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Found 46 results

  1. Hi, I am currently studying A Levels in the UK, England. My boyfriend and I are thinking of moving to Australia in the near future, he is fully Australian and his family live there also. After I have finished my A-levels, this is where my problem starts, I have no idea of any of the methods in which I can train. I am fully English myself so I can imagine this could be quite awkward. I have tried looking into this but I cannot find a lot of information, my plan in the UK was to finish my A-levels, move on to a higher apprenticeship and continue from there until trained and qualified. Is an apprenticeship in Law an option in Australia, NSW? Or do you have to go university? If a junior contract is available, are they easy to find? If not is there any advice on how university would work for me? And how long either of these processes will take? Will becoming a solicitor eventually be an option to me in Australia or is it the end of what I wish to do? Please leave ANY advice you have as I am completely stuck!! Thank you in advance, Whitney.
  2. We used to have a business in Sydney and a young Turkish couple (the husband worked for us) became our close friends. They married in Sydney and we were unaware that she overstayed her visa. He then overstayed his visa too and finally they both handed themselves into authorities. They were taken to Villawood detention centre and a decision was made that they be allowed to go back to Turkey. We paid for their return tickets and they were allwed to stay with us for the 10 days prior to departure. They were subject to the normal 3 year exclusion from returning to Australia. We are interested in having this couple come back to Australia and sponsoring them (or him) as we have a country hotel and we can trust them. My question is... I need a cook. Can he come over here and study to be a cook, have me sponsor him? If so what visa should he apply for? He is Thailand at the moment teaching English and she is in Turkey as her father just passed away. His current qualifications are as a sound technician and she is a journalist. I can't see how their current qualifications and my needs in the hotel match up. That's why I came up with a cook. When can his wife join him? How do I find an institution to train him? What courses does he need to do? Their exclusion is over in March 2015. Does anyone have a better or simpler idea?
  3. Hello I have been in Australia for almost two years on my WHV. I met my Australian partner here, we are now engaged and life is good. The only problem is that he had an ex girlfriend from Brazil and they had a partner visa together, which means we can't apply for a new partner visa until 5 years after he applied for the one with her (there are nearly two years left). So my question is... should I stay here on a student visa or should we go and wait it out in the UK? The international student fees are very expensive so I can't afford to study anything I am actually interested in, just an online Business course (the cheapest option). It will be a struggle for me to get by, but it is doable. However, would it be easier to go to the UK? What is the work situation like at the moment? Any advice for an Aussie settling in the UK (I feel like the drop in wages and weather could be issues for him). Any experience on the process of getting a spouse visa for the UK? Thanks for any opinions / advice.
  4. Guest

    Studying on a Temp Spouse Visa

    Hi! Still waiting for my visa to be finalized, but I wonder if anyone here has any experience with studying on a temporary spouse visa... I mean will I def be classified as an overseas student... I am not sure if I am reading this right or if there is any time restriction on my visa? Who is an international student? In the Australian higher education sector, an ‘overseas student’ is a person who: is not an Australian citizen; and is enrolled, or will enrol, in a course of study with a higher education provider. But does not include: a person entitled to stay in Australia, or to enter and stay in Australian without any limitation as to time a New Zealand citizen, or a diplomatic or consular representative of New Zealand, a member of the staff of such a representative or the spouse or dependent relative of such a representative. Thanks alot for any answers:arghh:
  5. I will be studying at the University for 2 years starting in Feb. 2011. My partner is Project Engineer (Construction). We need to find a good place to live where both of us can get to work easily. Anyone got any good ideas? There's only the two of us and we are mature people so studnet residence doesn't seem like it will work. Not sure if we would be too old and fuddy duddy! I gues the travelling is more important than anything as OH will need to get to a construction site or office each day, but not sure where yet until he has a job. So easy escape and access to and from the CBD sounds probably the best idea. Thanks for your ideas!
  6. Hi all. I'm hoping to apply for a 175 visa which I know entitles me to study in Australia but can anyone tell me whether I'd be classed as a domestic or international student? Is there a minimum residence requirement? Would it be state/university specific or are tuition fees a national thing? Any help much appreciated thanks! Rachel
  7. Guest

    Studying on De-Facto

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone knows if you can study on the de-facto visa? Thanks
  8. My daughter wants to study Law and History at University and would like to become a family solicitor. Please could anyone give me any information on what her route would be after she finishes her degree (would that be a 3 or 4 year degree)? Also would she be best at Melbourne Uni for law and history or would there be another Uni any more suitable? Is food included in the price of Uni fees at Melbourne? What is the accommodation like at Melbourne Uni? Any information would be greatly received, thank you, Sarah.
  9. Guest

    Studying in different state

    As mentioned in one of my previous post I have 176 sub class visa of Western Australia. Is it possible for me to take a regular study in any other state universities before the completion of the 2 years restriction in WA? Cheers!!!!:cute:
  10. Hi We have our 175 permanent residency visa and we may be moving to Melbourne early next year. Hubbie is a Consulting Structural Engineer, Project Manager, CDM Co-ordinator (plus lots more besides!). He is wondering whether to do his NEBOSH this year in preparation but wonder if it is widely recognised. If not, is there an Aussie equivalent that he should concentrate his energy on? Cheers
  11. hey guys, recently started studying at Tafe in sydney. just wondering if anyone knows whether you can get a student youth allowance like the aussie students do for studying?? or if you can get some financial help from the u.k? im 24 years old thanks rob
  12. loveshellybeach

    Studying for a Masters in Sydney

    My husband and I are both desperate to get out to Oz, but his profession is not on the skills list (IT) and although mine is (pre-primary teacher), I don't have the relevent recent work experience as we have 2 young children and I have been at home with them for the last couple of years. After 6 months of looking and applying for jobs to try and find a sponsorship opportunity for my husband, I am now thinking of applying for a Master's course in Oz which would then give my husband temporary working rights and me part-time working rights. The plan would then be to study for my Masters while hopefully my husband would be able to find a job which may lead to a possible sponsorship. I would be really interested to hear from anyone else who is doing/considering a similar route to Australia, or anyone with any advice/comments as we would really love to do it, but wonder if it is rather hopeful to think he would be able to find work on a temporary visa, and quickly!
  13. Advice please!! Feeling a bit gutted as can't seem to find any way we could qualify to live/work in Oz. My fallback was that I've got a place on the PGCE primary school course here in the UK to start in September, but the government have just announced that the bursary for this has been stopped!:mad: So, my question is, would it be possible to study in Oz to become an early years teacher, which I believe is currently on the skills shortage list? If so, how would I go about it, could I bring my family (husband & 2 young children) AND if I did, can I then apply to stay in the country (whilst still there) when I become qualified? Lots of questions I know but just dont know where to start/what to do and wondered if anybody else was in this position / had some advice? :huh: Thanks very much!
  14. Guest

    Studying a PGCE in oz..

    Hi, First post to this forum. I didn't know where else to post this as the education section seems to be more orientated towards good schools for kids etc. Anyway, was due to come over to Oz in June time to do a year and then maybe the second year on a working holiday visa. However, after spending six months back in the Uk I feel i need to further my education more specifically towards a field of work but am desperate to visit oz soon! So, my question is has anyone studied in oz? How did you go about enrolling on your course? And, how did you find living costs, cost of study etc.? Thanks, Rich
  15. Hi all, I posted a while ago that my fiance and I were considering our options of applying for PR in Australia, since then goine through many difficulties, partly I suspect due to my desire to live in Australia . We have just returned from a reconnisance mission to Brisbane, and my fiance loved it there. I've enrolled on a BA in Nursing in Brisbane which starts in January 2011. Its's a 3 year course for me (paying massive international student fees) but feel it may be an investment for the life in Australia I desire and also the career change I seek. Thankfully I feel I can afford the move, the study and on top of the student fees I'll have about $80,000 of funds available to me. I plan to do some part-time work, I know I'm limited to 20 hours per week during term and full time out of term, and I think this is a great way to integrate into "society" away from the normal student life. My finance's biggest concern is the restriction that she would only be able to work part time (20 hours per week) during the duration of my study/until PR may or may not be reached. I hope someone would be able to help out and answer the following questions:- 1. Have any of you entered Australia on a student visa and worked part time? What was it like finding work? 2. How did your partner settle in only being able to work part time? 3. How difficult was it for your partner to find part time work while on a student dependants visa? Thanks Bushcat :goofy:
  16. Hi, I am currently a primary school teacher working in Scotland. Myself and family (Oh and 2 boys) applied for a 175 visa with me being the main applicant. I am currently studying for a Post Graduate Degree in Early Education ( birth to 8 years) and hope to achieve this in september 2010. I have noticed on the new SOL list that Primary teacher is not there but Early childhood (pre-primary school) teacher is. Will my new qualification help me and if so would I have to change my application? Regards, Shelley Scott.
  17. Guest

    Studying in wa

    Hi all We have now appointed 'Thinking Australia' as our migration agents! We are coming over on a student visa. Craig is looking into course options at the moment but we could really do with some advise. Does anyone study a trade in WA? We are hoping to live in Mandurah. We have looked at the CRICOS website and it seems there are two colleges on their website - one in Midlands (a government run college i think), and a silver trowel college in Cannington. Craig is hoping to do a certificate 3 in either bricklaying, plastering, painting and decorating or air conditioning. Anyone doing these? or know anyone doing these? Both of these colleges are a fair distance from Mandurah, but he doesn't mind travelling if need be. Just not sure if there are any colleges nearer that would be suitable. Thanks, any advise greatly appreciated x x Zoe
  18. I am an Australia Citizen, my Partner is on a student visa (exp 2011) but hasn't studied for over a year, he stopped studying at the beginning of 2009 due to depression but never went to the doctors to prove. We went to a migration lady and told her the story, she advised the only way for him to stay was to get married and that they wouldn't kick him out of the country. and she would do the application for us. I have a few questions I would like to ask and appreciate your soonest replies.... - We want to get married but I want to know if we do get married will he be able to stay without goin back to his country or will he have to go? - If he goes how long will he be away for and can he come back? - If he comes back what type of visa can we apply for? - Is he illegal because he hasn't studied? - What if I still marry him if hes illegal? Will immigration come looking for him as soon as we get married to deport him straight away? - If government support isnt needed (example govt pays for his flight back to his country etc) and he returns independently paying for his own ticket etc back to his country whats the fastest way to re-claim and what visa? - would it be easier and faster if we both go back to his country and get married there then apply for him to come back to Australia? Will he have restrictions or problems? We live together but with my mum we have nothing under both our names but I have been saving money it isn't much and most likely will go towards the wedding + rings etc.... do i need to have alot of money also?? we do have alot references that can prove and say we are a couple nothing is fake all is legit just hoping we have good news..... coz i realy dont want him to gooo... just thinking about really kills me :cry: Ive been told that he shouldve gone back already....... and ive been refferred to this site to seek better advice.............. pls if some one can help and give their best advice.... we have been together 8 months but knew eachother about 4 months before
  19. Hey, I am new to this site, took me about ten mins to figure out how to start a new thread! so anyway, next year in September I'm planning on studying Nursing, for 3 years and will graduate in 2014 when I'm 23. Between now and then I am going to slowly save (luckily if you study nursing you get monthly bursaries- which will help!) so I have a decent amount when I've graduated. Just wondered if I could apply for permanant residency straight after or would I need a years experience first? Is the year experience compulsory? And also, as I'd obviously have my student loan to pay off when I DO start working as a Registered Nurse, could that be easily transferred so I could pay it off when in Australia? Would love to hear any information and/or personal experiences, thanks!
  20. Guest

    studying in Coffs?

    My husband is wanting to study Horticulture in Oz, we like the look of Coffs harbour. We have a 2yr old son and we think that Coffs sounds like a family friendly place to be. Anyone doing a similar thing? would like to know of best areas to live in the area??
  21. hello my name is soraya and i am 20 years old! Me and my future husband want to move to australia and are very excited. We dont know what visa we are eligible for as he is a qualified carpenter and i am a care assistant hoping to start university in september! We dont know when to apply as we dont know how long the application takes... also dont know wether to do my degree over there and go sooner or wait a couple of years!!! PLEASE HELP!! Soraya xx
  22. Hi All, This is my first posting. It is not my intention to source business through this forum. I am a Registered Migration Agent and not a Solicitor. However I have completed my law degree from India. Spent 12 years in India in International Shipping and in the last 8 years in India and 2 years in Australia I was involved with International Marine law, Marine Law litigation and cargo claims. I started practicing as a Registered Migration Agent in 1992. Here is a gist of the on-shore market INSTITUTES -Rapid audits are taking place of Risk VET Providers in Vic and NSW. -41 Institutes have been identified at risk in Victoria -An estimate of 30-40000 students are at risk in Victoria and about 80/100000 at risk nationally -The regulatory authorities are awaiting approval of the ESOS ammendment bill which is at the Senate Committee -This amendment will give the regulatory bodies "instant power" to cancel the registration of a institute that has breached the State Act or ESOS Act. 900 hours Majority of the 900 hrs certificates are bogus (possibly in 1000s) It appears the DPP has invoked the Crimes Act and heresay evidence indicate that some students have been charged DIAC are re-opening most of the 900 hrs with voluntary work Unconfirmed reports indicate that DIAC has issued notice of intention to cancel the visa of students who have been granted on-shore PR Once the massive "clean up" takes place we will see a new policy. JOB READY TEST (ANNOUNCED IN BUDGET MAY 2009) 900 hrs is most likely to be abolished from 1st Jan 2010 PR is most likely to be abolished for on-shore GSM 18 months TR will replace on-shore PR Student will have to work in the nominated occupation during the Tr period Possibly restricted work rights will be introduced for the TR Crimes Act will be incorporated STUDENT VISAS Large providers have publicly stated that the refusal rate from India, Mauritius, Vietnam & Cambodia is 95 percent for VET courses. UK-INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS U.K. intake from India is likely to double or treble because of the problems in Australia. I understand a large Provider in Australia has set their eyes on establising a large Institute in Birmingham to "lure" the North Indians". Regards Glenn Pereira
  23. I have several years experience as a telecomms engineer for BT Openreach and im currently studying towards a BSc (Hons) Business management and organisation. Can I access graduate schemes in Australia when I pass my degree or will I be better staying with the comms work also is there many comms jobs out there? Cheers Michael.
  24. Hello everyone ,I`m a newbie....Could anyone offer any help ao advise ........ I am in Melbourne on a 2 year Student Visa studying Bricklaying the 1st year and then doing a cert 4 the second year ..........When i have completed my 1st year and gained my cert 3 as a Bricklayer ......Is it possible for me to opt out of the 2nd year of studies and possibly get my employer to sponsor me ? .....Than apply for PR one year into my sponsorship
  25. Guest

    Studying Phd

    Hi Everyone Wondering if anyone can help with this question. My partner is British and currently a mature age student studying and doing his Phd which is going to take him 2 years, my question is if we were to get married next year and he came to Australia on a Spouse Visa would he be eligible to finish his Phd final year here? Also anyone have any idea what sort of money that would cost for him to finish it here? Thanks in advance Skippy123:smile: