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Found 59 results

  1. cass73

    Stupid Question

    :biggrin:When you finnaly have you belongings packed and ready to go do the removal companies need a def address or can you give then one a little before it arrives in Aus ? thanks in advance cass
  2. Well he's managed to get himself a 3 game ban meaning he misses the group stages of Euro 2012. At first I thought you silly overpaid **** you've let yourself and your country down...............then after a little thought the old grey matter got ticking over and I figured it out! The little sod, what a clever and cunning move ...........he always goes missing at big tournaments so why not get yourself banned for the group stages then you can hope that either; a) The manager won't take you (not going to happen) b) Use the fact you haven't played in the group as an excuse for your poor form should we progress to the knockout stages but get knocked out. Not as stupid as he looks eh :yes:
  3. I've read many horror stories about huge competition for rentals with dozens of people turning up to open house viewings. Once in Brisbane, I'm going to be looking for a long term rental, possibly on my own a lot of the time after hubby starts work. Is it OK for me to view alone, taking along his ID? (that's the stupid question!) Are there particular areas that are massively popular and get more competition, or is it a general scrum everywhere? And types of houses? Most likely we'll just want a 2 bed townhouse, preferably in or near Northgate. As I'll be out of work the first few weeks, will I be at an advantage being flexible with viewings? Are there even individual viewings? I've heard of individual appointments turning into open house! I'll be putting the pack together as I've seen suggested many times, I'm sure this will help, but with 6 weeks to go am already pulling my hair out with stress! Cheers :wink:
  4. Hi all, I know that somewhere inside my brain the answer to this question is already hiding, but I can't find it amongst all the other shtuff! Hubby's offshore spouse visa is still in the horrible waiting stage, applied ~20-23 June: We're moving out of our house on the 23/10/11, me flying to Melbourne on that day, and him moving in with his Mum (in UK) until 8/11 when he flies to Melbourne and joins me (if necessary on an ETA, followed by the Tasman dash). His CO knows about our plans (he's informed LG via email), but do we need to inform her formally of all our different changes of address? He'll be staying with his Mum for 16 nights - does he need to log this as an address, or should he just change it to our Australian address (my Mum and Dads?) Is there a form we need to fill out for the change of address, or is it enough to inform via email? Gah, I hope you understand what I mean... i don't anymore!
  5. Hi guys, Feel a bit embarrassed asking this one! I lodged our application yesterday evening and am now putting together all the usual supporting documents - passports, birth certs, IELTS results, transcripts etc etc. I'm a bit confused. The document checklist messages say certified copies of each are needed, so I assume that that means that I must put properly certified copies in the post to DIAC rather than just upload copies?? Thanks very much for your help! Kate.
  6. runslikeafish

    probably a stupid question about visas

    Hi all, we're (hopefully) nearly at the end of our visa journey, just chasing the surgery to send the e-health bits as quickly as they can. My wife is a physio and like a lot of other professions she needs to register with the governing body - for that she needs (amongst other things) a copy of her passport with the Aus visa. I was under the impression that the visa would be an "e-visa" and therefore not be a bit of paper stuck in our passports like they used to be. Is that the case? How do people then get around the problem of showing governing bodies and the like that we have a valid visa? Just let them know the number? Show them the printed email? Thanks for your help!
  7. Where the heck do you put the fabric conditioner? Fed up of crunchy clothes! I'm sure any moment someone is going to make me go - doh!!!!!:idea:
  8. OK so my son has just turned 4 (in March) and we will go to Oz this August. I know that I can start him in kindy in February just before he turns 5. I also know that I *could* choose to keep him at home until the following February, just before he turns 6. Would he also go into Kindy at this point, or straight to year 1??? What I'm saying is do all school starters start in kindy regardless of their age (so there might be more than a year difference in age)? Or do 4 year olds who start Kindy have to do 2 years of it?? Quite confused LOL!!! :goofy:
  9. Hi all, I'm just about to lodge the import application permit for my 4. I've been in touch with quarantine in Melbourne to see if they have space for them in October and they said they've plenty at the moment but will confirm once I lodge the application. This is probably a very stupid question but what details did any of you put for the importer details? Did you use a friends address or make one up? I've a feeling there's a lot of paperwork coming my way :eek:
  10. what age do chldren start school at? and it is free like uk?
  11. good evening!!! Just wanted a little advice re 457 application! I am the main visa applicant, and have been advised that both myself and my partner will need a police check doing.....however, he had to go to court in 2008 for speeding, and only kept his licence by the skin of his teeth, got a big fine and had his name in the 'week in court' section of our local paper (is this just a Wigan thing or do they name and shame everyone in their local paper?????). The thing that is worrying me is that we came over to Oz in December 2009 and he didnt declare it on the entry card thing that they give you on the plane.....I have read some posts that not declaring things on the entry card can cause problems when it comes to applying for temporary and permanent visas and am wondering if going to court for speeding is something that should have been declared? and if so should we start grovelling now? Any thoughts???? :wacko: Beth xxxxxxxx
  12. So what does bring a plate mean or the rules for invited guests regarding beer? What does lay by or "sorry no rain checks" mean? What's a hoon or bogan? How does tattslotto work? What's a chicken parma? I'm sure there are many more questions relating to Australia people may have, but feel silly for not knowing. The simple fact is, if you don't know ask. We are all here to help each other and btw there are no stupid questions :wubclub:
  13. Do you have to take colour photocopies, or are black and white ok? And what does the certifier have to write on them? Can anyone tell me what was written on theirs? (This is for my skills assessment at the moment, and am allowed to get a GP to do it, so getting my best friend to do it, but don't think she's done it before!). Many thanks
  14. PositivePixie

    Stupid question about bacon/pork

    Hiya, Don't know if this is the right bit to put this in (if not, sorry, please move it to where it should be!) I was wondering if bacon in Australia is generally from Pigs that live in Australia, and if so what the regulations are on their living conditions? For eg, in the UK bacon is either from Europe or the UK - if it is from Europe they can be kept in pig pens and life can be pretty pants for them, if they are UK piggies life is a lot nicer for them. Are there any regulations about animal welfare for food production in Australia? Are animals that are organic/free range etc labeled as so, is it a premium market for these items, or can you just not get them? (I have googled, but what you get online and what the actual truth seems to be are two different things!) Thank you in advance if anyone can answer
  15. Guest

    Stupid Question....

    ....if you go to Oz on a skills based visa, do you HAVE to find a job in that field or if you find something completely different, can you do that instead?:wacko:
  16. Guest

    stupid question

    This is a bit of a daft question, but I have a limited edition bottle of whiskey that was bought for my boys when they turn 18 in about 10years time, but I have read that shipping companies will not ship alchol so how :chatterbox:would I take it with me.
  17. mrsindecision

    How could we have been so stupid???

    We are just arranging for our dog to come to Uk and inadvertently have let the rabies vaccination lapse (stupid I know) we didn't realise there was a time limit on it. Apparently there is a serious shortage of rabies vaccine in Australia and we therefore cant have him back with us for another 6 months at the very least as we have to find the vaccine first. Trying to decide whether to follow this route and find a foster family for him (big ask of friends) or ship him back and put him into quarantine. Has anyone done the quarantine thing _ there is a kennel near to us so we could visit him frequently. Any advice please as we all feel dreadful.
  18. I know this is a stupid question but i'm stuck! I'm trying to attach a word document to a message so I can send a CV to another POI member- help how do i do it?? I tried attachments and it says i have no attachments- its driving me mad! :daydreaming:
  19. I feel so angry and frustrated with this whole process. I desperatly want to get to Oz asap to start our new life. I'm so frustrated with all the turmoil and constant living in limbo. We started the process in feb 08 for 175 visa but wanted to get our eldest (13)settled into Oz education asap. We went over feb 09 and found 457 sponsorship for oh.When we got back put the house straight on the market as we were told the 457 visa should be in our hands inside of 6 months max.The house sold for the asking the day it went on the market Great.With everything falling into place so quickly we thought this is obviously ment to be.We then heard very little from our sponsor and contacted to find ou how things were going. They appolagised for the delay as it was the very busy time of year for the company but said all is going well and they were now focused on the visa and wanted to get us there asap.(this was the end of april)Great.We now move out of our house 2 weeks today we can't find any rentals within 10 mile radius of the kids schools and have had no further contact with the the company. I really feel its all about to go t*ts up big style. I just feel like i have no control over my life.:arghh::arghh:
  20. Hi all, I am very confused with the forthcoming SOL from the DIAC. Basically my OH and I began our application in January with Thinking Australia. I am a policeman :policeman: and my fiance is a chef. So we have lodged a 175 under her skills. All (as far as we know) is going ok, and we had the ASA forms and sent them back in February. We have since spoken to our Agent @ Thinking Australia who have submitted the paperwork to the office in Australia. We are still waiting. Obviously I am aware the new SOL may slow things somewhat. However, after reading various articles saying offshore visa applications are 'suspended' (including 175) since May 8th, I am increasingly worried :wideeyed: what may happen or if our application will be ditched altogether. Although I appreciate no-one can say for sure, do I fall into the category of 'suspended' applications. Or, because we applied in January- our application will be going through (albeit at a slower pace)? If anyone can clarify for me, I'll be very grateful Thanks Ben
  21. We got our nomination application number this morning so can apply today:jiggy: Filling in the form i found some questions that made me a bit :confused: 1. Do you, or any other person included in this application, intend to enter a hospital or a health care facility (including nursing homes) while in Australia?. Answer yes cos im up the duff i understand this one is for the exta hepatitis test 2.Do you, or any other person included in this application, intend to be in a classroom situation for more than 3 months (eg. as either a student, teacher, lecturer, or observer. Yes my son because he will be going to school 3. Now this one is worded differently on the online application and makes more sense this way lol Do you, or any other person included in this application, intend to work, or be a trainee, at a child care centre (including preschools and creches) while in Australia The way the online application words this makes you answer yes because my 1year old daughter will be attending preschool within our time in oz Now am i reading these last two totally wrong and they are only meant for people who work in these places or am i answering correctly ???
  22. Guest

    stupid stupid people !

    :arghh: some people make you want to scream ! A friend of mine's husband has been trying to get PR for himself & her / their child via the student pathway - skilled migration as a chef. He was able to apply for PR in Jan 09 but couldn't be bothered and waited until early Sept to put in his application. Surprise ! He was hit with the Sept changes and his processing time (non-CSL, MODL, on-shore 886 visa) went from months to 2012+ Thanks to the wonderful help and advice from George Lombard we managed to convince him to look for an employer to sponsor him for a RSMS visa. :wubclub: Thanks George ! Amazingly he managed to find one only a few hours from Perth in a fairly decent country town and started the employer paperwork in Nov 09. All done, approved by DIAC early Dec - all he had to do was put in the final paperwork from himself and he would get PR in a matter of WEEKS and begin the 2 year period until he is free to go anywhere. (oh and with PR they would get child care fee reduction so his wife could work, family allowance and a load of other support) Guess what ? Yep - he STILL hasn't sent in the final forms :no: This guy is such a waste of space and is sadly taking a job I know hundreds of other migrant hopefuls would jump at ! If it was just him I wouldn't care - toss him back to his home country - but his wife is lovely and his daughter (who was born here) deserves the life she would have here as in his home country she has no real future. Why why why bother with the process if you aren't going to follow through ?
  23. Hi All, Cat 5 (State Spons, but NOT on CSL) Is this a stupid question??:laugh: My OH is an electrician, and our visa agent submitted our WA SS at the end of July'09. We have yet to hear anything regarding the SS, but assuming we hear some good news soon - what is the next step?? I know this probably sounds a bit thick, but what happens AFTER you've got your state sponsorship? Is it the waiting-game until 2012 as announced last year, or do we continue with police checks and medicals as per usual and hope that our application is processed sooner? I can see on this website that a few people in Cat 5 are getting their actual visas, which is great news, but is DIAC only going to process applications that were submitted prior to Sep'09? Anyone else applying AFTER that date (like us) will we have to wait for another 2- 3 years? Or is this still an unaswerable question at the moment? Thanks folks! :smile: From Catherine x
  24. Weasie

    Another stupid question...

    ... although as I don't know the answer I guess it is not that stupid. I am applying for a spouse visa and have got all forms / meds / police checks all cleared. Given I have just received all of my personal things back in the post (photos / invites etc) does that mean I have the visa? Would I normally expect an email or a letter to confirm? Thanks Weasie:wacko:
  25. Hey guys, probably a very silly question, but what is frontloading? I've read it in quite a few threads nowand I'm at a loss...heeelp!! Thnx xo