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Found 24 results

  1. stockburn

    Stay or Go - Confused in Melbourne

    Good afternoon all, Not sure if this is right area to post this if not if anyone can let me know. Right my story so far, sorry if this rambles a bit, I originally moved to Sydney Australia many moons ago in 2009 from the UK. I admit I didn't pick the timing perfectly considering the housing and banking crash not to mention the exchange rate at that time. I have friends in Sydney, one who all things considered is like a brother (both only children, grew up together etc). I moved over on the working holiday visa, getting a job wasn't easy and due to family back home ( Mom came out of remission) after 7/8 months I decided it was time to pack up and head back home, was the best decision for me at that time and I knew that as soon as I got off the plane, I got to spend a year with my mom after returning and that was reason enough to know it was right. Fast forward a few years and I successfully managed to get a state sponsored permanent residency visa, NSW wasn't on the list for my preferred state, (I am in computing mainly around SQL, don't worry I won't inflict and explanation on you good people) So i opted for Victoria more precisely Melbourne, everyone I spoke to told me its the place to live and worse case an easy flight to pop and see friends in Sydney if I found the cabin fever or loneliness setting in. I finally took the plunge and moved her earlier this year, landed beginning of June, airBNB in Brunswick for my first month, which I anticipated would be both difficult / exciting / terrifying and a whole range of other emotions and I wasn't wrong. Eventually found a place to rent in North Melbourne and I cannot complain about the suburb, easy to get into the city .. that said after visiting South Yarra I think out of choice I would have opted for there instead. Job wise I have found the IT market difficult, I had a good network back in the UK so many jobs were word of mouth and based on my reputation ,which I don't have out here, plus I have found the expectation of my skill set different in Australia compared to the UK, after a particularly shocking interview It knocked my confidence if I even had a skill set add that to the delight recruiters have once they find out I am 'Out of work' they seem to think I will jump every hurdle they put in my way. See told you it was rambling, three months have now past, I have been looking for work for the past couple of months, took some time off to study and up skill, I have also joined a gym and frequent some of the Meet-up groups which I will admit are a lifesaver, already met a few people I call friends. But ... everyone knew that was coming, after only three short months I feel like I am ready to throw the towel in and head back to the UK, yes I know it's ONLY three months but I am really struggling to be positive, wanted to know if this is 'Normal' whatever normal is for an expat, did anyone else hit a 3 month wall.. It's almost highlighted that life wasn't so bad back in the UK, own place with very low bills ( currently rented out) not a bad social life and the possibility of a long term relationship ( Aus was always overshadowing that possibility) I can here because I needed to do it, I never wanted to go through life with that massive What If hanging over my head But ... I have spoken to friends both Aus and UK side, they have different opinions, on what I Should do, I should stick it out, man up, things will get better etc, but I wanted the opinions and advice of people who have done this and been through the challenges and come out the other side. So that's my abbreviated story so far, to be honest putting this down on 'Paper' has helped already but I look forward to hearing your take on it all.
  2. There was a post yesterday on one of the threads here saying the job market is terrible for new migrants. PR visa or not, 9 out of 10 migrants struggle to find anything. We should prepare ourselves to be unemployed for 6 months+. I was wondering what other people's experiences were? One would think it would depend on your profession / experience / skillset surely?! We are moving to Adelaide shortly, I am an accountant, my other half is in IT service management (ITIL) so both white collar. Both professions are on the critical skills list so one would hope that would mean there are jobs out there?! Or am I being too naive! We have considerable savings we are bringing over to buy a house with but obviously would like to find employment asap so as not to eat into the capital too much!! If anyone could share their general experiences of the job market (and accounting & IT specifically) I would really appreciate it!
  3. Hello All, I really am struggling to find new employment, i am not experiencing a happy employment experience whilst here and am desperate to change employer. I am on a 457 business visa and have been in Brisbane since November 2012, could anybody ppppppppppplease help. I am an aged care nurse of 7 years but 20 years in the same field. Loving Australia, but my employment is taking the joy out of it, its so hard.. Thanking you
  4. Hi All, We are an Irish couple who have 2 young kids ,4.5 & 2.5 who will be looking to rent for a year or so (while we decide what to do with our hse at home). We would like the following....but not sure at what area to be looking at? 1 - Commutable to city for work - will prob only have 1 car to start with so need to be near public transport and within an hour 2 - An area that has good Kindergarden,pre-primary and primary schools as from reading other posts, if you are not in the right area you may not get into certain schools 3 - Would like a stand alone house with a back garden in a green area but yet still not too far away from neighbours and other family so as to get to know them (we currently live in the country on 1 acre but know that this will not be quite yet achievable ) Would probably be able to pay $500-700 pw rent. it all depends if I get a job as well as Hubby though I prob won't until I get the boys settled in their schools. 4 - As we're Irish I would like to be able to get to know some other Irish families (but not be stuck knee deep in them either!!) that would have their kids in the boys schools 5 - I'm a catholic (Hub isn't so not relevant for him) but I would like the boys to go to a catholic primary though it wouldn't be a must, he would rather they don't but it would be great to have that option when that time comes for that one!! 6 - Be nice if we weren't too far from the beach - am I pushing the boat out to far here!! I think thats a long enough list for ye to work on for now... Thanks again for all your help AM:biggrin:
  5. Hi all, We moved from the UK last Monday and are currently in temp accom provided by my husbands company. We are looking at Berwick as it is close to my OH work in Hallam. Struggling to find a) the properties to be available and b) the open inspection times often clash and then you miss out! Went to view 2 yesterday and another 10 people turned up... So worried we wont find anywhere by 3rd Oct :unsure: I guess I am finding it a struggle as I have 2 little ones to drag around each house with me.... Anyone got any advice or tips? Time is not on our side!!! :wubclub:
  6. Hi I'm struggling to fill in the places I have lived over the past 10 years and countries I have visited, it's a complete nighmare but I'll try not to rant about it!! I dont know exact dates Any advice???? Thanks!
  7. Guest

    Struggling for first time

    Hi folks First of all, although this may read like an Aussie bashing thread, I assure you it isn't!! I'm writing this down firstly because some of you may have experienced this and can give me advice on how to progress, and also because I've been going round and round it in my head and losing sleep, so getting it out will help me to sleep and relax! Basically, since moving to Melbourne, I've been finding it very hard to settle in, but I think I know why I'm struggling, and the reasons are all kind of linked into one another, and feel that when the main one is sorted (job) then the rest should fall into place! Well, I suffer from anxiety issues and in the UK it was really getting on top of me and I was totally stuck in a rut. I'd always wanted to come out here, so did so but thought I'd settle in straight away as I did at the UK cities I moved to. However, I wasn't expecting the difference between the two countries to be as big. I naively (stupidly?) thought that Australia was like the UK in the Sun!! I know how bad it sounds to move to another country and want it to be like home, but a lot of that was down to my anxiety and wanting to settle quickly etc. However, now that I'm here I'm trying to eradicate that thought from my head and realise that I'm NOT in the uk and I should embrace the new culture I find myself in, which I am trying to do :smile: The biggest reason I'm struggling is to do with work. I came here to teach, and with the application process for teaching here you'd think I was applying for MI5, the amount of stuff they want to know about me! And as I've mentioned in another post, some of my info seems to have been lost in the post so it's being delayed again. Now, at first I was fine with that, working away in another job to get money but it's starting to get on top of me now, as the teaching is what I enjoy, and it pays much more so that I can start saving for the trips I have lined up. Washing pots (which is what I'm doing at the moment) was not in my dream, and it's mind numbing and gives me time to think about stuff like this and chew it over and over in my head which doesn't help! Plus, the place I'm staying in now is the room at the back of a house, which is very cold at times and make me feel quite depressed at times! Again, it's not what I imagined I'd be living in! So because my job isn't very good, I'm just kind of staying afloat with rent etc. and not getting a chance to get out and meet people (including you guys :hug: ) and the friends I came here with are leaving for other adventures in about 3 weeks and I've not really met anyone to replace them with yet, so I'm scared of being lonely. Although there are times when I actually feel like 'well, if I don't meet anyone, that's ok, I can still do all my fun stuff here' but I'd rather look back on my time here having made some great friends along the way I do know some guys that live up near Carlton, but I never get to see them because my work is always in the evening and they go to uni during the day. So, as I said, this is not a 'I want to go home thread' because I don't want to go home! I just want everything here to click into place! Now I know that doesn't happen on it's own and will take effort on my part but I'm just feeling a bit stuck with the job situation etc. I mean I have loads of cool stuff lined up, and I'm living in the World's most livable city and I want to really enjoy my time here but I'm struggling to break out of this malaise I've been in for a week or two now, and think I might be struggling for the next week or so until I can resolve the teaching issue Plus, my visa is up in September and I'm afraid I'm going to run out of time to do the stuff I want! I wouldn't mind getting a second year visa, but I'm hopeful that I wouldn't have to do fruit picking to get it! Will start a new thread about that though! Sorry for the length of that, but like I said, I just had to get it down somewhere and thought that there would be some people here who were in the same boat as me once and are now fine and dandy The good news is, it's my birthday today (3-0!! ) and I have loads of stuff lined up that I saved up to do. So it's moonlight cinema tonight, Aquarium then Retro tomorrow, Luna Park on Saturday, house party on Sunday then Sorry Grandmas on Sunday night :yes: Thanks guys :hug:
  8. Guest

    Struggling to sell my car

    Hi Guys Im struggling to sell my Car i move back to the UK in feb and still no joy in selling my car. As i still owe finance on it i need a reasonable price for it Does anyone have any suggestions how how to work around this or any things i can try to sell it. Your help will be greatly apprecaited. James
  9. hi friends, well we have had a really crap day today jamie has been really low all day and weve began nipping at each other. we are just so so gutted about the job and jamie has really taken it to heart we feel like a real kick in the guts. we are so different in personality im so upbeat and adventurous and very strong but j is more chilled stresses more infact a born worrier and more sensible, and this whole immigration thing after last week has became incredibly hard, we dont know what to do or where to go we feel in complete limbo. we will not let it cause issues with our relationship as its not worth that so i think for our own sanity we need to take time out and have a breather so im taking a wee holiday from all you lovely people for a couple of weeks or months until we get our heads clear and can decide the best path for us, see you all soon kelly xx:hug:
  10. Guest

    struggling to choose an agent

    Hi i was wondering if anyone has used sortoutmyvisa.com in their application process. They seem very well qualified but i cant really find any reviews and would love to hear from someone that has actually used them. Thanks
  11. This is another one of those struggling to make a decision posts, there are certainly a few of us. I have been here almost 2 years and am finding it all very difficult. I don't actually miss the UK, it's just the family. I have huge guilt issues. I know we all have the right to make our own decisions and live how we choose, but what about those back at home who have been forced into difficult circumstances and you know that by going home you can make their lives easier. I have a sister whose children have an serious health condition, was diagnosed the week before I left UK, My Mum is not in the best health, physically or mentally, I lost my Brother 18mths ago. How can I leave my sister to cope with yet more difficulty with my Mum? and my inlaws are just so devastated that their only grandchildren live on the other side of the world. I actually love living in Australia but i'm just not sure I can carry around this guilt anymore. My husband loves it here, my kids are all happy. Despite having a great deal of emotional trauma the last 2 years I always try to remain positive and get the most out of life. We have to make a decision in the next 6 months, My husband's employers want to take him on permanently at the end of his contact, we are here on a 457 We can't just stay a few more years and then decide which would be the ideal, as this solution will totally mess up my son's secondary education. I know there is no magical answer but I just had to get this off my chest to those who are in the know of just how hard it can be. I'm off home in a few weeks for a visit, not sure this will bring any insight into the best thing to do but I can always hope!
  12. Hi, We have been in WA for 11 weeks now and everyone except my 13 year old son loves being here. I knew it would be hard for him leaving friends etc but I had no idea it would be this bad. He is having a really hard time at school - no-one wants to be his friend he comes home and goes in his room and sobs. Last night he begged me to take him home and was hysterical to the point of vomitting. He explained some things which have happened at school and I was fighting back the tears. He has really tried to make friends to the point of being humiliated. My 9 year old son on the other hand is loving school - has made friends and we have lots of telephone numbers on the fridge for playdates. I guess primary is just so different from Secondary school. I think the problem is made worse as local children in our immediate area seem to go to the local private school (no places for my son) so I have to take him to a state school out of area, but still only 10 mins down the Marmion from where we live. Therefore he is not meeting any children who live near us for after school fun. Can any one offer any help or advice - anyone been in the same situation. I feel so helpless. He is into his 4th week at school now and I try and tell him it is not that long but he replies "it is when no-one talks to you and you spend breaks and lunches alone". I am wondering whether to try another school but in the back of my mind know it will probably be just the same for him.
  13. What a pain, I had input all my qualification details, then the last page wanted my CV uploaded in rich text, which I did. It then it said it could not upload because I had images on the file!! There are no images on my CV, which was completed in Microsoft Office Word 2007. Has anyone else had this and what did you do to rectify? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi everyone We have been here about 6 weeks now and i have been fine up until now, but all of a sudden i find myself really really struggling-is this normal or just me? We settled south of the river, mainly due to a school for my son, however now i am wondering if we made the right choice. Also, have we put the kids in the correct schools?(son is finding work really easy) Its so difficult knowing if you have made the right choices eh! I am due to start work next week, which i am sure will help, as at the moment i just find myself at home on my own everyday whilst hubby is out looking for work. I just feel so lonely, and even though i have a wonderful family, i just feel so unhappy and alone and lost! I am sure things will get easier, and i knew things would be a struggle at first, its just i am finding it so difficult at the mo! I find it so difficult not being able to pop and see my friends and family, and even though i have got a truly wonderful hubby its just not the same I guess not really having any friends here doesn't help, but again i am sure that will come with time too-well, i hope so!!! Oh well, so sorry for all my ramblings-i always said i would never write anything like this, but all of a sudden i find myself typing this...so apologies! Thanks for reading. Claire x
  15. We have been here a year on the 15th July. We arrived all very excited and completely oblivious to what lay ahead of us. It took my OH 3 months to find a job. Fortunately thanks to a wonderful neighbour we met when we rented our first house (RIP Ian) my OH got a job working as a Field Assistant for a Field Exploration company and was based up in Newman, WA. This was a FIFO job which took him away for 2 weeks at a time. Not a bad job, good money, but when you are still settling and the bubble had kind of burst for me it was a very hard time having the kids 24/7 and trying to make a life. Unfortunately he was laid off in December but then managed to get a job helping my Brother-in-Law doing Polished Plastering. This job took him through to May of this year where unfortunately the work dried up and he was left with nothing. He applied for pretty much every job that was advertised in newspapers, websites, notice boards etc. Resumes were being posted, faxed, emailed and handed out on a daily basis. I have never seen a man become so deflated and disheartenend in such a short time. However, he prevailed. The labourer jobs he rang turned him down and one of them said he would only employ Australian Labourers, which was fair enough. The lack of responses to all the resumes he sent was also very disheartening. He even applied for Bunnings and guess what? Got turned down by them too as it seemed everyone was applying for their jobs. Anyway last week someone rang him and offered him an Interview for a job he had been very interested in. It was a shot in the dark but he was so chuffed to have finally been noticed he went. Him and 60 other blokes! Friday was the interview and today he heard that he had been given the job. I cannot tell you the feeling of pure relief my OH is feeling at this time. I am so proud of my OH who has just gone through hell and back the last 4 weeks and not once threatenend to return to the UK (which I did). To top it all I also lost 2 jobs this week but thanks to my sister have got a new job which will be coming up in the next month or 2. So, if you are looking for work and becoming desperate and deflated and you feel you have lost all sense of pride and confidence, please do not give up, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Life can be hard wherever you move to in the world but if you are a family or just a couple and you have not been here long and things are not going the way you planned them, please do not give up, it really does get better. I would also like to thank Microsoft for the XBOX 360 that kept my husband sane through the time he has been unemployed. Don't give up guys, life here in Australia, regardless of the ups and downs, is what you make it and if you are positive you will have a great future ahead of you. Claire
  16. Hi Don't know if anyone out there can help, we live in Buderim with our 3 children, arrived here 5 months ago from Hemel Hempstead in the UK. My husband Stewart has been out of work for a couple of weeks now, we've applied for loads of jobs and there hasn't been a sniff, the worst of it is is we brought a house last month!! He is a fully qualified carpenter/joiner with 20 years experience, blue card, ABN, own tools and transport, licence applied for. willing to travel into Brisbane if necessary. If anyone can help it would much appreciated!! Thanks, Sally, Stu n familyx
  17. welsh in oz

    Struggling a bit.....

    ......:sad: We've been here since 16th March, (OH is aussie and I'm on a spouse visa) so not that long really, got ourselves a really nice flat, both got good jobs, OH a chef in Darling Harbour and I'm an environmental consultant (same as was in UK)........ But, I just seem to have a 'down' moment most days! Sounds stupid because I do like living here and I've been 4 times beofre so I knew what I was letting myself in for but I find myself thinking of the summer starting over at home and all my family and friends and just wish I could go back for a day or something! Why cant someone invent teleports?????? Sorry to whinge. But I am fine one minute then I imagine still being here in 20 odd years, and then I will be one of those people that USED to be from the UK, having not seen my family much, missed out on neices and nephews and I dont know if I can do it. I know I will be fine I'm sure when we've been here longer and our stuff arrives from the UK (end May woohoo) but I just wanted to vent somewhere and where better than here! For gods sake I am even missing stupid things like the guardian newspaper and tescos! :cry:
  18. Guest

    Struggling with guilt

    Hi everyone. I was just hoping someone else would help me with my dilema and let me know if they have been in the same position. My parents are very upset about the thought of us moving. I have had my mum in tears and my Dad telling me that I shouldn't take their grandchildren away. I believe moving would be the best thing to do for myself and my children but I finding the guilt very hard to deal with. It seems to be a no win situation. Either my partner or I will be away from our family wherever we live. Can anyone relate? Ruth :frown:
  19. Guest

    Struggling to find work!!

    We arrived at end of sept and OH is still struggling to find work, he is in construction industry in property maintanence, facilities management etc:huh: and wondered if anyone had any ideas, recruitment agencies reckon that struggling to get job offer as not worked in Australia before!! well gotta start somewhere!! any help appreciated
  20. Guest

    Still struggling

    :cry:Hi Everyone, well here I am again, I have been reading over the threads the past few weeks in regards to people returning home etc, we have been here 11 weeks now, we have just moved to the Redland Bay Area (South of the River - Brisbane), all our furniture finally arrived on Wednesday last week, and although it defo feels more like home, with all our wordly belongings with us, I just don't feel right, the children have settled so well, my little girl starts school 29th Jan, my husband seems to be loving his job and the new life, but me I am really struggling, on the other side I am very confused, I can't say by a long shot that a dislike it here, I feel far safer here than I ever did in the UK, and I am very afraid that if we made the decision to go home, that we would regret it forever, also I would feel like a bit of a failure, and also that I would of let my family down. We spent so much money getting here, money we had to loan on the morg as well, what a waste. I feel that I have no one to talk to really, my OH knows I am struggling, but I don't want to keep going on about it, I try to be positive, but I am left with the children in the day, and although I try to get out with them, my head just spins with all that is confusing me, do I follow my heart, support my family and sacafice how I am feeling or do I let my emotions rule, I would give anything just to have a hug with my mum and dad. My mum is planning on coming to see us in June, which I am already so excited about, but now I think on I am not to convinced that it is a good idea, I may never let her leave. It breaks my heart when my little boy talks to Nana on the phone and says Bye, Bye, uve you (love you). Another thing I am really struggling with, well before we left the UK, I was starting to feel extreemly maternal again, but we agreed to stop at two, because of the big move etc etc, well this feeling is not going, I still want another baby, more so since we have arrived, but I keep asking myself it is for the right reasons, and what another nightmare this would cause, I presume if we had another child here in Oz, that child would be automatically a Oz Citizen, so therefore we would have to apply for a Visa to go into the UK, not to sure on any of this, just presuming. Please don't think I am trying to be negative, as I stated I don't hate it here, it just dos'nt feel right, but in the UK I was even scared to take my children to the park etc, I feel like a damn good cry. Sorry for harping on. Mel x PS - For anyone reading this who is awaiting visa, please do not be out of by my thread or any like it, we are all different, what ever happens going forward, I am still glad we did this, we would of only regretted not trying it, you get one chance at life, no dress rehearsals.
  21. Hi All, Not sure where to start really or how much to say, We have been in Australia 2 years this August and i can honestly say that it has been the hardest 2 years ever of my life. The emotional side of being here and missing 2 of my daughters (in the uk) & other family & friends has been very very hard to handle at times and indiscribeable. Financialy we are worse of than when we were in the uk & having to watch EVERY CENT my hubby is a carpenter by trade but currently in the frameless glass trade and works very hard to support the 3 of us. I myself have mainly always been in the retail trade - but since being in oz i have worked in admin - unfortunatley late november last year due to hard financial times for the company i was working for i was laid off. Since then i have been unable to obtain another job (there is a lack of jobs and so many peolpe after the same job in retail here on the coast and so many shops including big named shops closing - also in admin - seems its a case of not what you know but who you know) As much as i love being in Australia and all the good things about Australia i do sometimes feel very much like chucking the towel in & i have been very close to this many many times, if it wasnt for the fact that i have the most brilliant caring wonderful husband (who can always see the light at the end of the tunnel even if he was bloody blind) has put up with my tears scream emotions & everything else that i have managed to chuck at him. I know that we are lucky to be here in Oz & to be given this chance of making a life here - but i really did think by now we would be looking to buy our own little bit of aussie even if a old shack with chooks in !!!! So its good too see and it does put a smile on my face when i read positive posts about pommies in oz - reminds me that maybe dreams do really come true, but for now some $@%$@ stood on my rose coloured glasses cheers gizmo x
  22. Hi All... Any update on those that where struggling to sell their houses... Have any of you guys managed to cause we havent:arghh::sad:... We so want to get out of here and its the house thats keeping us.. If there is anyone working in an estate agents can give us any advice? We are now changing from one thats been Crap basically...we have been on with two at 1% which is good..but hasn't helped. Lets hope September can do better. Its so frustrating cause we can go...we have our visa..cannot afford to just rent this as we need the cash to start over. Any feed back on your situations feel free to reply. Cheers Trace..... get us out of here...:cry::cry:
  23. Hi Is there anyone else trying to sell their house and having no luck what so ever. Had a few potential viewers but they cancel just as they are do to come..it makes me :realmad: and :cry:.We have our Visas and just want to get out of here. SOMEONE please buy our house I'm never gonna put my self through this ever again:no:. Anyone else in the same boat please let me know so we can be made together..We just want to be going to MELBOURNE... here we come ....when ever at this rate. Sorry I needed to get that off me chest ..thanks for listening. Cheers Trace.....
  24. Guest

    Struggling to Care

    Does the fact that I am really not bothered that our much hyped cricket team is doing badly against South Africa suggest I am already part Aussie, at least in mind?