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Found 49 results

  1. Guest

    17 and in a pickle

    So I currently live in the U.K with my mum and my Dad is out living in Oz. I am currently working full time and my life seems to be going nowhere fast. I have been invited out to Oz to stay for a couple of months to see if I like it or not. I have been out there twice before for a month and have really enjoyed it but then again have got homesick but when I am back in England I really do miss Australia. I am just questioning to see what peoples opinions are on the big move is it worth it I know now England is going to take a massive hit with the Tories making all their cuts so if I did go would now be the best time?? Just wanted to know different peoples opinion thank you.
  2. Went to the expo yesterday, things didnt go that well with the employer I was telling you about :sad: They had employed a recruitment agency from manchester to deal with everything untill the interview process but the agency seems to of ****ed up things, they have gave the guys the wrong job description and have told lots of men yeah your exactly what they're looking for but actually they arent. Western power are looking for people who can work on live lines but the agency have been sending them people who dont have the authorizations to do that. So i think someones going to get a slapped wrist!! I actually feel sorry for them because wait till dave rings them tomorrow morning!! :laugh: So yeah that was a bit of a waste of time but spoke to quite a lot of other employers looking to hire plant operators ( from canada, oz and nz) one in particular called Leighton sounded keen so we'll see. Didnt expect to speak to anyone from canada because its not somewhere i've really thought about moving to. So we'll see if anything happens with these companies but scotlands stuck with me for the forseeable future! :cute:
  3. Hey i was wondering if anyone could give me advice! Im 33 and my husband is 34 and we really want to move to oz to make a better life for our 3 kids who are 13, 9 and 5. The problem is we live in northern ireland an we have both been out of wrk for over a year, as there is such a shortage of work here at the moment (another reason why we want to move) the job prospects for us in ustrailia would be great. The visa we can apply for is the sponsered working visa, but what i want to no is what are my chances of getting one even though we are out of work? And how do i go about getting sponsered? Can anyone help!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hi Guys, I wonder if you could help me out with the process of moving over to join you?? I am a 29 year old student mental health nurse due to qualify in March 2013. I have been with my partner for 7 years, and he is an Aussie. We fully intend to move back to Melbourne as soon as I qualify so I am starting to prepare the information gathering for visa applications, ANMC stuff and sending our cats over! Plus his extended visa runs out in June 2013 so we have to be gone by then~! I am going to be applying for a de-facto visa and we will have no problems supplying all of the evidence needed so thats fine- although the cost of applying for it is a disgrace!! So I know i need to register for a skills assessment with the ANMC but have no idea what this entails or how I go about it. Will my newly qualified self have any skills that can be assessed?? I know I need a medical too and have sorted the nearest place here to me in the UK so thats ok. Do i need to sit the IELTS test?? Is this a requirement of the ANMC?? I hope to get all the information I need and start to get each done next year so as soon as December 2012 comes along I can start applying for jobs and fingers crossed get one to go over to in March once qualified! Anyone who has emigrated and can help with my queries would be very kind. Thanks guys Gem xx:jiggy:
  5. Strolling up Cleveland Street this arvo, I was overtaking the cars. I guess there was a match or something up at the Stadium? You can almost feel the steam rising from each occupant. Even more satisfying is hurtling down the motorway passing a ten mile stationary tailback in the opposite direction. The best bit is when you finally pass the 'rearguard', notice a clear stretch opening up and, just around the bend, see more cars hurtling on, oblivious to their imminent arrest. It is sometimes attainable here in Sydney but, for best results, you really need to be on the M25??? Naturally, I am NOT the most equable of 'jammers' when I do get caught myself. My friend Cynthia told me that the one I was stuck in yesterday arvo through Double Bay was because of the school run. Once bitten......
  6. Hi everybody, I was just trying to start our application but can't find the correct agency between the ones in the multiple choice. We applied from migration.wa.gov.au, and we have been sponsored by: Skilled Migration WA - Department of Training and Workforce Development on DIAC website available choices are: WA- Southwest Development Commission WA- Goldfield Esperance DC WA- State Migration Center - Small Business Development Corporation WA- Gascoygne DC WA- Great Southern DC WA- Mid West DC WA- Peel DC :eek: the third, maybe?
  7. Sorry if this is a daft question but as I am a uk citizen I don't need to do IELTS to apply for WA state sponsorship, it states that if you have a uk passport then just enter 6 in each field but it asks for a date when the IELTS was done and won't let me move to the next section without it, what do I put in the date box? It's a required field. Sorry if this doesn't make sense, Hope someone can help, Thank you, Alison. :-)
  8. crispysince70

    Stuck in Melbourne, it could be worse!

    The volcanic ash cloud has cursed us! Talk about bad luck! Arrived in Melbourne on Tuesday morning, ready to catch our next flight to Tasmania to begin our new life, and the goddamn ash cloud has thwarted our plans. Was told that the next available flight was Tues of the following week, and that was on all airlines. Have ended up booking the ferry for the Friday night crossing to get us over there for Saturday, and even then we ended up with the last places, it was chaos. 2 of the kids had their photo's taken by a reporter at the airport, so ended up on the front page of the Mercury in Wednesday's paper looking all fed up, so they know we're coming! http://www.themercury.com.au/article/2011/06/15/237661_tasmania-news.html Cant wait to be on our way again, but as the tile says, it could definatley be worse! lol Chris x
  9. My hubby is a self taught Aerial Installer, Virgin Media installer and Sky Installer. We are stuck as to what the Australian terminology is. Could it be Telecommunications Technician or Telecommunications Linesworker? Any help would be much appreciated. He has a digital tick Thanks so much
  10. Dear All, I am working through a to do list for emigrating to Sydney in August. The hardest decision is which company takes my two cats get out there. The forum has been really useful and I have narrowed it down to the above transport carriers. Did Pet air send out the wooden crate beforehand as they say they will? (Airpets dont do this) Was the boarding cattery ok in Windsor which pet air use? - no photos.. Is newspaper better (Airpets) or absorbent vet bed (pet air) in the crate as am worried if they have newspaper it will be wet & might clog up the water bowl but they can hide their business. Both have good reviews on this forum but does anyone have any experiences of either that would help make my decision easier? I just need to make a decision.. Many thanks for any replies.. Merlinphoenix
  11. Hi, i've put together a cv for my husband and have a list of companies that i want to send his cv to, to see if they will sponsor him on 457. The thing is i'm really stuck on what to put as a cover letter, and dont want them to delete it without looking at it first. He is main agent trained and has 20 years experiance! If anyone has any advice x x
  12. Thats all it is folks, i am stuck on 99 friends and just wondered if anyone wanted to be the Ropey HOFFS 100th PIO friend? Once you are in the inner circle of the HOFFS friends, you have to fit the strict criteria, which is.............. 1. Love Australia. 2. Have a fun sense of humour. 3. Love Australia. 4. All of the above. lol:laugh: Anyone interested, just contact me and heres a big :hug: to my other great 99 PIO friends, you know who you are, love you all, from............................... The Ropey HOFF.
  13. K8kte

    Stuck in the middle!

    Hi Guys, On here to seriously find out any info on my situation: My hubby, two young sons and I want to emigrate to Perth but... I am extremely close to my parents and would love for them to go with us if we 100% decided to apply. My husband is happy to leave his family but understands I am close to them and its probably going to be all or nothing as far as my decision is concerned. I am a Graphic Designer currently working in the trade with 7 years experience and only 27yrs. My husband is an Electrician (he hasnt been in the trade now for 5months) with 5 years experience and only 29yrs. 1st Question: Does he have enough experience in the trade to not have to be in it whilst he applies? Or should he be working in it to be able to apply? My parents: If they were to come they would still want to be able to work as they are only 54 and 58yrs. My mum is a bone destometrist and has been for 6 years but she has been trained in house and has no qualifications just work experience, could this help? I have been advised that my parents could enter under a working parent visa but we must be there 2 years first. The reason I dont like this is because my very young two boys are extremely close to them and missing two years of their lives is an extremely long time! My dad has his aunts and cousins over there, could they sponsor his or not be close enough a relative? He also lived there when he was younger before returning to the UK. What other options regarding visas have I got to get them in the same time as us. 1/They want to be able to work 2/Medicare backed preferably. Also my mother is a diabetic, tablet dependant only. Would this stand against her? And how does med prescriptions work/cost over there? Only info would be very much appreciated, I want to do the best thing for my boys regarding a future but I'd love for my whole family to be there to witness it! Many Thanks Kate
  14. It's really embarrassing but I'm confused how to answer the first question on the form 80. "Am I applying for a visa to travel to Australia as a": Migrant or "I'm applying in Australia for": Permanent residence. Both of them seem to be right to me. It's probably just a problem with my English but could somebody elaborate on what they actually mean?
  15. Hi All, I am new to the site so bare with me and my babbling! Me and my family were hoping to emigrate to Australia in the next 12 months but I'm having difficulties deciding whether I would fit into any of the categories on the jobs wanted database. I have been working as a housing scheme officer/project worker with ex-offenders, homeless and addicts for the last 8 years through an agency and currently do not hold any formal qualifications as my line of work doesn't really offer any degree's etc in this sector. I was wondering whether on not I could still attempt to put through a visa based on work experience rather than qualifications or whether at nearly 30 I'd need to go back to university!! My partner has worked as a factory worker for the last 12 years and unfortunatly again no qualifications. Any advice would be great. Hayley
  16. Hi All, I am new to the site so bare with me and my babbling! Me and my family were hoping to emigrate to Australia in the next 12 months but I'm having difficulties deciding whether I would fit into any of the categories on the jobs wanted database. I have been working as a housing scheme officer/project worker with ex-offenders, homeless and addicts for the last 8 years through an agency and currently do not hold any formal qualifications as my line of work doesn't really offer any degree's etc in this sector. I was wondering whether on not I could still attempt to put through a visa based on work experience rather than qualifications or whether at nearly 30 I'd need to go back to university!! My partner has worked as a factory worker for the last 12 years and unfortunatly again no qualifications. Any advice would be great. Hayley
  17. My poor mum was due to arrive at Melb tonight, but due to the snow in the UK shes been stranded at heathrow for the past 24 hours.:frown: Her first trip to Aus and her first ever trip alone..........I do feel for her. Anyone else feeling the impact of the UK being totally useless at dealing with a few cm's of snow?
  18. Hi all, My partner & I have been in NZ since Sunday. We applied for our 457 (I had a no further stay condition on my 676 tourist visa, we have been in oz for just under a year, traveling on 676 & WHV) & also e-visitors so we can go back to Oz & travel north QLD. We were asked for further information yesterday morning, which we sent off immediately but still haven't heard anything more than 24hrs on! Starting to stress slightly, as got car parked in Brisbane airport & want to get back!! Anyone else had similar problems or stories??? Any advice appreciated. Thank you.
  19. I was hoping to get some outside perspective... My partner (now husband) and I are both Sydneysiders who had spent the last 4.5 years living a great life in London...until the GFC hit. My partner was out of work for 10 months in London and I was working really long hours in my job. WIth little job prospects in London in his line of work he travelled to Sydney for a few interviews/meetings to see what the market was doing here. After 2 weeks back in London, he received a dream job offer in a well paying role in Sydney with his dream company. He had 3 days to decide on taking the role and even though we had discussed moving back many times, it's never the same when it becomes a reality. He accepted the role after not alot of discussion with me other than it being unrealistic to stay in London as we couldn't survive for another year if he wasn't working. True, but I didn't want to go. I ended up staying on in London for another 4 months to finish up at my job where I had achieved rather alot and was sad to leave the buzz of the high flying career in London. I thought over the 4 months alone that I would come to terms with moving but I just ended up falling more and more in love with London and being in Europe. It's like that place was in my bones and I knew in my heart I didn't want to leave. But, I couldn't turn my back on an 8 year relationship, a planned wedding on the horizon and my best friend. I wasn't ready to do that. So, I left London barely able to look out of the window as the plane took off and knowing that this wasn't good bye. I knew I'd be back. I've now been in Sydney for 6 months and things have been a whirlwind. In the last 6 months, my partner bought a house which I moved straight into (unfortunately I wasn't on the papers as the sale went through while I was still in London), a car, I've organised a wedding in 3 months, done a bit of contract work........and to add to all that I found out I am pregnant. Alot to take in for anyone particularly as I am really missing my old life and haven't been able to cope very well with the change here. It's great being near family again, particularly with a baby on the way, but I can't but think that if I chose not to have this child and went back to where my heart is, I would feel free and happy again. The work situation here for me is difficult too as there is more work in my field in London. I feel very isolated here, my partner works long hours, i have little friends, and on the work front no one really gets the niche industry I am in. It's all very unsophisticated here. I feel like I will be stuck here with no job, a baby, and it feels like I have fallen down a black hole and my life has been sucked into a vortex. Any advice or words of wisdom out there? If I had an abortion and went back to the UK, I think things would be very different but if I stay I feel like my unhappiness will impact the relationship with my husband and child (to be) and that could be a worse ordeal in the long term.
  20. Hi, We're a couple coming to Australia, travelling down the east coast from November 10th. We didnt realise hostels would book up SO early! Any tips on where would have room over 30th/31st for a reasonable price? Thanks
  21. Hi, getting really peed off and bored now, we got our visa in feb after lots of knock backs and lots of months/ years of sorting migration out, and now we can go we cant sell our house, is there lots like us or are we just not meant to go!! we have sooo missed the boat financially and just cant sell our house for nothing because we need the money to buy in oz, where the houses are not that cheap, life has just so been on hold for so long, is there anyone else in same situation victoria x:arghh:
  22. WeGottaGetOuttaThisPlace

    Visa's granted Dec 08 - STILL here in the UK...

    It just feels like we will never get to Australia. I have stopped researching and hardly ever look at PomsInOz any more as I am getting totally disillusioned. Thing is, we really really really want to go but since the visa's were granted, the house market crashed, my other half lost his job in construction, we have been forced to spend a lot of our savings that we were going to use to get set up in Melbourne as we were struggling to pay the mortgage. Our house wouldn't sell, our car was written off following car accident, we have lost our jobs countless times now and are struggling here in the UK. It just seems like fate or whatever keeps throwing obstacles in our path when we try to get our heads above water and the dream of moving to Melbourne gets further and further away. We will be forced to make a decision anyway since the visa's will expire and I still believe we will get there somehow. I am just soooo not on the ball any more when it comes to the practicalities of actually making the move whereas in early 2009 I had worked out a lot of what we would need to get in order like getting a container and shipping our belongings, what area's we could afford to rent in when we arrived, what licensing etc hubby would need to get, etc etc but now I have lost all motivation. I just feel :arghh: at the moment. I am now starting to worry about "what if our relationship doesn't take the strain of the move, what if we take our little boy away from his grandparents/cousins now he is old enough to know who they are (we were initially thinking of emigrating once he was 6 months old n now he is a toddler). Also, I have been reading about house there are a lot of migrants who are selling up in Oz and heading back to the UK since the pound is pathetically low and how people who have recently arrived in Oz have struggled so badly that they are forced to come back. I know this is not true for everyone but I seem to be focusing on the negatives.... Is anyone else in the same boat or can you please offer some words of advice? I don't know what I need to hear. I really am terrified of leaving now but I also know we would regret it if we didn't go for it after going through the visa process and getting it and I know others have not been so lucky... Help! :wubclub:
  23. Ok. We got our visa granted Dec 08 then the UK economy went down the toilet. Hubby (works in construction) was made redundant and got new job. Company went under, he got a new job again. Company went under, he got a new job with a rolling contract. His contract is up for renewal for 18 month term depending on the company's financial status next month. It may be the case that we are forced to make a decision soon if they don't get funding to continue with their current project and we will likely head to Oz. If he IS offered the contract for 18 months it means we are committed to being here in the UK and delaying our plans again although it would be a great opportunity as he would be Project Manager on the new contract... Main issues are like everyone else at the moment. We can't sell the house. It has dropped in value and then slightly risen again but none of the houses round here are selling at all at present. Some have been on and off the market in our street for the last 2 years. We have no savings left. We nearly lost the house when hubby was paid off time and again. We were all set to head to Oz with nothing. That seemed totally crazy but it was either stay here with nothing or just go for it. Then the new job miraculously sprung up and changed everything. Now it seems mad to NOT take the new contract as we still have nothing to back us up and can't sell the house... We have a toddler and really want to get to Oz before he starts school which would be possible in any respect. I am wary about taking him to the other side of the world (we don't really have much family support but to go to Oz and have none when we have no money or anything just now seems crazy). Anyway, I only really meant to come on here and get some opinions on the situation as there must be others in the same boat. I am just scared that we stay here and are in the same position (or worse) in 18 months time. I just don't know what to do. Is anyone else still here when they have had their visa's for years??? Think we are just delaying the inevitable... :arghh:
  24. We are currently on what was a 3 week holiday in Oz, but due to the volcano this has been extended to nearly 6 weeks!! but the good thing is I think we have secured a sponsorship Is it possible to transfer from a 176 to a 121 fee free? I understand the employer has to apply for the position in the first instance. Is a 121 immediate PR ? The only other slight problem may be that online it states the prospective employee has to have all the right quals to be able to work which is fine as we do but as my OH is an electrician he would still have a bit of further study to do in Oz before he could get his A class could this be an issue? Hope you can help N111kkx :biggrin:
  25. Hi my name is Karl. Im 21years old and i live in England, London. I have recently finnished my Level 3 Electrical Apprenticeship, and get my JIB Gold card Any time soon!! Unfortunatly my Employer can not employ me as an qualified electrician as there are too manny chiefs and no Indians. i am now looking into taking a massive long break into AUS. I would like to get a years working holiday Visa, but i dont know what jobs i can do with a working holiday visa. enitially i would like to do a bit of sparkying out there as i have been studdying for 4, almost 5 years. but do i have to get a trade visa? im only asking because a trade visa is almost £3000!!! and thats alot of my savings and spending money for AUS. please if any body can help or has had previous experiances please write back. Manny thanks, Confused Karl :confused: