Lyn x
  25. Guest

    Cinemas - Gold Class Style!

    Well my husband took my to the cinema for the first time since Titanic! We went Gold Class to see Batman and wow what a treat!! (excellent film, in my opinion). Walk straight in, ordered beers, wine and nachos all delivered while you sit in a massive reclining seat!! Only about 40 people to each screening! Just waiting for the Bond film now!!